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Crash and Burn by SayaEvange
Chapter 2 : False Hopes
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 “I’m so excited, aren’t you, Nen?” Sarah asked in an annoying voice. She was putting the finishing touches on her costume. It was tradition for the four of us to pick a theme for our costumes and this year happened to be goddesses. Surprisingly, Sarah hadn’t picked Aphrodite; she chose Hecate, the Goddess of the Crossroads (or the Witch Goddess). Lily decided to go with Hera, the Queen of the Gods, and Carrie was dressed as Metis, the Goddess of Prudence. My costume was that of Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt, and I was quite excited to be going as her even if I wasn’t happy about where I was wearing the costume to.

“Oh yeah,” I mumbled as I fiddled with my hair. I had decided to just do it in one long braid that would hang over my shoulder. It seemed fitting for being a huntress. I grabbed the crescent moon headband and put it on, completing my outfit. I looked at my roommates and wondered what we were going to do next Halloween.

“Sarah, you look cute,” Lily complimented as she slipped her feet into golden sandals.

The blonde looked in the mirror, admiring herself. “I do look cute. Sirius is just going to love this.” I rolled my eyes and Carrie made like she was going to smack Sarah. “Just to give you forewarning, don’t wait up for me.” She turned to the rest of us and smiled. “He isn’t going to be able to keep his hands off me if you catch my drift.” Sarah turned back to look at herself while Lily cringed. Care shuddered as I suddenly coughed. That was a picture I didn’t want to have hanging around in my head.

“Nienna, I think you caught Siri’s cough. You really shouldn’t play doctor so much.”

I nodded, unable to say anything. My two other roommates had puzzled looks on their faces, but I shrugged my shoulders like I was just as clueless and went to grab the silver colored hunting bow on my bed. I thought for a moment about whether or not to take it before deciding against it. It would just get in the way.

“Is everyone ready?” Carrie questioned, getting impatient. We could already hear the loud music coming from the Common Room. “It’s going to be half over if we don’t get our butts down there.”

Without a word, Lily and I grabbed hold of Sarah and pulled her away from the mirror and out of our dorm room. Care shut the door behind us and we hurried down the staircase.

Once we reached the bottom, we all split up. Lily took off to the side of the room farthest from James Potter, Carrie headed straight for the refreshments, and Sarah went in search of her boy toy. I stood by the steps watching all of Gryffindor Tower party it up. It was obvious that half of them were already drunk and the rest of them were on their way.

I didn’t really know what to do. I always felt out of sorts at parties, especially when my best friends left me. So I stood there, out of the way of everyone else, feeling like a lame duck.

“Well, well, well, look who decided to show up. It’s my personal healer.”

I knew at that very moment that I should just run back up the steps, but I couldn’t. Instead, I forced myself to look up at the person who had just appeared beside me.

“Hello, Sirius,” I replied as calmly as possible. He was dressed as the warrior Achilles, or at least the part of him that was clothed was. He was half naked and I foolishly wondered if he even had his boxers on. I could feel a hot blush creep into my cheeks at the places my mind was going. The grin on his face made it worse.

“You know, you should think about wearing that all the time. It really makes you stand out from the rest of the girls in this place.”

I snorted at the thought, trying to not pay attention to the words coming from his mouth. “Sarah’s looking for you.”

He shrugged and took a drink from the glass in his hand. “Who cares? I’m done with her anyways.”

Before I could stop it, my mouth dropped open, making him grin again. “Wha…why?” I already knew the answer.

“I’m over her. She no longer…captivates me.”

“Does she know?” I didn’t like how annoying Sarah was about Sirius and was actually kind of glad that it was over, but I didn’t want her to get hurt like that.

“I told her, but I think she thought I was joking. I said, ‘Babe, it’s over’. She looked dumbly at me and then laughed and walked away.”


His grey eyes were locked on mine, making it impossible to look away. “Besides, I’ve already moved on.”

“Ha…have you now?” I stumbled over my words, my heart speeding up. He nodded and moved a little closer, so he didn’t have to talk so loud.

“Yeah, you see, I’ve become completely enamored by this little brunette that I know.” All I could do was stare. He wasn’t really starting this again, was he? “In fact, I think you know her too.”

“Do I?”

Sirius nodded, his raven hair falling playfully in his eyes. “She seems to have dressed up as a Greek Goddess tonight. I think she knew how turned on I get by goddesses.” He winked at me and I thought I might just faint.

“I’m sure she didn’t,” I muttered.

Then it’s just a magnificent coincidence, isn’t it? So tell me, where is that sexy friend of yours?”

My heart fell. I couldn’t believe that I had really started to fall for that, thinking he was talking about me. “Care’s over by the drinks.”

“Thanks, Nen.” Just as quickly as he appeared, he was gone, off to find my best friend. I thought for a moment that I was going to cry. The lump was growing in my throat, but I pushed it down. There was no way I was going to let Sirius Black ruin the night for me. I made my way to the dance floor and grabbed hold of the closest available guy. I didn’t even bother looking at who it was at first. My goal was to get Sirius out of my head and with the help of dance moves that would have made my Mum blush that was accomplished. Oh, and a few glasses of spiked punch.

“I never knew you could be this wild,” a voice said to me as a Hobgoblins song ended. I finally took notice of the dance partner I had been using. He was tall, lean, and hair so blond he could have been a Malfoy. It was Nykolas Duritz, a good looking sixth year who was waging a seemingly never ending war over female attention with Sirius. Of course he was losing. Black needed only to exist to gain attention, but Duritz had a little more trouble. Whether it played a part or not in their mutual dislike of each other I didn’t know.

“Well, if you hadn’t noticed I’m not me tonight. I’m Artemis.” I took a step back and showed off my costume. As I waved my hands in front of my costume my head started to spin so I grabbed hold of Nykolas.

“I see that,” he laughed and placed his arms around me. My forehead rested against his chest. “You know,” he whispered in my ear. I struggled to focus on his words. I was feeling disoriented and my head was now pounding. I held onto him tighter, afraid that if I let go I would fall to the floor. “I think we should ditch this party. I know a great place we could go for some privacy.”

I slowly nodded into his musketeer tunic because any other response would result in my loss of my headrest. He led me through the crowd and out into the dark corridor.

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Crash and Burn: False Hopes


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