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Anastasia by Irobbedgringottsandgotaway
Chapter 17 : In Which I Get Expelled (Sort of)
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Disclaimer: Anything recognizable belongs to JK Rowling.




A/N: Boom Bam! that was pretty speedy, huh? Please let me know what you thought in a review!!! Pretty please, love you all!


I swear, everything was going great for me until History of Magic class two days later. For once in my life, I felt like some normal kid, and the pile of secrets in my closet weren't giving me too much grief besides the common little twinge.

And it was all thanks to my fat arse mouth.

Umbridge was waffling on about the iportance of acurateness in notes, as we were just beginning a new unit today, and she hadn't been impressed enough with the notes from our last unit to just leave us be.

I was exhausted enough, as my wolf cycle had begun last night, and I had walked back to school this morning, feeling dazed, exhausted and covered in twigs. This time, I made sure to shower before even letting anyone catch a glimpse of the dirt trodden exhausted me. Of course, there was only so much I could do to cover the bags under my eyes, but I just said I didn't sleep well and people stopped pestering me. At least it was Friday.

After a good ten or fifteen minutes of more about diligence and cleanliness in notetaking, Umbridge introduced the new unit we were covering.

It was WWWII, also known as the second war of the wizarding world, also known as when Harry Potter defeated Voldemort and became everyone's saviour, until several years later when it was rumoured that he was helping death eaters. B.S.

And of course, I called Umbridge out on that.

Mistake numero uno for the day.

Mistake numero uno for the friggin' month.

Okay, i'll admit, the satisfaction might just have been worth it.

"Class, we will now begin our unit on the second wizarding war." Umbridge began that day. "Many of you will have heard different views and opinions on matters regarding the final battles as well as the aftermath. There is a lot of speculation, as well as controversy and betrayal. Well, I am here to clear all this up and tell you the clear, difinitve explanation." She smiled reassuringly, as if to qualm our restless minds as we thought over our differing accounts. "In fact, you children will be the first to read the report the ministry is issuing about what really happened at the famous Battle of Hogwarts, and the true motives of the one Harry Potter."

Whispers broke out amongst the class. I guess this is a hot topic. I too, was curious to know what Umbridge had to say about all this. I knew it couldn't possibly be good, or true one bit.

"Hush, hush." She said soothingly. She picked up a huge stack of papers from her desk and began passing out pamphlets with an almost caricature like depiction of Harry Potter and Voldemort facing off. It was titled, The Battle of Hogwarts; The True Story and Facts of The-Chosen-One vs. He-Who-Musn't-Be-Named and The Happenings in the Aftermath. "This is the pamphlet that is being issued to every wizarding household by the ministry, as well as every class in or above fourth year here at Hogwarts for our use in the classroom. This leaflet was written by one of the Daily Prophet's most trusted authors, as brought about and apportioned by R.I.N., as one of his first acts as Minister of Magic. It will tell you all you need to know about the second wizarding war, and will clear up the pesky rumours about Harry Potter's motives."

The majority of the class was leafing through the leaflets (no pun intended. [okay, maybe a little pun- but just like, a sprig of pun]) as she explained this. Scorp's eyebrows were furrowed as he intently read a page from the middle. A couple of people were nodding, as if the words made perfect sense. I noticed one or two others who looked confused, and another couple who seemed incredulous.

"Allright, please no reading ahead, it will do to begin on page three, section one. Would someone like to volunteer to read? Yes, thank you Priscilla." She said, nodding to Priscilla, who had her hand raised pointedly in the air. Priscilla was a Ravenclaw prefect from our year. John had complained about her once, when she took five points away from her own house because his shirt wasn't tucked in properly. Enough said about Priscilla.

Priscilla tucked a strand of curly/frizzy black hair behind her ear, cleared her throat, and began to read.

"The Ministry of Magic has deemed it time for you to know the true happenings of what went on during the second wizarding war that took so much from us, leaving us in a pile of rubble and confusion. This pamphlet should confirm the facts, while rejecting the false rumours set out by biased individuals.

"To begin, one must ask oneself several various questions. Firstly, who was it that began the war? Secondly, who was it that ended the war? Why did this person end it as he did? What would he possibly gain? For many years, wizards and witches have responded by saying that he did so to free our world of trouble and strife. But that was until it was revealed that our supposed saviour had been immersing himself in dealings with head Death Eaters and known Dark Arts supporter Fenir Greyback. The Ministry of Magic wishes to confirm such revealences, assuring the people that this is fact, while calming those who may be troubled by this statement."

"Yes Scorpius?" Umbridge asked peacefully, a serene smile on her face, as I realized that Scorp had his hand up next to me.

"Is the ministry saying that Harry Potter was a Death Eater?" he asked, a scowl on his face.

"To put it bluntly, it would be a yes, but it's more complicated than that. Why do you ask? Is something troubling you." She put a little concerned face on.

"Nope." Scorp replied brusquely. "Just wanted to clear that up."

