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Hermione Zabini?? Why me... by Dracos Sex Goddess
Chapter 9 : Cabinets and Weasley's
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“Mione.  Mione come on wake up.”  I could here Ginny’s voice and could feel her shaking me, but I did not want to leave dream land. 


“Hermione pleaseeeee.  I need you to make me a hang over potion, my head is killing me.”  She whined.


“What time is it?”  I mumbled; my head still buried in my pillow.


“9 o’clock.”


“I only got 6 hours of sleep.  Go back to bed.”  I growled angrily.  Yup 6 stinkin hours.  Couldn’t fall asleep for at least an hour when I climbed into my bed this morning.  Stupid ferret haunting my thoughts!


“Mione please, I’ll do anything...”


“Fine.  I’m up.”  I still laid there until Ginny ripped my covers off.  I growled and got up to go to the bathroom.  My hair was a mess, I had eyeliner everywhere and I was still wearing my corseted dress.  Do I care at the moment?  No.  I just want to go back to bed.  When I came out Ginny was sitting on the edge of the bed drinking the water I left for her the night before.


“Ok, Liam said something about Blaise having a ton of hang over potion in his room so I’ll go in there and get it for you.  You owe me though.”  I told Ginny.


“Thank you.  And can you not be so loud?”  She whispered to me as I left the room.


I opened Blaise’s bedroom door a tad so I could slide in and tiptoed around the sleeping boys on the floor.  Blaise had his face buried in a pillow and Liam was asleep on the couch by the fireplace.  Hmm, where does a person keep potions?  Bathroom?


I looked around the bathroom but didn’t find anything.  I tiptoed back out into his room and looked around.


“Where the bloody hell would he keep it?”  I whispered to myself.  Liam said it was in a cabinet I know that much.  It wasn’t in the cabinet above or below his sink.  I scanned the room looking for anything resembling a cabinet.  Aha!  There was a black cabinet on the fireplace mantel. 


I tiptoed around the couch to make sure I didn’t wake Liam.  ‘Shit.  Bloody things locked.’  I thought to myself.  I was on tiptoe to see if there was a key anywhere on the mantel when I heard someone floo in and knock into me.  With a scream I fell to the floor with a body on top of me. 


“Bloody hell!”  Liam yelled.  I guess everyone woke up at the sound of my scream. 


“Mione?!”  Oh good, even Ginny heard me.


I looked up to see who was still on top of me and my eyes met a set of oceany grey ones.  Shit!  I look like hell and this is how he sees me after he left yesterday?  Universe why do you hate me so damn much!!!???


“Well, well, well.  If it isn’t the know-it-all Gryffindor Princess.”  He drawled while making no attempt to move.  Ugh, that damn smirk is back.  Hate you Malfoy…


I started pushing him, but he just laid more of his weight on me.  “Malfoy get the bloody hell off me.”  I growled at him.


“No, I don’t think I will Granger.  I’m rather comfortable.”  He said as he laid his head on my chest.  This is kind of nice… but not really appropriate when I’m supposed to hate this guy.


“Draco get off my sister please, I don’t think we need another episode like yesterday.  Do we?”  Blaise asked him tiredly.  Malfoy slowly got off of me and stood up.


“No I guess not.”  He said lazily.


Liam came to help me up.  I looked towards Malfoy and saw him grimace when my hand connected with Liam’s.  Malfoy then looked away.


“Weaslette.  Didn’t see you there.  What are you doing in Zabini Manor?”  Malfoy asked Ginny.


Pointing to herself she said “Hermione’s best friend.  Remember Malfoy, or did you obliviate yourself after your kind lost the war?”  Ouch Ginny.  That was a little harsh.  I thought you told me to give him a chance.


I saw Malfoy’s fists clench and his jaw tighten.


“I’m sorry Malfoy that was uncalled for.  I had no right to say that.”  Ginny looked ashamed.  Everyone looked like they just saw the start of WWIII.  


Blaise moved over to Ginny and put an arm around her shoulders.  “So, what’s up Draco?  I never expected you to be awake this early during summer holiday.” 


