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Healing Kisses by HallowsAndHorcruxes
Chapter 1 : Pain, sorrow and a thankyou note
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Ebony is a girl who proves that no matter what life can throw at you it’s not worth giving up. Even though she may not remember the terrible events that have happened in her life due to her age at the time, the repercussion of them are still all too visible around her. But yet somehow despite everything she remains a chirpy and happy young woman taking life one day at a time and not looking back to dwell up the past. Ebony now is in training to become a mediwitch something which the school nurse Poppy Pomfrey had helped talk her into. While at Hogwarts instead of hanging around down by the quidditch pitch watching teams practice or in the courtyards playing games of gobstones, Ebony hung around in the hospital wing trying to cheer up those who had been unfortunate enough to have to be admitted there. She would just sit with the patients be they conscious or not providing them with company which many others seemed to be neglecting from them just because they were confined to a hospital bed.

Having visited her father many a time in St. Mungo’s Ebony was no stranger to sitting in wards and wasn’t ‘freaked out’ by how clean everything was as some people where. Ebony would happily chat with those who were awake filling them in on the happenings of the school and even in some cases catching people up on what they had been doing in class. It wasn’t nice to be left out of the loop of things because you were sick or injured so Ebony acted as a conveyer of news to those in Madam Pomfrey’s care. Though when she sat with those who where unconscious like the time she sat with the Gryffindor quidditch captain she would just sit there holding their hand, rubbing her own against theirs as they either dreamt on or in some cases woke up to find Ebony beaming down at them with a sunny smile for them to see. To some people it might be a little creepy to find her there waiting for you to wake up, especially if they didn’t know who she was though in the end they tended to come around to seeing it as a nice gesture and so didn’t mind too much.

Though today it was not the wards of hospital wing at Hogwarts that Ebony was on but the creature induced injury floor of St. Mungo’s. While ward duty was not the main focus for a mediwitch with them being the field medic’s of the wizarding world it was still something they had to be able to do it to enable them to help out upon wards when the mediwitch unit was having a particularly quite day or the healers where over run. Currently she was working in the Dai Llewellyn ward which was what the serious bites ward at the hospital was named. Her trainer, Jacob Mortizen had today got her analysing the patients upon the ward to determine what was wrong with them which then Jacob would check her diagnosis against the chart before asking her what course of action should be taken. Depending upon the accuracy of her decision Jacob would either give her an approving nod and a thumbs up or quirk his eye brow at her before asking her to try again.

Following Jacob down the ward to the hospitals newest arrival having arrived in the night, a buzz of different injuries began to wonder through Ebony’s mind. Had this man been bitten by a Red Cap or nearly drowned by a Kelpie who had tried to eat him. The list was quite endless as though while other more exotic places like Africa and Asia had more dangerous creatures to contend with Britain still had a fair few nasty creatures that where native to its shores. Jacob stopped her outside the curtain drawn bed before disappearing to quickly talk to the man inside. Mostly likely to get his approval to be checked out again by a trainee this time and also not to give her any clues as other than what he had told to attending staff when he was admitted. It was standard protocol to ask before having trainee’s re-examine a patient as not all of them wanted to see either the same result be told to them again or have something that could be completely different which usually embarrassed the trainee. Though on the odd occasion trainee’s actually found the correct diagnosis putting fully trained healers to shame.

When Jacob reappeared at the opening of the curtains he opened them to allow Ebony in before pulling them shut behind her. When Ebony clapped eyes upon the man she instantly noted the many bite marks all over his body. Though some of them looked worse than others as they were swollen up to twice the size of a normal bite wound which instantly suggested some kind of poison or venom to Ebony. Approaching the man whose small brown eyes watched her as she drew close she also noticed that around his wrists looked sore and a little bloody which would suggest that the man had been bound up so that he couldn’t have defended himself against the creature that had bitten him so viciously.

