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One Night Can Change A Lot by aniipeziins
Chapter 1 : It All Began Like This...
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(A/N: My second story up and maybe my best ever, i hope you guys enjoy reading it.)

Hermione woke up slowly; she stretched on the satin double bed, enjoying how the silk bedspread felt against her skin, her bed had never felt this comfortable and warm, she could just sleep and never wake up, she thought as she snuggled deeper into the bed, she felt someone drape their arms around her waist and pull her body towards theirs and then nuzzling her hair as she slept, a hot strong muscular body, how lovely her dream was getting better and better, she finally opened her eyes still lost in a dreamy haze, nothing changed maybe she was still dreaming. She sat up abruptly and took in her surrounding and her eyes widened, she was in a grand bedroom of sort like one’s in suite’s, with no clothes on, she could feel she had nothing on, she noticed her clothing’s scattered all over the floor her bra hanging from the reading light attached to the ceiling “oh my gods” her body turned scarlet has she blushed, the arm around her waist tightened trying to make her go back to sleep, this drawing her attention to look at the person sleeping beside her, the man arms she was in made her scrambled out of the embrace she had been enjoying, shrieking as she struggled to get of the bed and instead fell gracelessly to the floor with a loud thump.

Draco woke up to see Granger fall from his bed taking in the surrounding of the room, he wonder what he was doing in his house, with no other than the nude annoying know-it-all Granger in his bed. He took in his appearance and realized he was not better off, he looked under the covers to see he was definitely in the same position has Granger making him wonder what he and Granger had done because he couldn’t remember anything about the previous night, mostly how they ended up the way they were now.

'Malfoy what the hell am I doing in bed with you of all people.'

He looked at Granger whose face had turned red with embarrassment and anger which should not have been directed at him, because he was has clueless as she was, so in order to irked her more he smirked

'What do you think happened? You're after all the smartest witch of our age.'

She got up from the floor to his amusement, his smirk grew wider, that was when she realized she was nude, her body turned a red shade, she then shook her head ignoring his watching eyes, and picked her clothes up, and with her head held high she went to pluck her bra off the reading light, all of a sudden she felt as if her skull was cracking as a killer migraine overtook her head, and the urge to retch overtook her body she ran with the strength she had left in her to a door which she assumed was the bathroom, lucky for her it was, she threw up into the toilet, the smell turning her inside and ended up making her throw up some more. When she was done she swatted her face with water and used the mouthwash to clean her mouth, she got into the shower, and washed her body thoroughly trying her very best to wash Malfoy off, although she couldn't remember what had happened, tears started to fall from her did she end up in bed with Malfoy of all people?

Draco smirked when he saw her rush to the bathroom obviously hung-over, he went back to sleep and woke up to a freshly dressed Granger, with clothes that looked clean and ironed, she must have cast a spell that made her look proper, he then smirked at her

'Seems like Granger is hung-over, what happened to the good girl image, I mean you seducing me to actually spend a night with you, I'm disgusted with myself, I didn't know my drunken mind could swoop to your dirty level.'

She frowned, her whole body seething with anger at the arrogant blonde before her, her migraine had reduced to a manageable level, she sighed and chose to be the better of the two of them, she ignored him and was about to leave when she saw him run from his bed into the bathroom forgetting to shut the door so she could hear him throw his guts up, she smirked and went to the door of the bathroom and let out a mocking laugh

‘Well I never knew so called Bad boys like you still became hung-over.'

After she said that and felt a little bit satisfied with her self, she apparated from the room, Draco cursed as he barfed, why the heck, did his body act up on him especially when he was enjoying himself riling Granger up, and he had a funny feeling that he would see Granger very soon.

As soon as Hermione got to her apartment she got herself some aspirin, before brewing herself a hangover potion, once the migraine stopped she tried to remember how she ended up in bed with Malfoy, but before she could remember anything Ginny came out of Hermione’s fireplace and startled the life out of her. Ginny looked Hermione up and down shocked, before her eyes settled on Hermione's finger finally, Hermione waved at her stunned friends face before Ginny flew on her

'How come I never knew you were engaged? Because that is a ring on your finger; when did Ron propose?’