Malfoy gave Blaise and Ginny a confused look before relaxing a bit and answering.  “It’s like 9:30 Blaise.  What happened last night, you all look like shit.  Oh, especially you Granger.  What the hell is all over your face?”  Malfoy turned back to look at me. 


“Eyeliner.”  I mumbled while looking at the floor.  Liam looked at my face and started to wipe off the eyeliner that had gotten down to my cheeks while I slept.  I heard Malfoy growl and looked up to see him baring his teeth.  What the hell, I wonder if he knows he’s acting like a complete ass.  He looks like a stupid wolf.  Ha.  Stupid ferret wolf. 


You jealous Malfoy?  Some one else is touching me, you have a problem with it?  Too bad you jerk.  You haven’t cared in the past 7 years, why now?  How is it possible to hate and like someone at the same time?  He’s so nice to look at, but then he opens his mouth.


“So, Granger.  Why is there eyeliner half way down your face?  Shouldn’t it be on your eyes?  And what’s with the dress?”  Malfoy asked through clenched teeth while his eyes roamed over my body.


I folded my arms across my chest and glared at him.  “Yes, Malfoy.  But this is what I slept in since Liam and I didn’t go to bed till around 2 this morning.”  Take that ferret.  I felt a smirk crawl its way onto my face and stared at Malfoy.  Shit, I know that look.


He slowly made his way towards us with fire in his eyes.


“Draco?”  I heard Blaise call.


“Malfoy...”  I tried but it didn’t work.  He grabbed my arm and pulled me behind him while pointing his wand at Liam’s heart.


“DID YOU TOUCH HER?!”  Malfoy screamed at Liam’s terrified face.


“N-no!  Draco calm down mate.  Nothing happened.”  Liam said while backing away with his hands up.


What do I do what do I do?  Poor Liam this is all my fault.  Why did I have to be such a smart ass?


“Malfoy!”  I screamed at him and tried to yank my arm out of his hand but to no avail.


He did however slowly lower his wand and then turned to face me.




My hand collided with the side of his face.  I heard a few gasps from around the room.  Why is it that I am always slapping Draco Malfoy?  Oh yeah, cuz he’s crazy!


He let go of my wrist and brought his hand up to his cheek.


“Hermione, I…”  He started, but I was not going to let him defend the stunt he just pulled.


“WHO THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!  You do NOT own me Malfoy.  And you will NOT treat my brother’s or my friends the way you just did.”  I yelled at him and started to walk away.


“Hermione…”  I heard him call behind me.  I turned around quickly and looked him in the eye.


“Do not talk to me Malfoy.  And it’s Granger to you.”  I seethed and exited the bedroom.


Stalking down the hall I yelled “GINNY!”  And soon after heard hurried footsteps behind me.


I heard Ginny shut my door and I lost it.


“AHH!  That boy makes me so mad!  What the hell was he thinking?!  He could have hurt someone!  It’s like he thinks I’m his property or something!”  I was screaming while stomping around my room.  Finally I fell face first onto my bed.


“Why does my life have to be so complicated Gin?  Why did he do that?”  I mumbled into my comforter.


“Because he likes you.”


My head snapped up.  “What?!  Ginny are you still drunk?  He doesn’t like me, he barely knows me!  All we did was kiss.  Once!”


“Fine, but what other reason was there for him to act like that?  Did you see the way he looked at you guys when Liam was cleaning off your face?  He wanted to murder him just for touching you.”  She huffed and threw up her hands.


“Yeah I saw it but all that means is he’s a possessive asshole that is lusting after me from one kiss and thinks he can just walk around hexing anyone he wants.  Typical Slytherin.” 


“Fine have it your way Mione.  But I’m telling you, there is something more than just lust going through his head.”  Ginny said.


Knock knock knock


“Come in.”  I called over my shoulder, still lying on my bed.  Why do people have to be so bloody insane…?


“Huh, blue carpet today, weird.  Doesn’t go well with the purple and black scheme you’ve got going on sis.  You ok?”  Blaise came in and sat on the bed next to me.


“I guess so… and I didn’t mean to change the carpet, it just happened when I stepped in before.”  I said.


“Hey, yeah I was wondering why it was different from when I arrived.  So you can change it whenever you want?”  Ginny asked in amazement.  Yeah, it is pretty cool.


