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Silent Confrontations by marauders4life
Chapter 7 : Not Alone
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On Tuesday morning, I was finally healthy enough to return to lessons. 'Healthy enough' meaning that I practically begged Madame Pomfrey to release me for at least an hour the night before, valiantly trying to stifle my horrible cough. Since I didn't use any actual words, this mostly consisted of following her around everywhere with a whiny face and occasionally emitting obnoxious sighs. Finally, she relented and I skipped off to my dormitory in delight (with the occasional pause for a coughing attack).

The moment I walked in, Lily and Alice almost knocked me over with the sheer force of their hugs. I hugged them back gratefully. I had missed them so much and longed to communicate this to them. The spare bit of parchment and quill on the table in the corner struck me as a potential contact tool, but did I really want to handwrite EVERYTHING from now on? By the end of the week my hand would be swollen for sure. I decided I'd rather keep everyone guessing; at least until I had my chalkboard back.

I nodded my head every now and then as Lily and Alice ran me through all the events I had missed out on while I was unconscious, but I wasn't really paying attention because I had a brilliant idea. 'At least until I had my chalkboard back'. What was I waiting for? I knew exactly where it was!

I ran to the window; eager to try summoning it. The window opened easily and I directed my wand towards the shreiking shack while picturing my chalkboard and thinking 'Accio!'

Nothing happened whatsoever. My friends gave me peculiar looks, which I ignored. Clearly, I wasn't visualizing properly. I tried twice more before realizing it was pointless. My assumption was that I was either too far away or I didn't have enough of a grasp on the location of the chalkboard.

That left one other option. I had to find a way to get into the area where the Shrieking Shack was and pick it up. In this moment of resignation, I decided that Plan B was important enough to write down on parchment for Lily and Alice; the old fashioned way. Intrigued by my writing, my two best friends immediately perked up and sat on the bed beside me peering inquisitively at the parchment.

"Well done Norah! Now that we know where it is, we can easily go grab it next Hogsmead visit," Alice exclaimed cheerfully.

Lily agreed. "Exactly. But it looks like you'll have to wait until the end of the month. That's when the next one is scheduled."

I nodded my assent, not particularly pleased at this piece of  information. So much for getting House Points for Gryffindor. I was really hoping to get some from Slughorn too in order to butter him up to switch the Potions partners back to the way they were before. Working with Sirius was such a drag.

Speaking of Sirius...I realized I still needed to thank his mate James for saving my life! I could never thank him enough for what he did. Making a mental note of this, I tapped my forehead three times before heading off to bed.




History of Magic was absolutely brutal the next day. Goblins this and warlocks that. Blah, Blah, Blah. It was highly unusual for me to fall asleep in class, but there I was snoring away. I was probably still recovering from the weekend's endeavor, or at least that's what I told myself. Lily shook me awake at some point, simultaneously shooting me a concerned glance. I ignored her and pretended to pay attention, but the second she turned around I dropped my quill on my desk in defeat.

Behind me, I heard a quiet chuckle. I whipped my head around, my French braid flipping from one shoulder to the other. There sat Sirius Black, smirking as arrogantly as ever. I rolled my eyes at him and faced forward once again.

Just then, I felt a small tug on my braid. Knowing who was behind it, I clenched my teeth and ignored him, which I did for the next four times as well. The fifth time however was the last straw. I drew my wand and cast Diffindo on his bookbag which sat innocently on his desk, causing it to split apart. Immediately, school supplies flew all over the floor and his desk, not to mention several Zonko's products. Although Professor Binns usually didn't notice disruptions in class, this event was apparently too obvious to go undetected.

"Mr. Black; Miss Blanchard - detention to both of you," he decreed, sending detention slips flying towards us before proceeding with his immensely boring lesson. Incredibly frustrated by this, I turned to give a death glare to Sirius before ignoring him once again. This detention was not going to be a picnic.

At last, Binns dismissed the class and I hurriedly packed up my things and turned around to leave. I realized that Sirius was taking the longest of any of us because of what I had done to his bookbag a few moments earlier. Seeing as it was my fault in the first place, I felt that I should probably help him. But not too much. I hesitatingly picked up a single quill and placed it gently inside his bag. There. That should set my guilty conscience at ease. I lifted my head to face the door and leave for potions class.

And almost walked into Sirius. He was very close to me. Almost too close. Definitely too close. I could feel his breath upon my face. I didn't know what to do; how to react, so I just stood there like an idiot staring into his gorgeous pale grey eyes...

WAIT A MINUTE. Sirius is famous for this. He's the biggest player in school! I should know, after all Alice and I walked in on him once. Clearly I was his next target. I immediately pushed my way around him and left the room.





"What..was that!" I asked myself aloud. I was pacing around the dormitory while Moony helped Wormtail with transfiguration. Prongs meanwhile, sat on his bed playing with that golden snitch he nicked a few years back.

"I know mate..Lily and I have unbelievable chemistry.." he said dreamily.

"Yeah sure..wait WHAT Prongs we were talking about me. And Norah. And what happened in Binns' class," I sighed, trying to make my point.

"Oh. Right. Well weren't you just being your usual one-night-stand self?" James grinned.

"No! Well. Ok maybe, but I can't help it if I'm a flirt. But there's something about's like I can never figure out what she's thinking. She's not predictable like the rest of them. She surprises me. You know, she absolutely destroyed my bookbag today,"

James caught the snitch and held on to it, finally deciding that I deserved his full attention. "Hmm Pads. You don't her unpredictability could possibly be related to her inability to speak do you?" He smirked sarcastically, rolling his eyes at me. "Besides, I doubt she would do that unprevoked,"

I laughed at him. "Obviously, Prongs. Of course she was provoked. I was pulling her hair,"

James pulled his most sarcastic expression. "Strangely enough, Padfoot, girls usually don't take too kindly to that,"

"I just wanted to see her reaction. You would be surprised, Prongs. I do that all the time and usually, they love the attention,"

"Maybe Norah isn't part of the they. Isn't part of the them. Isn't...look, maybe she's different from the usual crowd you're referring to," James muttered.

"It seems that way. Anyways, we've got detention tomorrow night so I have plenty of time to figure out my next approach," I declared triumphantly.

James tilted his head knowingly. "Please don't tell me she's your next target,"

"Correction: she's my next challenge. Possibly the biggest challenge of my career," I said seriously (no pun intended).

"Only you would be attracted to the mute girl who destroyed your property. Only you, Padfoot. You know what you should do? You should ask her to Slughorn's party in a couple weeks," James suggested, raising the corners of his lips into a half-smile.

"Well...maybe," I replied. "Maybe."



Author's Note: Here is Chapter 7! It's a little bit longer than chapters 4 to 6 but nothing huge. All I can say is that I have much longer chapters written but they might not show up for a little bit. Thank you again for reading and reviewing! :D

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