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The Birds and the Bears by TiberiusFish
Chapter 10 : Chapter Eleven. Burning and Broom Closets.
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Victiore's P.O.V.

The first week back at school I only see Teddy at breakfast, and in the library occasionally. His N.E.W.Ts are approaching with alarming speed and he is studying so hard that his eyes are bloodshot. Teddy wants to get hired by the 'Establishment for Magical Equality Liberation and Freedom (E.M.E.L.F.)' and follow in the footsteps of his father, fighting for werewolf rights. My aunty Hermione started the organisation after the Second Wizarding War. She wanted to make sure all magical beings had equal right, wether they be centaurs, house elves or goblins. However, to join E.M.E.L.F Teddy's got to have top marks, thus my not getting to enjoy his company as much as I would like.

At breakfast on Wednesday Teddy follows our routine and starts braiding my hair. The obnoxious stuff is so long now it would drag behind me in a train if I let it. Teddy's fingers feel nice against the back of my neck, and warm shivers tinkle down my spine. Sappily I think about how complete I feel when he is around. The sensation of a hot shock starts at my heart and travels through me directly into the spot where Teddy's hands contact my skin. "Bloody hell!" Teddy exclaims. I spin round to find him blushing furiously, looking stunned down at his apparently unharmed fingers, his hair is bright magenta. "Are you ok? I'm not really sure what happened." I say. Teddy stops looking at his hands, looks at me, then glances mortified at his lap. "I gotta go." He blurts, before picking up his school bag, holding it at his waist, and sprinting from the hall. Teddy's friend Will is sitting across from me and he looks just as baffled as I. Murmuring a quick goodbye, I run after Teddy, leaving the Griffindor table.

I can't find hide nor hair of him. "Hommonum revelio." I murmur. The swooping touch of the spell travels down my arm to my wand and into the surrounding hall way. I feel several presences nearby, through the magic, but a certain electric tingle identifies one of the beings as Teddy. I approach the broom cupboard where he is presumably hiding and knock. 

"Teddy? You wanna let me in?" I hear him groan frustratedly, but he does open the door. "Are you alright? You scarpered away from the Great Hall faster than a hippogriff with a doxy bite." He is sitting on an old bucket, his school bag on his lap and his hair resolutely pink. "M'fine, Vic... You might want to tell me what and why you did that thing to me at breakfast Vic. Why in Merlin's name would you want this," he gesticulates towards his lap, "to happen in front of all those people?" I am thoroughly confused and ask "What thing?" He looks surprised, "I touched you and you... you zapped me sorta. I thought it was on purpose." I am astonished,"I zapped you? I certainly didn't mean to. You were just touching my neck, and it felt lovely, then I kind of got all ... well," My sentence peters of and my shyness latches on with a vengeance. "I made you feel tingly?" Teddy is grinning, his handsome face bright. 

What I do next is so out of the blue that I surprise us both. Moments ago we were sitting on buckets in a dusty broom closet having an embarrassing and confusing discussion and now I am snogging the life out of Teddy. After his initial shocked unresponsiveness he reacts so enthusiastically that he lifts me right of my bucket and into his lap. His satchel is knocked to the floor and I am naively baffled by the delicious sensations caused by our intimate contact. Everything is so hot, unfamiliar and exciting. His large hands spanning my back, tangled in the silver waterfall of half braided hair. My mind is blank of anything but him, Teddy. My hands are wrapped around his waist, touching his chest, encircling his neck.

A scorching shock sensation runs through me, like last time this one seems to originate in my heart then travel outwards to all the points of skin contact between me and Teddy. Except this time it is much more powerful. Teddy groans loudly, then pulls away from our kiss. His voice is a bit hoarse as he says "You did it again, Vic. That zappy thing." "I did?" Experimentally I reach out my finger and touch it to Teddy's exposed neck, concentrating on the memory of the shocking feeling. Immediately it tinkles pleasantly down my arm and into Teddy, causing him to moan quietly and bite his lip. "Blimey ..." he whispers, "Do that again Vic." I comply, this time laying my whole palm on his skin. He curses softly before crushing his lips against mine. 

Any curiosity relating to the 'shock touch' that I had evaporates as Teddy's hands run under the back of my shirt which has somehow become untucked. The fiery feeling runs outwards from my chest, uniting Teddy and I with some kind of burning lust that seems disproportionate to the snogging that we are doing. We brake apart briefly, both breathing heavily, before Teddy starts kissing my neck and I forget all about oxygen. This might have escalated into full blown madness, I mean off your trolly knicker-less craziness, had we not been interrupted. 


Teddy's P.O.V.