“Yeah, mainly just when you set your mind to it or are feeling a big emotion.  Everything else in the room does that too.  I’ll show you later.”  I told her.


“So, what was that with Draco?  I think he’s got it bad Mi.”  Blaise said while rubbing my back.


“That’s what I said!”  I heard Ginny huff and then I felt the bed sink a little more from her weight.


What do I say?  Do I tell them I like him even though he’s a complete nutter? 


I lifted myself onto my elbows.  “I don’t know Blaise.  We had a fight yesterday morning after you punched him and he took off.  I mean I think he wanted a relationship with me!  Me, Hermione Granger!  I tried to explain to him that with him being who he is it would probably never work.” 


“Ouch.  So you just flat out told him that because his last name is Malfoy that you won’t be with him?  No wonder he was pissed.”  Blaise said looking sympathetic.


“Why does everyone keep saying that!?  You guys both know my past with the Malfoy’s, how am I just supposed to forget it all?  I have the scars to prove I went through hell with them.”  I told them as I now paced in front of my bed.


“Yeah, but Mi the war changed a lot of things.  Like I told you that first night I really met you at your house.  It changed a lot of people.  It made him grow up.  He’s not the same self centered prick you used to know.”  Blaise tried to reassure me.


I heard Ginny huff and I turned to Blaise while pointing at my door.  “Oh, no?  Then what the bloody hell do you call that?  What just happened?”


“Ok, ok I admit that was a little intense, but that’s the first outburst I have seen from him all summer.”  Blaise said while holding his hands up in surrender.  “Just cool down a little and let’s go hang around the pool today ok?  Liam is waiting to say goodbye to you girls before he leaves, needs to go to work in a couple hours.  So, you guys change and then come to my room.” 


As he was about to leave he turned to let me know that Pete, Chris and Malfoy would also be joining us for the day. 


“Hmm.  Well, 2 can play at this game.  Gin, we are going to change, go say goodbye to Liam, then floo to your house to get some of our friends.”  I told her with a smile on my face.


“What?  No, no way.  Hermione if my brother sees me with Blaise he’s guna freak!”


“Don’t worry; I’ll take care of Ron.  I’ll tell him I’ll let his whole family know the real reason we broke up.  He won’t mess with you.”  I frowned a little at the memory.


“Wait, what’s the real reason?  I just thought you didn’t like him anymore.”  Ginny gave me a puzzled look.


“That my dear redhead is for Ronald and me to know, and you to possibly find out.  Ok, now here’s the plan.  You should go say bye to Liam while I get changed, then floo home and tell my whole story to everyone that’s there so it won’t be huge shock when a total stranger shows up in their living room.  Then I guess I’ll deal with whatever they have to throw at me when I get there.” 


“I guess that works.  So who are you planning on bringing back here?  You know my brother and Harry will flip out when they see Malfoy.”


“Yeah, well they might try to behave themselves.  I don’t know it might be fun to see them scream at Malfoy.”  I smiled at her.


She just shook head and told me I’m crazy.  “You’re guna be the death of that poor boy you know that right?”  She told me from the doorway.


If he wants to be a prick then let him.  I can be a bitch right back.


Ginny was back within a matter of minutes.


“Ok, I said you would be there in a minute to say goodbye while I change.  Here goes nothing.”  She said as she stepped into the fireplace.  With a shout and some powder she was gone.


I walked over to my dresser to pull out my red and white polka dot bikini.  The top was a bandeau and the bottom had ties on the sides.  I went in my bathroom to change, wash my face of all traces of makeup and to brush my hair.  Pulling on a jean skirt and tank top I was on my way to say goodbye to Liam.


“Should I knock this time since they’re awake?”  I guess so.  I knocked 3 times and heard a ‘come in’ so I opened the door and walked into the bedroom.


“Hey Mi.”  Blaise greeted me, and then went back to his card game with Chris.  Pete was no where to be seen, I guessed he was in the bathroom getting changed.  Liam was sitting on the couch by the fire and Draco was sitting by the window staring at me.  Geez, problem much?  All the guys except Liam were in swim trunks and t-shirts.


