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Enchanted by Vanillaberries
Chapter 10 : Put me back together now, stitch by stitch
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 Can’t believe I’ve already reached the 10th chapter! I think it’s just been over a month already. This will be my last chapter for a month at least, enjoy!


The rest of my Hogsmeade trip had passed by really well; turns out Liam did introduce me to his friends and one of them was Seth Davies, the guy that Rose said Emily had dated. Although they all seemed nice people, I still felt uncomfortable, sitting around a table with them.

“And then the keeper from Harpies made this brilliant save! You should have seen it,” Seth was describing a quidditch game, before he grinned slyly at me, “You’re on the Gryffindor quidditch team, right? Any little tips you could give us when we play you? I mean, come on, it’s Potter – he’s always got good tactics.” Another round of laughs.

I suddenly felt sick; strangely enough, I wanted to be back in my dormitory, with Rose, Lily, Ari and Lauren. Was this guy honestly trying to ask me to tell him, a stranger up until 5 minutes ago, the tactics of a team I had worked for weeks now? Seriously, that guy needs a brain.

“Don’t think that would be the best idea, would it?” my voice came out a little colder than I had intended, but Seth didn’t seem to mind and continued laughing. Liam did, though. He frowned and looked at me, as if to ask what was wrong. I didn’t meet his gaze but he eventually looked away.

I was glad when I saw Rose and Lily enter The Three Broomsticks, and I told Liam and his friends I’d see them in a while.

“Hey,” I sat down on the seat beside them, “How has your day been going? Do anything interesting?”

Lily shrugged and said in a bored voice, “Well it was going fine until Rosie here saw Scorp with this date and flipped out. She’s been sulking ever since.”

Rose tried to protest but Lily simply continued, “At least Lauren seems to be having a good time. I saw her and her date adorably holding hands as they walked around. Saw James and Emily too. No offence, Lena, but your cousin really loves to giggle. I’m so glad that you’re a little more like me.”

I grinned and replied back to her, “Oh no. Not too alike, I hope. Kidding! Anyways, I am here because Liam is talking with this friends and I don’t really have any interest in doing that so…”

“So you came to us.” Rose said flatly. Something seemed to be seriously off with her. “Glad to know we’re just the seconds.” I gaped at her; Rose had never snapped at me or used something against me. She was the nice one.

“Rose, stop being such a bitch and lighten up. So Scorpius Malfoy went on a date with someone else. You never seemed to care before. So why now?” I had to hand it to Lily. She was good. And she certainly knew how to worm the truth out/

“Okay fine, I’m jealous, alright?! Don’t make such a big deal out of it! And Lena, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. You’re on a date and you should be enjoying it.” Now that’s more like the Rose I know. “So how has your date been? Has he kissed you yet? Aww, was it really romantic?”

My cheeks were probably turning pink rapidly. “Well he took me to Honeydukes first,” I started off, “Ari was there and really wanted to get out of her date, so I forced Al to go with her. Merlin knows what happened with them. Then we just went around a bit; Liam has been really sweet and stuff. I met his friends though – you mentioned one of them. Seth Davies? He said something about our quidditch team but apart from that, it was alright.”

Lily and Rose exchanged glances, before Lily stuttered out, “You set up Ari and Al like that? Merlin, you’re one sneaky genius. You have no idea how much I tried to get them to talk to each other last year. 5 galleons they’re together by the end of today.”

Rose snorted. “You’re on,” she said confidently, “But that’s not what I was going to say. You remember I told you Davies is Emily’s ex-boyfriend? Well, when she broke up with him for James, he became quite bitter. Add that to the fact that they’re both opposing quidditch teams, and you do get quite a rivalry. So comments like what you heard are normal.”

It seemed unfair to me that Seth picked James out like that. The person he should have really been mad at was Emily. She was the one who dumped him to date his rival. I realized I should probably ask Emily about all of this soon. Not that I had spent a lot of time with her since I got here. Well, you can’t blame me. She was consumed in James, most of the time.

“Lena,” we all turned to see Liam standing awkwardly, looking at us, “You want to come back up with me or your friends?”

Although the date hadn’t been perfect, it certainly was very nice. I gave him an easy smile, getting up and giving Rose and Lily a wave. As we walked out of The Three Broomsticks, towards Hogwarts, there was a silence between us.

“I hope you had a good time today,” he suddenly said in a sincere tone as we walked towards the Gryffindor tower. “I mean I did.”

“Yeah, it was a lot of fun,” my truthful reply came and he now seemed more relaxed. His fingers loosely felt for mine, and his warm hand against my cool one made my insides slightly flip inside out.

“Look, I hope you didn’t mind what Seth said to you. He likes to joke around, and well, Potter is a rival captain so poking fun is his normal thing. And I know you’re in his team so…” he finished off awkwardly, looking down, before glancing back up at me when I laughed.

“I get what you mean. And Seth’s alright, I did actually like your friends. Also I’m not just on James’ team, I’m his friend,” I said confidently, “Besides isn’t this whole rival thing been taken too seriously?”

