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Trouble Comes In Three by tragicYETmagic
Chapter 3 : Trouble
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It was still dark when Hermione woke up. A few birds began to sing out her window as she rose to get herself prepared for class that would start in a few hours. When she began to walk across the room to the bathroom however, something snapped in her mind. Why should she get up now? Normally she would rush to get ready in order to study before class, all the while managing to arrive early. She had to remind herself that she wasn’t that person anymore. No, now she wanted to be different. Fred and George had showed her a life that was carefree, where she didn’t have to stress herself to the point of madness everyday and instead could lay back and laugh. She didn’t realize before, when her parents were alive but she quickly banished that thought, not wanting to dwell on the painful images that sprung to her mind. She didn’t want to hurt anymore.

“Pull yourself together” she muttered, lying back down on her bed and relaxing.

 She contemplated getting up and walking into Draco’s room to scream in his ear and wake him up but decided against it, only because she was very comfortable now and couldn’t be bothered. Giving it some more thought though she decided that it was a brilliant idea and went with it.

At the door Hermione put her ear to it to check for any sound of movement, hearing nothing she quietly opened it and went in. 

 The room was dark when she entered yet she could still see what it contained. Dark emerald paint was spread evenly on all four walls, silver markings were painted here and there that showed intricate designs of trees and stars. The curtains were a heavy black and were hung so that they fell in elegant ripples. Draco’s sleeping figure lay silently on a mahogany bed with metallic dark green and silver sheets. Hermione had to smirk at the chosen colour scheme. He was definitely the Slytherin Prince.

Making her way closer to him, she bent down and whispered “Draco”

He mumbled unintelligently, unable to comprehend what he was saying, she whispered his name again.

 “Five more minutes” he said sleepily.

 “But Draco” she began smiling wickedly
“What is it” he said annoyed, his eyes still closed and not registering who the voice belonged to.

She sprang to the window and pushed the curtains back, revealing a bright sun that violated the dark room, “GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!” she yelled as much as she could without laughing.

Draco jumped out of bed in sheer fright, eyes bulging unable to say a word. Until he saw Hermione double over in a fit of laughter did his eyes narrow in pure hatred.

“What the bloody hell is wrong with you?” he yelled at her, she just looked at him which trigger her off again as she started to laugh harder.

Tears formed in her eyes as she tried to steady her breathing “Your, you’re not wearing pajamas” she laughed waiting for another shriek from Draco

He looked down mortified only to see that Granger was in fact correct. He quickly grabbed his duvet to cover himself “Get out!” he cried, “Get the Hell out of my room” he said once more as she walked to the door, still giggling and shut it behind her.

He let go of the breath that he had been holding in as he sat down on the bed roughly. “That girl is trying to kill me” he said to the empty room.

Hermione walked into the great hall 10 minutes before classes started. She grabbed her timetable off McGonagall and sat down helping herself to some eggs, French toast and pumpkin juice. She looked around to people rushing to finish their breakfast and leaving the hall quickly, she was the only person left at the Gryffindor table and this observation only made her want to relax and slow down even more. 
“Well look who it is George” Hermione heard the familiar voice of Fred and grinned

“I do believe your right Fred, is that the head girl about to be late for class?” George said jokingly as they sat down next to her.

 “Yes and I’m sure you two were just about to make your way there?” she questioned them with a playful smile. The two boys scoffed and began to do their shirt buttons up and flattening their hair down.

“Is it that obvious that we are nerds?” Fred asked looking at George who held the same expression

“Cos I was desperately trying to hide it” George continued.

The only thing Hermione could do was laugh at the twins who now looked like uptight Ravenclaws.
“Your current looks are making me second guess your mischief making skills” The twins faked a shocked expression and quickly undid their buttons and ruffled their hair.

“Much better” she smiled and piled a pancake in her mouth and grinned.

“Well that’s disgusting” muttered Fred to his twin after gazing at the half chewed food Hermione had kindly displayed.

“On that note, we must be off” George laughed at the girl in question, “We mustn’t be late to our first class of the year” 

“Never, we just love learning about er, George what is our first class?”

"Herbology I believe”

“Wait, you guys aren’t taking Potions this year?” Hermione asked disappointingly.

“Are you kidding, why would we want some quality time with Snape?” Fred laughed, “Don’t tell me that’s your first class”

 “Unfortunately I don’t have the pleasure of picking the easy subjects while already having a Joke Shop to run after this year.” Hermione told them while rolling her eyes, “in fact I have no idea what I’m going to do”

 “Well don’t worry you can always come work for us if you fail at life” George grinned and put his arm around her.

 “Yeah I’m sure you would be good at cleaning” Fred smiled sweetly

“Oh thanks guys, remind me why I am friends with you?

“Because we are hot”

“Because we are brilliant”

Fred and George said in unison.

“Right” Hermione laughed, “Get going you two, I’ll see you later”

“Try not to miss us” They said simultaneously.

Draco watched the weasel twins and Granger leave the great hall, sipping his pumpkin juice and glaring at the same time. He was still shaken up from the morning prank that Hermione had decided to bestow upon him. He didn't share her amusement in the matter.
“So let me get this straight, Granger, Hogwarts bookworm of the year saw you starkers this morning and all she did was laugh at you?” Blaise stated, his eyes filled with humor.
“Zabini, don’t push it” Draco sighed, obviously embarrassed about the whole thing.