I tried to ignore Malfoy and walked over to Liam to say goodbye.  He stood up once I got in front of him. 


“I had a great time last night Mia.  I hope we can hang out again soon or just come into the bookshop for a visit.”


“I had a lot of fun too; it was great learning about yours and Blaise’s childhoods.  And basically everything else in your life.”  I said with a smile and laugh.


He laughed along with me and pulled me into a hug.  I saw Malfoy stand up across the room.  Oh boy, oh boy what’s he going to do now?  Liam released me and stepped into the fireplace.  He leaned out and kissed my cheek before shouting his address and throwing down the floo powder.


I heard an angered huff and turned in time to see Malfoy’s blonde head leave the room and the door slam.


“Jesus Mia, what did you do to that poor guy?”  Pete had come out of the bathroom and witnessed Malfoy leaving in anger.


“Nothing that he hasn’t done to me in the past.  I’ll meet you guys down by the pool in a little while.  I need to go have a chat with Ginny, ok?”  I asked while heading for the door.


“Ok.”  I heard Blaise reply.


What is wrong with him?  He doesn’t even know me.  This is ridiculous.  He’s ridiculous.  Ok breathe Hermione.  You have a big task to accomplish in a few minutes.


I stopped just outside Blaise’s door and turned to look down the hall.


“I should probably ask mother if I can have some friends over.”  I made my way across the hall, down the stairs and up the other side.  Mother was usually in her office in the morning.


I knocked on the big wooden doors and heard a “come in” from within.  I opened the doors to see her sitting behind her big grand desk made from teak.  She looked up and gave me a sweet smile.


“Oh sweetheart, what brings you to this side of the manor so early in the day?”


“I was just wondering if I could invite some friends over for the day?  Blaise has 3 guy friends here and I would like to invite some so I don’t feel left out.”  I told her in the sweetest voice I could muster.  Play the good child, get what you want.


“Of course Mia.  You don’t have to ask me when you want to invite people over, your brother never does we know that.”  She said with a laugh in her voice. 


“Thanks mum!”  I ran out of her office closing the door behind me and headed for my room.


Ok, brush the teeth and hair again. Make sure you look presentable.  Calm down.  You can get through this.


After finishing my self assigned tasks I locked my bedroom door, grabbed a handful of floo powder and stepped into the fireplace.


“Ok… now or never.”  I told myself. 


“The Burrow!”  I shouted then threw my powder down and was gone in a flash.


I stepped cautiously out of the fireplace and into an empty living room.  Everything looked the same as always.  I wonder where everyone is, it’s usually an assault on the ears when I arrive here.


“Hello?  Ginny?”  I called out.


“Mione, we’re in the kitchen!”  I heard Ginny yell to me.


Ok Hermione, deep breaths.  They’re your family; they have to accept this right?  I walked over to the kitchen door and placed my hand upon it.  Ok, you can do this.


“Gin?”  I needed to make sure they were ready for me.


“Come in Mione.  I’ve explained everything, it will be ok.”  I heard her say through the door.


I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, swung the door open and stepped in.  I heard a few gasps and a couple ‘bloody hell’s and ‘whoa’s.  I opened my eyes slowly and heard another round of gasps.  Oh, that’s right.  I have purple eyes, I forgot.  Again, who has purple eyes?


Ginny pushed her chair back and came over to me.  She linked her arm with mine and moved me further into the room.  Ok good, contact with someone that trusts me… calm down Hermione.


“Everyone, meet Mia Zabini, aka Hermione Granger.”  Ginny introduced me to a silent crowd.


Oh Merlin, how uncomfortable is this!  Ok, looking around Mrs. Weasley had a slight smile on her face.  Good sign.  Mr. Weasley’s mouth was in a tight line and his hands were folded on the table.  Ok, I can deal with that, I’m sure he’ll question me sooner or later.  George, Ron and… Merlin Harry’s here! 


I cleared my throat and addressed the boys.


“Mouths closed boys.  And eyes up here.”  I said while pointing to my face.  All of their jaws shut with a snap and slowly their eyes found mine.


Bloody hell, I guess I’m going to have to take the first step.  I moved towards the table and took a seat.


