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Much Ado About Quidditch, Much Ado About You by cartoonheart94
Chapter 10 : Some Nights
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(A/N: Warning, this chapter contains scenes of a sexual nature)


Blanca, Al and Max took seats at the furthest end of the Gryffindor table, Al and Max were busy whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears and they were later joined by Rose, who seemed to be on another planet. “Earth to Rose!” Blanca said for the third time, Rose quickly jumped up and looked at Blanca.




“Oh, I just wanted to ask you to close your mouth, i think I'be counted all your teeth fifteen times now,” she said with a wink at the girl who was sitting across from her.


“Yeah, okay,” Rose replied as she dreamily poked at her steak. Blanca looked around for some potatoes or anything un-meaty to eat. That was one thing about the Gryffindor table; almost everything had meat incorporated in it. Blanca had eaten at all four tables and had noticed that the food was not the same, the Gryffindors had an excess of meats and pumpkin juice at their table, Hufflepuffs had more potatoes, pies, roots and greens than anything else, Ravenclaws had mostly fruits, finger foods and soups, anything that was not in the category of the three was either too bland or too spicy, and the Slytherins had mostly cold meats, salads, fish and bread at their table. It was as if the food served represented the house traits as well.


“Is it okay if we joined you?” a breezy female voice with an American accent said. Blanca looked up and saw Jenna smiling down at her, behind her was James who was looking like he was on another planet too.


“Yeah, sure.” Blanca mumbled as they sat down. This was the first time Blanca had seen Jenna up close and rats! She was really pretty, she had long, rich curly blonde hair that was highlighted in various places, she had almond shaped eyes, rosy cheeks, a majestic nose and full lips, this girl also had a body any girl would kill to have. Well, Blanca thought to herself, if it’s any consolation.................nah! There was no consolation; this girl killed all the ‘fit babes’ of Hogwarts dead! A plain-Jane like Blanca did not stand a chance.

“It’s Casablanca Thomas right?” she said, holding her hand out for Blanca to shake.


Blanca looked at the perfectly manicured hand dumbly before taking it, “It’s Blanca, that’s what everyone calls me. And you are Jenna Hart no?”


“Yeah, Jenna it is.”


A few moments later, they were joined by a tall, gangly girl who had her white-blonde hair cut in a pixie style, she had Jenna’s nose too but unlike Jenna’s rounded features, this girl had sharp, angular features. She had many piercings on each ear and Blanca could see a tattoo peeking out of her jumper. “Whuddup sis! You left me waiting in the library to help you with your homework, nice going, it’s a really great view down there,” she said sarcastically.


Jenna looked apologetic, “Sorry Dez, I just got caught up with something else, that’s all.”


“Yeah, or someone else,” Rose muttered under her breath.


Dez looked up at Blanca and smiled, “Hi, I’m Desiree Hart, I’ve never seen you here before, are you new here?” she asked.


“No. I’m not new here,” Blanca said, trying to stay polite, she hated the fact that she was being treated like a stranger at a table she frequented since first year, “Blanca Thomas by the way.”


“But if you’re come I’ve never seen you in our common room?”


“That’s cos I’m a Hufflepuff,” she replied. She shot Rose a ‘help me’ look, but Rose seemed not to notice.


“Oh,” Jenna said in a small voice, “I saw you with Malfoy during Trans so I figured you were-”


“Slytherin? Oh, no trust me, I’m a Hufflepuff.”


Jenna sighed, looking even more confused, “But Slughorn referred me to you for help in Potions.” She turned to James, “You told me that they don’t take N.E.W.T level Potions.”


It was Blanca’s turn to look confused, “Who’s ‘they’?”


Jenna gave Blanca an embarrassed smile, “Well, James told me that most Hufflepuffs,” she sighed, “that Hufflepuffs are too dumb to take something as complex as Potions. That’s why I deduced you were a Slytherin, and sitting next to Malfoy kinda proved it. I guess I was the one that was being dumb, seeing as the inside of your cloak and your tie is yellow, but I did not see that during class.”


Rose glared at James, “Wow James, guess you dropped the ball there.”


Blanca plastered a smile on her face and turned to face James, “Potter.” She muttered.


“Thomas.” He replied in the same tone.


“Uh,” Jenna said uncomfortably, “I think I’m getting the vibe that you two don’t get along.”


“You think?” Al and Rose said at the same time.


Jenna turned to face Blanca, an incredulous look on her face, “How can you not get along? James is like the funniest person I’ve ever met. Just get to know him better, he’s so much fun!”


