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Surreal by mary_ducks
Chapter 2 : Battle Partners and other Problems
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* I do not own Harry Potter or anything affliated to it, oh btw this chapter contains slash/ same sex pairing, dont worry though its not that graphic*

 Jason was one of the reasons I “came back” to life, he made me feel happier than ever and I even started to play guitar and sing again. He made me feel perfect and complete. He was my calm before and after the storm he was always there to protect me and give me a shoulder to cry on and would always kiss my tears away.

“Hermione love! Over here!” he waved to me from the lake where we were having our next class Heroes of Hogwarts, or H.O.H. I raced over to him as fast as my armor would let me. I was in the Ninja/ Samurai class meaning that when I had been evaluated they decided I was a top notch warrioress, there were only 3 other girls in this class, Daphne Greengrass (younger sister to Astoria) slytherin, Luna Lovegood Ravenclaw, Susan Bones Hufflepuff we found it pretty ironic that only 1 girl from every house was chosen, but in truth we were pretty bad ass, I could easily kick anyone's ass including Harry and Ron who were in the Knights class two classes lower than us. “hey babe, you look sexy.” Jason whispered into my ear.

I blushed and managed to say, “you don’t look half as bad yourself.” and he did look godlike, his short golden brown hair gleamed in the sun, his blue eyes twinkled and his black armor hung on him perfectly. (what our armor looks like, there are three different colors based on skill- red beginner, black- intermediate and white- elite. The armor isn’t really armor either it is just a body suit with indestructible iron stitched into it at the legs, chest, shoulders and elbows and was melded in a way that allowed us to move quietly and fluidly. And we have knee length combat boots to, as to weapons pretty much anything from AK 40's to samurai swords and ninja stars.)


“okay class settle down settle down. Please take a seat on the ground while I discuss today's lesson.” professor Phillips said. “okay I have spoken with the headmistress Mcgonagall and she had agreed that we will have a um lets see a version of cops and robbers mixed with capture the flag. It is to test your strategical and battle skills, it will test everyone of the 10 groups of warriors I have been training.” we begin to mummer and I raise my hand. “yes Hermione?”

“what is it we are exactly gonna play?”

professor grinned, “okay so it is a mix between cops and robbers and capture the flag, the objective is to infiltrate the fortress of your opponent and steal a priceless object in this case, the swords of Merlin. And the cops and robbers is more like the whole hero against villains cliche, the heroes will have to protect their fortress from invading villains and you will be able to arrest someone, all you have to do is place your hand over their heart and imagine them in your prison. Now the games will take place in two weeks, and my classes will be mixed together, you will be paired with the Romans, Native American Indians, Fencers and Modern Soldiers.”

we all groaned when we realized we were to be placed with the modern soldiers for they were the worst possible warriors ever, all they did was destroy and kill and blow things up, they had no real skills.

“now now, I know that the Modern Soldiers are not the sharpest knives in the drawer but it was the only way to make it equal. Now I will pair you up with your partner/s next class, now everyone 2 warm up laps and then half an hour on the obstacle course go.”

We were all giddy by dinner time because everyone knew about the games then, I looked up over to Jason in Ravenclaw and he gave me one of those smiles that just melted my heart, I was finally having the good life. I looked up across the table Ron and Lavender were literally sucking each others faces off, Harry was giving Ginny a loving look which she returned and Neville was staring at the Hufflepuff table at Susan bones.
I smiled and spoke to him quietly, “go and make your move before I make it for you.”

he stared at me in shock, “wh-what?”

“go and talk to Susan before I drag you there start a conversation and leave you there or lock you in a broom cupboard with her for two days straight.”

he glared at me, “no you wouldn’t Hermione.”

I smiled sweetly, “try me.” his jaw dropped and then he ground his teeth and marched up to Susan with a revolutionaries fire in his eyes before he kissed her full on the lips. My jaw dropped this time especially when Susan kissed him back after a moments shock. He pulled away asked her something which made her turn bright pink before giggling and nodding a yes. He grabbed her hand kissed it and walked back to the Gryffindor table with a hint of swag in his walk.

“happy now 'Mione?” he asked when he took his spot back next to me.

“yes very, now I am full and have tons of homework to do, see you later guys!” and I walked off to my little nook in the library.

Saturday is one of my favorite days at Hogwarts because I get to spend my time with my beloved boyfriend, except today I was forced to share it with Malfoy and Ernie McMillan. We sat in an empty classroom glaring at malfoy, who happened to be my partner for he was what I was not: a healer, impatient, ignorant, annoying, selfish, and a lot more things that I would never say or think. Jason tightened his arm around me and glared. I sighed I guess I have to be the mature one again.

“look guys, lets just try and get along for the sake of the game alright?” everyone stares at me and finally it is Jason who breaks then Ernie and then malfoy. “good, now I think it would be best if we um begin calling each other by our first names.”

“hell no.” malfoy says.

“look we should at least pretend we are on good terms or else we will all fail this effing class so no more back talking me Draco.” I snarled hand on the hilt of my sword.

He stared at me in shock, “and who made you in charge here?”

“everyone who agrees I be in charge say Aye.”

“AYE!” Ernie, Jason and myself chorus.

“aw it seems Draco is outvoted now you will do as I say or face my wrath.” malfoy smirked, “Draco remember this next time we meet, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” I got up grabbed Jason's arm and we walked away Ernie joining us leaving malfoy all alone.

“hey Harry, hey Ron whats up?” I ask when I enter my common room.

“How come we didn’t know that you were partnered with Malfoy?” Ron snarled when he saw me. “well you guys haven’t really asked and I haven’t really seen you guys lately why does it bother you so much?” I replied calmly.