I have snogged two girls in my life before I snogged Vic. In fifth year I stepped out with Elizabeth Finnegan for about two weeks, and in sixth year I kissed Patricia Lebowsky after winning the quidditch cup and drinking three shots of Fire Whiskey. Nothing could even possibly come close to what it is like snogging Victiore Weasley. There was some kind of magical current running between us, making my vision blur it felt so good. Almost like Vic's fingertips touching my skin caused tendrils of pure pleasure to permeate my body. We were heading in a dangerous delicious direction that I am sure nether of us have ever been when the least opportune person to find us did.

"Mr. Lupin and Miss. Weasley! Clothe yourselves and exit that cupboard immediately!" Headmistress McGonnagal barks from outside the door. She had just opened it, exclaimed, then quickly closed it with a bang. "I never would have guessed. Such impropriety stemming from you two!" Her indignation and surprise has been overridden by sternness by the time Teddy and I have tidied ourselves up sufficiently to leave the broom closet. "Detention both of you. And ten points from both Griffindor and Ravenclaw." Her brusqueness is tempered by an almost imperceptible blush in her bony cheeks. "Tonight at eight o'clock sharp you will meet Professor Hagrid by his hut. Bring your wands and your dragon-hide gloves." We both wait to see if she has more to say. "Well move along! Get to class." she chivies us down the corridor.

I am practically busting at the ribs from holding back my laughter. As soon as we are out of earshot of Minne it pours out of me, and I can hardly breath for chuckles. Vic is sniggering beside me as she gasps out, "I thought she might explode! 'Clothe yourselves immediately'" Vic mimics laughing. Once we have calmed down enough to inhale properly we say brief non-verbal goodbye. On the way to my Ancient Runes class I duck into the loo. Looking in the mirror to ensure my hair is no longer morphed pink, I breath a sigh of relief. My spiky hair is a vibrant shade of yellow, expressing happiness, but not any other embarrassing type emotions. 


Victiore's P.O.V.

When I said that I wasn't that promiscuous or interested in boys I was wrong. I just hadn't found the right bloke yet. After my mind numbing snogging session with Teddy, I had no desire to attend Charms class. Instead I follow my feet to the library, and start perusing the shelves. 

In a section labeled 'Magical Creatures' I find a book that immediately sparks my interest. It has a dusty silver cover that seems to glow faintly and the title on the worn spine reads 'Veelas. Virtues and Vices. by: Valencia Valentina'. Upon opening it I find list of the subjects contained. 

pg. 2, Appearance and Genetics

pg. 203, Accidental Magic in Childhood

pg. 511, Growth and Development

pg. 623, Magical Properties

pg. 809, Mating Magic

pg. 1049, Magical Abilities After Maturity

I blush profusely at the chapter titles chosen by Valencia Valentina, then flip immediately to 'Mating Magic'. Scanning over the text my eyes are drawn to a subheading, 'The Pleasure Touch'.


The pleasure touch is a magical phenomenon not wholly reserved to the Veela species. Humans can sometimes experience it during the act of intercourse, but it is little more than a light tingle, and is far less powerful then the Veela pleasure touch. At will and at any moment a Veela can summon strong feelings, usually of passion or love and send them into another being through skin to skin contact. While intercourse is occurring the pleasure touch unites the Veela and her sexual partner at the point where their bodies are joined. Veelas gain this power after puberty when they find the first person that makes them feel passionate. Some Veelas in history including Helen of Troy and Nefertiti have used this ability to gain power over men. If used with care this touch can bring sensual pleasure to both the Veela and her partner. One must be warned however, this intimate connection dose not always bring pleasant sensations. If the Veela sends angry emotions into a being she is touching, it can bring pain or severe discomfort. Depending on the power of the Veela's emotions the touch is correspondingly more strong. This capability is not to be trifled with and is one of the reasons that Wizards throughout history have been extremely wary of angering a Veela.


The information is strange to me. I have been so wary of men my whole life that I never guessed, or wanted to know, what sensations or feelings a relationship could bring me. My Maman once gave me an overly detailed description of sex that included things about my Papa that I would rather not have heard. Excepting that however, my knowledge of sex is limited. It was my naivety about it and my own species that caused me to be so surprised while touching Teddy. Now I just want to consume all the information about Veelas that I can find. I unleash my inner Ravenclaw and don't stop reading until the bell signaling the end of lunch has rung. Considering I missed all my morning classes, I really should make an effort to get to potions this aft. I don't want to give  McGonnagal even more reason to put me in detention.

As I descend through the busy corridors I finger my wolf charm and ruminate. Veelas are said to reach full maturity after their first experience of true passion. This thought makes me blush and wonder what Valencia Valentina's definition of 'true passion' is. I have certainly never felt anything like what I experienced with Teddy this morning, perhaps that was true passion. The book has a whole section reserved to how a Veela's magical abilities increase and change after maturity. I have yet to peruse it, and I quite wary of what I might find. 


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