Liam didn’t seem to look too happy right now. “Seth has his reason for not liking Potter, and Quidditch is just one of them. And to be honest, I don’t like him much either. Sorry, he might be your friend, but he walks around like there’s no one better than himself.”

Okay, now you’re threading on thin ice. Sure James could be an arrogant jerk sometimes, but he was a really good guy and nothing Liam said could change my mind about that.

“Well sure…but I know him. He just comes across like that sometimes,” I shrugged, trying to show Liam I didn’t really care much. It worked.

“Well, then, let’s stop talking about Potter. Here’s your portrait hole. I really did have a good time today, Lena. Maybe we could do this another time?” he said, before leaning in cautiously and giving me a small brush across the lips. It was warm and made my lips feel tingly. All of a sudden, I felt quite giddy and giggled loudly as Liam left me.

It took a moment to process before I entered the common room, and I saw someone sitting by the fire. He looked up at me quickly; it was James.

“Hey, how was your date?” he asked quietly, even though there was no one around. I was still sporting a big grin, as I practically screamed, “Great!” and sat down next to him.

“Where’s Emily?” I asked, actually curious to know how she had left his side.

“She felt kinda ill, so she went up to bed. So…I saw you with Sanders and his friends in The Three Broomsticks. Did you like them?” his voice broke my thoughts, and I shrugged nonchalantly.

“They were alright. Seth Davies was a bit of a jerk, but they were nice to me. But we didn’t spend much time there. Liam showed me every shop in Hogsemade – it was gorgeous! And you never told me the chocolate shop we went to was outside Hogwarts.”

He chuckled and said in a teasing tone, “It’s more fun when you’re breaking the rules. Besides, I’ve got a lot more to show you, maybe sometime when you’re not busy with lover boy.”

I rolled my eyes, and replied back “Liam is not my boyfriend. Yet. And it’s not like I’ll be spending every minute with him. I’ve got priorities.”

“Well then, we must make me one. Have you seen Al, by the way? His date came and found me, sounding all frantic.”

“Yep. I sent him off to be with Ari,” I said proudly, pretty confident that my genius plan had worked.

“What a great idea. You do realize they might kill each other right? Al will piss her off, she’ll slap him, he’ll try to kiss her, she’ll slap him again…what, why are you looking at me like that? It happened a million times when they were dating!”

Aah, finally someone admitted it! “They did date! So what happened exactly?”

“It’s complicated but Al made this stupid bet with a girl that he could date Ari for more than two months and get her to fall in love with him. The two months didn’t really happen, falling in love kinda did. Ari found out, and she was furious. They had a huge row, as Al said, and both of them seemed cut up afterwards. I always told Al just to kiss her and get her back for once,” he rolled his eyes, before tapping his chin in thought (looking adorable!), “Actually that already happened last year after Gryffindor won the cup. They were snogging for ages. God, it was disgusting.”

I laughed as he crinkled his nose in disgust. I teased him, “Don’t you think Al feels the same way when he sees you and Emily like that?”

He grinned suddenly, “Actually that’s pretty fun. It’s a good way to torture him. And make out with my girlfriend.”

I was surprised to find that my stomach twisted over and I didn’t feel like smiling anymore. “Are you happy with my cousin, James?” I asked him, my voice barely audible. I didn’t mean for it to come out but it just did.

Something flickered across his face – was it confusion or anger? – but he quickly covered it up with a joke. “Of course I am! What is this? Some sort of protective interrogation? I thought only the male relatives did this!”

Of course he did. What was I thinking? Who wouldn’t like her – she was beautiful, confident, sweet and generous; all the things that he would want.

“Just checking. 6 years of bonding worth to catch up on and I figured I’d at least make sure she was happy with the right guy,” then blushed, after seeing him looking intently at me, “I mean, the right guy for her. You’re the right guy for her.” Even saying it, the words sounded strange coming out of my mouth. I knew I certainly didn’t mean them.

“Am I?” he muttered, but I still heard it. Could have I heard right? I pretended as if he hadn’t said anything and smiled back at him, letting him know I was going upstairs.

He just nodded, not giving me a second glance, and once again stared back into the deep logs of fire. My heart sank. Why was I constantly raising hope over someone who didn’t notice me? I had Liam, and we had a perfect day together. I didn’t want more.

I didn’t see Ari until the next day, in our Transfiguration lesson, but when I did, the sight took me by surprise. She was grinning, her eyes bright and sparkling, with her gaze locked with Al, who was sitting beside her with a similar expression. And no so subtlely on the table, were their entwined hands.

I think I’m actually envisioning myself doing a happy dance right now – this is so weird. I have been a matchmaker for this beautiful couple. Well, they already dated but whatever. Maybe I should go into a match-making business. Hmm, who knows?