“Fraternizing with the enemy again I see.” he said in a haughty tone.

My temper broke just then, “Ronald you take that back!”

“why should I if its true?”

I glared at him, “You know what screw yourself, I don’t need you anymore you asshole. So much for being best friends.” I spun on my heel and marched to my room.

“Mioonne please wait!” Harry cried I turned just a millisecond to see what he wanted, “look Ron is just being a little jealous you know he doesn’t mean it.”

“I'll believe that when he apologizes harry.” I stalked back up the stairs and into my dorm more pissed off then ever. I slammed through my drawers looking for something to hit but found nothing. In a fit of temper I threw a book at the wall changed into some short running shorts and a sports bra before clomping down stairs. Everyone looked up and stared and I so wanted to give them the finger but they didn’t deserve it, I just stormed to the room of requirement and wished for a batting cage.


Once inside I grabbed a bat and went to a baseball cage and began smacking away at every ball that came my way. “Granger put that damn thing down so I can talk to you!” Malfoy screamed at me and made me lose my concentration.

I got out of the cage and glared at him. “What do you want?”

“we're having another team granger meeting but it seemed a very important person was missing.”

I glared at him, “ sorry but I’m not in the mood.”

“who says you have to be in a certain mood to attend these meetings.”

“i did you asshole now get out before I beat you with my bat!” I yelled at him and stormed back into the cage and began swinging again with a renewed anger when my bat was suddenly yanked out of my hand and malfoy had me slung over his shoulder. “MAAALLFOOY LET GO OF ME!!!!” I shrieked and began pounding his back with my fists and screaming obscenities at him until he finally dumped me unceremoniously onto the ground.

“Oh there you are babe, we were becoming worried.” Jason said wrapping an arm around me.

“Hermione can I talk to you for a sec?” Jason asked after dinner a couple of days later.

“sure whats up?”

he grabbed my arm and pulled me into an empty classroom. “i think I might be gay.” I look at him, “Are you serious?”

he nodded his head solemnly and sighed, “I’ve actually been thinking that I’m gay for a while, you see it started two years ago I started having these really weird dreams of me and potter and then it moved on to Viktor Krum and lately I've been having some fantasies including Draco Malfoy."

“yup you're gay.” I said not letting him finish.

“i know this is really awkward but do you um forgive me and can we depart as friends?”

I sighed I guess mom was right, never go for the pretty blonde boys because most of the time they turn out gay. “yeah, we can I guess, but your not allowed to steal any of my future boyfriends.” I giggled and we walked out talking and laughing and just being friends.

“Hey Draco whats up” I said at our next team granger meeting which had gotten weirder especially since Jason and Ernie were now dating and spent half of the time making out.

“oh nothing much but this is our last meeting before big quiz day so I suggest we begin reviewing.”

“okay sure you start asking questions.”

“okay, when was I born?”

“November 9th 1995.”

“where was I born?”

“you were born in malfoy manor east wing at 7:34 a.m your mother's midwife was her house elf dinky.”

“stalker!” Draco says jokingly and I playfully shoved him into the lake. “Help Hermione I- I cant swim!!!” Draco cried. I immediately kicked off my shoes and took my phone out of my pocket before dolphin diving into the lake towards Draco.

“Draco, Draco? Where are you?” I asked looking around.


“AAAAAAAGH!!” I screamed as Draco circled his arms around my waist.

“haha you actually believed I couldn’t swim you're so gullible Hermione.”

“oh sod off Draco.” I say jumping on his back as he begins swimming back to shore.

“your so heavy I cant walk!” Draco gasps as we get back onto dry land.

“wow, you are the weakest person in the world, I bet even Anthony Gerbil is stronger than you.” (Anthony Gerbil is a 3rd year Hufflepuff who I’m pretty sure is as close to a human gerbil as possible and a 5 year old can take him on in a fight and win.)

“oh my pride it hurts how could you say such a thing Hermione?” Draco asks cradling me like a baby and then throwing me up in the air causing me to scream insanely loud.

“don’t ever do that again!” I cried when he caught me, I locked my arms around him shaking horribly and near tears.

“I'm sorry I- I didn’t mean to scare you like that Hermione please will you forgive me?”

I looked up at his face and grinned, “Gotcha!” I leaped out of his arms and ran to Jason and Ernie.

“Alright everyone is dismissed from dinner except the 4th years and above.”
Headmistress Mcgonagall said when dinner was over. The younger students filed out dejected and annoyed that once again they would not join in on the fun. Once they were all gone the headmistress began once more,.

“Now everyone is to get into their instructional groups for Heroes of Hogwarts.” everyone practically ran into their groups before paying attention once more. “now I assume you know the rules of the game? All of your weapons and explosives have been enchanted so that you feel the pain of the weapon but are not severely wounded or killed and if you are killed in a game you will be transported back to Hogwarts, and absolutely no magic but healing spells can be used. Now Professor Phillips will explain the rest.”

professor Phillips walked up to the podium dressed in a referees outfit before beginning, “now you all know the rules, the robbers will infiltrate the cops fortress and the cops will defend but the cops can also attempt to infiltrate the robbers fortress as well. Now the moment your team gets one of the swords of Merlin you win and you will be transported back here to Hogwarts. Now the cops shall be Sir Potters team who is made up of Greeks, Medieval Knights, Viking, Egyptians and Pirates/ Barbarians and the robbers shall be Assassin Grangers team who is made up of the Ninjas, Romans, Native American Warriors, Fencers and Modern Soldiers. Please assemble into your teams and put on your armor and choose your weapons.”

With a wave of his hands the tables were filled with weapons, armor, explosives, healing kits, and walkie talkies. I look up to Draco and grin, this was going to be fun. 

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