“Yeah, he’s just precious,” Blanca said sarcastically, “He’s a real ray of sunshine.”


“Watch it Thomas,” James growled.


“Save it for the pitch Potty.” She smirked, then smiling kindly to Jenna, “it’s been really lovely meeting you Jenna, feel free to ask for help in Potions if you ever need to.” And with that, she got up and left.


“I like her,” she heard Desiree say, “she’s got spirit! Are you sure she’s a Hufflepuff cause.....” she did not hear the rest as she neared the doors.


Once outside, Blanca released the growl she had been holding all along. How dare she think Blanca was dumb! And him, how dare he say Hufflepuffs were not smart enough? They had nerve the both of them. A bright poster a few steps away from the doors interrupted her from her anger, it was not hard to miss seeing as the walls were made of dull grey stone. She walked up to the poster and read:



When: Friday September 28th

Where: The Great Hall

What time: 18:00hrs to 22:00hrs for First to Fourth Years, and 18:00hrs to 02:00hrs for the rest!

Why: Because we can!!!

What’s the catch: Girls ask guys!!!!


Blanca softly chuckled, she had a feeling that Fred and Ewan had something to do with the design of the poster. She headed to the common room with a spring in her step; at least there was something to look forward to. Her mood dampened when she found Mel in the dorm, normally, she would have been happy to see her best friend, but with her violent mood swings, it was more of burden than a treat.


“What’s up?” she asked.


“The ceiling,” she replied drily.


“Wow Mel, your sense of humour seems to have dropped a notch!” Blanca said playfully.


Mel gave her a small smile, it was small, but a smile nonetheless, “So, how has life in the Advanced trenches treating you?” the only Advanced class Mel had taken was Herbology, other than that, she had decided to drop everything else apart from Care of Magical Creatures, Divination, Charms and D.A.D.A.


“Good. How’s five subjects treating you?”


“Alright. I have a lot of free time on my hands now.”


“Huh,” Blanca observed, taking her jeans off and replacing them with her more comfy cotton pyjama bottoms, “So, do you want to talk about why you have been distant lately?”


Mel looked down shamefully, “I’ve just been having some trouble with myself. I failed half my O.W.Ls and dad was on my case, he said he was really disappointed in me and the night we came back......the night we came back, I overheard him ask McGonagall why,” she shuddered, “He asked why I couldn’t be like you.”


Blanca walked over to her bed and rubbed her shoulder comfortingly, “That’s just awful, but don’t really take what he said to heart. You are what makes you who you are. And trust me, it really sucks to be me right now.”


“Yeah, what you just said did not make any sense, but he expected more from me you know. I’m so sorry I’ve been nasty to you.”


Blanca gave her a hug, “It’s okay Mellie! At least I have my best friend back.” She said as she brushed some small leaves from Mel’s hair.


“Ahem. Am I interrupting something? I can always come back later.” came Linda's voice from the door.


“No, not at all,” Blanca said, nearly bursting to the seams with joy, “I was just going to the owlery.” She said as she got off Mel’s bed and went to her dresser and got a piece of parchment and a quill, playfully ruffling Linda's braids, she climbed out of the hatch door.


Blanca quickly tore the tapestry to her usual shortcut and jogged across the lamp-lit bridge to the owlery. The owlery had been dimly lit up by lamps that were roughly scattered across the walls, Blanca made a bee line for her owl Tawny, who was in her shed, she gently stroked the dark brown owl with specks of gold, the owl had a tiny splint on her wing.


“How are you Tawny?” she said kindly as she fed her owl some treats she carried in her pocket, “Hagrid has been treating you well hasn’t he? I saw him a couple of days ago and he said you’d be fine in a few weeks, bloody lightning huh? I came to send a letter to dad, and because you need your rest, I’ll have to use one of the Hogwarts owls okay?” she said in a baby voice.


“I knew you’d gone mental Thomas, it was just a matter of time,” Blanca shuddered as she recognised James’ voice from behind her. She took a deep breath and spun to face him.


“It’s called affection Potter, maybe you could learn some.”


James just smirked.


“Anyway, where’s your girlfriend? Or shag-buddy, whichever floats your boat.”


“Who says she’s my girlfriend?”


“Oh come on Potter, don’t act like I don’t know you.” She said as she strolled over to a clear surface and started to write.


James walked over to where she was standing, “No, Thomas, you don’t know me.”


Blanca paused for a while before turning to face him, “Okay, what do you want?”




“So, why were you spying on me?”