Hermione looked at Ginny definately thinking Ginny had lost it before looking down at her finger, leaving her stunned before she started to wonder what in the name of Merlin she and Malfoy had done, she started to turn pale, she had cheated on Ron with the ferret and not only that she had prided herself on being faithful in all her relationships. She looked at Ginny and then said

‘Ron didn't...I don't know who I…and I have a bad feeling its Malfoy.'

As if on cue an owl started tapping on her window. Ginny opened the window, the owl stretched it’s leg out for her to remove the letter still in shock and she took the letter and it was from the ministry, the owl flew away, Ginny opened it and read it out

'Congratulations, to Mrs Hermione Jean Malfoy. Attached is your wedding certificate and some forms you have to fill. Please note that as you may know by agreeing to marry a Malfoy there is no way out of it other than death. Have a happy married life.'

Ginny turned to Hermione after reading the letter out loud and both girls paled. Hermione just muttered

'Oh crap.’


‘This must be some very sick joke, look at that…it looks like it came from the ministry but it can’t be.’

Draco said to Blaise laughing; he then threw the letter into the fireplace, Blaise didn’t look convinced at all he said worried for Draco.

‘Are you still with The Malfoy greatest ring? One of the most prized possession in the Malfoy’s family crest?’

‘Of course I got it, I always leave it in my coat pocket, let me get it and show you.’

Draco went about to his coat hanger and searched his pocket, and took out the case and to his great astonishment the ring case was empty a frown started to form on his face as he walked back to Blaise

‘I could bet on a hundred galleons that it was here…but the ministry might be saying the truth after what happened this morning.’

‘Draco what happened?’

‘This morning I woke up with a nude Granger by my side to an equally nude me.’

‘You shagged Granger? You Lucky Skwert’

‘I don’t see what’s so lucky about it I mean I don’t remember any of it or how I ended up with her… all I remember was dancing and drinking that’s all.’

‘Well my friend you’ve gotten yourself a wife congratulations should be in the order.’

‘I still don’t believe it. Maybe I put the ring somewhere else, cause if its true Granger should be here, and my Mother should have owled me since she loves checking the family tree, and my father would be here blowing my head off.’

‘You can never tell…anyways I’ve got to go, and you have a lot of explaining to do to Astoria. I’ve got to meet up with Pansy.’

With that Blaise apparated, leaving Draco alone to his thoughts, well if it’s true Granger should be here at least.


Hermione turned to Ginny panicking as she pulled at the ring on her finger which didn’t budge at all, wide eyed she told Ginny to help her try and pry it out and for hours on end they tried to remove it using all spells they knew and methods, they finally gave up when Hermione fingers turned red and a little swollen, it was hurting her like hell, she broke into tears while Ginny sat and comforted her.

‘You know Hermione, the Malfoy's never want scandals so maybe that why. Maybe the ring is enchanted, and won’t come off.’

‘Ginny please don’t tell anyone, not even Harry, especially not Ron, I did get a migraine if he comes and start bellowing at me.’

‘Obviously not, Hermione I don’t want to leave you like this, but I’ve got to run Harry is waiting for me, we have a date.’

‘Oh go don’t stay here with me, I just found out I’m married to the one person I hate the most in the world and there’s nothing I can do about it. What a happy life I’ve got isn’t it?’

Ginny hugged her, feeling sorry for her friend but what had been done had been done and nothing they did could change it. Hermione stayed in her home through out that weekend and only got up to check the Daily prophet to see if the news had come out, but nothing was in it to her utterly relief, maybe it was a joke…but that still didn’t explain the ring, besides Draco hadn’t brought his arrogant pompous self to her apartment.


