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Fallen Angel by DangerousDraco589
Chapter 1 : In Which Our Characters Evaluate Their Lives
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Hermione Granger awoke in her flat in London on a regular Tuesday morning. It was always the same old routine: wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, get dressed, and head off to her boring job at the Ministry of Magic. Instead of going through Auror training like Harry and Ron had, she settled on a more quiet and peaceful job, thinking she would enjoy not being around danger all the time. Boy, was she wrong. Her job as an office worker for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement was horrendously boring. All she did was sit around all day and do paperwork. The only time she wasn’t unhappy at work was when she was eating lunch, because she got to do that with Harry and Ron.

To Hermione, this was just another regular Tuesday. She did her morning routine and headed off to work, flooing herself in from the fireplace in the abandoned Bakery down the stairs from her flat. Lunchtime rolled around and Hermione sat with her two best friends, listening to the exciting stories of being an Auror. Ron was being courteous, as Hermione had broken it off with him a month ago, saying that she wasn’t feeling a connection between them anymore. They’d been trying to remain friends since then, and everything seemed to go back to normal.

“So, Hermione,” Ron began in a courteous tone, “What’s new in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement?” Harry snorted into his sandwich, and Hermione shot him the dirtiest of looks.

“For your information, Harry, we have been working very hard on a new bill to stop people from illegally opening portals to different time periods. It’s very old magic, and it can lead to very severe consequences for everyone.” Hermione replied, very put out with both of their attitudes towards her job. What she was saying was true, many young wizards were learning how to open portals to different time periods and then returning to find that their entire life was different. The only part of her story that was a lie was that she was working hard on the bill. Her job pretty much just dealt with court dates and sending letters to underage wizards when they use magic outside of school.

“People actually do that?” said Harry, suddenly intrigued. Hermione knew that look; he wanted to try it for himself.

“Harry James Potter, you will not participate in that in any way, shape, or form!” Hermione scolded him. She felt like an old lady looking after two ten year old boys. Ron laughed at Harry and continued eating his sandwich.

“Geeze Hermione, calm down, its not like we were going to ruin our lives or anything. We just thought it’d be cool.” Harry pouted.

“Well, I don’t find it very funny at all, Harry. Peoples lives get ruined when they meddle with time.” Hermione huffed.

The signal for the end of lunch sounded, and Hermione bid goodbye to her friends and headed back to her cubicle. She had finished her paperwork early, but she couldn’t leave or else she’d have it cut from her paycheck. So she just sat and waited for the end of the workday to come around.

As she was thinking, she began to evaluate her life. She was twenty-one years old, and single. The only boyfriend she ever had was Ronald, and even that ended abruptly. She was a boring office worker at the Ministry of Magic, and none of her life goals had been met. She hadn’t gotten married to Ron, she didn’t have and exciting job, and she hasn’t visited America, just like she always dreamed of doing. Her life was a mess, and throughout the rest of the day, she just became more and more depressed about it.

Instead of flooing home like she normally did, Hermione decided to walk home. She was only about a fifteen-minute walk away. As she stepped outside onto the sidewalk, it started pouring rain. ‘Great, just what I need’ she thought to herself. As she walked home, she couldn’t help but notice how stupid it was of her to wear high heels. They were wobbly on the wet sidewalk, and she couldn’t trust herself to walk straight with the tears streaming down her face.

About halfway back to her flat, Hermione was walking by a sewer entrance marked “Maintenance: Do Not Disturb”. She began to feel herself loosing her balance, and it was like what happened next was in slow motion. Her foot slipped to the side and her leg plunged into the open sewer entrance. She could feel the rest of her body following, and tried to grab onto one of the flimsy posts surrounding the sewer. She just barely missed it, and her entire body slipped further down into the sewer entrance. It felt as though there was a force inside the sewer pulling her down, like she was a magnet on a refrigerator.

Hermione couldn’t hold onto the edge of the entrance any longer. She closed her eyes and let go, letting herself fall into the sewer, anticipating a splash and the smell of dung. Instead, she felt herself hit a hard surface with a loud thud.

She opened her eyes and was blinded by bright sunlight. After her eyes adjusted to the light, she saw she was in a field, and about a football field away was a gigantic castle. She just stared at it in awe for a moment. Then reality hit her.

“Holy shit!” she screamed loudly. She heard a snort from behind her, and whirled around. Behind her, sitting on a log at the edge of a forest, was a young boy with dark hair. He looked vaguely familiar, like a younger version of someone she had seen before. Then it hit her.

“You’re Merlin."


It had only been a day since Morgana had betrayed Uther and fled Camelot. Gwen was heartbroken, and Arthur hated to see someone that was like a sister to him become so evil. But none of their feelings even compared to what Merlin was feeling. He and Morgana were good friends, and she was the only one like him in Camelot. Seeing his good friend turn evil and use her magic for evil broke his heart, and when she left, he once again felt alone. Gaius was good company of course, but he was a lot older than Merlin.

When Merlin woke up that day he felt incredibly sad. He did his chores for Gaius half-heartedly, and wasn’t his “usual stupid self” in the words of Arthur. He was polishing Arthurs boots around lunchtime that day, when Arthur suddenly walked up to him. Merlin looked up at him curiously, expecting to see some harsh face and get scolded for polishing the boots wrong. Instead he saw a kind face of a friend.