"Thank you. Priscilla, you may continue." She nodded to the girl.

"Within this pamphlet, you will find witness statements and facts about the night this was revealed, as well as an insider's reassurances of Mr. Potter's involvement with their Dark Arts. Once again, the ministry would like to assure you that any qualms you may have regarding this will be put to rest.

"To begin, it must be known, that on that fateful night fourteen years ago, Harry Potter made a deal that people would describe as ghastly or shocking. But our inside source described it; "Twas the final confirmment of Harry Potter's turn to our forces, establishing him as a leader, one that would take over from You-Know-Who.' One of our leading reporters described it neatly.

"'The night that Potter took over the Death Eaters was just too perfect a setup. The ministry was rising to a high power, and Potter was unhappy with how things were going. He knew that he would have to make an exchange to secure his spot as the Death Eater's new leader, and that it would have to be big. We didn't know much back then, as witnesses were hiding from Potter's recompensation, and the most important witnesses had either dissappeared with the Death Eaters, were under the age of five years old, or was trapped in a coma. It was convenient how nicely Potter covered his tracks, going as far as to supress his own wife from ever being able to tell us what really happened. There was no way Ginny Weasley would have kept quiet shoulod her husband agree to give over his only daughter in exchange for his position as head Death Eater.'

"Yes, Harry Potter was the impetus in the plan to take his own daughter. It is revealed now that she was entered into the ranks of Fenir Greyback's rising army of young children, and that she remained there for thirteen years and eight months before being taken in by the Ministry with the other children among her ranks. She now remains there, among the other unstable young adults of Greyback's relinquished ranks. Amanda Ceely, receptionist to Hermione Granger-Weasley, speaks of the girl,

"'Yes, I do believe I have met her. I know just who you're talking about. Troubled little thing, seemed very confused when I met her, poor thing was very weak and fazed...'"

"This is bullshit." I said softly, so that only Scorp could hear me.

"What?" He asked. I guess he couldn't hear me after all.

I looked at him. "This is absolute, utter crap."

Before he could reply, Umbridge interupted. "Is there something you would like to share with the rest of the class Miss Chase?"

"This is Bullshit." I said, not able to stop the word vomit coming out of my mouth.

"Sorry? Would you like to repeat that?" She said, her eyes begging me to defy her agian.

"This is Utter Crap, Bullshit and Rubbish." I said strongly.

The whole class was absolutely silent. John was staring at me as if I had suddenly laid an egg, and Scorp was concentrating hard on my face, his eyebrows scrunched up yet again.

"Miss Chase, there is no need for such vulgar language, and I assure you, that although this may trouble you, the Ministry wishes only to spread the truth. Now, I'm afraid that your brash, and unprecedented outburst will have to have some sort of consequences. I will ask that you see me after class to determine your punishment and that you please remain quiet for the rest of the class, so as not to disturb the rest of the class in their quest to untangle the truth." She said, her lips tight in a little smile, while her eyes blazed over me in fury.

"But you're teaching them lies." I countered.

"Miss Chase, don't make this worse for yourself." She warned.

"Why not? But this is absolute shit." I stood up.

"Miss Chase, sit down right now and be quiet."

"Why should I care? You're feeding every wizarding household with lies, and people won't stand for it."

"Miss Chase, I'm losing my patience. You are the only one who seems to think so, and I assure you, whatever you think to be true is FALSE." She said, her voice raising at the end.

"It's All False!" I said back to her. "All of it! Why do you even bother feeding people this crap?"


"Do it." I probed calmly. "Because I'm not sitting."

"Anna..." Scorp whispered. "You're being ridiculous. Just calm down."


She stormed down the aisle where she grabbed me by the arm. I shook her off, but led the way out of the classroom, abandoning my things, with the eyes of my classmates following me out the door. "Class, please continue reading for the last several minutes of class." She said on her way out the door. Like they would sit and read after what just happened. I silently followed her down the corridors to the Headmistress's office where she resided outside of class.

We reached the gargoyle, Umbridge spitting out, "Robert" before heading up the steps with me behind her.

"Have a seat Miss Chase." She said coldly, taking her place behind the desk that looked like roses had farted on before adding some doilies to it.

"I believe that we will have to set up arrangements to have you expelled. I can't say i'm disappointed, however, it will cause the ministry a good deal of paperwork." She took out a form from her desk and began scribbling furiously with a huge, pink feathered quill.

She finished filling out the form and sent it off with an owl out the window.

"Well, now I'm afraid that we just have to wait for a response from the ministry." She said as she made herself a cup of tea, dumping sugar in the cup and swirling it around.

"Do you want some tea with that sugar?" I muttered sarcastically under my breath.

"What was that dearie?" She said, smiling serenely, happy to be recieving her justice.

"Nothing." I smiled as overbearingly as I possibly could back at her.

She hemmed and sat down at her desk where she began looking over some papers from third years about the rights of House Elves.

