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It's Time for a Happy Ending... by EmilyPotter2390
Chapter 9 : It's time for a fix up!
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Chapter 9: It’s time for a fix up!

Harry’s P.O.V.

After the ceremony we all head to the castle to enjoy a meal together. We all mixed tables and enjoyed each other’s company. Half way through the meal I excused myself and walked towards the kitchen. I tickled the pear and opened the door.

“Kreacher?” I said and every house elf turned to me with eyes wide.

“Master?” I heard him say back from the back of the room. I hear him run to me and he hugged my leg.

“Master how are feeling? Do you need Kreacher’s assistance?”

I kneeled down and took him by the shoulders, “Kreacher I am just fine. I just want you to know I appreciate everything you did the night of the battle and everything you have done since.”

“Master I was happy to help you” he said back.

I smile at him, “Kreacher what would you like most in the world right now?”

“What do you mean?”

“Would you like to stay here? Would you like me to ask Mrs. Weasley if you could come with me? What do you want to do?” I ask earnestly.

He pauses to think, “Master I want to be with you. I thinks I am more helpful here though.”

“I think you are too Kreacher. You are doing a wonderful job.”

“Master please call me if you need anything and I will do anything for my Master, The Savior of the World.”

“Kreacher I am not the savior I am simply Harry Potter”

“No Sir you are!” squeaked a nearby elf, which was quickly followed by agreement.

“See Master”

“I am no more important than anyone else. Kreacher I will see you soon and keep up the great work,” I said while a smile as I left.

I walk around the castle and I see Neville in the distance working on cleaning up again. It seems that he was tired of his dress robes and already changed. I don’t know where my life will lead after this, but I do know what I want to do next. I walk straight to the Great Hall and up to Professor McGonagall who happened to be sitting with my family.

“Professor why didn’t you ask for my help to fix the castle?”

“Potter I believed you deserved a break.”

“Ok well I have had a break. Can I help now?”

She looks at me with an intense stare, it was almost like Dumbledore’s piercing stare, “Very well Potter you are welcome to use the Floo and come help whenever you please.”

“I want to help too!” Hermione and Ginny yelled while Ron said, “Can I help?”

She looked to the three of them and replied, “Very well you may come as well, but please do not start today in your nice robes. Return another day with proper clothes.”

We smiled at each other. Later in the day we went home to the Burrow. It was a long day, which meant we all headed straight to bed. The four of us woke up early and headed straight to Hogwarts. We all worked together to put back together the castle. For a long time it was a comfortable silence.

“So what does everyone want to do next?” Hermione asked.

“Maybe this wall over here,” Ron replied pointing to the wall on the next side.

“Not what I meant Ronald.”

“What did you mean then?”

“With our lives of course.”

“Well I will be required to go back to school. I don’t have a skill like Fred and George did. Mom would kill me.” Ginny replied.

“I have no idea” Ron replied.

“What about you Harry?” Ginny asked.

“I honestly don’t know. My future was that battle for so long. I was afraid to look past it and get my hopes up.” I said as Ginny squeezed my hand, “What about you Hermione?”

“I think I might go back to school. I’d be in your year, but I feel like I need to finish properly.”

We were again in silence. What did I want next? Could I deal without Hermione, Ginny or Ron always next to me? I don’t necessarily want to go back to school. Suddenly I realize my feet are moving and I never was conscious of it. I was already past the Great Hall walking up the stair towards the Headmistresses office. The gargoyle took one look at me and said, “If you are Harry Potter what is the address of the house you grew up in as a muggle?”

“Number 4 Privet drive” I reply and the staircase begins to rotate up for me to go up. I knock twice.


“Professor I have a question.”

“Yes Harry?”

“What happens with my education from now? Hermione wants to come back to school, but I doubt Ron and I will want to. Do we need to?”

“This year has been a unique situation for sure. The Minister and I have had many conversations about this. We have determined that if you would like to review the texts on your own and take the exams by the end of the summer that 7th years do not need to repeat the year. We believe it is important for everyone to take them. However, I do believe Kingsley would give you, Ron and Hermione a pass if you chose.”

“No, I do not want special treatment. Can I have the book list?” I reply. Professor McGonagall hands me the list for Ron, Hermione and I.

“I am sure Ms. Granger will get a head start on her reading and might be able to assist you so I included her list,” she replied to my confused look. I leave her office and go back to the grounds. I find Hermione, Ron and Ginny and begin to work again. They understand this to be that we will talk later instead of prying where I had been. We worked for a while and then I turn to the lake and the reflection looks ghostly… The wind picks up and I begin to see flashes of green in the reflection. I am mentally back to May 2nd and I am seeing people killed or harmed around me… I cannot deal with this… I run to the gates and yell, “Kreacher!”


“Yes Master?”

“Take me home to the Burrow”


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It's Time for a Happy Ending...: It's time for a fix up!


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