For a living Hermione successfully ran her own library and bookstore alongside with a café, a multinational empire. With the aid of her role in killing Voldermolt she got people from all over the world visiting her shop, and to buy the book she had written about Harry, Ron and her’s adventure from their first year in Hogwart’s through to the war, which was a major hit, as both teenagers and adults love the books, (A/N: J.K Rowling, wrote it we know the truth.) she had lost her parents to a deadly fire when she was freshly a graduate from Hogwarts after going back to re-do the seventh year she missed at the age of 18 going on 19, now she was 21, and married? Ron now worked in Chudley Cannons; the best player they had ever had, which made him more popular than he was already, which was his life time goal to be the centre of attention, which turned him into a cold-hearted jerk, he allowed fame to get to his head, since all his life he had been trying not to be Harry Potter’s shadow, Harry was an auror now, while Ginny worked as a healer now, which was surprising to everyone who knew the hot-headed red hair but after seeing all those people dying at the final battle and she couldn’t help it she had a change of being.


‘Draco Abraxas Malfoy! Boy what is this I’m hearing from the paper you’re married?’

‘Morning to you to, father.’

‘Answer me!’

‘Doesn’t the paper say it all? What else can I say? I’m sorry I eloped with my wife.’

‘A mug-g-gle born? Are you insane our forefathers will be turning in their graves disappointed with you, what happened to our pureblood heritage?’

‘Look I was never so intent on the blood thing, but you riled it into me anyways, she is human just like us, and has blood cleaner than ours so I don’t know what your talking about, she is pure blooded.’

‘I wish you were small so I could just spank you.’

‘Try it…’

Draco stood his ground with his father who looked at him loathingly both having a stupendous stare down, even when they heard a pop announcing the arrival of someone who just apparated into the room till they heard the voice of Narcissa Malfoy

‘Lucy! It’s true they are married she is on our family tree.’

Both Draco and his father, stopped glaring at each other and turned to face her, smiling and looking like they were having a pleasant conversation, but they could never deceive her

‘I see you two were having one of your ridiculous stare downs again, I swear with both of you married now you did think you would have grown up and left childish behaviours to children.’

‘But mother he actually started it, morning mother.’

‘Oh don’t morning mother me, I’m still upset with you, I wasn’t even at my only son’s wedding, both of you at the manor 7p.m sharp and Draco bring your wife over, and if I hear you’ve been arguing one more time, I swear…’

She let her threat hang as she made her way to the fireplace ready to floo herself back to the manor.

Father and son looked at each other, Lucius shook his head at Draco before leaving Draco’s office in the Malfoy business company they both shared. Draco smiled, only his mother was able to shut them up and keep them in line, even the vicious Lucius.


On Monday morning after waking up late and a little disgruntled she quickly got dressed and rushed to work, although she was a witch she preferred walking on daily basis, but since she was late she had no choice but to use the floo-network, she had had her office connected with her home, for days like this, she looked at the time and the long hand on the clock read it had just reached noon, making her three hours late, luckily for her, she had a lot of employees to maintain the stores and mangers, as she ran a huge business, she made herself look proper and made her way out of her office, outside her employees looked at her surprised, but didn’t dare talk and went back to their work, and it seemed everywhere she checked she got the same response, from non-employees too, alright she was never late, but couldn’t they ever remember being late to go somewhere important in their life? She was going back to her office when she heard a sound, more like big commotion coming from her private waiting lounge, since she had nothing to do yet she decided to go and see what was wrong, upon getting there she saw a red faced Ron talking harshly and arrogantly to her secretary who was trying her best to respond well, and not faint as a huge star was talking to her even if he was being a jerk about it. Ron had never visited Hermione’s office in her life so it figured.

‘Ron, leave the girl alone, what do you want anyways, it must be big if it brings you to my workplace.’

Upon hearing her voice he froze and looked at her, he walked over angrily holding the Daily Prophet, she got the feeling that it held some dreadful news…that she couldn’t remember a distant dream or was it a nightmare, but she couldn’t place it, so when Ron spoke, she went into shock at first, before paling over turning ghostly white, which isn’t right as her sink had a brown tint to it.


