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What Will Happen? by Draco579
Chapter 7 : Hard to Resist
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As the next morning arose, thoughts bubbled in the minds of each of the four Gryffindors, all muddling together to form anxiety. Three of them musing over one's decision and the forth, well, over an upcoming test. She would never neglect a duty, however, and had made up her decision, waking up in the middle of the night due to her full mind and continued to lay awake for the verdict. Weighing the pros and cons several times and going over possible outcomes, it had taken a while to come to her conclusion. She felt that she had thought it out thoroughly and as able to make a proper decision, they had entrusted her to, after all. The other three waited on hearing this verdict as it would determine their planning, the differences all rested on her choice.


All this weight on one decision, one would think it was the deciding factor about whether or not to demolish the Hogwarts castle- it potentially could be, on one hand. And so as they all woke up in their respective dorms and readied themselves for the day at school, but firstly breakfast, they waited for the announcement of what they were to do. The boys, filled to the brim with anticipation, looked at each other and nodded, signaling one to bring up the subject.


"So, Hermione," Harry said, clearing his throat to take her attention away from the toast she was currently buttering. As she looked up and raised an eyebrow, he continued, "Ron and I... We were wondering if you'd thought about our proposition"


"I have," She admitted, giving Ron a hopeful smile underneath all the food stuffed into his mouth, "And I stand by what I had said and don't think it's a good idea" Hermione concluded firmly after a hesitant sigh.


"What?" Ginny said incredulously, dropping her fork right on her brother's hand, causing him to help and withdraw the throbbing limb.


"I told you, Ginny, it wouldn't end well." the oh-so cautious Hermione warily stated.


“You don’t know that!”


“If you didn’t want to hear my opinion, why ask me?” She forcefully asked while getting up, grabbing her bag, and storming out of the Great Hall.


The two boys looked at each other, knowing they had both expected this sort of answer, and silently agreed on their next plan of action.


“Who to recruit then?” Harry asked


“Well, no one can match up to Hermione’s intelligence, but I’d say the closest we could get is a Ravenclaw or two.” 


“Logical. But how would we get them? We can’t just go prancing in and shout ‘Oi! We need help to prank the Slytherins deviously, who wants to help?’ then the whole castle would know!”


“Well… We could ask Luna if she knows anybody who would be willing to help.” Ronald skeptically stated


“Hold on… I’m confused. What exactly is going on?” Ginny interrupted, bringing the attention to herself.


“We decided that we’re going to continue with the plan last night, with or without her permission. Now that she didn’t accept to help us we’re just going to have to work around her. ” Harry reluctantly told her, earning a grin


“Excellent! I’ll go get Luna!” Ginny excitedly voiced before hurrying to the Ravenclaw tables. Before the two had time to discuss further, they witnessed a chipper looking Ginny tugging the ever so dazed Luna Lovegood across the Hall and seating her across the boys


“Hello Harry, Ron.” The newcomer greeted in a wispy tone. As she sat there, patiently waiting for a reason as to why she was unceremoniously taken from her seat, Harry took a deep breath and began.


                Explaining the situation, starting from yesterday’s encounters and continuing to this morning’s revelation, the boys took turns, each recounting bits of the tales, and putting in their own two cents. Ginny had tried multiple times to cut in, but was hushed or interrupted and just learned to sit there quietly with her mouth shut. The Ravenclaw present had her head slightly cocked to the side with intentness as she listened to their story and plea for assistance. Once the others had ended their descriptions, she sat silently for a while, lost in thought. This of course, had caused the boys to hang on the edge of their seats as they awaited her response. 


“I think I know who would be willing, and capable, of helping you.” She sighed, finally, “I would suggest nargles, but I haven’t seen any of those tricky little buggers in a while.”


“Who do you have in mind then?” Ginny questioned.


“Yesterday I was reading the Quibbler in my Common Room, and I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation, more of an argument really, between a few of my acquaintances, in our year. They ran into some trouble with some Slytherins apparently and were talking about getting revenge, much as you were. I think I could talk to them if you’re interested in working with them.”  Luna announced with a nod of her head.


