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Paint It Black by amymoni
Chapter 17 : Chapter Sixteen
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He doesn't know anything. Chances are he had never even met my mother while she was alive. And it was an accident. An accident in the Department of Mysteries that naturally no one was allowed to know any details about. How convenient. No. No, he didn't mean anything. He just said it to get a reaction out of me. There is no way he knows more about it than I do.


My thoughts have been a tangled mess ever since Sirius Black got up and left, leaving me alone to sit on a giant pumpkin and debate whether I'd read too much into his words or not.


Why the hell did he leave?


I swear I've never met anyone quite as frustrating as Sirius Black seems to me at the moment.


And why the hell am I still here?


It sure has been long enough for me to be able to head back to the castle without feeling like I would be running after him. Which I would never do.


“Where are they?”


The voice is no louder than a whisper, yet I find myself sliding to the ground and ducking behind the pumpkins in no time.


I am already crouching on the dirty ground before I realise that it's the familiar voice of Lily Evans.


“They may have already left.”


The second voice is one I can recognise too, but never one I would have expected to hear along with Lily's on a cold November night out on the school grounds after curfew.


Oh, I am aware that James Potter has never had any particular respect for curfew, I just never expected Lily to be his partner in crime.


“We didn't pass anyone on the way here,” my hypocrite of a friend whispers. “Unless you count that big black dog.”


There's a brief pause on Potter's side, one that Lily does not notice, but which I take to mean that he does most definitely count the dog.


“Um, Lily, I don't think this is such a good idea.”




“We could get caught.”


“You said no one can see us.”


And clearly he was not lying considering that, when I dare to take a look over the pumpkin that I'm hiding behind, I do not see anywhere the two people that I know the voices belong to.


“Still,” Potter says, his voice sounding startlingly close to me.


I can even hear their footsteps now, which means that they cannot be that far and makes it even more confusing that I cannot seem to locate them with my eyes.


“James?” Lily suddenly whispers.


The silence that follows indicates that they have both stopped walking.




“Do you realise we just had a conversation where you tried to talk me off breaking a rule?”


Their loud laughter is all that I can hear for a few minutes, before it turns into barely contained giggles on Lily's part, and then gradually stops altogether.


No one speaks for a long time. So long that I actually start wondering whether they have left without me realising it.


Reluctantly, I get up and out of my hiding place and take a look around me.


That's when it happens.


Something silver and shiny falls through the air in front of me and has me drawing my wand, only to realise that it's just an Invisibility Cloak.


An Invisibility Cloak slipping away and revealing a kissing Lily Evans and James Potter.


Of all the things I expected to witness when I came out here to meet Black, Lily Evans and James Potter's first kiss was the most unlikely.


How do I know it's their first kiss?


Well, their movements are too awkward, for one. Or it could be the fact that Potter keeps smiling all the while like he can't believe his luck. Even when the two of them eventually break apart, he doesn't seem to be able to stop smiling like a fool.


He and Lily are just standing there looking at each other and I recognise that as my chance to step in before they start kissing again.


“Potter, if you're quite done snogging Lily, would you mind playing messenger again and asking your great idiot of friend to come back out?”


Both of them jump at the sound of my voice, but Lily gets over the shock in no time.


She folds her arms in front of her chest and turns to look at me sternly.


“What's going on with you two-”


“I'm not hearing any questions until I get mine answered,” I interrupt her. “Potter, would you please-”






“No?” I repeat like an idiot.


“No,” he says again defyingly. “I think I'd rather stay here and keep snogging Lily.”


I am about to tell him that he hasn't changed a bit from his old childish self after all, but then I realise he probably couldn't care less about my opinion as long as he gets to kiss Lily.


“Lily, tell him you're not snogging him again until he gets Black back here.”


“Maybe I would, if I actually knew what was going on,” she tells me pointedly.


They both look at me expectantly in a way that makes me feel cornered.


I consider using the what-happened-to-you-two-hating-each-other card but I already did that the last time they confronted me about Black. Which of course reminds me of the injustice of being the only one interrogated.


“Why don't you go ask Black?” I tell them. “He's the one pretending to know everything.”

Without waiting for a reply, I turn my back to them and head back to the castle, deliberately choosing a different route than the one Sirius Black took.


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Paint It Black: Chapter Sixteen


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