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Blind by CooperTowne
Chapter 9 : Dippity Doo Dawg
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“Potter with the quaffle. Passes it to Vivian who shoots and—its blocked by Ravenclaw keeper Hault!”

Gryffindor boo-ed loudly. “Come on Anna!” Pierced screamed next to Isa.

My first quidditch game this year. We’re are required to go as the best friends of half the team with James as seeker, Anna as chaser, Freddie as beater, and Polly as the other beater. It seems to be going well. Even though we’re losing.

“Bloody fifth year keeper,” Charlie grumbled next to me. “They should have gotten someone older and more experienced.”

“There was no one older and more experienced,” Dom said. “Lowett was the best keeper that tried out. Even if he is young.”

“Be nice to Lowett,” Rose said standing in front of us with Scorpius bundled up next to her. “He’s nice.”

“Sounds like someone has a crush,” Dom said.

Rose snorted at the accusation. “Hardly.”

“Right forgot you were harboring a secret love for Scorpius still,” Dom said nonchalantly.

Rose’s face became very red and Scorpius was also blushing and staring anywhere besides to his left where Rose stood.

“Gryffindor in possession. Chaser St. Mare weaves his way through the players and dodges a bludger sent by Gordon. He shoots and—SCORES! Rowen St. Mare scores again for Gryffindor making the score 80-120,” says the announcer. “Now Gryffindor is still far behind, but there is still time to catch up. It seems neither James Potter nor Sara Michaels have spotted the snitch.”

I used to watch quidditch games with Taylor. But she’s still not talking to me. She sent Louis with a letter from mum and dad a few days ago, but besides that, nothing. The Ravenclaw-Gryffindor game was always fun because she would cheer for her house and I would cheer for mine. I wonder if she even came today.

“James!” Dom screamed. “Hurry up! It bloody freezing out here!”

“Do you mind?” said a voice. “I’m trying to watch my boyfriend play.” A bit of a shrill voice. Her voice cut into my brain like the feedback on a muggle microphone. It was painful.

“What are you doing over here Glennie?” Rose snapped. “Aren’t you in Ravenclaw?” Oh Glennie. So we finally meet officially. Now I remember why I plug my ears whenever I have a class with you.

“Yes, but I want to support James,” Glennie said sticking out her chest a bit.

“So you two can shag tonight? Lovely. Really,” Kate said from next to Charlie.

“What James and I have is special,” Glennie said.

“Yea I’m sure,” Isa said sarcastically. “A relationship built on lust and greed is doomed to fail.”

“Says the girl who didn’t have friends for 5 years,” Glennie snapped.

“Go away slag,” Charlie snapped wrapping an arm around Isa’s shoulder. “Don’t listen to what she said.”

“Hard to ignore,” Isa said.

“Vivian with the quaffle, she shoots and—SCORES! Anna Vivian scores for Gryffindor making the score 90-120. Oh wait I think the snitch has been spotted!”

James and the Ravenclaw seeker, Sara, were moving fast and in unison. They dived suddenly and headed straight for the ground. The both pulled up 2 meters before the hit the ground and flew around the pitch. All other play had stopped as everyone watched them. They both had arms outstretched. James gave one final push forward and his hand closed.

He slowed down and raised his hand above his head. “James Potter has caught the snitch!” the announcer boomed. “Gryffindor wins!”

There was a great roar from the stands. The stands emptied out as the Gryffindors and their supporters emptied onto the field. People were everywhere. Hugging. Cheering. It was just plain loud.


She turned and smiled. “James! Great game!” she yelled over the noise throwing her arms around his neck.

“We almost lost,” James said pulling away from her and rubbing his neck.

“Almost,” Isa said smiling still. “You didn’t lose though. Ravenclaw did!” Isa’s smile faltered a bit at the thought of Taylor. I wonder if she’s upset. Maybe I should go find her.

“Now is not a time to be upset Isa,” James said. “This is a good day!” he exclaimed throwing his arm over his shoulder.

“Hey James great job!”

