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That Dang Potter... by DDMalfoy
Chapter 1 : Dark Marks and Secrets
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“Harry?” Danni asked.

“Yes?” Harry replied.

“Never mind.”

“Tell me.”

“No. It’s not important.”

“You’ve brought it up several times only to say that. It’s obviously something important.”

“I’m not telling you.”

“I can tell Mrs. Weasley about Malfoy.” Harry threatened.

“His name is Draco.”

“Sticking up for him already? You two are such a cute couple.”

“Actually, yes we are. Also I thought I should tell you that I’m getting a dark mark.”


“I’m getting a dark mark.” She said calmly.”That way they might like me better. Also I am going to leak Voldemort false information you idiot. I will also spy on him. And yes Draco is in on this.”

“O.K., O.K. I get it.”

“Do you really?”

“Yes.” He replied hoping she wouldn’t see he was crossing his fingers.


“When are you getting your dark mark?”


“Oh. Right.”

“Meet me in the room of requirement at 7:00. I’ll tell you everything that I can then.”


“One more thing.”


“I’m bringing Draco.”



Time seemed to go by too slow for Harry. He couldn’t concentrate during class for the rest of the day. He was excited yet nervous about tonight. He wanted to know what life was going to be like for her, but he knew that what Danni was doing was very dangerous. He was worried that she would get hurt, even killed if she was discovered. Also how was she going to convince Voldemort that she was on his side? As these questions ran through his head another thought popped into his head. What if she was really on Voldemort’s side? He was already worried because she was engaged to Draco. He was still considering whether or not to send an owl to Mrs. Weasley. Later in the day he runs into Danni.

“Dammit, Danni. Just tell me. I can’t wait any bloody longer.” Harry said.

“Harry, language. And I am afraid you will have to wait. I am going to be late to class.” Danni said as she walked away from him.

It was killing Harry; he wanted to know so badly. He wanted her to be safe. After all she was the only family he had. Also he didn’t trust that little ferret, I mean who would. If only he could tell Ron or Hermione, they would understand. He laughed quietly to himself as he pictured their reactions.

“What is so funny Mr. Potter?” Snape asked.

“Nothing, sir.”

“If it is worth interrupting class for I’m sure it is something.”

“I’m not at liberty to talk about it.” Harry said dropping his voice so it wouldn’t carry across the room.

“Oh. That. You think it’s funny do you?”

“No I was just…”

“Just what.”

“I was just picturing Ron and Hermione’s reactions.”

“Detention.” Snape said speaking so the whole room could hear.

“For what?”

“For interrupting class.”


“And that will be twenty points form Gryffindor. Now everybody back to work.” Snape said and all heads in the room turned back to their cauldrons. All but one.

“You know?” Draco mouthed.

Harry pretended not to see him.

“Thanks for not getting her in trouble.” He mouthed again.

“What did you expect she’s my sister.” Harry wispered back.

“I thought you two weren’t getting along.”

“That’s none of your business.”

“She is my wife to be you know.”

“I’m having a hard time forgetting.”

“Harry, Draco, back to work” Snape said interrupting their whispered conversation.

“See you tonight.” Draco mouthed.

Harry nodded his thoughts back on the meeting tonight. He was anxious for potions to be done. Then he would just have to wait through dinner. He could do that.

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