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The Quiet Girl by whatarenargles
Chapter 3 : Getting closer to Remus
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The next morning, Katie woke up and was surprised to find that she was looking forward to the events of the day due to now being a Marauder herself. Her cat Isky was at the bottom of her bed. Katie hadn’t really had the chance to give him attention so she stroked his head and let him sit on her lap for a while. Isky was an Abyssinian cat and was known for being a family cat. She got changed into her robes and went down the stairs to find the rest of the Marauders waiting for her.

“Morning.” She said to them, smiling.

“Good morning.” Remus replied, smiling back at her.

“Yeah, yeah. Lets go to breakfast, I’m starving!” Sirius said.

“Padfoot, you’re always hungry.” Remus said to him.

“So? I need to build up my muscle.” He replied.

“You mean fat.” Katie muttered under her breath, except Remus heard due to walking next to her and chuckled at her remark.

Once they had made their way into the Great Hall and took their places at the Gryffindor table, they all began to fill up their plates with eggs and bacon.

Professor Mcgonagall came towards them, handing out their timetables to them. Remus and Katie already knew beforehand that they had all the same lessons together. Katie had lessons with Sirius, James and Peter in DADA (Defence Against The Dark Arts), Transfiguration and Potions. However, Peter wasn’t in Charms with her. Peter wasn’t as smart as James, Sirius and Remus and found most of his lessons quite difficult. She had noticed in previous years that Remus took time to help him get good grades. This had always made Remus her favourite Marauder; he always cared about his friends and took time to help them out, which she admired.

“Ah, man! We have double Divination today!” James moaned.

“Why did you take it in the first place? Everyone knows it’s a load of rubbish!” Katie asked him.

“I took it so I catch up on sleep in the mornings.” James replied.

“Uh, Prongs, it seems that none of our Divination lessons are in the morning. So I’ll doubt you’ll be catching up on sleep.” Sirius said.

“That makes it even worse.” James said banging his head on the table, repeatedly.

“Prongs, you might want to stop that. You don’t want Evans to think you’re a mental patient as she’s coming over here.” Sirius advised.

James immediately stopped and put on a grin when Lily and her friends had come over to the table to eat their breakfast.

“Good morning, my LilyPad!” James said to her, joyfully,

“I am not your LilyPad! And will you stop calling me that!” Lily shouted at him.

“Ah, Lily don’t be like that. You’ll think differently when we go to Hogsmeade together.” He said.

“I won’t as I’ll never be going with you!” She huffed and stormed out of the hall with her friends following, glaring at James.

Katie couldn’t understand how her friends could stand Lily’s temper when she guessed that Lily was complaining to them about James, right now.

“Remus, we should probably get going to Care of the Magical Creatures.” Katie said to him.

“Yeah, you’re right. We’ll see you guys later.” Remus said as we said goodbye to the other Marauders.


They made their way onto the school grounds and went over to Hagrid’s Hut where he was standing. Hagrid was a half giant; most people were scared of him when they first started Hogwarts. However, he was actually a very caring, loyal man who was obsessed with the most extravagant creatures.

Katie had always found this subject fascinating as she was an animal lover. She always seemed to get the best grades which made her carry it on. Katie was hoping to become a teacher in the subject herself in the future.

“Alrigh’, settle down! Now today, we’re gonna be lookin’ at a special treat I have lined up for yer. It’s in the Forrest, so let’s go.” Hagrid called to the class and begin walking into the Forbidden Forrest,

“What do you think he’s going to show us?” Katie asked Remus as they made their way into the Forrest.

“I don’t know but I bet it’s something good.” He replied.

The class carried on following Hagrid until he stopped. The reaction of the class was very different and strange.

“What are they?” One student had said.

“What are what? I can’t see anything.” said another.

Murmurs went around the class trying to figure out what they were meant to be seeing and others explaining it to them.

“Alrigh’, raise yer hands if yer can see 'em.” Hagrid asked.

A handful of people had raised their hands, including Katie and Remus. Katie had been surprised when Remus had raised his hand and become curious as to why.

“Okay. These here are Thestrals. Beautiful creatures they are. The reason why some of yer can’t see 'em is because yer can only see 'em if yer have seen death.” Hagrid explained.