“James! Awesome catch!”

“Potter! You’re the man!”

One after one people came up and congratulated James.

“Hey captain,” said a voice. James and Isa turned to who was talking. James immediately removed his arm from Isa. Rude.

“Glennie,” James said giving her a crooked smirk.

“Now you don’t want to stay out here forever,” she said giving him a sultry look. “I don’t want you to be too tired,” she said winking. Oh Merlin.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” he said leaning in and giving her a long kiss. Isa shuffled her feet back and forth. She waited patiently for James and Glennie to come up for air, but after what seemed a full two minutes, Isa sighed.

“Well I’ll be leaving,” Isa said as she turned to leave. The cheers of celebration are loud, but I can’t help but hear the disgusting sounds of two people snogging each other’s brains out. It’s not attractive, and I don’t fancy staying and listening any longer.

“Wait!” James said pushing away from Glennie. “Let’s walk up to the party together. I don’t want you to get lost,” he said smiling at her.

“James. I thought we were walking together,” Glennie whined stomping her boot into the snow. She looked annoyed as she glanced between James and Isa. She pouted and grabbed onto James’ arm protectively. James shrugged her off and grabbed Isa’s arm.

“Come on, there’s no harm,” he said smiling. Isa twisted her arm out of his grip. I can feel Glennie’s glare on me. James was her property.

“Maybe you should just walk with her,” Isa said stepping away from James a bit further. The last thing I want is to get between a fangirl and her prey.

“Yea James,” Glennie snapped glaring at him. “I am your girlfriend.” James grinned at her sheepishly.

“I want to walk with Isa though,” he said stupidly gesturing to Isa. Idiot. He’s not making this situation any better.

Glennie let out a noise of frustration and stormed away. James groaned and ran his hand through his hair. “Err—”

“You’re an idiot if you don’t go after her,” Isa said.

James nodded and called after Glennie helplessly and stumbled after her.

Isa stood awkwardly alone before someone lifted her over their shoulder. “Isa, we won! Celebrate!”



“Put me down!”

“Never!” Al cheered spinning her around. He finally put her down, and Isa grabbed on to him, steadying herself on the ground again.

“Oh Isa,” Charlie said throwing his arm over her shoulder, “such the partier. I never took you as a big drinking type.”

“I’m not drunk!” Isa laughed pushing his arm off his shoulder. Only to have Freddie come up behind her and wrap her in a bear hug. He picked her up and spun her around just as Al had done a few moments before. “What’s with all the spinning?”

“Gryffindor won! What’s with the lack of spinning?” Freddie asked cheerfully hi-fiving passing seventh years. Isa laughed, and soon the rest of their group minus James who was off with Glennie and Dom who, once again, disappeared joined them.

“Great game guys!” Kate said to the players. Polly, Anna, and Freddie smiled broadly back at her.

I suppose Anna and Freddie could cooperate when it came to Quidditch. They both had a similar goal, and they aren’t the type of people to let personal feelings get in the way of Quidditch.

Plus with Freddie as a beater and Anna as a chaser, they didn’t need to interact as much as Anna interacted with Al or Rowen, the other chaser, or as much as Freddie interacted with Polly.

But still, since New York Anna has made attempts to reconcile with Freddie. Not get back together or friends really. Just on better terms so their constant fighting won’t cause a split of male and female in our group.

“Let’s go up, yea?” Charlie said to us.

“I want to walk with Isa!” Polly declared. “I never get to walk with her.”

“That’s not true,” Pierce said rolling his eyes. Polly looped her arm with Isa’s and the seven of them set off for the Gryffindor common room.

“It is so true,” Polly said while they walked. “I haven’t walked with her since before winter holiday.”

“Winter holiday was a week ago,” Isa said.

“Making it a least a month since I’ve walked with you,” Polly stated. “Plus I barely saw you over holiday.”

Charlie ran up behind Polly and pinched her sides. “That’s because you were spending all of your time snogging Pierce,” he said as she slapped his hand away. She glared at him.

