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Getting Past the Nerves by Summers_2008
Chapter 3 : Passing Out
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 The next few days were probably the most difficult days. It’s not Addie’s fault, I mean I could say it’s her fault but it’s really my fault.  If I weren’t so inept at talking to girls, this wouldn’t be a problem. For the most part the nausea had gone away after a day or so, and I didn’t vomit on Addie. But my breathing became harder and my palms got sweatier.

“Al, breathe your turning purple!” Addie told me. We were in potions and I was having a hard time concentrating and getting anything done. This was unlike me. Very unlike me I shouldn’t be this bad right now. Oh wait that’s right my potions partner used to be Scorpius and now it’s the very pretty new girl from America who despite my social retardation still wants to know me. I gasped taking in a huge breathe of air and letting it out. I felt like I was going to pass out. “Al are you okay?” Addie asked but her voice seemed far away then my vision started to get blury…

(Adelaide POV)

“Oh Jesus!” I said loudly, grabbing hold of Al so he didn’t fall to the ground and crack his head open. This was not very easy, Al is a big dude. Easily 180 and six foot. He was pretty heavy for my five foot two frame. I lowered him to the ground “uh, Professor, we’ve got a man down!” I said. Uncle Allen rushed over to us and leaned over Al checking his pulse and his breathing.

“Who here can help me get Mr. Potter to the hospital wing?” No one volunteered.

“I’ll help,” I said.

“Okay,” Uncle Allen said. “I will be back shortly please start the clean up process and when I get back I will dismiss you, however if you leave before I get back I will deduct house points and you will serve detention with me,” Uncle Allen pulled up Al by his torso and I grabbed his feet and together we managed to get Al to the hospital wing. I told the nurse what happened and she sent Allen and me away. “You know Addie if you keep making that boy nervous you might actually kill him one day.”

Just about everyone wanted to know why I wanted to be around Albus Potter and I couldn’t really explain it. I was just drawn to him from the first moment I saw him. “way to make me feel bad about being nice to him,” I said. “and Seriously have you seen how some of my class mates treat him.  that skank wad Lindsay something or other acts like he vomited on her on purpose and constantly reminds him how disgusted she is of him. and let’s not forget Patrick Dean who wants to get into my pants. He’s thinks that I’m going to freak out and runaway screaming if Al vomits on me.”

“you got all that from a couple of days?” Allen was impressed.

“the rumors surrounding Albus Potter alone are enough for me to want to be nice to him. And maybe I can get past his nerves and actually get him to talk and laugh like a normal teenage boy.” I said. “Plus, I’m already friends with Rose and Scorpius and they would probably hex me into oblivion if I stopped trying to get through to Al.”

“I get it, you like the guy and his friends, but how is it that he can speak to Rose and not you?” Allen was a bit confused. This was a simple answer.

“She’s his cousin, he can only really talk to his female family members like he talks to Scorpius,” I explained.

“Well now that makes sense,” Allen said as we stepped in the class room there was only one seat that was empty that wasn’t before. “Well I guess Patrick Dean can explain to the rest of Gryffindor house why there are ten points missing and then he can spend tomorrow evening with me. The rest of you may go.” I stayed behind to clean up mine and Al’s station. After classes and explaining to Rose and Scorpius where Al was at lunch I headed to the hospital wing to check on him. the door was open and I could hear Rose and Scorpius talking to Al.

“Well Al, care to explain why you passed out?” Scorpius asked.

“Scorpius be nice, he just woke up,” Rose scolded. “Al, seriously, Addie likes you, you need to get over your fear of girls!”

“I know, Rose, I just… I….” Al fell silent. “I’m afraid I’ll do something stupid and she’ll not talk to me again.” Scorpius started laughing.

“Ouch,” Scorpius cringed as Rose punched him in the arm.

“I think your over reacting and over thinking things Al, you need to just relax and remember to breathe.” Rose said.

“Yeah, breathe Al, you know in and out with the air. I mean you have been doing it since birth why can’t you do it now?” Scorpius was trying to be funny. “Ouch! Dammit Rose that’s my good arm!” he said as she punched him again.

“If you keep acting like a prat, you won’t have and arm, git!” Rose glared at Scorpius.

I cleared my throat to make my presence known. “Hey guys,” Scorpius was rubbing his arm where Rose and punched him.

“Hi, Addie,” Rose smiled. “Al just woke up.”

“Great, I was actually worried about him,” I smiled at Al. Al adverted his eyes. “Seriously, that shade of purple he turned did not look pretty.” Albus mumbled something that sounded like a thanks but I wasn’t sure. “You’re going to be okay for out Hogsmead trip right, I mean I don’t think that I can carry you up here by myself,”

“He’ll be fine,” Scorpius grinned. “So Rose was telling me that you played quiddich back in the states.” Scorpius changed the subject. I chuckled and rolled my eyes.

“Only a little, it was kind of a nerdy sport there,” I said. “like chess or something.”

“Aye, you any good?”

“I don’t know you’ll have to tell me when I try out,” I smirked.

“Yes,” Scorpius celebrated by doing a little victory dance that Rose shook her head at and made me laugh. He almost fell over at the end.




AN: So, yeah I'm going to try and continue this. It may take me a while to update between chapters, so please be patient. I'm getting a promotion at work and so I'll be training for that soon and then maybe I'll be able to update quicker. but in the mean time Reviews are awesome and make my day. ~Summers

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Getting Past the Nerves: Passing Out


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