“I wasn’t spying on you Thomas, I came here for something.”


“Oh, I should have guessed, you and your girlfriend were going to meet here for a quick shag right? I guess I ruined your plans.” She said flatly.


“She’s not my girlfriend, and why do always think sex is all I think about?”


“Because, it’s all you think about, isn’t it?” she said whilst writing.


“Again, Thomas, you don’t know me.” 


“Why are you here? Aren’t you too busy to speak to a dumb Hufflepuff like me?” she said, slowly losing her patience.


“I simply came to get my mail,” he said, as he walked over to his owl and pulled out his mail,

“And I don’t think you’re dumb.” He said after some thought.


“But that’s what you told that Jenna girl.”


“I didn’t mean it that way.” James snapped.


“Whatever Potter, you don’t have to explain anything to me.”


“Okay Thomas, tell me something. Why the hell are you always on the defensive? Can’t you just chill and have a civil conversation.”


“I am ‘chill’ and I do have civil conversations. Just not with you.”


“Why not?”


“Because you’re a prat.” She replied.


“No, I’m not a prat.”


“Tell that to the girls whose hearts you’ve broken.”


“Hey, it’s a package deal, life with James Potter; they know what they’re getting into.”


“And you said I didn’t know you, see, James Potter equals Git.”


“You don’t know me Thomas, really, you don’t.”


Blanca folded up her letter and turned to James, “Okay, since you say I don’t know who you are, who are you James Potter?” she said as she tied her letter to one of the Hogwarts owls.


James gave her a cocky smile and walked towards her, only stopping when she was pressed up against the shelves and there was only a few inches between them. “Do you really want to know who I am?” he whispered huskily.


Blanca was struggling for her breath, but she would not let him know it, she needed to get away, but her body and her mind seemed to be on parallel planes right now, “Yes,” she breathed. Her mind was screaming, what are you doing?!!! Stop it! But her mouth said, “Yes, yes I would like to know the real James.”


James leaned closer, “There’s a dance on the 28th, its girls ask boys, is there anything you would like to ask me?”


Blanca shot him a naughty smile that matched his, “Yes, there is something I’ve been dying to ask you.” James smiled triumphantly and nodded for her to continue. Blanca’s smile widened as she said, “Could you move aside? I would like to go to my dorm now.”


James was utterly shocked, Blanca smiled even wider, her mind gave her a pat on the back, finally it had reconnected with her mouth. She looked back at him and smirked.


James looked at her, still recovering from the initial shock. “Goodnight Potter.” She said on her way out. Once out of earshot, Blanca heaved a shaky breath, why did he do things like that to her? She quickly went across the bridge and rushed to the tapestry with the secret passage, Blanca tore it open and gasped at what she saw: déjà-vu was happening to her, right there, only clad in half their clothes were Lance and Lexi, kissing like there was no tomorrow. Blanca let out a tiny whimper, and Lance turned to look at her.


“, Blanca.......” he said, rubbing the back of his head.


“Are you done looking?” Lexi drawled, “Cause we’re kinda in the middle of something.”


“Lexi......” Lance said, cautiously looking at Blanca as though she were a ticking bomb.


“No, no, she’s right,” Blanca said quietly, “I need to get going. Sorry for disturbing you and your......yeah.” she said as she begun to walk away, it was then that Blanca realised that her legs had grown weak, before she could fall someone caught her and steadied her. “Oh, I must have tripped.....” she started to say sunnily but stopped when she saw who had his arm around her, looking at her with concerned green eyes was James Potter.


Blanca’s legs quickly found themselves again and she straightened up quickly and struggled for where to look. “James!” Lexi yelled, trying to pull her blouse closed.


“Oh come on Lexi, don’t act like I’ve never been there before.”


Lexi gasped, Lance scowled, “Watch it James, that’s my girlfriend you’re talking to.”


“But fact is, she’s gotten around before, why don’t you two find a room?”


“We had a room,” Lexi snapped, “before Darling over here decided to call in.”


Blanca glared at her one more time before she turned on her heel and begun to walk away, it was cold in the corridors, and Blanca instantly regretted changing her jeans. She heard loud footsteps close behind her, looking at her watch, it was not past curfew yet so it couldn’t be Filch. Glancing behind her, she saw that it was James, he was looking at her, she quickened her pace, and he quickened his too he finally managed to reach her and grabbed her by the wrist.


“What Potter?” she said angrily.


“I think a thankyou would be in order.”


“Okay, thankyou, now let me go!” his grip did not loosen, Blanca tugged harder, but to no avail, “You’re hurting me!”