“There are indications of binding upon the wrist suggest that err... I’m sorry I didn’t get you name.” Ebony said smiling sweetly at the man. As while his wounds may look horrific the fact that Jacob was letting her look at him meant that they thought he would survive them. They tended to not let trainees in to examine dying people who they were trying to save just in case they got in the way or the patient needed to be rushed out.

“Harold Runkle is the name my dear.” He said his voice a little gruff sounding. Most likely due to what he had been through but he figure suggested a bit of a Billy goat gruff voice anyway. He was a little bit plump which a short stature and wispy hair that also showed he’d been in some sort of ordeal. In a way it look as if somebody had hold of his hair earlier and had attempted to pull it out with the way little tuffs of it where sticking up all over the place. Ebony didn’t quite exactly know what had happened to leave this man in this condition but she could guess there wouldn’t be a good reason for it.

“That Mr. Runkle’s hands where bound as to stop him from defending himself from whatever had attack him giving him these bite marks upon his body.” Ebony said finishing the statement she had already started before asking about the man’s name. She looked to Jacob who was stood at the end of his bed with Mr. Runkle’s chart within his hands as he checked to see if it had been noted in the file. He nodded in approval to her a small smile upon his face for her observantly spotting the marking and what they could indicate.

“Now why don’t you take a look at the bite marks more closely see if you can identify a general species or even better tell me the creature which could have inflicted such wounds?” At this Jacob gestured towards Mr. Runkle. Nodding towards her trainer Ebony moved to the side of the man’s bed and brushed a stray strand of hair out of her face which had escaped the high pony tail upon her head. The bites where defiantly from a fanged species of creature such as a spider or snake due to the two puncher like holes that the bites consisted of. If there hadn’t of been this many multiple bites wounds Ebony might have also considered a vampire attack but they only ever left one set of fang marks not dozens, as it was very rare to find vampires going around hunting and all drinking from the same person. And by the amount of bites this man had received there would have had to of been a fair few of them. Though with the venomous bites marks it helped rule out a vampire attack completely, as while vampire had their own venom it did not make the bite marks swell up like these ones had.

As she looked at how the tooth of the creature had entered the man it became clear that the animal that had bitten him was most likely a serpent as the teeth where sunk into the sink from above rather than nipping the skin from the sides as a spider bite would have. But the fact that the man had been left with both venomous and non venomous bite marks suggested that he could have been possibly bitten by more than one creature of a different breed. But the way Jacob had told her to figure of the ‘species’ of the creature that had did this been done by just the one creature. But that would mean that it would have had to have had more than one head to be able to do damage like this. And it was then that it hit her. Ebony now knew what creature had attacked Mr. Runkle.

“A Runespoor. That’s what left these wounds. I see it now as roughly a third of the bites appear to have been done by the venomous head and the rest by the Runespoor’s non venomous ones.” Ebony said pointing out different bite marks as she did to help prove her point. She could tell her diagnosis had been correct as a grin cracked up Jacob’s cheeks before he could even check the chart to see if she was right.

“Smart girl you’ve got their Healer Mortizen, you can let her heal me any day.” At this Mr. Runkle himself cracked a grin to and when Ebony came to look at him he gave her a little wink which she found a little disturbing. Though thankfully Jacob chimed in at that moment saving Ebony from making any awkward replies to the man.

“For your information Mr. Runkle we are not healers but mediwizard and Mediwitch Parker here is a mediwitch in-training. We prefer not to be called healers if you please. And hopefully we won’t be seeing you in the hospital after this unless you plan on getting into some more trouble once you’re let out?” It was a true fact the mediwitches and wizards where often mistaken for healers and something that got upon quite a few mediwitches and wizards nerves. Especially her trainer Jacob. He would always correct people when he could who had gotten the two mixed up, something which Ebony had come to expect whenever they were called healers. Turning her attention back to Mr. Runkle she saw him shake his head in response to Jacob’s question though his eyes seemed to turn to Ebony watching her as if it was her turn to speak. Though Ebony wasn’t quite sure what she was to say to the man. But once again in the space of a few minutes Jacob came to her rescue.