Talk about beats headphones being bloody loud and deafening, his tone was full blast and killing, Hermione and her secretary winched at the volume of his voice, she might get the migraine after all, Hermione after getting a little color back said to him, getting annoyed now at his boyfriend talk

‘Oh don’t act like it bothers you that I’m with Malfoy, cause it doesn’t, and don’t you trash-talk that you’re my boyfriend, you don’t see me sleeping around with different models every day, you don’t see me shouting on you for all of your foolishness that you were so stupid not to cover up…or what, do you think I’m dumb…I’m the brightest witch off our age if you haven’t noticed it yet…it’s only bothering you that you have never gotten far with me.’

Hermione said smugly to him smiling evilly at him, her voice was soft but it held a lot of steel in it Ron gulped he knew Hermione had grown hotter, much more a vixen and not so much a bookworm anymore, but he never knew she would have gotten the courage now, how the hell did the ferret get her and he couldn’t…still he needed to wipe that smug smile from her face…he might sleep around but he wasn’t stupid Hermione was the one for him, even more so cause he liked the evil part she was showing now, down to play dirt with him.

‘If it bothered you, you should have said so and then slept with me or in fact let my hands roam your body…but I guess you always be a frigid when it comes to having a man in your bed, since you’re such a chicken and all, Ferret Malfoy, I mean what the hell where you think going all down and dirty with him, I bet you were horrible, since your so inexperience. I bet he hated it though and bloody hell what did you do that he asked you to marry him; I remember he hates you doesn’t he? And I’m your boyfriend I don’t remember any of us ending it’

He saw her frown and he started to smile, at least she wasn’t crying or sending angry birds at him, this time, she then looked up her face became red with embarrassment but she remained silent, and then looked away

‘I think you should stop calling another man’s wife your girlfriend Weasel, since you act so much like one, and whether I do or do not hate Granger it’s not your business, also she was quite a vixen in bed and I’m glad she saved herself for me, and not you…what you just described doing to her body is just to Perverted, now would you mind leaving before I kick you out for upsetting my wife.’ Ron turned surprised to see Draco coolly resting on the wall at his back, a smirk on his face, as he spoke his word like he was reasoning with a dog, he laughed and then looked at Hermione, but she wasn’t there may be in her office crying her bleeding heart out, he turned to the Ferret

‘It’s not yet over between us, Ferret.’

Was all he said before walking out of the office, defeated for now, beside he had quidditch practice, and a lovely model awaiting him, he could get Granger back later.


‘What do you want from me?’

‘Do I have to spell it out for you Granger, and a thank you I think should be in order?’

She eyed him wearily, she didn’t know, why he was being nice to her and all that crap about her being a vixen, when she knew the two of them where to hung over to actually know what they were doing

‘Why are you even here? Being nice?’

‘Weasel was just here wasn’t he? That ring on your finger? Or you want to say you didn’t notice the ring on your finger? That doesn’t say enough? Okay let me make things clear to you Mrs. Malfoy you’re wanted at the Malfoy Manor to dine with my mother and father including me at 7p.m sharp, its best you come and before that…we have some things to discuss… I have reservations at Daz for 4p.m and you did better be there or your life will take one hell of a twist.’

With that he apparated leaving Hermione to her thoughts of the event the afternoon had brought and how one night had changed her life the way she knew it, gosh why did he have to be a git, there she thought her wedding would be a memorable event, with her dream man…and love??? And other dream marriage rituals how ironic she gets downright and out righteously evil con ex-man, as muggle people would say.

Lunch At Daz

When Draco got back to his office, there waiting for him patiently sat Astoria Greengrass, well it was better getting everything cleared and done for…he coughed to make his presence known, as soon as she sighted him she attacked

‘Draco why in the name of magic is the daily prophet saying you’re married to the mudblood Granger?’

‘It says so because I am. Have the decency not to use that word when referring to my wife.’

‘How long have you and this Granger been seeing?’

He didn’t answer he was questioning himself, how come he had been lying for Granger, in her office he won’t have helped her out with the git she called her boyfriend, if not for the fact that he had something the weasel wanted but now could actually never have.

‘It’s not your business, so drop it.’

