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Like Father, Like Son, right? by Ih8Voldemort
Chapter 4 : Butterflies are Evil
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"What, exactly, are you doing here?" My voice was carefully controlled, my mask cool and composed.

And he obviously wasn't fooled.

Although, I noted, his smug expression was looking more than slightly strained. So I wasn't the only one who wasn't happy about my new dormie.

I was going to find whomever made that tent list and curse them to forever have their noses pressed up against James' dirty underwear.

Okay, maybe that was a bit harsh.

Wait, no. They paired me with MALFOY. No, it wasn't too harsh. They obviously wanted chaos on this trip, otherwise they wouldn't have placed us in the same camping trip, let alone the same TENT.

I sighed internally and turned my attention back to the evil blond (albeit good-looking) monster standing in front of me, somehow still smirking despite our predicament. What a prat.

I looked at him.

He looked at me.

I frowned.

He smiled.

I-wait, did he just smile at me? Why would he DO that?! Was he TRYING to make me uncomfortable?

Of course he was, he was Scorpius Malfoy. 

I sighed. "Okay, who put us in a tent together?"

"I don't know. If I did, they would be in some intense pain right now." Charming. Just lovely. 

But I did agree with him. Darn.

He looked at me strangely. Dammit, did I say that out loud too?

He opened his mouth, probably to confirm my suspicions, and I slapped my hand across his mouth.

"Not one word, Malfoy." I threatened.

He raised an eyebrow as if to say, 'you do this a lot?'. I rolled my eyes, trying to ignore the tingling in my fingertips as I felt his lips stretch into what had to be a smirk. Oh, boy.

Ow! I felt a sharp pain in my left hand, the one that I had been silencing Malfoy with. 

Wait a sec-did he just BITE me?! 

Who DOES that? (rhetorical question, please don't answer)

I got up, pushing past Malfoy and out of the tent. He grabbed my arm, then realised what he had done and snatched the other one, effectively preventing me from moving or hitting him. I raised my knee, aiming for - well I guess you can figure it out. But, unfortunately, he saw it coming and pushed me away from him. 

He ran a hand through his blond hair. "Listen, I'm sorry I bit you...Rose." I froze in shock. He did NOT just APOLOGISE to me. And he did NOT just call me by my first name. It was just too stunning. 

So I did what any sane person would do, when apologised to by said person's arch-enemy.

I fainted.

Yeah, yeah. I know what you're thinking. I was thinking it too. Fainting. Heroic, huh?


Ugh. My HEAD! It felt as though some small elves wearing steel-toed boots were jumping up and down on my brain. Ouch.

I sat up, clutching said head and, immediately, the room started spinning. Well, the tent started spinning. Oooooh, ow.

I sighed, letting go of my aching head to look for my wand. I turned my head to my left side, then my right. Huh. Everything was normal and in its rightful place.... wand.....Malfoy.....still no wand....wait-MALFOY?

I stared. He was lying next to me, curled against my side. His face was open, free. It was lacking his usual smugness and arrogance, his expression almost childlike. He had one arm tucked under his head and the other was....

....draped across my waist. Huh. How did I not notice that before? Strange.

WHOA WHOA WHOA! Why is HIS arm draped across MY waist?! I froze. WTF?

He stirred, shifting. Closer to me.

Aw, Hell.


As if he could hear my internal rant, Scor-Malfoy (I do not want to call him by his first name!) lifted his head, staring at me through bleary eyes.
"Weasley? What are you doing here?" I raised an eyebrow.

"I should ask you the same thing." He looked down, at how close we were and how his body was curled around me. Surely he didn't get into this position on PURPOSE.

"Ah, shit."

Thought so.


Malfoy stared at me.

I stared at Malfoy.

Lexi ripped open the tent flap.

"Wakey wakey, eggs 'n bakey!" she cried. I tore my eyes away from Malfoy's to look at her.

"You realise you're getting more and more like your mother, Lex."

She gasped dramatically, "Blasphemy!"

I sniggered. What a drama queen. I kept giggling.

Until she lunged forward and grabbed my neck.

"What the Hell!" I yelped, squirming away from her. She laughed sadistically. 

And I did the one thing that I never thought I would do without being coerced into it. I asked Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy for help.

Snigger. Scorpius Hyperion.

"Scorpius, help me!"

Everything froze. Lexi stopped trying to strangle me and Malfoy stopped trying to not get hit by my flailing arms. I closed my eyes.

I did NOT just ask HIM for help. No no no no no!

"WHAT did you just say?" Lexi choked out, breaking the tension-filled silence.

Okay, now I knew how Scor-MALFOY felt.

"Ah, shit."

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