“So Mediwitch Parker now you have successfully diagnosed the patient, how would you treat him for his wounds?” Ebony had been expecting to hear this question and while she sometimes dreaded it today she was rather grateful as it gave her something to talk about. So gathering her thoughts Ebony though about what her next course of action where to be if he hadn’t already been treated by the admitting staff upon his arrival.

“Well we would need to administer and anti-venom or antidote to counteract the poisons from the Runespoor’s venomous head before cleaning and cover the bite wounds to stop any further infection.” Ebony state this treatment also as if she treated somebody like it before though she was guessing it was just her training kicking in as mediwitches head to be able to diagnose and attended to patients they came in contact with almost immediately. So this was a good sign to Jacob that she was able to give him a course of treatment quickly and efficiently. Once again a smile reached his lips as she delivered the words that he wanted her hear. As if Ebony was getting her diagnosis and treatments write it meant that he was indeed doing his job right. But it was then Ebony’s curiosity about got the better of her as she wonder just how Mr. Runkle had come about encountering a Runespoor in England since the creature was native to Africa which was a fair distance away and he wouldn’t have been transported to St. Mungo’s had he of been found there.

“I have a question for you Mr. Runkle if you don’t mind me asking?” Ebony asked him while giving a side glance to Jacob to see if it was ok for her to do so. Though since no disapproving manor crossed her trainer’s features she turned her attention to Mr. Runkle who had lifted his eye brows as if he was a little surprised but he soon dropped them his lips curling upward into a smile.

“Not at all deary, please ask away.” As she said this he interlocked his finger together before placing them upon his protruding stumpy belly a waiting expression upon his face. The question Ebony was going to ask him could either end up being snuff away with him not wanting to disclose the details of how he ended up in this state or he would answer them rather freely. Ebony hoping that he would oblige with the latter so her curiosity wasn’t eating away at her all day.

“Runespoor’s they aren’t a creature native to England nor are they usual sited here. So I was wondering how it was that you ended up coming into contact with one?” As she asked the question the quite cheery demeanour that Mr Runkle had possessed especially for somebody who was stuck in a hospital bed seemed to drain out of his face and was replaced by a darker and slightly horrified looked. Ebony could see just by looking at his eyes that something terrible had happened to this man which was evident from his injuries but his eyes told her that there was more behind it. He quickly looked from side to side as if the check nobody was watching them but since the curtain where drawn the movement seemed pretty redundant. It was then that he leaned forward and beckoned Ebony closer as if he didn’t want to be over heard.

“It was them, those that serve him. I had been minding my own business in the apothecary getting ready to shut up shop and leave for the evening when they came. A group of masked figures burst in asking me for something very dark and to my knowledge illegal. They tortured me before binding me and releasing the creature into my shop. It would have killed me if I hadn’t managed to knock a shelf over onto it. It’s him ‘You Know Who’ is real.” At this Jacob stepped in to silence him not wanting him saying anymore upon the topic. He could clearly see that there was some sort of shock up Ebony’s face and so pacing his hands upon her shoulders and pulling her away from the bed.

“I think that’s enough Mr. Runkle, I suggest that you contact the Ministry and inform them, not young mediwitches. If you need assistance in contacting them I will be happy to oblige but for will you please excuse us.” Jacob said before guiding Ebony away from the bed pulling the curtains open and closing them once they was out in the ward. He then took her out of the Dai Llewellyn ward and they stopped just outside of the double doors where they were out of earshot of the patients upon the ward. It was then Jacob looked at her and gave her a smile as if to say everything was alright and she wasn’t in any danger. That she was safe here at St. Mungo’s hospital.