“Merlin, get up.” Arthur said. Merlin slowly stood, wondering why Arthur was being so nice. “Merlin, I know Morgana’s betrayal has been hard on you. It’s been hard on all of us. I’ve noticed you haven’t been working as hard as you normally do, and I know its because Morgana left us.” Arthur said, with a sad smile on his face. “And of course there’s the fact that you were pining for her…” Arthur continued on.

“Hold on there,” Merlin interrupted. “I was not in love with Morgana! I just, knew what she was going through, that’s all.” Merlin said, trying not to sound too suspicious. Arthur snorted.

“Yeah, because you could relate to a lady of Camelot who had magic powers.” He said sarcastically. Merlin threw him a dirty look. “Anyway, Merlin. I want to give you the day off. Go spend the afternoon grieving for your lost love. But I want you back to work first thing tomorrow morning, understood?” Arthur asked.

“Yes sire, thank you.” Merlin said. Arthur patted his arm and left, leaving Merlin alone with his thoughts.

After about an hour of thinking about how he should’ve helped Morgana more, Merlin stood up and sighed. He looked out the window and saw the field just outside of the castle walls, the sun shining and the grass a bright green. He decided he should go sit out there; fresh air would do him some good.

He walked up the hill to the edge of the forest and sat down on a log, overlooking the castle and the village. He wondered what Morgana was doing now, and if she felt any remorse for what she had done to them.

He had been in Camelot for quite some time now. He had only really met one girl that he had genuine feelings of love for, and she died in his arms after being stabbed with a sword by Arthur. His relationship with Morgana was the closest he had felt to anyone since then, because both of them had magic, and she betrayed him. Merlin began to wonder if he would ever find love again. Although it wasn’t on the top of his list of priorities (such as doing Arthurs’ chores, doing Gaius’ chores, and fulfilling his destiny), he liked to think about what would happen if he met another girl he felt those feelings of love with.

Just as he thought that, he heard a loud ripping noise coming from the sky. Looking up, he saw a white glowing line appear in the sky, and then someone fell from it. Taken aback, Merlin’s first instinct was to get Gaius, for the person fell from a long distance. The person sat up, and Merlin could tell it was a girl. Her hair was long and dark brown, and for an instant, he thought it was Morgana.

But this girl looked different. She was dressed in these revealing clothes, skirt above the knees, and a jacket with a neckline that reached down to right above her breasts. Luckily underneath it was some kind of shirt. Merlin’s alarm faded into interest, which faded into amusement as he watched her take in her surroundings. She looked in awe at Camelot, but that didn’t last long.

“Holy shit!” he heard her scream. That was a phrase he had never heard before, but by the way she was saying it, it couldn’t have been good. He snorted at the funny use of words and the reaction she was having to just falling out of the sky and into a field outside of a huge castle. She whipped her head around and stared at him for a second. He smiled at her with a goofy grin, secretly hoping she wasn’t some trained assassin sent from Morgana. Suddenly her mouth dropped and she said quite bluntly. “You’re Merlin.”

Merlin’s eyes widened. “How do you know my name?” he asked her. He’d never met this girl before in his life. How on earth did she know his name?

“You’re a legend!” she said in awe.

“No,” Merlin said, shaking his head, “I’m a servant. To a prat.” He said that last part with a smile. Yes, Arthur was a prat, but they were friends.

The girl just stared at him. She looked crazy. Her hair was everywhere, her dress was soiled and wet, and the heel of her left shoe was broken off. She looked around for a second and then asked, “Where am I?”

Merlin looked shocked. “You’re in Camelot…” he said, talking to her like she was insane.

“Camelot…” the girls voice trailed off. She walked around in a circle a few times. Then she suddenly noticed her attire. “Crap, I look like a mess.” She said. She reached into the bag she brought with her and pulled out a wooden stick.

“And how is that going to help with that?” Merlin asked.

The girl gave no answer, just silently tapped her head with the stick. Her appearance transformed, and she looked very… proper. Her hair was wavy and sleek and her clothes were no longer soiled and wet.

“How the heck did you do that?” Merlin asked, quickly backing away from her.

“With my wand…?” she replied, looking at him like he was stupid.

“Your… wand?” Merlin repeated, confused. “Oh!” he exclaimed. He smiled a huge smile. “You’re a sorcerer?” he asked. She kind of nodded while still looking at him like he was crazy. “Well, you better go home then, Uther will execute you if he ever found out.”

“I don’t even know how I got here! How am I supposed to go home if I don’t know how I arrived?” the girl began panicking.

“Well, you fell from the sky.” Merlin said. The girl shot him a look.

“I know that, Mr. Smarty-Pants. But last I knew I was in London-”

“London?” Merlin asked. “Where’s London?”

The girl grew quiet. “Shit,” she whispered, pacing back and forth for a second. She began mumbling to herself and Merlin and to strain to hear what she was saying. “… Fell down a sewer, and ended up in the Middle Ages… okay… those stupid young wizards. Don’t they know the consequences? Ugh, if only I had a time turner…”

Merlin began to wonder if this girl was insane. She fell out of the sky and was mumbling about London and sewers and time turners. But the one thing that caught his attention was ‘young wizards’. “Excuse me,” Merlin said, cutting into the girls’ ramble, “what did you say about young wizards? And the Middle Ages? What are those? Where are you from?” he asked.

The girl sighed. “My name is Hermione Granger, and I’m from the future.”

A/N: Hey everyone! This is  my first time writing a crossover! I hope you all enjoy it! I'm kind of making up the Merlin plotline as a go along, I'm not going to plan on following the plotline of the TV show very much, but I'll try to stick to it as much as I can :) I don't own any of the characters from either franchise :) Thanks for reading!

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