‘It is my business, because my boyfriend was cheating on me, and I was not informed he got married.’

‘Well shouldn’t you have taking the hint then…you got dumped and jilted while I was signing a marriage certificate to someone else.’

‘I’m not taking that, divorce her…why did you pick her over me? What propelled you to get married to her…? I mean her `of all people?’

Astoria was freaking out in his office, but her question made him wonder what had propelled his drunk mind to marry her and she to agree, he looked at Astoria although they had been together for a year now, her constant nagging and complaining plus demands where getting to him, deep down he knew he would never marry her so he told her the truth

‘Firstly I would never marry you, and why I married Granger I don’t know. Now leave me alone’ this is me telling you its over.’

‘You heartless prick.’

‘Why you never complained about it before.’

Astoria got up feeling very insulted, ready to leave her ego bruised badly, she turned before she reached the door and then said to him

‘You will regret ever doing this to me I promise you.’

Draco smirked, how lovely she was sending threats at him, he glanced at his wall clock it was just one thirty p.m. there was still a lot of time before he had to see Hermione, to make up the stories they were going to say to people when asked about their so called relationship.


When two o’clock came, Hermione left as it was time for her to head home and get ready for her lunch date with Malfoy. The minute she stepped out of her office hell broke lose all over again. She muttered silently under her breath “Oh Merlin, help me. Why today of all days?” before she walked to the direction of her secretary Janet who was busy trying to get the woman who was the cause of the racket to quiet down her tone level and be patient. Hermione moved over to the front desk and took a full look at the woman assessing her tall, model like skinniness, sharp pointy perfect face and body, curly and straight blonde hair and piercing blue eyes; she reminded her of Daphne Greengrass, Hermione said to the woman

‘Let me guess you are Daphne’s sister? Alright, even if why the heck are you causing so much havoc in my office?’

‘Astoria. Yes, I am her sister. I am here because you took something that is rightfully mine.’

Hermione looked at her thinking she was definitely crazy, how could Hermione have taken something from her when she did not even know her name to start with?

‘You must be mistaken, because I have never set my eyes on you in my entire life. You got the wrong person, so either leave or buy something, better yet find something to occupy your time; I have somewhere I have to be and you are wasting my time.’

‘You are Hermione Granger. It is you that I am looking for. I warn you, you are messing with the wrong person, I advise you to step back and stop playing dumb.’

‘You need help, me playing dumb? Don’t you know I am the brightest witch of our time, and take this from me as a personal advice, go check yourself in, into St. Mungo’s mental department and spare me and others you chose to attack the waste of time.’

‘I swear in the name of Merlin pants, you and Draco surely fit each other, how brutally mean you both are with your choice of wordings.’

Astoria wailed to Hermione, looking like she was at the brink of tears, Hermione started to get a grasp of what she was saying, it was Draco she had been talking about all this while, she looked at Astoria who was sporting a pouty face at the moment.

‘Astoria, yeesh don’t compare me with Malfoy. I’m sorry, Not. I grew up defending myself from people who like picking random fights with me, you also deserve my treatment of you, by not getting straight to the point, I mean how I’m I to know you were Malfoy’s girlfriend? Anyways sorry I got to marry him and he picked me not you. Not to sound mean or anything.’

‘I never knew you were this open, mean and blunt. Also didn’t know as aggressive and stubborn as Draco, you both are so alike.’

‘Astoria, please watch it, and cool it with comparing me with Malfoy. I might be married to him, doesn’t mean I’m like him. I’m warning you.’

‘Hermione, I’m sorry okay, so where are you going? Can I come with you?’

‘First you are threatening me and now you are being all best of friends’ with me. What do you want from me?’

‘Since you brought it to presence, I want to pay Draco back for what he did to me.’

‘It’s not actually the Ferret’s fault but whatever, if it’s getting back at him I can help you, it‘s not like he can divorce me or anything, he is going to be spending the rest of his life with me.’