Pierce opened his mouth to say something, but Polly cut across him, “Say something and you’ll never kiss me again.” His mouth snapped shut. Polly smiled triumphantly. They were in the castle now, and the corridors were filled only with people of other houses. Some passing Ravenclaws glared at the group before turning into a huddle and whispering fast to each other.

“Hey has anyone seen Dom?” Kate asked thoughtfully. It was quiet as they thought for a second.

“No,” Charlie said. “Not since the game ended at least.”

“Where does she keep going?” Isa asked.

“I bet she’s found some boy, and she’s off with him,” Polly said. They walked up the stairs in front of the portrait. “Twinkle toes,” Polly said to the Fat Lady. She opened up and they walked through the hole into the common room.

There weren’t many people in there yet. Most were there to set up the upcoming victory party, and the rest were trying to pinch some booze before the party even begun.

“She probably is,” Anna said. “Must be the same bloke she was with at New Years.”

“A mystery,” Pierce gasped sounding like a child. They crossed the room and climbed the stairs to the boy’s dormitory.

“How exciting!” Freddie said. “I’ll get my magnifying glass!” He sounds very excited. His inner child is joining his outer child. So basically he’s just a child stuck in a seventeen year old body. Nothing wrong with that.

“Or,” Anna said, “we can just ask her about it.”

“Like she would ever tell us,” Isa said.

“You’re right,” Anna said thoughtfully. “We just need a chair and some duct tape.”

“This will be fun!” Kate said clapping her hands together. “Tomorrow night, yea? Can’t do it tonight. Too much alcohol to be civil.”

“Because tying your friend up to get her to tell you whom she has been snogging could be civil,” Pierce said sarcastically earning him glares from the three girls.

Anna slapped him on the arm. “Ow!” Pierce cried as they walked into the dormitory. “Sorry, geeze,” he said rubbing his arm. Once in the room, Polly and Isa sat on Pierce’s bed, Kate on Charlie’s, and Anna stood awkwardly looking around and then opted for sitting on the floor.

“Exploding snap until the party starts?” Freddie asked trying not to look hurt at Anna. Everyone made a noise of consent and the game began.


They went downstairs at around 9:30 after the most epic game of exploding snap. Eventually Charlie prevailed and they joined the party.

By the time they arrived, the party had been going on for about an hour, and the alcohol had just made its appearance.

“Ahh,” Freddie said. “Nothing like working your arse off and then getting pissed.” He surveyed the room and the people around it. The music was loud and the people were dancing like they would forget about it in the morning. And most likely, they would.

Charlie crossed the party and soon returned with a tray. Seven small glasses lined the tray. Each of them grabbed a shot and held it waiting.

“A toast!” Pierce said holding up his glass. “To the Meddlers and the shit they will fuck up!”

They cheered and downed their drinks. The drink went searing down my throat, and made me pinch my face in disgust. I don’t know why I put up with the gross taste of alcohol. I just love the feeling of losing control. It’s exciting to me.

Isa coughed unattractively. Kate pounded on her back. “You ok?” she asked Isa.

“Yep,” she said coughing again. “Yay alcohol!” she said her voice cracking from her newly raw throat while raising her glass.

“Oi! James!” Pierce called waving over their friend. James spotted them through the crowd. He had a bottle in one hand and the same arm flung carelessly across Glennie’s shoulders.

“Hey mates,” he said. “Wass goin’ on?”

“Are you drunk already?” Anna asked grabbing the bottle from his hand. James gave her a look that suggested she just said the stupidest thing in the world.

“Hardly,” he said. Glennie coughed next to him. Even her cough sounded prissy. Ugh. “Oh,” James said looking at Glennie, “right. Mates, this is Glennie. Glennie this is Freddie, Anna, Charlie, Kate, Pierce, Polly, and Isa. Where’s Dom?”

“Merlin if we know, she always sneaking away now,” Kate said shrugging. She took the bottle from Anna’s hand and refilled her shot glass. One gulp and it was down.