Blaise stifled a laugh, “Ouch mate, that’s gotta leave a bruise on your self esteem”

 If looks could kill, Blaise would've been hung, drawn and quartered.

“This is serious mate” Draco stated soberly “no one laughs at a Malfoy, shes trying destroy my dignity”
“You mean whatever dignity you have left” Blaise whispered under his breath

 “We have to get her back for this” Draco said triumphantly whilst ignoring his comment

"But how? His best mate continued

“I don’t have a clue”

Severus Snape was not looking forward to a new year at Hogwarts. As he was now a war hero, people saw him as a good man and everyone greeted him with a smile. Unfortunately students may have thought he would have a slightly warmer attitude in class, since he no longer had to pretend to be a death eater.

How wrong they could have been.

He was planning to be just as cold per usual, with his blunt sarcasm and deathly stares. Potions would remain as strict and severe as any other year and not submitting to the other classes air fairy demonstrations of teacher student friendships. Even thinking about it made Severus cringe. A firm hierarchy that saw him on top will maintain the respect he deserves, as well as eliminating the weak from his class; the most important class at Hogwarts in his opinion.

As the seventh year students began to pile into the class room like a swarm of annoying little flies, he rose from his chair and gave a stern look of demand “Open the prescribed text, now” his voice echoed, the students quickly opened up their text books and sat quietly, waiting for class to begin.

It wasn’t until fifteen minutes later that Hermione strolled into the classroom, interrupting professor Snape’s instructions on what they would be brewing this week.

He looked up annoyed, to see a smiling Hermione Granger sitting at the front of the class, making as much noise as possible.

“Have you quite finished interrupting my class miss Granger?” he said in a harsh tone. Students looked bewildered at Hermione, waiting to see if she would reply.

“To be honest Sir, I’m just getting started” she said with a grin while the other students looked at her stunned.

Snape glared evilly in a way that only he could muster up, “Ten points from Gryffindor for pure idiocy” he remained calm and smirked "and they call you the smartest witch of your age”

Hermione gave a look of disgust and turned to a boy on her left, “Mate, I think he’s talking to you” but was promptly ignored.

Giving up on getting a word out of the boy next to her she spoke directly to Professor Snape once more, “Severus I thought I could have a bit of fun and add some humor into this dull class."

Hermione grinned as she heard shocked sounds coming from the students behind her, some began whispering while the daring stifled a laugh.

"Detention Miss Granger. That should be a reminder to you if you ever feel the need to disrupt my class again”

He was frustrated with this sudden change in the Granger girl, why couldn’t she just go back to being an insufferable know-it-all. That person at least had some manners.

“I’m looking forward to it” she challenged him by meeting his gaze; a smirk beginning to show.

“That makes one of us” he muttered darkly and began instructing his students on how to correctly brew the potion for today. 

By lunch the whole student body was excited with gossip about Hermione in potions class. As she walked towards the heads common room for her spare, younger students whispered to each other, but with one raised eyebrow from Hermione, they stopped in their tracks and ran off.

“Perfect” she laughed to herself.

When she entered the common room, she thought she would be all alone but she was mistaken.

Draco was lounging on the couch and appeared to be lost in his own thoughts.

Right then a sudden idea struck Hermione as she realized he hadn’t heard her come in. “Do I dare insult his pride twice in one day?” she asked herself. “Well now I have no choice, myself just dared me to”

She crawled on her hands and knees until she was behind the couch. It was one of those situations where you weren’t allowed to laugh so therefore Hermione had to fight the urge. She had to take a shaky breathe and regained calm before trying to decide what she would do to him. 

 At the same time as all this was happening, Draco was thinking very hard and how to get Hermione back after the prank she pulled on him this morning.

“I could make her fall in love with me” he thought, but shook his head quickly after “no, that’s just too disgusting” (AN: and too cliché might we add)

He went through many other ideas in his head but they all seemed just too cruel or too stupid for him to accomplish.

“For Merlin’s sake I give up! It would be better to let her be paranoid while I just carry on with my life.” Draco furiously said out loud.

 “Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this*?” Hermione said loudly and jumped up from behind the sofa.

Draco who was so shocked almost fell from where he was sitting and after hearing Hermione crying from laughter realized what had happened.

“What is wrong with you Granger and why were you spying on me?” Draco glared at the brunette who was currently clutching her sides and wiping away tears of joy.

“I wasn’t spying on you, I was simply watching you without your consent” She grinned

Smirking and raising an eyebrow simultaneously he replied “I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of spying Granger.”

“Okay, I’ve changed my mind. I was taking a nap when I heard you talking to yourself. By the way that’s the first sign of madness you should get yourself checked out.”  Hermione faked a look of worry.

‘I wasn’t talking to myself I was just…” Draco was stopped in mid rant by Hermione.

“Now, Draco as your best friend” he scoffed at this remark “I’m going to let you know that the first step is to admit you have a problem”

Draco yelled out raising his hands to the ceiling” THE ONLY PROBLEM I HAVE IS YOU”

“Denial” she sang with a smile.

Before Draco could kill her, she quickly added “Now Fred and George are coming over in a bit so play nice” without waiting for a reply she walked off

Draco stood there for a moment and said “I am so getting her back.” 

Hey Guys just editing our chapters because we have realized that they are a bit short and we might have stopped a chapter at the wrong time. Review if you have any comments on this

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Trouble Comes In Three: Trouble


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