Hermione did not see Astoria frown at her statement; before it went back to the cheerful façade she was putting on, and in response to her

‘Okay, you know he dumped me and all… So I was thinking…’

Hermione knew she wasn’t going to actually pay any heed to Astoria, because she was acting to suspicious


Hermione arrived at Daz barely on time, after she and Astoria had finished putting together the best outfits for Hermione, she had barely enough time to shower and do her hair…while she did this Astoria told her things she needed to know about Draco and then made her promise not to tell Draco that both of them were friends.

Draco was already there and was surprised to see a nicely dressed Granger sporting a flowery gown that stopped above her knees, with two small half shoulder sleeves showing off her shoulders, her messy hair looking straight as if she had ironed it, she walked up to him and the conversation began.



Awkward moments, no talking and they just stood there staring at each other. Finally Hermione couldn’t bear the silence any longer and then said to him

‘Are we going to stand here doing nothing, or we have a table to sit on.’

Draco frowned down at her, but didn’t open his mouth to say anything, just turning to start walking towards their table, clearly stating the fact that he wasn’t happy with his arrangement for lunch with her, like she cared, she more or less agreed with him about the fact.

‘I never asked to have lunch with you, ferret so you could be more polite you know. If you can’t remember I have the right to make your life hellish, since you got us both stuck in this stupid mess we call a marriage.’

Hermione said as she sat down in front of him, Draco face set to resemble a stone statue, he said to her

‘You are in public. Reduce your voice. Who said I proposed to you? Don’t be absurd, why would I have asked you of all people? It would have to be you.’

‘Who carries around a ring, without wanting to propose to somebody, I mean when you know clearly it’s a wedding ring, besides I bet it was you, if we ever find out you are going to pay me ten galleons. Deal?’

‘Deal, so let’s get to the main point of our meeting, who have you told about us?’


‘The weaselette? uurghh!’

‘Ferret, she is my best friend, if you know what that means, I wonder how many people you have told. Twenty?’

‘Your sense of humour is worse than my father’s; I otherwise was busy lying to everyone to save your behind.’

‘Why are you actually? First of all I’m hungry, I haven’t eaten a thing all day, are we ordering food?’

‘Please I know how you Gryffindorks are when it comes to food, really disgusting.’

‘Snobbish snakes, unlike you pure blooded idiots, people like to eat rather than starve themselves to death.’

‘If my mother asks you when we started dating say five months ago, and we decided to jump the broom on Friday.’

‘No romantic story? How we became friends? Everyone knows we hate each other, it beats me how I sit down here talking to you so civil.’

‘True, Erh at the opening gala for the Harry Potter Centre, we met up at a bar later that night, after some random fight over a erh…drink, then we noticed the chemistry and out of the blues I invite you to dinner the next night.’

‘Well I know what Slytherins are good for now, when it comes to lying. So what about our partners don’t tell me you didn’t have a girlfriend or I will skin you alive.’

‘Simply we were both having problems with them, and took comfort in each other.’

‘You have it all worked out don’t you? Who is or was your girlfriend?’

‘Astoria Greengrass, can we not just talk about her? She is a mood kill, which is saying a lot since you are also a mood kill. But I prefer your company.’

‘I’m flattered, you pompous arrogant git.’

‘Anyways…anything else that comes up we will lie smoothly through the way and if I’m not there inform me ASAP (as soon as possible) and I shall do the same, also do keep your big mouth shut.’

‘Erh…no offence but I kept secrets that helped in saving the wizarding world, while you were a down pour to it… one of my nemesis.’

‘Do not go there, see you at the Malfoy manor at seven I have already had your floo network connected to the manor’s own, be early and dress appropriately since you actually have a fashionable dressing sense.’

‘That’s a twisted compliment you know Malfoy.’

‘Shut up and eat already I have places I have to be, and your company is turning me into a sour note.’

‘You are a douche bag Malfoy.’

‘Grow up.’

‘Well, well, well, isn’t it the new wed Malfoy’s? Are you having an argument so soon after your marriage? No honeymoon? Is it an arranged marriage, cause it’s been quite interesting watching you both, since I stepped in, so much ice between you both.’