“Come with me,” he said, “Please.” He added painstakingly. And tugging her along with him, he jogged through many corridors Blanca had never seen before, all the portraits on the walls were either asleep or engaged in hushed conversation. They had been running for nearly five minutes when Blanca abruptly stopped, nearly causing her arm to fly out of its socket. James gave her a pained look.


“I’m tired,” she said, hugging her injured shoulder, “I can’t go any further.”


“I thought being a Quidditch player, you would be fit enough.”


“Don’t start with me now Potter, I’m going back to my dorm.” She started to walk away, James just leaned back against the wall and waited, in a few moments, she came back, “I don’t know where we are.” She muttered, slightly embarrassed.


“Okay, first let’s heal your shoulder.” James said as he whipped out his wand.


Blanca jumped away from him, “You’ve brought me to an isolated part of the castle, there is no way in hell I’m going to let you near me with a wand,” she said as she pulled out her wand from her pocket, “besides, my wand hand’s fine, I’ll heal myself thankyou very much.”


And with that, she waved her wand at her shoulder and in an instant; it was as good as new.


“You’ve come this far Thomas, you can’t go back. Come with me.”




“Okay, but remember, you don’t know where we are so going back is useless.”


Blanca drew a troubled breath and trudged after him, “Where exactly are we?” she asked after some time.


“Somewhere in the belly of the castle, above the Slytherin dungeons below the Ravenclaw tower.....we should be in the east wing......sort of ish....”


“You also don’t know where we are, do you?” she asked.


“I know where we are, I just don’t know where exactly in the castle we are.” He said as he tore open a tapestry and let Blanca in, there was a spiral staircase and a door at the very top. When they reached the top Blanca could see the portraits of the four founders of Hogwarts, they were unmoving, just like any other muggle picture or painting.


“Still creeps me out the way they stay still.” James commented.


“Don’t act like you’ve never seen a muggle picture before.” Blanca said, but James ignored her.


Pushing open the door, he said, “Here we are.” Blanca walked in after him, it was a really beautiful room, the hues of red, gold, yellow and green blended perfectly against the lamplight, there was a tiny bar in the corner and a muggle gramophone with some old records sitting on a shelf. A large bookcase filled one wall and there were two doors at either side of the large fireplace.


“What is this place?” Blanca said as she sat in one of the comfy armchairs.


“This was the old head boy and head girl’s dorm. We are currently in the common room.”


“How did you find it? Isn’t there supposed to be a password at the door?”


“Nah. There was no password, I just stumbled across it back in third year when I was running away from Filch. I’ve come here ever since, especially when I want to be alone.” He said as he handed her a butterbeer from the bar.


Blanca took a sip, it was warm, just the way she liked it, “It’s pretty cool,” she said.


“Yeah, funny, every time I come here, only red and gold appear as the dominant colours. Today, I can see some green and yellow.”


“That’s because I’m a Hufflepuff.”


“That doesn’t explain the green.”


“It’s my favourite colour.”


“You’re strange, Thomas.” James said as he sipped his own Firewhisky from where he was seated.


Blanca got up to study the records on the table by the window, she saw that it was all muggle music; there was a lot of jazz, swing and blues music. She could recognise a lot of singers from the 1940’s among the lot, most of them American, “This room must have been used last sometime between the 1930’s and the 1950’s.” She observed.


“How do you know that?” James asked curiously, getting up to join her.


“The music. All these were artists that were in their hey-day during those years, and they’re all muggle, and most of them are American.” She said whilst absent-mindedly stroking one of Judy Garland’s records. “I’m a great big fan of today’s music, but music that was made during these times will always be my favourite,” she whispered.


“You seem to like that one,” James said as he picked the record she was touching, “On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe.” He read slowly, he looked at her with one eyebrow raised.


“It’s a song Potter,” she replied as she grabbed the record and put it on the record player. It spun for a few seconds and the song started to play.


After listening to some of the lyrics, James gave her a puzzled look, “It doesn’t make sense.”


Blanca laughed, “It’s talking about a train.” She said above the music.


James nodded, “Oh, now that makes sense.” He watched her as she sang and danced to the song, she looked so peaceful, so happy, something that James was not used to seeing with her as every time he was near her she looked just about ready to kill him. She turned to him and did something that shocked him, “Would you like to dance?” she asked.


James nodded dumbly as she took his hands and jumped around the room with him, before they knew it, they were both laughing hysterically and were on the carpeted floor.