“It’s true,” Isa said. “She’s always coming back to the dorms late. Coming to classes late with some made up excuse, each more ridiculous than the last.” Isa crossed her arms and sighed.

“Oi! Watch it!” Freddie yelled as a couple bumped into him. He shoved them back with a disgusted look on his face. “At least when you and I were together,” he said pointing at Anna, “we never snogged to the point of almost shagging while in public.”

Anna gave him a half smile but didn’t answer. I told her to talk to him and yet she hasn’t. She needs to soon or everything is just going to go to shit.

“Come on Pierce,” Polly said grabbing his collar, “I want to dance.”

Pierce bowed to Polly, who giggled. “Anything for the lady.” He grabbed her hand and both of them disappeared into the crowd of dancing couples.

“He needs to officially ask her,” Freddie said. Charlie nodded in agreement.

“It’s getting bloody annoying hearing him talk about her and how much he wants her to be his girlfriend,” he said. “Keeps us up half the night.”

“Shut it!” James said detaching his lips from Glennie’s neck. “You, mate, need a girl,” he said pointing dramatically at Charlie. Charlie paled and shook his head.

“No,” he said drawing out the word.

“Yes!” James persisted. “Who was that girl you were whining about yesterday?” Isa sighed.

“James, stop it,” Isa said. James turned to her and smiled. He took his arm off of Glennie and wrapped it around Isa’s, much to Glennie’s disdain. James steered her away from the group.

“Isa,” James whispered into her hair. I could barely hear him over the music, but he was loud enough that I did. Merlin he smells like firewhiskey. James ruffled her hair and breathed out a “hey”.

“Hi,” Isa said smiling at her friend’s drunken stupidity. James twirled her hair between his fingers.

“You’re pretty,” he said. “You smell nice.” James leaned in and smelled her hair. They were sitting now and James still had an arm around her shoulder.

“Thank you?” Isa said unsurely. She pushed James’ face away from her hair and he straightened out and finally removed his arm from her shoulders.

“Bartender?” he shouted grandly. “A drink for the pretty lady please!” The seventh year manning the bar rolled his eyes and poured a glass of firewhiskey. I am in the mood for a drink. It’s been what a month since I last got drunk? Been way too long.

Please note the sarcasm. I swallowed the drink quickly. With everything that happened with Anna and Freddie and Taylor, I just want to let loose one night. One night is all I ask.

The drink burns, but it is soon refilled and I can feel my body lose control.

“Wow,” I said breathing out.

James smiled and leaned back in his chair. “Feel better?” he asked smirking at me.

“It’s like all of my problems—poof—gone,” Isa said. She giggled. “I just want one night that I don’t have to think about them.”

James laughed. “Perfect timing then, yea?” He waved at the seventh year again and more amber liquid appeared before them. “God bless America.”

“We’re in Scotland,” Isa said giggling at James. James raised his eyebrows.

“Merlin you’re right! It wouldn’t make sense for me to sing God Bless America then, yea?” he asked putting his drink down.

Isa looked at him confused. “That’s a song?”

Err—NAH NAH NAH NAH FROM ABOVE,” James sang poorly from where he was standing on top of the table. Several people around them raised their glasses and cheered. Isa soon joined in.

“Sit down you idiot,” Glennie stormed up angrily. “Do you know how bad this makes me look?”

James sat down, smiling goofily. “Oh calm your knickers,” Isa said. “It’s a party, he’s just having a bit of fun.”

“A stupid bit of fun,” Glennie snapped grabbing the glass out of James’ hand. He made a noise of protest, but Glennie shot him a glare. “Stop letting him act ridiculous,” Glennie said harshly to Isa.

“Hey there,” James slurred putting a hand on Glennie’s shoulder. “Isa is not to blame here.” He threw his free arm around Isa’s shoulders again and dragged her off her seat and pulled her roughly into his chest. “She is brilliant fun.”

“And don’t you forget it!” Isa said poking randomly in the air hoping that it ended up in the direction of Glennie. However she ended up hitting a fifth year in the back of the head.


