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Simple Lives. by heyImcrazy37
Chapter 4 : Brandon?!
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Simple Lives- Chapter 4

Secret 11: When I first tried my wand from Ollivanders, I blew up half the shop.

I woke up very early the next morning, before my room mates, and headed to the bathroom. I somehow managed to trip over Al's open trunk and land in Scorpius' bed. This could not get anymore awkward. His eyes shot open and I quickly covered his mouth to prevent him from waking up the others. His eyes widened when he saw me, but then he visibly relaxed.

It was then that I realised the position we were in. Both of our heads were on the pillow and we were facing eachother, his arm draped over my waist, noses nearly touching. I frantically pushed myself off the bed and landed painfully on the floor. I groaned and just lay there untilI heard Al stirring so I raced to the bathroom before he could even see me on the floor next to his bed and wonder what the hell I was doing there.

I walked to the Great Hall alone, not feeling like talking to anyone. I yawned and opened the large doors.I sat down heavily next to James at the Griffindor table. Soon after, Angela and Al joined us and helped themselves to my breakfast.

"Oh yea. Rosie? I broke up with Scorp last night," Angela said casually.

I spat out the food I had in my mouth. "WHAT?" I spluttered.

"We were cool with it. We were just mucking around. Besides, he said there was someone else."

I tried hard to keep calm. They broke up, why am I do worked up about it? Scorpius joined us as well and I had to take several deep calming breaths to keep myself from fumbling with my fork.

"Rose," a voice said in my ear. I jumped and exclaimed "Don't forget to feed the water buffalos!"

The boy behind me was Brandon, but I didn't feel as jumpy around him as I usually would be. That didn't stop me from blushing like a bright freckled tomato. "Hi," I said plainly.

Next to me, James muttered, "I question your sanity."

I glared at my cousin. Brandon was the one who spoke next. "Um... Angela and Scorpius said that you wanted to speak with me?"

I froze and tried to put together what I was going to say in my head. Planning to tell him that they were probably talking about another Rose, I opened my mouth to address him, but he beat me to it. "I was wondering if you were free this afternoon. Maybe we could take a stroll around the school... er... alone."

I blinked in shock. I was being asked out? Not technically, but close enough. I nodded enthusiastically, maybe too enthusiastically because he looked frightened. I composed my expression and said, "Yea that sounds great. See you then."

I waited until he was out of sight before tackling Angela in pure joy. I jumped up and gave Scorpius a quick kiss on the cheek. I paused as I said, "Um... Can you help me to ... er ... pick clothes for my date?" I asked him.

He looked shocked but he grinned. "Sure!" he said.

By the time we were back in our dormitory, Scorp and Angela were already discussing my clothes, hair and makeup. It was slightly disturbing as they kept stopping to look back and scrutinize me. They pushed me onto my bed and examined my wardrobe. After many arguments and "no-this-suits-her-more" Angela and Scorp finally settled on a red top with dark blue skinny jeans and black knee-length boots.

Then they got to work on my wild, red hair. They used several hair-straightening spells on it then Scorpius braided it down my back. Angela pulled out a huge makeup kit, but I refused to let them alter the shape and clarity of my eyes. The only options that I would give to them were blush and lipgloss.

I examined myself in front of the mirror. "Not bad," I said. "Thanks guys." I gave them a hug each and headed out the door. Brandon was supposed to meet me near the Charms classroom. I hummed merrily as I strolled through the corridors. I froze in my tracks as I heard two voiced talking.

"Oh Brandon, don't do this. I don't care if it's fake. You belong with me," I heard a female voice say.

"Scorpius payed me more than twenty gallons to do this. It's only one date," it was Brandon.

I listened a few seconds before I realized that they had started snogging. Okay then, cool. I looked away and walked back down to the dungeons.

"Oh Scorpius, dear?" I called, after I climbed through the portrait hole.

"Rose! Why back so early?" he grinned, standing up from his armchair to greet me. A few first years were playing a game of exploding snap in front of the fire.

"Oh you know, it was just a quick make-out session after all." The children's cheering voices were heard as the deck blew up in a girl's face. She blinked and then grinned.

"Wow, already?" He said, turning my attention from the interesting game to his happy face.

"No, I suspect they've been going at it for some time."

He looked puzzled so I said, "Thank you Scorpius for making me realize how much of a bastard you are."

Realization dawned on his face, "No Rosie, I only meant well-"

"Don't Rosie me," I snapped and stormed up to our dormitory and threw myself onto my bed.

My eyes brimmed with tears. I wanted to cry, you see, but Weasleys don't cry. An enormous family taught us that through a process of ridicule and humiliation.

Keeping this in mind, I collapsed on my bed and proceeded to gather my thoughts.

Scorpius POV:

I honestly don't know why I stuff everything up.

I'm. So. Stupid.

All I really wanted was to help her get her dream. That's not so bad was it? Could've been the fact that I used my power and wealth to get that. Well, she has just as much power and wealth as I do!

I think it's because I use it for bad reasons. I just wanted her praise and attention. It wasn't meant to get out of hand. I'll have to get my money back from Brandon as well as give him a kick... in the balls.

I should really apologize, but Malfoy's don't apologize. We'll see how this goes.

Rose's POV:

Today is not my day.

I woke up to find myself with a HUGE pimple smack bang in the middle of my nose. Ew, it's even filling with pus.

I'm not going to charm it off as the last time I did that, things didn't go so well. I won't pop it either. If I see any sort of bodily liquid, I will faint. Except for pee. Everyone likes pee.

I swore loudly, failing to wake up my dorm mates. I will either push them out of their beds or lock the door so they'll be late to class. Or I could just leave them be.

Option #1 it is then!

I screamed, "WAKE UP MOTHA-"

"SHUT UP," they screamed in unison.

I shrugged and started to prepare for the day. I walked down the dormitory steps and tripped on the last one, falling head first into the brick wall in front of the steps.

I mean come on! Who would put that there?!


I felt strong and burly hands lift my and cuddle me to their chest. I couldn't see who it was as my sight was unavailable for use when BLOODY BLOOD DRIPPED INTO IT. OH HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. BLOOD. I'm going to faint.

Secret 12: My first crush was Teddy Lupin

A/N: hey guys. I don't usually write authors notes but I'm feeling depressed that hardly anyone is reviewing. I'm not one to beg for reviews either so I'm saying ... FOR THE SAKE OF MY SANITY, PLEASE SUPPORT.
Hopefully this would the the first and last authors note I'll ever make and concentrate on the story. Thanks bro :)

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