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The Almost Half Finished Jumper by All_was_well
Chapter 1 : The Jumper
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"Okay, time to start the sleeves. Knit one, purl one, repeat to the end of the row." Lily Snape muttered to herself, her face screwed up in a look of utmost concentration. Thick knitting needles were in her hands and a ball of green yarn rolled about on the floor of the sitting room.

"Must you do that?" Her husband, Severus, stood against the door frame, his long, jean-clad legs crossed.

"Do what?" Lily barely looked up from her knitting. The needles flashed and clacked as Lily worked at a furious speed.

"Give a running commentary of the instructions to that blasted jumper you're knitting.

Lily looked up and smiled. Severus joined her on the squashy couch. "I don't mean to do it, you know. Saying the instructions out loud helps me to understand them."

Knitting had recently become Lily's new hobby. She was constantly gushing over patterns she had found and asked Molly Weasley to teach her how to knit. Lily was very proud when Molly said she was a natural. So, with her new found skill, she decided to knit a jumper for her son Harry. Severus was skeptical, as she insisted on knitting the Muggle way. But he had been surprised so far. At the present time, the jumper was green in colour and almost half finished. Lily had just started on the sleeves. There had only been minor disasters so far and Lily was ecstatic. It was actually quite humorous to watch her excitement. 

Lily held up the jumper in front of her. "It's going to look gorgeous when it's finished. The colour will complement Harry's eyes beautifully. There will be cables and eyelets and- what are you smirking at?" she asked crossly. 

Severus simply smiled and pulled her close. "It will be gorgeous, especially when Harry wears it. You've done a great job so far." He kissed the top of her fiery red head. Lily put down the knitting and snuggled up to her husband. 

"Maybe when this one's done, you'll let me knit you a jumper too."

Severus laughed. "Yes, if I let you." he said dryly. "Knitting's all you've been doing recently, and I'd much rather do something else together." Lily smirked at the innuendo.

They sat in a contented silence for a while, Severus' arms looped around Lily's slim waist. 

Just as Severus was wondering where their son was up too, the sound of three year old feet could be heard, padding lightly on the carpeted floor. Harry Snape entered the room, promptly ran to his father and jumped into his lap.

"Oof! You should be a little more careful around your old daddy, Harry." Severus said teasingly. Little Harry giggled, the sound bringing a smile to his parent's faces. Harry was the joy of Lily and Severus' lives. He had jet black hair from his father and inherited his mother's brilliant green eyes. He constantly sported a mischievous look that Severus was sure didn't come from himself. 

"Silly Daddy! You're not old." Harry then turned to his mother. "Have you been knitting, Mummy?" Lily nodded as Harry's chubby arms reached over her and took the half knitted jumper in his hands. Harry handled it ever so carefully; he didn't want to "drop a stitch", as Mummy always said. He was so excited that he would be a getting a bright green, homemade jumper all for himself. And what's more, one from his own Mummy! Harry felt like a very lucky boy indeed. He felt sorry for all the little girls and boys that didn't get a jumper from their mummies and hoped Mummy would finish his quickly.

"When do you think you'll finish it, Mummy?" Harry asked curiously. 

"Very soon, I expect." Lily answered, ruffling Harry's hair.

"Well I certainly hope it will be finished soon. Remember what we spoke about earlier?" Severus said suggestively. Both he and Lily laughed loudly at Harry's confused expression. 

The little family talked and joked with each other for a while longer. Harry had somehow initiated a tickling fight between his parents and all three of them ended up sprawled on the floor, laughing hysterically.

"I suppose I should make a start on dinner." said Lily, her laughter subsiding as she got to her feet. "Food doesn't cook itse-." But Lily didn't get a chance to finish. She stopped in mid sentence as her face went deathly pale. She swayed violently, and fell to the floor.


Severus scrambled over to where Lily lay. He checked her breathing. 

Her chest wasn't rising and falling like it should have been. Her red hair flared out around her head and her body was cold. It was almost like she was- 

No, Severus wasn't going to think like that.

Please let her be ok, please let her be ok. Oh God, please help. I love her so much. I need her. Harry needs her. Oh God, I can't live without her.

He checked for a pulse. 

There was none.

Severus leapt to his feet. His mind was reeling. He couldn't formulate coherent thoughts. In a state of shock, he fetched the emergency Portkey and vaguely told a whimpering Harry to hold on to him. Severus made sure Lily was touching the Portkey and activated it without another moment of hesitation.

There was the unpleasant feeling of being tugged behind the navel and the family arrived in the emergency ward of St. Mungo's.  

Meanwhile, in the sitting room of 7 Spinners End, the half finished green jumper lay abandoned on the couch.     

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The Almost Half Finished Jumper: The Jumper


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