“That was fun,” she breathed, she got up and went to remove the record.


“How did you get to know such music?” he asked.


“Well, it was back in primary school during music class, our teacher would introduce us to different music through the ages, and we would watch musical films and such. Then study the artist.”


“You went to a muggle school?”


“Uh, yeah, that’s where I got my literacy skills from. I thought everyone went to muggle schools before they came to Hogwarts,” she said as she sat next to him, “except purebloods who want nothing to do with muggles.” She added darkly.


“I never went to a muggle school,” James said, “I thought you would have known by now since Rose is your best friend.”


“It just never crossed my mind to ask her. Then how-”


“Just like any other normal wizarding family,” James cut her short, “we were home-schooled. Can you imagine the whole Potter-Weasley bandwagon at one small muggle school? Imagine the chaos.”


Blanca laughed at the thought. They stayed in silence for some time, each one absorbed in their own thoughts, Blanca was about to break the silence when James beat her to the punch.


“You know Thomas, you’re the second person I’ve ever brought here.”


Blanca looked at him for a minute before replying, “Who was the first?”


“Anna-Maria Swan.” He said simply.


“Isn’t she the Gryffindor in your year?”


James nodded.


Blanca felt really flattered, “Why are you being nice to me Potter?” she asked, suddenly getting suspicious.


“Because I have an idea of what you’re going through.”


“Which is?”


“Somebody you trusted betrayed you, they broke you heart.”


“Yeah, I don’t know how you would relate to that, you do the heartbreaking no? And besides, you didn’t seem to have a problem with it last Thursday at the Leaky Cauldron, you actually seemed to be enjoying it.”


“I’m sorry for that. I should have known better.”


“Yeah, but I don’t see how you can relate to how I’m feeling.”


“For the fourth time tonight, you don’t know me Thomas.”


“Okay, who broke your heart?”




“Swan.” Blanca finished for him, “I should have known. She was the one you brought here.”


“Yeah, it was back in fifth year, I was having the time of my life, shagging any girl I could get my hands on-” Blanca winced, James let out an impatient huff, “do you want to hear the story or not?”


“Go on, but please leave out all graphic details.”


“Anyway, she came along and made me feel special. I had vowed that she would be the only one for me and I gave her my all, I remained devoted to her for more than seven months,” Blanca nodded, she remembered the time when James suddenly went quiet girl-wise, “and I was beginning to think she was the one that I would spend my life with,” he laughed bitterly, “long story short, she had been shagging Timothy McLaggen the whole blasted time.”


“Heavy stuff,” Blanca said as she accepted the bottle of Firewhisky James offered her, “and you took it upon yourself to come back in full swing and sleep with as many girls as possible.”


“Pretty much yes.”


“That’s stupid.”


“But that way, emotions don’t get in the way of things. It’s called casual sex for a reason, try it, you’ll see.”


“No thanks.” Blanca replied.


“You’re gonna die a virgin Thomas.”


“Who says I’m a virgin?”


“You just proved it right now; virgins always get defensive when the topic comes up.”


“Shut up Potter,” she slurred, she was getting tipsy, and she could feel her head going lighter by the minute. She leaned her head on his chest and asked, “So, Jenna Hart, do you like her?”


“Why are you obsessed with Jenna?”


“I am not obsessed,” she said.


“Jealous then?”


“Maybe.” She replied.


“Of what?”


“Of the fact that she gets to have you the whole fucking time, of the way she laughs at your jokes, of the way you look at her,” Blanca’s mouth spilled.


James laughed, “I thought you hated me.”


“I do. I hate you more than anything on the planet.”


“Then why does it bother you that I’m with Jenna?”


“I don’t know,” she replied honestly, “Tell me something, why did you kiss me the other night?”


“I don’t know,” James answered, “why did you let me?”


“You’re doing crazy things to me Potter,” Blanca said weakly.


“No, Thomas, you’re the one that’s driving me up the wall.” His face was only inches away from hers.


“I hate you, James Potter.” She whispered.


“I hate you more, Blanca Thomas,” he said, and he captured her mouth with his.


Blanca was taken aback when he did this but in a few moments, she kissed him back with the same fire he had, their mouths mingled for a while before James’ tongue prodded her bottom lip, she let him in and allowed him to explore her mouth, James was feverishly letting his hands slide up and down her waist as she rolled over so she could be on top of him.


“What are we doing?” she breathed.