Isa pried herself away from James and turned. “Hey Rose. How’s it hanging?”

“I take it you’ve already had a fair amount to drink,” Rose said with an amused smile on her face.

“I take you haven’t had enough,” Isa said smiling. “We got to get you a glass girlfriend.”


“Biznitch—homie—dippity doo dawg.” Rose put a hand on Isa shoulder and tried not to laugh too hard.

“Come on,” Rose said linking her arm with Isa’s.

“No don’t leave me!” James cried. Glennie grabbed his arm possessively.

“Leave,” she said. “He’ll be fine with me.” Glennie smiled evilly before grabbing the back of James’ neck and began to snog him. And James, controlled by his hormones, complied.

Rose pulled Isa away and through the crowd. They passed Polly and Pierce who were dancing like they were fighting invisible ninjas and Kate, Freddie, and Anna who were all dancing together. Anna had a bottle in her hand, and by the way her hair was flopping messily, she was already gone.

“Where are you taking me?” Isa asked impatiently. “Jim jam has my bottle.”

“Just taking you away from Jim jam and his awful girlfriend, that’s all,” Rose explained. They reached the far end of the room. Isa stumbled slightly and was caught.

“Don’t slip,” Scorpius said. “Last time that happened you ended up in the Hospital Wing for 2 days.”

Oh yes my one shorter tooth. Such fine memories.

“That was an interesting sight to see,” Rose said remembering that day. “Well you both know Isa. Took her away from our darling cousin,” Rose said gesturing to James who was still snogging Glennie back at the bar.

Al stuck out his tongue. “Gross,” he said. “How can you hang out with him?”

“I don’t know. Clearly I’m not around for his charming good looks which I hear he has,” Isa said holding her head. The three people around her laughed.

“Hey Rose,” Scorpius said pointing at a tall guy dancing with a girl. “Seems like your dear Lowett has found someone else to love. Shame since you fancy him so much.”

“That’s his girlfriend Scorp,” Rose said rolling her eyes. “You remember what I told Dom, I don’t like him.”

“Oh right because you fancy me right?” Scorpius said.

“Again? Really?” Al said. Scorpius and Rose ignored him and glared at each other.

“I don’t fancy you,” Rose said.

“Yes you do,” Isa slurred.

“No I don’t,” Rose said angrily looking at Isa.

“Yes,” Isa said drawing out the word, “yes you do.”

“Anyone who fancies Scorpius has something seriously wrong with them,” Rose grumbled crossing her arms.

Scorpius snorted. “You would know right?”

“Wha—no! Gah!” Rose grumbled before turning and storming off. Scorpius swore under his breath.

“Bad word!” Isa shrieked. Scorpius rolled his eyes before running after Rose. And then there were two...

“So Potter,” Isa said lolling her head towards him. “Any girls you fancy?”

He smiled at Isa, but he hesitated. “No Isa.” Never hesitate boy! You’re caught!


He let out a bark of laughter. “No. I actually don’t swing that way,” he said.

“There are so many gay men weeping over that statement,” Isa said. “Now seriously, who do you fancy?”

“Well,” he started.

Isa gasped. “There is someone!”

“Yea,” he said smiling nervously and scratching the back of his neck. “But you’re not getting a name out of me!”

“How ‘bout a house?” Isa prompted.


“Oh ho! Going for the feisty ones,” Isa said. “Good luck with that one kid!” Anna came running up to Isa still holding the bottle in her hand.

“Isa! You’ll never guess what I just saw!” Anna said excitedly. Isa took the bottle from her hand and took a swig. Isa shrugged and Anna continued, “Charlie! He’s snogging someone in the corner!” Anna squealed.

Isa raised the bottle into the air. “Good for him! Who is it?”

Anna shrugged. “Don’t know. But now that Kate has gone off to Merlin knows where, so it’s just me and Freddie, so come on!” Anna grabbed Isa hand and dragged her away from Al.