For the rest of the class, Hagrid had asked them to write a detailed description of them and draw a picture if you were able to see them.

Remus and Katie had been talking throughout the lesson and had become closer.

“If you don’t mind me asking; who did you see die?” Remus asked her.

“Oh, my mum, She died of lung cancer last year.” She replied.

“I’m sorry, that must have been hard for you.” He said.

“It was, is. I miss her; she was the one I could talk to about anything. We were really close.” Katie said, sadly.

“What about you?” She asked him.

“Oh, um, my dad. He died in a car accident.” Remus replied.

“I’m sorry.” She said to him. Katie had the feeling that Remus had lied to her about how his father died. She wanted to know the real reason but decided not to ask him as it was a sensitive topic.

The bell rang and Katie and Remus made their way up to the castle and met up with the other Marauders to go to DADA together.


Katie sat next to Remus in DADA. Remus had smiled when she had chosen him to sit next to over Sirius.

Professor Quirrell told the class that they would be learning the Patronus charm to fight off Dementors. He told them to get into pairs that they were sat in and to practise conjuring the charm whilst thinking of a happy memory.

Katie looked through her mind to find a happy memory. She stopped at the memory of when her mum and Dad had gotten married. They decided to get married a little later after Katie was born due to her parents trying to build up their careers. Katie had been the flower girl and was so happy when they sealed their bond.

Katie filled up her mind with the memory and conjured the charm. A wisp of white came out of her wand and began to form into an animal. To her surprise it had formed into the shape of a werewolf.

She had noticed that Remus had stared at her in shock. She assumed it was because she was able to conjure the charm on her first try.

“It’s so beautiful! Werewolves are fascinating creatures.” Katie said in amazement.

“Thirty points to Gryffindor! Well done Miss Higton!” Professor Quirrell shouted.

The rest of the class and turned round to look at her Patronus, including the Marauders all having the look of shock on their faces.

After the bell had rung they made their way to the Great Hall for lunch.

“How did you do that?” Peter asked her in awe.

“I thought of a happy memory?” Katie replied to him.

“Hey Moony, her patronus is a werewolf. I think that’s another sign that she’d want to go out with you.” Sirius whispered to Remus. However, Sirius’ whisper wasn’t that quiet or Katie had really good hearing.

Katie was confused as to why that would be a reason for her to go out with him. Although she was happy that Sirius had given an indication to Remus liking her. Katie had begun to fancy Remus. He had the qualities of a perfect guy and was very handsome.


After lunch, they went to their other lessons being Charms. Whilst they were eating their dinner, Remus had asked her if she’d like to go to the library and work on the Care of the Magical Creatures essay that Hagrid had set them. Katie was all too happy to agree and they made their way over there.

Whilst they were working, Remus looked at her with a curious expression.

“Why do you find werewolves fascinating?” Remus asked.

“I just find them extraordinary. Like how their senses change once their in wolf form etc. Although I think it’s disgusting how people treat them. Not all werewolves are like Greyback. They didn’t ask for it and it doesn’t change who they are as a person, so people shouldn’t judge or be afraid of them. I’d never be like that towards a werewolf if I ever met one.” Katie replied.

Once she had explained, Remus had a huge smile on his face and was tempted to kiss her. However, he thought that might scare her off seeing as he didn’t know whether she liked him. So he settled for a hug. Remus had been looking for someone who would understand his condition and began to fall for Katie even more.

“What was that that for?” Katie asked in amusement.

“Nothing, You’re just a great friend.” He replied still smiling.

They decided to make their way up towards the common room. They hadn’t realised how long they had been in the library until they saw that most people had decided to go to bed.

“I should probably get to bed.” Remus said to her.

He gave her a hug goodnight, whilst he hugged her, he kissed her cheek. He made his way up to the boy’s dormitory looking over his shoulder and smiling at her.

Katie stared at nothing in amazement and started to smile as if she were on drugs. After about five minutes she snapped out of it and made her way up to bed.


I hope the story is going okay so far, I'm trying to make it interesting enough to be a good read. If not, please tell me. Or just your thoughts/suggestions are good as they encourage me. :)

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