“Ebony are you alright. I know what you just heard isn’t there was what you had been expecting so just try and relax. Forget what Mr. Runkle said it has no importance to you and it never will. Just keep your chin up and you’ll be fine, something I know you won’t have a problem with.” As he finished his smile broadened as anyone who knew Ebony knew it was rare to see her without a smile upon her face. She had been known to some people as little miss sunshine always there to help brighten up somebody’s day. Though now it seemed like it was Ebony in need of that little ray of sunshine to cast a golden glow upon things. Lifting her gaze to meet Jacob’s she could see he was genuinely worried about her as his eyes gave all too much away.

“I know but it’s my own fault. I shouldn’t have asked him that question I brought it on myself.” Ebony said as she held Jacob’s gaze before casting it down to the floor her left hand rubbing her elbow as she did. It was then that she felt a hand upon her shoulder a hand she knew to be Jacob’s. Firm and guiding as always.

“No Ebony do not blame yourself, if there is anyone to blame it should be me. I choose for you to examine Mr. Runkle and not any one of the other patients in the hospital. I should have known better. Though for now I think it would be a good time to take a break don’t you? Take as long as you need I’ll be in the mediwitch staff room when you’re ready to go back to work.” At this Ebony managed a small smile as if to say thank you before the parted ways. Jacob going off to the staff room while Ebony made her way to another ward. Though not to attempt to diagnose somebody but instead to visit. Her father had been a full time resident upon the ward for the mentally unstable for seventeen years now and while he had shown signs of improvement he still had his bad days. He would struggle and fit crying over an illusion only visible to him in his head yet he believed it to be happening there right in front of him.

It was a sad but true fact and one that Ebony was too young to remember how he came to be nothing more than a shell of the man he once was. When Ebony had just been three years old her mother had been killed by a drunk driver. It was late at night so nobody else was around to see the crash expect for her father who had escape being fully hit while his wife took the full blow of the cars force. Mediwitches and healers alike tried to save her but in the end she was pounced dead and it was then that Ebony and her older brother William lost their father. He blamed himself for her death saying he should have insisted upon getting a taxi home from the cinema instead of walking back in the dark of the night. Ever since that day Ebony had lived with her Aunt and Uncle who had a child named Sarah who is know one of Ebony’s closet friends. This accident was also another reason for her to go into the medical profession as it allowed her to help try and stop family being taken away from other like it had been taken away from herself.

Ebony’s feet knew the route to the ward her father was upon all too well as she soon found herself pushing open the doors to see if her father had yet risen for the day. Outside his room a healer stood having just checked upon him herself and so when she saw Ebony approaching she strode over to her with some paperwork in her hands.

“Oh hello Ebony dear, your father is sleeping he’s had rather a restless night so I would let him get his rest while it doesn’t elude him. I’m sure he’ll be awake later on so perhaps you would be better checking on him after your shift as he might be in a more talkative mood then.” Ebony nodded in response to shown she understood what the healer said before the little woman hurried away most likely onto her next patient or to complete the paperwork she had nestled in her arms. Walking over to the door Ebony glanced through the window to see what the healer had said to be true. There her father was sleeping soundly and looking rather exhausted so she would let him rest as she knew how hard it was for her father to come by sleep in his more trouble times. Though for once he father didn’t look distressed or distraught but content and almost peaceful, something Ebony hadn’t seen him in a state of other than when he was asleep.

Sighing Ebony moved away from the door and started to head back down the hall to the end of the ward as there wasn’t any point in her hanging around if she couldn’t visit her father. Though as she pushed open the doors leading out of the ward she was greeted with a surprise indeed. There stood in front of her was a Mr Lucius Malfoy somebody who she had not seen since she had been at Hogwarts. They had been in the same year at Hogwarts and graduated together but had never been anything more than a face in class or the hall. It seemed it he too was a little shocked to see her standing at the other side of the door so Ebony took the opportunity to start the conversation.

