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Family, Love, School.... Oh and Quidditch by Antilles
Chapter 5 : Hogsmeade and Costume Hunting
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Chapter Image thanks to Estella @TDA

DISCLAIMER: I dont own anything your recgonize. Though I wish I did, then I would be rich. And Famous. And Powerfull, and have the ability to RULE THE WORLD!! MUAHAHA! *cough*

Midway through October and I was already hating my last year. The homework the professors were giving us for N.E.W.T.S. was insanely hard, Draco was currently having us write a Four foot essay on what we knew about werewolves and how to spot one during a full moon. I was only 2 feet in personally, and I kid you not, for how to spot one, I said, ‘The best way to spot a werewolf during a full moon, is by looking to see if he is a werewolf.’ Al thought it was a very good answer, but neither Rose nor Molly were very impressed by it.


Then there was the whole issue of the upcoming Halloween dance and the subsequent after party. We all had to find someone to go with, and there was the issue of the party not having actually been planned yet. Last year it had been James and Freddie who had planned it, with help from Dom, as it had been for the years before that. Now however, it was all on mine, Al’s and Moll’s shoulders.  Sure Scorp and Rose would probably help some, but compare to us, they were BORING.


 Yes, I am yelling BORING, that’s just how boring they are.


“Can’t we just drop out and join a travelling circus? This essay is bloody hard.” Al said across from me, throwing his quill down and leaning back in frustration.


“That sounds like an awesome plan.” I agreed leaning back into my own chair and throwing my hands behind my head. “Besides, we have a party we need to plan!”


“Oh ya… that, I guess we should do that.” Al replied, “Hey Molls, quit being boring and help us plan.” He threw a wad of parchment at her as he wrote Party Plans at the top of another piece.


“I’ll quit being boring when I finish this, It is due tomorrow after all.” Molly replied giving us an annoyed glare before going back to her essay. I’m sure Rose would have agreed with her if she wasn’t out on patrol with Scorpius.


Or the fact she had finished it the night it had been assigned. She had said it was an exciting topic and she couldn’t wait to write it.


Seriously, how does Scorp like the girl? I mean there is something wrong with her….


Anyways, back to party planning.


“Obviously it should be in the Room of Requirement. Only place we can get the drinks easily, as well as a room big enough for what we need, not to mention sound proof.” I said leaning forward.


“Yes, that was my thought to.” Al replied scribbling down the idea, “Food should be easy, all we have to go do is ask, and the House Elfs will pretty much throw themselves into the oven to get it made for us.”


We both laughed at the image of a House Elf throwing themselves into an oven, and coming out with a cake or something. I mean you have to admit, it does sound pretty funny.


“Alcohol should be easy, Aberforth will give us some if we pay him enough and promise not to be stupid.” I said.


“Yes, you two not doing something stupid, like that will ever happen.” Molly scoffed while trying to hide a smirk that was playing at the edges of her mouth.


“Your words wound me Molls.” Al replied holding his hand over his heart.


“I’ll get the booze, if you get the food. They tend to like you better anyways.” I said smiling at my two friends.


“Right, Molly, you will have to go to Blake, I doubt he can get all the alcohol himself.” Al said scribbling more notes down on the list.


“Fine, but it better not keep me from getting ready, I have a good idea for my costume this year.” Molly replied as she finished a sentence and dropped her quill. “Done.”


“Ahh Godric… Costumes..” I said leaning backwards holding my hands over my face. How could I have forgotten a costume? “I think I know what we are doing this weekend Al.”


“Yup.” Al replied gathering his notes.


“Well, shall we go get some dinner?” Molly asked shoving her essay into her bag.


“Dinner sounds good.” I said shoving my own essay and notes into my bag. “I like food.”


“Yes, I know.” Molly replied with a small smirk.


“Think they will have bacon?” Al asked as he shouldered his bag.                    


“Al, its dinner, not Breakfast.” I said.


“What… Bacon is good for any meal.”



So, Al and I ended up staying up till 3 that night finishing our essays. I got an Acceptable, Al got a Dreadful.


