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I cannot love a Gryffindor by Breeloveyou
Chapter 17 : I wish i could forget about you.
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Draco's Point of view

A couple of hours had passed, yet i still sat and talked to Brittany. She was so fascinating and intrigued me so much. By this time my thoughts and emotions were completely controlled by alcohol. I looked up back into her gaze with lust.

She bit her lip seductively, never breaking eye contact. I shuddered with pleasure as i felt her leg rub up and down mine, from underneath the table. She twirled her silky black hair around her finger, with a teasingly thought of mind. Teasing, yet amusing. I glanced at her lips longingly, like i had been all night.

The place had died down and only us and a few from the engagement party had left. My eyes flickered back to her full red lips once more. My tongue brushed my teeth as i smirked. She grew silent..waiting for me to take the lunge.

But Scarlett.

Suddenly Brittany moved forward pressing her lips harshly against mine. It was rough but amazing. She licked my bottom lip for entrance and i accepted. Our lips synched together, i erged for more."Eh em" we pulled apart, the voice was low, seductive and sexy yet feminine. My attention in Brittany turned to the women standing in front of us. In one hand she held a tray carrying several alchoholic beverages.

I studied her carefully, she wore huge black highheels with fish net stockings. Her short maids dress just covering her crotch where her stockings were cut. She wore the dress with a corset pulling her stomach right in. Her long curly blonde hair reaching her breasts.

"Im Karmelina Lace, your waiter tonight!" She spoke flirtasiously dramatising the word waiter. Adding a wink at the end of her sentence.

I smirked yet Brittany didnt look to pleased. She spoke "Were fine, Thankyou" hinting anger and hatred in her voice.

Karmelina's attention turned to me "Let me know if there is anything you need!" She winked seductively before walking off to Potter's table. I looked back at Brittany she checked her watch and began to pack up her things. Before she left the table she handed me a piece of paper, which had her name, address and phone number.

"Call me, or even better just..drop by!" She bit her lip before exiting the bar. I stared down at the napkin in which her info had been written on. I then folded it up and put it in my pocket. I glanced over to potter and his friends, where Karmelina now stood. Before picking myself up from the chair i let out a deep sigh, leaving a couple of coins on the table. Then left the building.

Ron's Point of view

I couldnt take my eyes of her, the waiter was hot. I licked my lips hungrily as she stood taking Harry's order, yet he seemed more interested in a pretty looking Brunette that sat next to him.

I liked the fact that she kept taking glances at me and smiling. Finally she strode over to me her hips going from side to side as she walked. She stopped right in front of me before looking me up and down. "Can i help you?" Her angelic, seductive voice rang through my ears. I replied huskily.

"Maybe" Then added a wink. She bit her lip as a response, smiling flirtasiously.

"Hey slut! stay away from my brother!" Ginny's angry voice entered our conversation. I looked at her gold plated name badge which read Karmelina Lace. Karmelina looked at her disgusted before throwing a comeback.

"Excuse me bitch! but mind your own buisness" I sat in between them watching. As each comeback grew worse and worse. But after a while Karmelina just got up and left. Leaving Ginny victorious.

I scowled in dissapointment, and chased after her.

Scarlett's Point of view

A crash of the door intruded the house signalling that Draco had returned. I knew i should talk to him. I knew i should resolve things, but when he entered the smell of alcohol with the room.

I gasped as Draco slammed the door behind him as he entered his room.

Draco's point of view

I couldnt get her off my mind that night. I wondered if i should stop by and see her once more...

My thoughts were interuppted by the creak of the door, a calm and gentle Scarlett slipped through the slim gap. She wore a tight black tank top that showed of her flat, tan, incredibly attractive stomach. Accompanied by incredibly daggy trousers that stuck above her hips.

I couldnt help it, she looked hot! she gracefully walked over to my bed and sat down, as i tried to control my raging teenage boy hormones. She spoke with a voice like silk. Something about her had changed, no stuttering or fear in her eyes.

She just seemed, graceful, strong, focused and sexy. The way a true female deatheater should be. It turned me on and to be honest i was in one of those moods.

Brittany's Point of view

I shivered at the cold breeze as i stood outside the pub. It was nearly two o' clock in the morning and i was only in a dress. I was supposed to be meeting Kara and Isabelle. But i had guessed they bailed, i wasnt suprised considering how late it was.

I checked my phone for a missed call or text, something to notify me of them leaving.


I called for a taxi, and stood waiting impatiently in the cold. Shivering i heard a voice behind me, a boy with red hair, tall and handsome.

"Cold?" He spoke with a warm and friendly tone. I nodded vigorously before he took off his jacket placing it on my shoulders. What kind of a stranger would do something so generous? i thought to myself.

In this neighbourhood nonetheless. "Thankyou." my voice coming out as a whisper.

"No problem" he smiled happily. I watched as the taxi parked itself in front of me. He handed me a slip of yellow paper. I stared down at it questioningly. "My names George, George Weasley nice to meet you"

I accepted the piece of paper, clearly having his number written on it. "Brittany Dunsong" I giggled before getting into the taxi.


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