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Just the beginning by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 1 : Just the beginning
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It was just another normal day at the burrow; Charlie was playing hide-and-seek with Fred and George, Percy had his head buried in a book, and Ron and Ginny were sitting on the kitchen floor with an enchanted version of The Tales of Beedle the Bard that read the stories to them. Molly was near them, sitting at the dining room table writing a letter to Bill (who was in his first year at Hogwarts) when she realised the cupboard opposite her, the one that held the sweets, was opening. At first she thought it was just a trick of the light but the longer she watched it, the wider it was getting. She stood up and shut the cupboard thinking it was just Fred and George playing tricks before returning to her letter, however not even a minute had passed before it started opening again.

“Fred, George, stop that this instant!” She shouted through the Burrow, not entirely sure where they were hiding. A second later two cheeky faces appeared in the Kitchen.


“Stop opening the sweet cupboard boys! I don’t care how hungry you are, everyone will be having dinner shortly.” She explained to them.

“But we didn't open the sweet cupboard, did we George?” Asked Fred, and George quickly nodded to show his agreement

“Just go play with Charlie and behave boys, I’m watching you.” She told them with a slight shake of her head. They both ran off to find Charlie, and the cupboard remained shut for the rest of the day. At six thirty, since Ron and Ginny were the youngest, Arthur and Molly took them up to bed. Molly tucked Ginny in and told her a story about a girl who used to get laughed at but then one day she found out she was a witch, however before she reached the end Ginny’s eyes fluttered shut and she fell asleep with a smile on her face. Giving her a kiss on the forehead Molly quietly walked out of the room and almost walked into Arthur. Holding a finger up to her lips she pointed to Ginny’s room to signal that Ginny was asleep. Opening Ron’s door she walked in and saw him lying on the bed, his favourite teddy bear tucked in next to him, the others lying all over the floor. Smiling at no one in particular she proceeded to give him a kiss on the forehead before leaving the room and going to try and wrestle the twins into bed.


Early the next morning, three thirty early to be precise, Molly was woken up by a loud giggles; groaning to herself she got out of bed and headed into Fred and George's room. She was all set to tell them off, however, to her surprise both the twins were still fast asleep; they even looked somehow angelic which amused Molly a little. When she had left the room she wandered into Ron’s room, which was next door and the sight that met her eyes made her gasp in shock. All of Ron’s teddies were floating in the air, and in the middle sat Ron who looked highly entertained by all the floating toys.

“Who’s my clever little boy; his first time using magic...” she trailed off as she picked Ron up before starting to laugh. “Oh, was that you with the cupboard this morning mister?” Ron just laughed back, clapping his hands together. “Shall we go and tell Daddy then?” Molly asked him, and as they walked out of the room all the teddies fell to the floor with a soft bump.

“Arthur, wake up! Arthur, are you awake?” She half-whispered, half-screamed as she walked into her room and tried not to wake the other children up; it was still early after all.

“Hmm, wa’happened?” he whispered, as he turned to face Molly and was surprised to see her holding Ron.

“Ron just did his first bit of magic! All his teddies were flying about in his room. Well, actually his first was this morning, opening the cupboard door, but I didn't realise it was him. You want to show Daddy, Ron?”

“That’s great, but I don’t think he is going to show me any time soon” smiled Arthur, sitting up and laughing as he watched Ron doze back off in Molly’s arms. Molly laughed quietly before tucking Ron in between her and Arthur. Climbing back into bed, it didn't take her long to fall back to sleep and for the rest of the night Molly slept with a smile on her face, dreaming about Ron and what he would get up to when he finally went to Hogwarts.

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Just the beginning : Just the beginning


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