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Memories of a Pureblood by Jinx Labelle
Chapter 8 : 5th June 1980
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"I can't do this "Narcissa panted out of breath.

"You can Cheri ,your strong"Lucius urged her .

"I can't!"She shrieked as another contraction came.She squeezed Lucius's hand as hard as she could ,something to ease the pain.

"Your doing so well , this will all be over soon"He soothed stroking her hot cheek.

Narcissa's bottom lip began to tremble as silent tears rolled down her ruddy cheek.She now looked like a small child staring up with fear.

"It's to hard"She choked.

"I know.If I could I'd take your place ,ease your suffering my Cheri.Id do anything to take away the pain"Lucius comforted as he smoothed down her silvery tresses .

"Last push now Mrs Malfoy"Informed a rather firm looking midwife.

With one last summoning of strength Narcissa pushed.

Then a sharp cry filled the room ,the sound of new life .Narcissa collapsed back grinning at her husband .He gazed at his wife in awe ,she had given him so much.She went through all of this for him.

The midwife bruised over the baby at the other side of the master bedroom .She cleaned and swaddled the baby before bringing it over.

"Here is your son Mr and Mrs Malfoy "The midwife smiled at the couple .

Narcissa cuddled her son close to her .He seemed to calm down as if he knew that she was his mother.He had a swirl of silvery blonde hair .

"He's perfect"She whispered in awe .

"I know "Was all Lucius could reply with.

The baby rubbed his face with his delicate fist before slowly opening his deep blue eyes for the first time .

"Look,he has your eyes Cheri"Lucius exclaimed.

"Apart from that he looks exactly like you "Narcissa smiled .

The midwife strode over to them.

"Do you have a name?"She asked .

Narcissa looked at Lucius.

"Yes,Draco Lucius Malfoy"


Various relatives streamed in and out all day to come and see baby Draco.Both Lucius and Narcissa showed of their baby boy with incredible pride and satisfaction.Now though, night was setting in and the family were extremely tired.Narcissa was busying over Draco when the door flew open.

"Ah Narcissa ,congratulations "Voldemort exclaimed as he stood proudly at the door.

"Thankyou"Narcissa replied blandly ,void of all emotion.

"Lucius said you'd had a son .Well done , a boy waswhat I wanted ,they make greater magical beings you see"He stated.

Narcissa didn't dare retaliate .

"May I see him?"He asked .

She didn't want to .It didn't feel safe to let him see him but refusing could cause dire consequences .

"Here,this is Draco"She spoke as she carefully picked her baby from the cot.

"Ah he is fine "Voldemort exclaimed stroking the babies cheek with a claw like hand.Draco flinched at the touch as if he had already registered his mothers unease about this strange man.Narcissa took a step back too ,afraid of being close to him.

"Now Narcissa ,don't walk away from me "Voldemort snarled ,his eyes glinting with feverish anger.

Narcissa stumbled back against the bed and let out a muffled cry.Sensing his mothers anguish Draco began to cry shrilly ,the sound echoing through the manor .

"Narcissa,are you okay,is Draco okay?"Lucius cried as he rushed into the room panicking.

"Yes my dear Lucius,I was just leaving ,Goodnight"Volemort replied casually and strode out the room.

"Lucius"Was all Narcissa could say before bursting into tears as she cliched her baby to her chest."He wanted Draco"

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