“I have no fucking clue,” came the reply as he kissed her even harder, his hands felt hot through the thin fabric of her pyjama bottoms and she could feel the effect she had on him between his legs as she grinded her hips against him. Blanca’s heart was racing a million miles a minute, and so was her mind, what was she doing? A large ringing sound brought her back to her senses, it was the clock above the fireplace, it had struck midnight and was making an awful din. Immediately, she and James separated, jumping away from each other as if they had been stung.


“Oh god,” Blanca had her face in her hands.


“What’s wrong?”


She looked up at him, “You’re asking what’s wrong? I was just about to sleep with you! I’m not supposed to do that!”


He went up to her and held her by the shoulders, “You think I’m enjoying this too? No! I’d rather be out there shagging a hot blonde or two, instead, every time I get the chance to, your stupid face comes in the picture!”


“So are you saying that you only wanted to bed me because you’re desperate?” Blanca said angrily.


“Of course not! I didn’t mean it in that way.” He scoffed, then suddenly looking serious, “Let’s just pretend this never happened and get out of here and back to our normal lives.”



Their way back was uncomfortably silent as each was absorbed in their thoughts, both trying to make sense of what had happened, they finally reached a place that Blanca could recognise and she spoke up, “I think I can find my way from here.”


James nodded hastily, he put his hands in his pocket and cocked his head to one side,


“Thomas, can we keep what had happened a secret?”


“And why would I speak of it?”


“So it’s a deal?”


“You bet.” She said as she shook his hand, she turned to walk away when she stopped,


“And Potter?”




“I hate you.”


“I hate you too,” was the last thing Blanca heard as she disappeared round the bend.




Al was sitting in the common room, it was after supper and Blanca had just run out after her spat with James and Jenna, leaving them all in the Great Hall. It had been the first time that week that he had seen her and he had to say he had missed her a lot, she was like a sister to him and he did not like anyone messing with her.


“It’s really nice that the prefects decided to do a dance before the Halloween ball eh?” Max said to him, she was curled up next to him, flipping through the Witch Weekly.


“Yeah, it is,” he said while absent mindedly twirling a bit of her hair with his forefinger.


“Look at this,” she said while putting the magazine in his face, “it’s Blanca’s father, he’s in the Witch Weekly.”


Al took the magazine and focused his eyes on the page Max was pointing to, in headlines it was written: “BRITISH BROOM MOGUL SINGLE NO MORE”. Under the headline was a picture of Dean and a very beautiful woman walking in the street, probably oblivious to the fact that they were being photographed.


The story read: It has been nearly thirteen years since Dean Thomas was widowed, and ever since the tragic incident, the Broom Boss had remained single. Well, that is no more because reliable sources tell us that the father of one has now left his single life and is currently seeing Canadian born model Camille Jacobson. Our sources reveal that millionaire Thomas, who started his mega empire by opening a broom repair store seventeen years ago, is now quitting his single life to finally settle down. Thomas (42) and Jacobson (36) had reportedly been seeing each other in secret for almost a year now until Jacobson finally went public about the relationship in an interview. Rumour has it that the couple may move in together.


“Of course, in a larger house, not the little apartment above the shop,” a source reports, as Thomas has been living on top of his shop with his daughter and though he can afford a mansion of his own, decided to stay there upon insistence of his daughter, Jacobson says in an interview. When asked if there will be any new children in the picture, “We’ll wait and see what happens,” was the response we got from this Canadian beauty.


“It’s high time Casablanca had a mother figure in her life,” says a source that claims to be close to the Thomas family.


Casablanca Thomas, his only daughter is currently in her sixth year at Hogwarts, the Hufflepuff Quidditch prodigy is said to be on the shortlist of the students that major Quidditch teams such as the Ballycastle Bats and the Holyhead Harpies will be keeping an eye out for.


“The Thomas girl is definitely one we’re going to going to be seeing a lot of in the Quidditch world.” Says a Quidditch insider.


Well, we are speculating whether we will be hearing wedding bells any time soon, which will make it two weddings of the season, seeing as Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley are set to wed this winter. The Weasley-Potter family, who are very close to the Thomas family have refused to comment on anything involving the wedding of the year.


Below you will see some pictures of Thomas, his daughter and possibly the newest member of this family, Camille Jacobson.


Below the story were pictures of Blanca in her Quidditch uniform, Blanca and her father, Dean with Harry and Ron, Dean with Seamus and Neville, Dean holding a broom, Dean with the president of the World Quidditch Association, Dean with the Minister of Magic. The other pictures were high glamour photos of Camille Jacobson.


Albus finished reading the magazine, “Oh Merlin, this can’t be good.” he half-whispered.