“Ok, let’s get this over with; we need to go back to the manor as soon as possible.  So, who’s got the first question?”  I asked the group.  “By the way Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, it’s great to see you.  It’s been too long.  I went shopping with my mum and my mother the other day; I would like it if you would come with the 3 of us on our next outing, and Ginny of course.”  Mrs. Weasley beamed at me and Ginny nodded her head enthusiastically.


“Ok, come on I know you’re not convinced so let’s get on with it.”  I addressed the boys.


Tick tock, tick tock. 


“Ok.  First year we had a little problem.  The two of us had to walk through a set of flames.  What color were they?”  Harry posed this question.


“Easy.  Mine were purple and yours were black.”  I told him confidently.


He nodded but continued his questioning.  “What did the polyjuice potion turn you into second year?”  This question was followed by a chuckle from Ron and shocked expressions from the rest of the Weasley’s.


“Oh Harry please don’t make me say it…”  I begged but he just folded his arms across his chest and raised his eyebrow.  Jerk.


“Ugh alright… Millicent Bulstrode’s cat.”  I admitted in a defeated tone.  This got a round of laughter from everyone except me and the elder Weasley’s.


“Well, that’s enough for me.”  Harry said while leaning back in his chair.  “Only me, Ron and Madame Pomfrey knew about Hermione being a cat.  Oh and of course Moaning Myrtle.”  He said with a laugh.


“You 3 drank polyjuice potion in your second year?  What on earth were you thinking!?”  Mrs. Weasley stood up and placed her hands on the table while scolding us.


“Mum, calm down, we were just trying to get some information out of Malfoy incase he knew who the Heir of Slytherin was.”  Ron defended our actions.


“Yeah.  Harry and I used it when we went to Godric’s Hollow last Christmas.  We also drank it to get into the Ministry this year.  Oh and Gringotts.  I had to go in as Bellatrix Lestrange.  Blasted witch.”  I growled at my misfortune.


 “Hmm.”  Ron mumbled appraising my answers.  Apparently they weren’t enough.  “What did our group of friends use during fifth year to get in touch with each other?”


What is he talking about?  Oh my gosh the galleons!  I dug my hand into my skirt pocket and pulled out the one thing, besides my wand that I always carried with me.  “Our DA galleons.”  I said while handing mine over.  Ron looked it over and nodded in satisfaction.


“Well, Mione.  I have to say you look H-O-T. Hot!”  This came from George as he rounded the table to hug me.  “Not that you weren’t attractive before, but bloody hell you’re on fire.” 


I let out a small laugh.  “Thanks George, I appreciate that.”


Ok George, there’s a time for a hug to end and that time was a minute ago.  He finally released me and I received hugs from everyone else.


“Well, would anyone like some butterbeer?”  Mr. Weasley clapped his hands together.


“Actually I’m afraid I need to ask George, Harry and Ron something and then I must be going.  Would you 3 like to come back to the manor with me and Ginny for a day of swimming, food and fun?”  I asked sounding hopeful.


“Damn, I can’t.  I need to go back to the shop.  Lee is at the one in Hogsmeade watching it for me right now.”


“That’s alright George, maybe another time.  How’s the new shop doing by the way?”  I asked him; excited that he finally bought Zonko’s and turned it into another Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes in honor of Fred.  Damn… I miss Fred.


“It’s doing pretty well.  I’m hoping to do more business once school starts up again.”  George said.


“Yeah, I’ll go.  Just need to go change.  Harry, you can borrow a pair of swim trunks if you need to.”  Ron said while heading for the door.


“Kreacher!”  Harry shouted and in less than a second he was standing in front of Harry.


“Yes Master.  How may Kreacher serve you?”  The small elf said as he bowed to Harry.


“Kreacher please go home and fetch me a pair of flip flops and a pair of swim trunks.”  Harry told the elf and with a snap he was gone again.


“There, problem solved.”  Harry said with a smile.  I just shook my head at him.


Ten minutes later everyone was changed and ready to head to the manor.  I hugged Mr. and Mrs. Weasley goodbye and promised Mrs. Weasley we would soon have a mother daughter shopping day.  One by one we stepped into the fireplace and shouted “Hermione Zabini’s Room.”


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