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What is love? by megthechef43
Chapter 15 : Anticipation
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Hermione rolled over in bed and reached for the bedside table for the normal potion that Draco placed there every morning. Her hands clasped around the bottle and she brought it close to her face as she used her other hand to wrench the cork free. In one smooth motion the red potion slid down her throat and the instant relief rushed through her veins. She loved magic.



Hermione rubbed her face and rolled out of bed and dropped on to plush carpet of Draco’s room. She made her way to the bathroom to get ready for the day. As Hermione went through her morning ritual she thought about her day to come. She was actually excited it was finally Friday. As discussed Draco was taking her to the beach house that Narcissa had been staying at since the wedding. It had been awhile since Hermione had been to the beach and she was excited to spend some time around the soothing, rhythmic water. She had to get packed because she was unsure as to when Draco would get home from the ministry. He had some business to attend to this morning but he was hoping to cut his Friday short so they could have some time to spend on the beach today.



                After Hermione had breakfast and packed her weekend bag for the trip, it was only eleven o’clock in the morning and she didn’t expect Draco to get home before at least two. She decided to go for a walk in the gardens to waste some time. Even though it was late fall it had been unseasonable warm. Before she left her room she grabbed the book she had been reading and walked through the manor and out into the exquisite gardens. Though Hermione knew the gardens were Narcissa’s creation there had been a few instances when Hermione looked out at the garden and seen two or three house elves tending to the weeds and trimming the hedges, figuring there was some sort of extension charm on the garden and the elves worked late into the season. At first Hermione had been disgruntled by the sight but after a second look she realized elves had been wearing work jumpers and therefore were most likely being paid as well. Hermione was shocked by Draco’s complete transformation.



Hermione continued to roam the gardens and literally stopped to smell the roses before settling ionto her normal bench and pulling out her book. After a little while Sprinkles brought her lunch to her and set it on the table that had now been set up in the area for her. Apparently, Draco believed he should make the area a little more comfortable for her. He had added a table with two cushioned chairs so she didn’t have to sit on the concrete bench all day long. She rarely used the padded chairs but today she relocated to the small table to eat her lunch. Hermione was about to take a bite out of herwarm pasta salad when Sprinkles popped in beside her and startled her. Hermione watched as the small elf laid out another place setting, food and a teapot. Hermione gave Sprinkles a questioning look when she saw Draco striding through the garden towards her. Hermione was surprisingly happy to see him.



“You are home early.” Hermione stated. Draco smiled as he took his seat.



“Did you miss me?” He teased. Hermione was glad he was in a good mood. Hermione merely shrugged and Draco continued. “It was an easy day. I was able to bump all my meetings to this morning. But, I noticed you are already packed and enjoying your day in the garden.” Hermione wondered when he had been to her room and as if Draco could read her mind he answered. “It went looking for you when I first got here. I noticed your bags sitting by the door.” He flashed a grin and he speared a bit of asparagus and bowtie pasta.



“Oh, well I am ready to get going. I haven’t been to the beach in years. It’s a beautiful day around here but since you won’t tell me where we are actually going I guess I can’t base my judgments off of that.” She ended but Draco didn’t miss the hidden question behind the statement.



“Well, we will be there soon enough. First, let’s enjoy this pasta and this fine day.” Draco told her while effectively avoiding the question. Hermione had to bite her tongue from asking more questions. She generally was not a patient person but see as she had waited this long another hour or so wouldn’t hurt. She dug into her lunch and enjoyed a light conversation with Draco. After lunch he excused himself to pack and asked her to meet him out front in twenty minutes at the apparition spot. Hermione watched him walk inside. She was too giddy with excitement to sit still and read for another twenty minutes. She got up from her seat and began walking slowly through the roses. She figured by the time she had made her trip through the roses and walk to the front of the house it would be time to leave.   



Draco made his way into the house to change and pack a few items for the weekend. After he came out of the bathroom in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, which to him seemed to be more appropriate beach wear. He started to pack his weekend bag when something caught his eye out the window. Draco took a step towards the window to get a better view. Hermione was standing out in the garden leaned over smelling some of the roses. He thought he could just make out a small smile tugging on the corner of her lips. He was momentarily mesmerized by her beauty. He shook his head to rid the thoughts, but his eyes stayed on the form standing in the garden. He had thought she looked beautiful before. She had looked beautiful at the Yule Ball in fourth year and she had looked beautiful on their wedding day but this was different. The wind was playful tugging on the ends of her chestnut curls. She was wearing a pink t-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts with her batter book hanging limply in her hand. It was nothing special but she was break taking all the same.  He watched as she slowly meandered her through the garden and back to the house. Once she had reached the edge of the windows view he snapped out of his trance and rushed to throw a few more items in his bag before rushing downstairs to meet her at the planned meeting spot. He realized halfway downstairs that he had forgotten her bags so he turned and ran back to grab her stuff. He was almost out of breath when he reached the spot. She looked at him questioningly.



“Are you finally ready to go?” She asked. Draco laughed to himself at her impatience; he found it rather amusing and thought about drawing out the waiting time but knew he would catch hell about it at some point. He nodded.



“Yes, I had to run back and get your bags. I almost forgot them.” Draco informed her.



“You actually ran!” she asked incredulously. Draco slowly nodded because he was unsure where she was headed with this.



“Draco, aren’t you a wizard?” She asked and Draco had to resist the urge to smack himself in the head. He just shook his head at himself as Hermione laughed at his internal struggle. Draco only hoped she didn’t find out that she was the reason he was so discombobulated.  He reached for her hand.

“Let’s go.” He told her. Hermione reached out and grabbed his hand to Apparate but the moment she touched his skin she felt a tingle run up her arm and settled in her stomach. She looked up to his silver grey eyes and knew he had felt it too. His eyes never leaving hers she felt the familiar tug at her navel as he apparated them away for the weekend.

A/N: I just want to say Thank you all of my wonderful readers! To everyone that reviewed, you helped me find inspiration. Thank you all!!


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What is love?: Anticipation


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