She tsked. "Silly child, house elves don't have a right to be paid more than a wizard." She muttered, shaking her head.

I moved to correct her, but stopped myself, figuring that might be overkill.

I sat quietly for about twenty minutes before there was a knock on the door to Umbridge's office.

"Come in." She says sugarly (yes it's a word).

"Er, Miss Umbridge, I wus wunderin' when... well, hullo there Anna." Hagrid said, appearing behind the door, seeing me. He looked between me and Umbridge. "Er, wha' are you doin' here?" He asked confused.

"She got into a bit of trouble mouthing off in my class Hagrid. I'm afraid she is facing her punishment now." Umbridge explained. "I'm afraid I will not be able to help you for some time Hagrid, as I am previously occupied."

Hagrid shifted awkwardly. "Er, allrigh' then. I'll jus' go." He said, scratching his beard and looking at me one more time. "You're not gunna expell Anna are you?"

"That is out of your control Hagrid." Umbridge said tightly.

"Bu' you can't expel Anna!" He exclaimed. "You jus' can't."

I smiled at him, but Umbridge simply said, "Hagrid, please go now."

"Er, allrigh',bu' you can't expel her. Please don't."

"Goodbye Hagrid." She said curtly.

Hagrid took one more tentative step out the door, closing it hesitantly.

Umbridge tutted.

It was another five minutes before the door blew open once again.

"Delores, what's this I hear about you expelling my students?" Professer McGonagall asked angrily, sweeping into the room.

"Well, nothing has been determined yet, as we are still waiting to hear back from the Ministry any minute now." She said tightly, smiling yet again.

"Delores, I won't stand for this. Not when the student in question has nowhere to go."

"Well, you don't even know why she's here, do you?" Umbridge asked as an owl flew in through the window carrying a brief note. Umbridge read the note over before saying, "Oh, how wonderful. Someone is coming from the Ministry right now to determine this. I can explain it to you at the same time."

Just then, the fireplace erupted in green flames, and out stepped a familiar red headed man with glasses and pin-striped robes and and a bow tie.

Percy Weasley.

Either this was really good, or really bad.

"Percy Weasley?" Umbridge asked, somewhat miffed. "Why on earth would they send you?"

I decided it was a good thing.

He looked at me, betraying recognition for a split second before composing his face. I decided not to awknowledge any familiarity, following his lead, as he was my ticket to not being expelled.

"I'm representing the Department of Magical Education." He replied stiffly. "I hear you wish a student to be expelled, and that there are special situations which ministry assistance is required?"

"Yes, this student right here. Anna Chase." She replied.

"And what are the grounds for this expulsion?" He asked.

"Yes. What are your grounds Delores?" McGonagall asked impatiently.

"She was denigrating a ministry-issued pamphlet with vulgar language and refused to back down to my authority." She explained almost smugly.

I rolled my eyes when she wasn't looking. I mean, c'mon. My language wasn't even close to vulgar. I could do so much worse. 'Shit' doesn't even qualify as vulgar.

"What ministry-issued pamphlet?" Percy asked, his eyebrows scrunching together. "I don't remember the department ever signing off on a pamphlet for classes here."

"That's because the Minister himself signed off on it himself. In fact, every wizarding household will recieve the same copy tomorrow morning, along with all suscribers of the Daily Prophet." She explained, now really smugly.

"And what just is this pamphlet of?" McGonagall asked, her hands on her hips.

"See for yourself. I have copies right here." Umbridge opened her bottom drawer, pulling out a large stack of the said pamphlets, handing a copy to both Percy and McGonagall.

Percy was mildly startled at the sight of the cover.

McGonagall just looked furious.

"What is this? You didn't think to consult any of us Heads of Houses about what you decide to teach our students?" She asked, indignified. "I'm sure we would have had something to say about this."

"May I remind you that you're Head of House for one pupil, and she is currently being expelled?" Umbridge said. "And I was only following the Minister's requests."

"He's only been in office for two weeks!" McGonagall exclaimed.

"You know, I really don't think this is grounds extreme enough to require expulsion." Percy added.

You know what, I really am liking this Percy dude. Not to mention McGonagall kicking ass over Umbridge.

"And why is that?" Umbridge asked firmly.

"Well, no one bothered to inform our department of this pamphlet being taught here in the first place, and it just seems a bit brash." He explained. "Not to mention this student has nowhere to go after expulsion except an orphanage."

"I agree completely." McGonagall said. "Detentions will be suffice punishment. Now if you don't mind dismissing Anna and giving her a punishment proper for the circumstances, we have things to discuss that are less trivial."

"Fine." She humphed. "Miss Chase, I want to see you in my office every Tuesday night for detention untilI deem it unessecary."

"Fine." I say, leaving the office as quick as I can. "Thank you." I say to McGonagall and Percy.

Umbridge: -2

Team Awesome (me, McGonagall, Percy Weasley): like 5,000

'nuff said.


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