“Brilliant,” Ron grinned, “Who are these blokes?”


“Luke Conry, Mark Siftner and David Sonter.”




An enemy of ones’ enemies is the ally, they say, putting the three chosen Ravenclaws in cohorts with the three Gryffindors. But not all those who work together have the same aims. One can work with another just for benefits, planning on separating later on, or maybe using the teamwork for different intentions. And in this case, the intentions certainly differed. However, some intentions and aims can be hidden, either necessary to not know, or unnecessary to know. Facades could be made, or even omitted information, just to keep the partnership secure to attain the desired outcome. Some are selfish, thinking only of their personal gain when teaming up, others think of the group as a group- putting all in equality, from standings to benefits and tasks. Each individual is different, hence the term ‘individual,’ and one shouldn’t always expect or judge based on another…




                They had chatted for a while longer in the Great Hall, Luna and the others exchanging ideas, until Professor McGonagall sternly came and asked the Ravenclaw to return to her respective table. With the parting, they agreed to meet in the Room of Requirement- neutral territory- that night. Luna, not having in interest in taking part of the schemes, informed them that she would speak with the three to convince them to join the Gryffindors right after curfew in the chosen location. They watched her saunter back to her seat and ask for a word with the blokes she chose for the task.


“What do you think of them?” Harry asked, taking a look at the Ravenclaws.


“Well, the middle one is rather good looking…” Ginny voiced, eying the boys.


“Oi! I don’t need to hear your opinions on their appearances!” Her brother enforced, spluttering with a bit of food flying out of his mouth.


“I meant whether or not you thought they looked like they could be of any use to us...” Harry clarified, his eyes downcast.


“We’ll see tonight, won’t we?”


“I suppose. We should probably check on Hermione before class starts, c’mon.” Harry directed, as he pushed his plate aside and stood up. Ron, realizing they were leaving, shoveled the last bits of his breakfast into his mouth- even managing to stuff an apple into the pocket of his robes- and stood up along with them to leave the noisy Great Hall.




                “Wake up, you lazy idiot!” Draco pronounced as he wacked his best mate with a shoe, eliciting an angry groan. “We’re nearly late for class, we’ve missed breakfast, and Goyle didn’t bother to bring us any.” Seeing that his friend had not yet gotten up, Draco felt the need to once again assault him with the shoe.


“Hit me one more time, and I’ll be late to your funeral, not class” Blaise responded, his voice muffled by the pillow.


“Then get up! I expect you to give the longest speech at my funeral, you can’t be late.”


“I’d likely be in Azkaban for murdering you, but I could mail your mother my speech though.” Blaise said, sluggishly getting up


“She’d be too busy trying to calm down the party my father would throw in your honor to read the speech.” Draco attempted to say while brushing his teeth.


“Have one of your House Elves read it! Can they even read?” Slipping on his robe, Blaise turned to face Draco for his response.


“Dunno. If not, I’m sure Granger and her ‘spew’ is working on teaching them.” The other replied, combing his hair.


“Granger, eh? Can’t get her off your mind now? Maybe you could pamper the House Elves to gain her affection.”


“Trust me, mate, my methods for getting her are foolproof. I don’t need any of your lousy help.” Draco arrogantly stated, taking one last look in the mirror and ascending the stairs from the Common Room.


“Oh yeah, seemed like it last night when she was threatening you” The other rolled his eyes with his sarcastic response.


“That was only because of you. If you stayed out of my way, the population of Hogwarts would get a nice laugh at you in no time.” Draco haughtily raised an eyebrow.


“Why make the torment easy? Suffer until the downfall, I say. And before you and your pride keep arguing with me, we really need to get to class.”


                Silently agreeing, the two sped up; there was no more time for their banter that could continue for hours on end. The Slytherins witnessed that once; the two bet each other that they could keep the witty retorts coming longest, resulting in an hour and seventeen minute long comedy-filled banter, ending only when Blaise had faltered thus deeming Draco the winner of even more pride and two Galleons. Since then, they learned to always cut the teasing short, so it wouldn’t get too out of hand.


But, how could they resist another’s humiliation?

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What Will Happen?: Hard to Resist


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