“Well if there was one person to be stood of the other side of the door I certainly wouldn’t have thought that it would be you Lucius. What are you doing up here on the mentally unstable ward anyway?” Ebony asked as she hadn’t expected to see any of her classmates upon the ward and certainly not Lucius. Ebony began to wonder what he did now as she had exactly kept tabs upon what everybody in her year had done, only really those who she was close to and Lucius certainly hadn’t been in Ebony’s circle of friends.

“For your information I was hoping to give a donation to the hospital in thanks for what they have done for my mother. I’m sure if you know but she recently passed away and so this is my way of showing my gratitude for their work.” He replied in the manor Ebony had always heard him use at school, slightly cold and rather formal as it where but this didn’t stop Ebony from perusing her conversation with him as he certainly wasn’t in the right place for donations.

“Well I’m afraid you don’t make your donations here but downstairs. I’ll show you if you like as I’m on a break. Also I’m sorry to hear about your mother I know it’s hard to lose people lose to you. I’ve lost my own mother myself and my father is just down the corridor.” Ebony told Lucius not that he would be interested in the fact that he father was in what some people insensitively called the loony bin. Though while far some reason she expected some sly comment back from him he said nothing and instead gave her a look that Ebony had seen all too much upon the face of her own brother, that of sadness and distress. It seemed that the loss of his mother was really troubling Lucius and Ebony would gladly offer him a helping hand should he be willing to take it.

“I’m afraid I don’t have time to go through the donation procedure downstairs which is why I was hoping to give the healers it in person so I could thank them. Though now I must leave so if you could pass this one for me and thank the healers upon my behalf I would be very grateful Ebony.” At this Lucius took out a hefty envelope which was addressed to St. Mungo’s more specifically healer Tension who must have been treating his mother before she passed away. As he handed the envelope to her Ebony took it from him as she would happily oblige to his request.

“Of course I’ll make sure it is received and those thanked who need to be. But Lucius know this, should you ever need anyone to talk to about this or anything for that matter, know that I’m always here to listen. I too know how hard it is to lose a parent and it is no easy ordeal. My door is always open so anytime, any day just drop by and I’ll be there.” As she said this Ebony held eye contact with Lucius ensure he knew that she understood this pain he was going through as even though Ebony had been only three when her mother died she often longed to know what she was like and if they shared any interests. But also with her father at times Ebony could almost feeling slipping away from her but she somehow managed to bring him back.

“Thank you for the offer but I must go now, my work cannot wait.” And with that he bade her farewell as his robes billowed around his feet as he strode off down the corridor to make his way to the exit. Though in that moment just before he left when Ebony was looking into his eyes she saw that he understood she knew his pain even if it had just been for the glimmer of a second that she had caught it in his eye. Looking down at the envelope that know rest in her hand Ebony sighed before she too made her way down the hall as she had told Lucius she would make sure she delivered it for him and so that she would do. So making her way to the administration office’s Ebony held the envelope clasped tightly within her hands as she would indeed keep her word to Lucius. It was the least she could do before she returned to work and continued on with her training.


Author's Note: Ok first things first, the Lucius portrayed here may not be what you where thinking since I'm basing him off how a friend of mind is currently playing him (I have asked her and she is fine with this) so he may not be 100% cannon but rest arrsure he will still be the same Lucius just this story shows him in a different light.

Ok so Ebony is yet another OC character who I have created for rolepay purposes who I have decided to write a fanfic about. I am writing her story alongside Sebastian's as to give me something to do while the other story is being validated. Please feel free to leave reviews for me as I will loving respone to them all and check back every day more likely more than once to see what you have writen so your repsonse will not go unnoticed. I understand there is likely to be grammar and spelling error's despite my use of word so please point them out I will not be offended.

Though what I am most looking for his thoughts upon the chapater and the character's within it escpiecally those of my own creation like Ebony, Jacob and Mr. Runkle. Though please still do tell me what you think of this side of Lucius even though it not every clear now it will come to light later in the story. Though while I prefer longer reviews a simple rating out of tend with a little comment is still welcomed.

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Healing Kisses: Pain, sorrow and a thankyou note


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