“Bye Al!” Isa screamed. She didn’t hear a response because soon she was in the middle of the dance floor. Freddie was dancing the robot awfully and everyone around them was either grinding or just dancing for the hell of it.

“Woo Isa!” Freddie yelled over the music throwing his arms up triumphantly. He grabbed Isa’s hand and they all began to dance.

Pierce came over at one point with Polly in tow. “Guess who grew a pair of balls and asked Polly to be their girlfriend?” he exclaimed. “That’s right,” he said smiling and holding his arms out, “this guy!”

“Finally!” Anna said as Freddie high fived Pierce.

“Come here,” Polly said grabbing onto the hem of Pierce’s shirt. “Your girlfriend is lonely.”

Polly wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. He kissed her back enthusiastically and placed his hands on her hips drawing her closer.

Freddie groaned and took a long drink out of the firewhiskey bottle. He looked at Anna who had resumed dancing and didn’t notice of him, and he took another drink from the bottle.

I don’t know how long I danced. It felt like hours. Last time I checked it was 9:30. And someone just informed me it was past midnight. I didn’t stop drinking, we finished off that bottle together and somehow obtained another without even leaving the dance floor.

At least I don’t think we left.

I don’t exactly remember.

Then I got the brilliant idea to go to the kitchens. Drinking for some reason made me very hungry. I’m dying for a huge slice of pumpkin pie, Merlin I was going to get some.

Isa stumbled down the hallway, still very tipsy from the party. She didn’t meet anyone in the hallway besides couples adjourning to various closets and abandoned classrooms. They themselves were not exactly the soberest of people; so another person under the influence did not cross their radar.

Isa walked past Charlie in the darkened hallway. He seemed to be talking to someone before she pulled him into a closet and closed the door. I’ll have to ask him about that tomorrow.

Isa stopped abruptly and turned around. I thought I heard something. Like footsteps. Isa listened intently, but couldn’t hear anything else. She shrugged and continued down the hallway.

The noise came back, but this time Isa ignored it. Probably some mouse or some prefect trying to screw up everyone’s night. Something crashed to the ground, and Isa stopped once more. The footsteps continued, but then stopped. Isa took a few steps forward and the footsteps followed. Someone’s following me.

“Who’s there?” Isa said trying her best to sound sober turning towards the footsteps. There was no response. There was a quiet shuffling that surrounded Isa, moving to the back of her. Isa whipped around that way. “I have my wand,” she warned. She reached for the pocket of her sweatshirt. She began to panic when she realized that it wasn’t there.

Right. I decided to leave it behind. Shit.

“Or not,” Isa whispered. “Shit.”

“Petrificus Totalus,” whispered a voice. Isa’s arms and legs snapped to her side, frozen in place. She fell backwards and crashed heavily on to the ground. She was right around the corner from the kitchens, but soon she was raised into the air and guided away from there.

She never heard her attacker’s voice besides the time that they cast the body bind curse. In her haze, she couldn’t remember whether or not it had been a male or female voice.

Who was doing this? Why do they do this to me, of all people? What the hell did I do? Fucking prick. Bitch. Lard nugget.

Isa was lead down many stairs cases. The temperature dropped significantly. Dungeons.

After a couple more minutes, Isa was jolted to a stop. There was a jingle of keys, and then a locked loudly being unlocked. A door creaked open. Isa began to move again. This time it wasn’t a smooth movement, but a violent jerking motion, like someone waved their wand wildly. Isa was thrown into a small closet.

She landed heavily on the floor. Her head bounced on the bristles of a broom, and her feet landed lopsided on a small stool.

There were more jingling keys. They’re going to lock it.

“No one’s going to find you here. Not for a while,” a girl’s voice said. Isa’s muscles began to melt. “The only day they use this closet is Thursday, and luckily for me it’s Saturday.”

I know that voice. Isa coughed and pushed herself up. “Glennie?” she coughed out.

“Stay away from James,” Glennie snarled. “He’s mine.”

That was the last thing Isa heard before Glennie slammed the door and locked it.



Dun dun dunnnnnn

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