Surprise, surprise, Molly, Rose and Scorpius all got Outstandings.


Bahh, who cares about that though, it was the Saturday before Halloween!


Can you guess what that means?


YUP! The First Hogsmeade Weekend!


Which meant a great day with my best friends ever. That’s right Scorpius, Rose and Molly.


Hmm? What was that about Albus?


Okay, I guess him too.


So, a day with Al, Scorp, Rosie and Molls was ahead for me, and I am excited. It’s the first time we get to leave the grounds (officially) since the start of the school year, which by now, almost everyone needed. Then there is the fact that we all still needed Halloween costumes for the dance and after party.


After waking up and having a quick shower, I headed down to the Great Hall with Al and Scorp. Grabbing a spot beside Lily and Hugo, I piled some pancakes onto my plate and started eating. As I ate Scorp and Al argued over the finer points of natural polish as to artificial polish on a broom handle. Riveting stuff, I know.


After a little while, we were joined by Molly and Rose. After they had a quick bite, we all headed out to the courtyard where Professor Longbottom was at the head of a long line of students, all waiting as he checked to make sure they had the proper permission forms.


After finally making it to the head of the line, and having had their permission slips checked, they headed down the long path to Hogsmeade.


“So, what should we do first?” Al asked as she stuffed his hands into his jacket pockets. We had all bundled up a bit since it was a particularly cold October this year. Molly had a particularly cute beret on with her jacket that looked good on her.


Ahhh! I am doing it again aren’t I…


Trying to distract myself from staring at Molly, I joined in the conversation, which by this point had moved onto what we were going to get from Honeydukes. “I think I’ll get a ton of Chocolate Frogs, then some Bertie Botts every flavour Beans.” I said swaying my body so I knocked into Al.


“Bahh, that’s what you always get though! Be exciting, get something different.” Al replied swaying back to hit me.


“Could get some Sugar Quills, or Liquorice Wands, or even ice Mice.” Scorpius said from behinds us and beside Rose.


“Or Toothflossing Stringmints, or Fizzing Whizzbees, or Treacle Fudge.” Rose chirped in, flashing us a small smile.


“I think I will stick with what I normally get.” I replied with a sigh. I was being gained up on.


“If he wants to get what he always gets, that’s fine by me.” Molly said from the other side of Al. Count on Molly to back me up.


“You’re just saying that because you know you can conn him into giving you half his stock.” Rose said from behind us with a small chuckle.


“I cannot tell a lie, it is true.” Molly said raising her hands in the air, faking innocence.


Sadly it is true, if she asked I would probably give her some. I had been doing it since we were children, she would always ask me for some of my sweets when she came over because her dad was such a stickler.


“Well, can we atleast head there last? I don’t want to be weighed down by a large amount of sweets.” I said sighing with the upcoming defeat.


“Sure.. Let’s head to the Madam Malkin’s outlet then, get our costumes.” Scorpius said as we passed the gate and out of the school bounds.


I could see the village on the horizon, the smoke coming out of some of the chimneys on the buildings. Hogsmeade had always been one of my favourite places in the wizarding world. It was just so… wizardy. You could almost feel the magic in the air as you walked down the street, past the Three Broomsticks, and Honeydukes.


We made our way down mainstreet to one of the larger shops on the street, the Madam Malkin’s Wardrobe outlet. There apparently used to be a smaller clothing shop in the village, but it apparently went out of business when Malkins had expanded.


Thankfully we hit the shop at slow time, before a lot of the rest of the student body would be coming. Entering the shop, we all sort of meandered through the aisle, leafing through various costumes and not so much costumes as bathing suits (I do not doubt we will be seeing a few of those at the party. The Hufflepuff sixth years had looser morals in terms of clothing than a house elf with no owner, though I guess I’m not complaining, the girls were pretty fit.


“I have no idea what I want to be…” I said aloud as I pulled a pirate outfit of the rack to look at. Too bad I had been one last year, this costume was actually pretty good.


“Nope, you were one last year, put it away.” Rose said as she looked at the costume I was holding over the rack. She held up a costume of her own for me to see, “What do you think?”