“What?” Maxime asked.


 “We need to keep this from her, well at least until she hears it from her father himself,” Al said, whilst rolling up the magazine, “Do you know anyone else that has a copy?”


“My aunt is close friends with the editor in chief, so she gets a copy a week in advance,” Max replied, “see, this one’s set for publication next week Wednesday.”


Al heaved a sigh of relief, “Thank Merlin.”


“But don’t you think he would have told her by now?”


Al shook his head, “She would have said something to me or Rose, no, he probably planned to tell her later.”


“Maybe we could write to him and ask what’s up?” Max suggested.


“Yeah, that sounds like a great idea, come on,” he heaved her on his shoulder, “Let’s go.”


Max giggled, “Put me down,” she squealed amid laughter.


Al set her down and kissed her gently, she had the most beautiful hazel eyes which twinkled all the time, “Okay, let’s go.”


Before they could open the portrait door, Jenna burst in, “Hey! Have you seen James?”


Al shook his head, “No, I thought he was with you.”


Jenna puffed impatiently, “Where the hell could he be?  We’ve got stuff to do,” she pushed past them and entered the common room.


“Strange eh?” Max said as the portrait closed behind them, “they’ve never been out of each other’s sight since day one.”


“Imagine that,” Al said, “you have the quill and parchment right?”


“Yeah, they’re in my pocket. Let’s hurry, its cold out here.”


They rushed to the owlery and Al quickly wrote a letter to Dean telling him about what he had read and asked if Blanca knew what was going on, asking for feedback, he sealed the letter and attached it to his owl.


“Are you done?” said a shivering Max, “Remember I’m only wearing shorts. It’s unusually cold today,” she said, whilst hugging her sweater closer to her chest.


“Sorry love,” he said, “I’m done, we can go.” He held her face between his hands and kissed her, a cough behind them made them break apart.


Behind them, Calvin Watterson stood there, quill and parchment in hand, a comical expression on his face, “Uh, sorry I hope I wasn’t disturbing anything.” He said.


“No, not at all,” Al responded, “just came to send a letter.”


“Yeah, me too,” Calvin said as he scratched the back of his head, “by the way, have you seen Thomas anywhere?”


“No, why?” Al said, suddenly worried.


“Longbottom said she came out here to send a letter, but that was a half hour ago and she still isn’t back yet,” Calvin explained.


“Maybe you just missed her,” Max said.


“Yeah, maybe.”


“Alright then,” Al said as he and Max left the owlery.


They walked back to the castle in silence, once in, Max commented, “You know what’s really strange, the fact that James and Blanca are both missing.”


“What, do you think they are together somewhere?”


“It could be possible,” Max replied.


“That would be very scary, because those two together in the same place, alone, could result to serious casualties.”


They rounded a corner and Max carried on about what she could come dressed as for the Halloween ball, “I was thinking maybe I could be a muggle fortune teller, like those in the muggle movies,” she was saying, “or maybe I could be a cat or maybe- oh mother of Merlin,” she gasped as the most unlikely pair dashed past them, “is that-”


“James and Blanca, yes,” Al stared in awe as James and Blanca rushed past them, holding hands for that matter.


“This just got even weirder,” Max said, “come on, let’s get to bed. Long day tomorrow.”


“What about the two?” Al asked, “aren’t you worried?”


“They are grownups Al, and if they haven’t injured themselves by now, they probably won’t.”


“What about Blanca?” Al protested.


“She’ll be fine, aren’t you the one that said she’s lethal with a wand.”


“But we could follow them-”


“Al, I’m tired!” Max snapped, “it’s already too late to follow them now, at the rate they’re going, we couldn’t even if we tried.”


“But-” he stopped when he saw the glare he received from him girlfriend, “fine, I’ll follow up tomorrow.”


“That’s more like it,” she said as she pulled him along, Al couldn’t help but glance back in the direction where they ran in.


Once back in the common room, which was empty, except for a few first years that were playing exploding snap, Al mumbled something about going to bed.


“Al,” it was Jenna, she had been sitting in a corner by the fire, and would have gone unnoticed hadn’t she spoken, “have you seen him yet?”


Al shook his head, “No, I haven’t.”


Once in the dorm, he was instantly attacked by Fred, “Hey!” Al yelled.


“Sorry mate,” Fred said, “I thought you were Ewan.”


“Go away, this is not your dorm anyway,” Al snapped.


Fred feigned hurt, “My own cousin is kicking me out,” he said backing out of the room.