Both Draco and Hermione turned around to see Rita Skeeter standing beside them, Hermione rolled her eyes at her while Draco looked at her evenly and said politely

‘Rita not a surprise to see you here, has you can see we were busy having a conversation and you are rudely interrupting us, and me insulting my wife and she insulting me back, means we get along so well insulting each other is mere child play and just for fun between us, now please do run along now.’

‘This would make a good piece in my next article.’

‘I know of your disliking of my wife, after all she turned you into a beetle and kept you in a jar, won’t that be an interesting article now for people to read, since you so ever love poking your nose were it doesn’t belong.’

Hermione and Rita Skeeter both gasped, how did he know that, she had only told Harry and Ron, she looked at Rita Skeeter who looked pale and was looking at both of them with upmost dislike before moving on, not turning once to look at them, her face red with embarrassment or was it anger. Hermione looked at Draco surprise clearly showing in her eyes, before she could speak he spoke up

‘I happen to have been hiding in that room when you told Scar head about your doing, don’t look at me that way, I am a Slytherin and don’t say you haven’t snuck on me before, cause that would be outrageous and a big fat lie.’

Hermione stopped looking at him with dislike, but she started to pout, which made Draco laugh for the first time, a genuine laugh, which shocked Hermione she hadn’t thought he was capable enough to produce one, he seem to notice that and stopped himself from laughing and replaced it with a smug smile, she ate her food and when she was done, she got up to leave without saying goodbye, but as soon as she got up he got up and followed her to the door, she turned to look at him but he was already looking at her, a twinkle in his blue eyes that reminded her so much of that of Dumbledore’s, as soon as the door opened he swooped down and captured her lips, for fleeting seconds before pulling back, he then said to her

‘See you later.’

Before he walked away, the git she unscrambled her twisted brain, and then finally stepped out, snapshots were being taking off her, that was when she realised they had been taking pictures of them since the door was open, such a ferret. She fought her way from the cameramen, as soon as she was cleared of them for the meantime, she spotted Harry waiting for her, she ran up to him and hugged him, he hugged her back, then put his hand through hers, in a lock before he apparated both of them out of the streets, the photographers went crazy.


‘So are you going to tell me, how you got married to Malfoy, I remember telling, you to forget about Ron and get him out of your system, but nothing as big as this.’

‘I know, I and Draco…I don’t know, I really can’t explain, we weren’t in our right state of mind at that moment…a spurn of the moment thing.’

Hermione tried to explain to Harry as she sat comfortably in his private parlour in the Potter manor, she told him of her encounter with Ron in the morning and Malfoy coming to her rescue, she suddenly felt very overwhelmed to point that her eyes started to brim with unshed tears, Malfoy the git was so insufferable and not the prince charming or the person she could say she loved, he had the looks, money and everything but not her heart nor did she have his and to make children with him was just to disturbing for her to think about, she would never have a child and with it died her married life dreams.

‘Are you sure? You have thought it over?’

‘I’m not a baby anymore, even if the marriage is irreversible, so I am married to the ferret all through my life.’

‘You can grow to love him, you know.’

‘Not the least bit, we can’t stand each other and I-I-I will never have kids now.’

With her final sayings Hermione broke down into tears not caring anymore, the reality of the matter finally hit her she was married, and nothing she or anyone could do could change it.

‘I shouldn’t be saying this, but it’s not like Malfoy will be faithful to you, so you might erh…get a lover something. You never heard this from me and don’t mention it to Ginny.’

Hermione burst out laughing it then reduced to giggles, Harry was happy she was laughing, the tears were eating at him, he just hated seeing her cry.

‘Why Harry were you ever thinking of doing that to Ginny.’

‘NO! Of course not, I am no Ron.’

‘That I know you aren’t, thanks a lot, I will put your advice to mind, and not tell Ginny were I got the advice from, and also I love you.’

‘Thanks Love you to, but you better get going I remember you telling me earlier you have a dinner to attend with your new family.’

Hermione picked up a cushion and threw it at him, before getting up, hugging him and then walking to his fireplace to go home.

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