It was decent looking, the costume in question was a muggle police officer’s uniform with a skirt that looked a bit questionable even now. “Looks fine.” I replied truthfully before setting my selection back on the rack and continuing on.


“I FOUND THE PERFECT COSTUME.” I heard Al roar from a few aisle down. I looked over to see him thrusting his fists into the air in victory, one clutching a costume that I couldn’t quite make out.


“Okay then, what is it?” Scorpius asked from aisle behind me.


“Not telling, it’s going to be a surprise.” Al said giving us a mischievous smirk.


Ya, that couldn’t be bad at all.


Shacking my head, I returned to my search. I faintly saw out the corner of my eye, Scorpius try on a zombie prom king costume. Prom, I think it was is some sort of muggle dance for kids our age, that or a thing were they made someone a king, I’ll talk to Jack and get back to you, he should know being muggleborn and all.


 (No! I am totally not one of the purebloodist types, I mean I grew up in the Potter house. Just stating a fact, Jeeeeezz calm down.)


Almost an hour had passed, and everyone else had bought a costume. Molly had bought a pirate costume (I know, so unoriginal right?), Scorpius his zombie prom king costume, while Rose had chosen to go Al’s route and keep her costume a secret. They all stood in different aisle trying to suggest different costumes to me.


“How about this?” Al asked holding up a caveman costume, which consisted of only a loin cloth.


“You have to be joking me, right?” I said staring at him blankly.


He wasn’t.


“Al, as much as the female population may enjoy that, I don’t think Blake will.” Molly said taking it from his hands and setting it back on the rack.


“How’s this?” Scorpius asked holding up a clown costume.


“Nope, hate clowns, why would I be one?” I replied as I shoved a muggle doctor’s outfit down the rack.


“How about a Dracula?” Rose said holding up a vampire costume, “I vant to suck your blood!” she said for emphasise.


“Nah, I think Emmet was going to be Dracula.” Al said as he scrounged through a rack.


“Ohhhh, I totally found the perfect costume.” Molly said holding up a costume. It was a Football player’s uniform.


“Ehh, I don’t know. It’s different from everything else we have seen.” I said crossing my arms. It was true, I had yet to see at any of the partys and Football player. And it was one of my favourite muggle team’s, Arsenal.


“Come onnnnnn, please?” Molly said giving me puppy eyes.


“Ya mate, I’m hungry.” Al said as his stomach grumbled for effect.


“Fine, I guess.” I said resignedly, taking the costume from a happy Molly.


“Why this one?” I asked her as I headed up to the counter while the others went to wait outside.


“Show’s off your legs.” She said giving me a smirk.


That reply surprised me some. At the last Quidditch practice I had seen her catching quick glances at me while I had changed. We had stayed late to get a little extra practice while the others went in for dinner. I’ll admit I had sneaked a few in my own. I honestly don’t know why. She had always been good looking I guess, but only recently I had begun to notice. ”Ohh, so you want some eye candy then?” I said jokingly as I dug some galleons out of my pocket and gave them to the lady behind the register.


“Maybe.” She replied blushing a little.


We exited the shop and made our way down the street towards the Three Broomsticks. The air had grown a little warmer as the day got older, but it was still pretty cold. We passed a large group of students that I could tell were heading to the shop we had just come from.


We stopped outside the pub and let a group leave before entering ourselves and taking a booth near the back. “Right, I’ll get the drinks… what do you guys want?” I said setting my bag down under the table.


“Butterbeer for me.” Al said sliding into the booth, throwing his bag beside mine.


“That sounds good, one for me too.” Scorpius said sliding in the opposite side beside Al.


“Just a pumpkin juice for moi.” Rose said dropping in beside Scorpius at the edge of the booth.


“I’ll come with you and help.” Molly said dropping her bag beside Rose before turning to head to the bar.


We ordered the drinks and made our way back to the table, where Rose was pointing at a booth at the far side of the pub. “I tell you, she hasn’t been the same since.”


“She was always kind of a loaner though.” Al said accepting his Butterbeer and taking a sip.