Al sat on his bed and massaged him temples, there was just too much going on for him to process, a few minutes later, Ewan came in, laughter drawn all over his face, “Allo Al!” he said as he flopped in his bed.


“Fred was in here, he came for your head,” Al said.


“Jus met ‘im on me way ‘ere! He was in the library with Rosie when I sort of glued ‘is arse to the chair!”


“Interesting.” Al commented.


“Y’know what’s interesting, Rosie asked me to go to the dance with her, I think she fancies me,” he said self-contentedly.


Al laughed, “Yeah, um I don’t think that’s the case, but if you insist.....”


“Naw, don’ be jealous Al!”


Al chuckled, “Goodnight Ewan.” After he drew the drapes he quickly scrambled for the Marauder’s map which was in his robe pocket. “Remember to always keep this safe, away from prying eyes,” his father had told him when he gave it to him in Third year, “especially from your brother, you know what he would do if he knew about it.”


Albus unrolled the piece of old parchment, he was glad his father had entrusted it to him, no one knew he had it and he only used it during emergencies. Well, Blanca had run off somewhere with James, that was a bonafide emergency, taking his wand out, he tapped the parchment and whispered, “I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good.” Instantly, the parchment was filled with the map of the castle, he could see Lance coming back to the dorm, he could see Filch in his office, it was a tiny broom cupboard but he insisted it be called his office, he saw some of his friends but no Blanca and James. They couldn’t be in the room of requirement because they ran in the opposite direction, so where were they? He searched for Mel’s footsteps, they were in the Hufflepuff dorm, but Blanca’s were not present there, searching for Rose’s in hope that she would be there, Al was unsuccessful, but something that he saw shocked him beyond belief. Right next to Rose’s footsteps were Scorpius’, they were in an empty classroom, Al wondered why the two would be together, and just what they would be doing. Rose did not have a detention, at least none that Al knew about, and normally, detentions were not served in empty classrooms, not wanting to jump to conclusions, something which he had inherited from his father, Al quickly pointed his wand at the parchment and whispered, “Mischief complete.” He put the parchment back in his robe pocket and turned on his side, staring at the cold wall opposite him; just then, he heard the door open, and two pairs of noisy footsteps shuffled in.


“What’s wrong mate?” he heard Alexander Wood say.


“Nothing,” came Lance’s voice.


“Fine, but you haven’t said a word since you came back.”


“It’s just, you know, Lexi and I were at it-”


“Ah, sexy Lexi,” Wood said playfully, “you are one lucky bastard.”


“I don’t know mate,” Lance said, “anyway, Blanca kind of stumbled in on us.”


“Ooooh, the ex girlfriend strikes again,” Wood said.


“No, she actually did nothing about it, she just stood there and looked as though she was going to pass out,” Lance said, confusion written all over his voice.


“Strange,” Wood said, “the Thomas I know would have jinxed the two of you into the next century.”


“No, she did nothing, and then James walked in, it looked like he was following her, she ran out. Then after Lexi ran out too- she too was upset- James turns to me and says if either me or Lexi hurt her again, we’ll regret it big time, and he walks away.” Al could have gasped at this, but since he was eavesdropping, it was smarter to keep quiet.


“Potter. James Potter said that to you,” Wood coughed.


“Yeah, he did. Shocking, since he seemed to be enjoying watching Blanca suffer last Thursday at the Leaky Cauldron.”


“Weird, they’re supposed to hate each other those two. But listen to us Lance, gossiping as though we were Rhiannon Giggs and her posse, it’s only James, he probably was drunk when he said that.”


“That’s not what bothered me, I can take on James any day.”


“So, what’s got your underwear in a bunch?”


 “It’s Blanca. I don’t think I’m over her yet.”


Al bubbled over in anger, how dare he, after what he had put her through, he bit his lip till it was raw so he could refrain from lunging out at Lance.


“But you’ve got Lexi. Sexy Lexi mate! Are you out of your mind?”


“It’s only physical between Lexi and I. Blanca was the real deal, we could talk about stuff, and she knew me, she loved me for who I am. I don’t know if Lexi even knows my birthday.”


“Let me tell you this mate, she won’t take you back,” Wood said matter-of-factly.


“I know mate, I screwed up real bad.”


Al decided he could not stand to hear anymore, setting a silencing spell that would make him deaf to anything that was outside the confines of his bed, he turned over and waited for sleep to come.


(A/N: That’s it for now people! Thanks for reading, I’ll try to get the next chapter through as quickly as possible! Reviews are nice, so please leave me some. J)

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