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Fairytaled by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 11 : Forgetting
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Hello my lovely readers!! Chapter 11! I've had a couple issues with validation so I hope this gets up, enjoy. :)

The biggest thanks I could ever give to my lovely reviewers, hpfangirl, PumpkinHallow4814, Lex(:, Charme, LumosEmmaFaye, Jasmine K., MiSTY_VoLPe, and of course the best reviewers ever (seriously, look at their reviews if you don't believe me) We Are Padfoot and Prongs, Gin-gin06, and Harmonia whose review for the last chapter seriously left me speechless. Thank you guys.

Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own HP or the wonderful world these characters live in, that all belongs to JK Rowling. And as for Beauty and the Beast, the credit for that either goes to Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont or Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve.


How was it possible to be so completely and utterly wrong about someone? I mean, it’s one thing to have a false first impression. Another thing entirely to have an idea about a person for years and within a few days have that idea proved to be entirely wrong.


When I first met Draco Malfoy, he’d been arrogant, rude, and rather cowardly. He’d called me a Mudblood, among another names, and been a complete and total arse. He’d been horrible to Neville, Harry, Ron, Hagrid, and several other people I loved and cared for. He’d been selfish and spoiled and someone I thought I’d always loathe. Just this past year, he’d aided in the death of Albus Dumbledore, and yet here I was questioning my judgment.


Is it possible to change nearly everything you believed about a person for years in a matter of days?


I stared at the door, wondering all these things and growing more and more confused. None of it seemed logical. How could all this happen? Me, who I generally considered to be a fairly intelligent and observant person, was completely wrong about a person and everything they were and stood for?


I collapsed onto the bed and soon found my mind drifting through just about every topic possible. Before I knew it, I was asleep.


I awoke to a dull gray light. Something flashed and I was nearly blind for a moment. I sat up slowly, still groggy from sleep. I blinked several times and looked around, trying to find the source of the flash. A loud rumbling noise shook the room and I jumped slightly, before realizing what it was… thunder.


I smiled to myself and slid out of the bed, walking across the room to the window. I kneeled on the bench and pressed my hands and window against the cold glass. I could almost feel the rain pelting against the window. Large drops became even larger as water collected together, finally sliding down the window and leaving a trail behind momentarily.


Sighing to myself, I sat down, scooting backwards along the cushion until my back rested against the wall. I brought my knees to my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs, resting my chin on my knees.


Another blinding flash lit up the sky and thunder sounded a few seconds later. I shivered and realized how cold I was.


I remembered my bag and the clothes I’d managed to pack from home. I bolted across the room and grabbed it, tossing it onto the bed before unzipping it.


I pulled out a pair of my sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt, bringing them to my nose and inhaling the scent. The smell of home was overwhelming and tears began to fill my eyes.


I placed the clothing back down and smoothed them out with my hand when I noticed something, a hair. It wasn’t my hair, or even human hair at all. It was cat hair.




I realized with horror that in my haste to leave my house and perform the spell on my parents, I’d forgotten that I’d let him out earlier that morning and that I’d needed to bring him with me. I’d brought his food with me and everything, as well as his favorite toys. I snapped my fingers several times, trying to blink away the tears.


Dinkie appeared before me, looking concerned as soon as she saw my face.


“Oh, miss!” she said, running over to stand beside me, peering at me with her eyes large, “Miss, what’s wrong?” she asked, looking concerned.


“Please, get Master Malfoy for me. Right away.” I said, doing my absolute best to stay calm.


“Of course.” She answered, before curtsying. With a crack, she was gone.


A minute or so later, Malfoy and Dinkie appeared, Malfoy’s eyes wide. They crossed the room where I was now curled up in a ball on the floor at the foot of my bed.  


“Granger!” Malfoy said, kneeling down in front of me, coming down to my level. “Granger, what’s wrong?”


“CROOKSHANKS!” I shouted, “I LEFT CROOKSHANKS!” Tears were now streaming down my face and I could hear the panic in my voice.  I sat up so I was no longer on the floor, my body now heaving with sobs.


“He’s probably w-wandering around, not k-knowing what’s going on.”


“Who’s Crookshanks?” Malfoy asked, his eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.


“MY CAT! I let him outside the morning I came here, and I forgot to bring him!” I cried, now shaking from the combination of crying and cold.


“Well what should we do?” he asked quietly, clearly not used to girls crying in front of him. He’d grown rigid and didn’t quite seem to know what to do.


“GO GET HIM!” I stood up and threw my sweatshirt on over my pajamas. “Now.” I said firmly.


“Whoa there, Granger.”  Malfoy said, walking over to me, “Not so fast. You really think I’d let you come with me to do this? You’re not supposed to be anywhere near your house. That’s the whole reason you’re here and not there.”


“Crookshanks wouldn’t get anywhere near you. He’s probably lost and scared and there’s no way he’d get close to a stranger. Besides, cats can tell if you’re cat person or not and somehow you don’t come across as a cat person. I’m going.” I said, not willing to take no for an answer this time. I was going, and he was going to have to accept it.


“No, Granger.” I’ll go. “I’m supposed to keep you safe and safe is where I’ll keep you. Letting you go there, even in search of your cat would be breaking that.” He said, looking me sternly in the eyes.


“If you’re going, I’m going. I don’t care what it takes.” I narrowed my eyes and he took a small step back.


“If you’re that insistent, we’ll have to take several measures of caution. For starters, we’re changing your appearance. And I don’t mean just changing your hair color. You’ll have to wear something of mother’s. You can also borrow her wand. We have a constant supply of Polyjuice Potion so you can just take some of that and use her hair. She’ll stay in here when we leave and you can walk out of the house as her.” He looked as if he was contemplating something and I could tell his mind was working in overdrive.


“We’ll also have to stop by somewhere and get a carrier for him. Along with a litter box? I’m assuming you don’t have one of those in your bag. And some litter. Among other things. We’ll have to bring a flask of some sort so you can be taking the potion while we’re out.”


“Thank you.” I whispered before giving him a hug. He stood rigid for a moment before patting my back quickly and pulling away.


“Well, we better get started, we have a cat to rescue.”


A HUGE thanks to all my lovely reviewers. You guys are what keep me going, so, if you want to see your name at the top of the next chapter, LEAVE A REVIEW! Make this writer happy. I mean, look at the reviews We Are Padfoot and Prongs, Gin-gin06, and Harmonia leave. They make my day everytime. Plus, they're all amazing authors themselves. :P Thank you to everyone.


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Fairytaled : Forgetting


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