“Ya, but she always came to Hogsmeade with someone.” Scorpius said as he took a sip from his Butterbeer as well. “Rose is right, she’s different.”


“Whatca talkin about?” I asked as I let Molly squeeze in beside Al before taking the seat at the edge of the booth across from Rose.


“Jessica.” Rose replied bluntly pointing back over to the booth she had been pointing to when we arrived. I followed her finger, finally taking notice as to the actual booth she was referring to.


Inside it sat Jessica, who was sitting there drinking alone. She looked rather depressed actually; compared to the outgoing happy person she was at school.


“That can’t be Jess, she looks too… Not together, broken.” I replied a bit hesitantly. Was this because of our break up?


Ya, ya I know what you’re thinking, again with the reference to something that happened two years ago, that she was probably over. I can’t help it, I don’t like hurting people.


“No, it’s her, I know it.” Al said with a pang of sadness in his voice.


“Scorpius is right, even last year she was always with someone on the trips down to here.” Molly said taking a drink from her pumpkin juice. “I wonder what happened to cause her to be alone here.”


“She’s changed a lot since fifth year.” Rose said as she fiddled with the glass of juice in her hand.


“Look… can we change the topic please?” I said uncomfortably. I couldn’t help but feel that nagging sensation at the back of my head, the one telling me that I was the cause.


What Rose had said was essentially true. After our break up in fifth year, after what I had done, Jess had changed. She went to every party she could, and as far as I can tell, drank, and drank and drank. She had only ever used to go to them to have fun, but since then she had seemed to be doing it to just forget, she was drinking to forget.


Then there was the whole thing where she hang out with that womanizer Cameron Chang a lot. Let me tell you, last year when Jackson had found out she hung out with him, broke a beaters hat he hit a bludger so hard, and he’s a freaking keeper!


I guess you want to know about that, but I’ll tell you later.


Al was the one who came to my rescue. “So, the party, what do you think, how much Butterbeer versus Firewhiskey?”



We talked about the planning stages of the party for a good few hours. I don’t know when, but sometime during our discussion, Jess had slipped out. I made a mental note to look into that whole situation.


“Shove over Blake, I want to go get a new Juice.” Molly said elbowing my in the side.


“All right, hold your horses.” I said wiggling out of the booth to let Molly by. After she had gone, I dropped back down into the booth and slide over to sit beside Al so she could have the end spot when she got back.


Tuning out Rose and Albus argument over whether or not they should get the House Elfs to deliver food to the Room of Requirement, I watched Molly walk over to the bar and set her old empty glass down. I watched as Madam Rosmerta took the glass away and headed to the other end of the bar, most likely to refill it.


It was as Madam Rosmerta came back with a full glass I noticed a figure saddle up beside Molly at the bar and engage her in conversation. He leaned against the bar and turned so that the side of his body was facing the booth.


I felt myself go rigged as I realized who it was. Cameron Chang. I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but he flashed Molly a smile, and I’m pretty sure I saw her blush. She said something back before picking up her glass and starting on her way back to the booth. He said something again, before turning and moving to rejoin his group of friends, also with a wide smile on.


Oh god no, please no, not him.


Molly plopped down beside me in the booth and took a swig of her Pumpkin Juice.


“What was that about?” I asked, taking a sip from my Butterbeer.


”What was what about?” Molly asked setting her drink down on the table.


“Chang, talking to you at the bar.” I replied as I too set my glass down, before turning in the booth slightly to be able to look at her straight on.


“Oh, that.” Molly said as her smile shrank a bit, “Nothing really, he was just asking me if he could escort me to the Halloween Dance.”


"Please tell me you said No.” I said frowning, historically, we had always gone together.


“No, I said yes.”


Well shit.




A/N: Okay, well that happened.
Next Chapter will be a bit different, as it will give us some insight from the other side. Molly's viewpoint. Some details will be fleshed out on the Blake-Molly relationship, and some on the Blake-Jessica relationship. The Day leading into the Dance, and the Dance are up next! But stay tuned, the After Party will be interesting for sure.
As always, Review if you like my story! I cant make it better without input!

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