“Aaah!” I screamed, practically running towards them in glee, and enveloped them in a huge Lena hug. Ari whimpered, looking very panicked, and AL wasn’t very far off. “I can’t believe it! My plan worked! I am such a genius, I deserve a medal. Do you know how cute you look together? Like, your kids would be super duper cute! Oh, ma chérie, vous avez trouvé votre Bonheur, c’est génial!”

They both looked terrified now, and Al finally got out, “Lena, please stop talking in French. We don’t understand a word you’re saying and it’s scaring us.”

Ari nodded and piped up, “And it’s not a big thing. We’re taking this really slow, right?” Al squeezed her hand, and I grumbled, finally seating myself next to Ari. I guess now that they weren’t fighting, I didn’t have to sit between them.

When Al went to get our tea sets to transfigure from the Professor, I turned to Ari quickly and said in an irritated voice, “So what’s really going on? How did this all happen? Are you actually going slow?”

“Who, calm down on the questions. Al and I are just…we’re having fun. Not getting too serious yet. He suggested it, surprisingly. And I couldn’t resist him so…”

“Aww, that’s adorable! Do you want o go slow? I know you like him a lot and it doesn’t even need to be said for him. So why are you so hesitant?”

“Well, we screwed it up last time, didn’t we? We still have to talk about that, so I’ll tell you later. But please don’t tell Rose and Lily yet, I’ll do it when I’m ready-“

“Talking about me?” Al gave us a cocky grin as he slipped in his seat and a blush crept up Ari’s neck. He whispered something to her and she giggled. Giggled. Ari doesn’t giggle. I need to return to normal world, where Ari glares and makes sarcastic comments. Maybe I should go to Rose.

“Okay I swear, if you don’t stop doing that right now, I will give you a very nice hex,” I glared at Al and Ari, who were leaning close together and being all cutesy and couply.

“What happened?” Al smirked, “Is Liam not satisfying your needs?”

“Ugh, shut up, Liam has been perfect. Our date couldn’t have gone any better.”

“Well, tell that guy I’ve got my eye on him. He’s cool but he is, after all in Ravenclaw.”

“Oh my merlin, why do all the guys make such a big deal out of this?”

“I’m just saying, be careful. He’s friends with Davies, so there’s every reason not to trust him!”

“What?! Okay, so his friend’s a bit of an ass, doesn’t mean you judge him.”

“Lena, trust me, I know Hogwarts guys. I know how they think. Most of them only have one thing in mind.”

“And how would you know?” Ari finally joined the conversation, raising her eyebrows at Al. He faltered, trying to get out an excuse as I tried my best not to laugh.

Merlin, Transfiguration lessons were fun.

When Ari finally did tell Rose, Lily and Lauren, we were in the dormitory and needless to say, there were several squeals.

“I knew it! Ha! Rose, you owe me five galleons,” Rose reluctantly handed over the coins to Lily, who continued, “What did he say to you? Was it romantic? Wait, I don’t really want to know. This is my brother.”

Ari smiled sweetly, her eyes lighting up. “It was perfect, he was so gentle and caring. We’ve decided to take it slow, because last time was too intense. And yes, Rose, before you start, we’ve talked about last year. It’s the reason why we’re just having fun right now. So I’ll tell you when it gets serious.”

“Look, Al may be my cousin but going slow? You two were practically in love last year. Isn’t that gonna be hard?” Rose asked doubtfully.

“Yes. Obviously. You don’t think whenever I seen him that I just want to tell him I want a full commitment? But it’s better than not having him.” Another round of Aww’s went around.

“Did you hear about Lindsay Nichols? Apparently she stalked down Fred and his date in Hogsmeade and started throwing candy at them when he tried to walk away!” Lauren piped up, and we gasped.

Lily laughed loudly.  “Oh my god, trust Fred to get into this sort of mess! Oh, by the way Ari, I saw Jenna Hannigan all over Seth Davies today. It was pretty disturbing.”

Jenna Hannigan? Where had I heard that name before?

“Please. I don’t need to hear about that bitch. She ruined sixth year for me,” Ari put on her best mean girl face, “Oh Ari, don’t you think you should get that dress altered – maybe bigger? Oh Ari, Al and I had such a great night together! We just sucked each other’s faces off. Oh Ari, please stop listening to my stupid whiny voice!”

We all started cracking up at the end; I realized that Jenna Hannigan was Al’s ex from last year, who Ari had mentioned. (in a conversation I wasn’t supposed to be listening to) Not to mention the fact that she hated her.

“Hey, Vic sent out invitations for the wedding today! It was all pretty fast don’t you think? It’s happening near the end of Christmas break, so don’t make any plans!” Rose said excitedly, “Oh and Lena, you’re invited too!”

What? I hardly knew Victoire! And I hadn’t even met their whole family yet. Besides I was spending the break with Grandmère and Grandpère.

“Um, I’m staying with my grandparents for the holidays. So I’m not sure I can come.”

Rose protested, “But you have to! Teddy and Vic’s wedding is going to be amazing, like a fairytale! And Vic said she really wants you to come. Here see the letter. ‘I hope you friend Lena will be able to make it – she seemed like an absolutely lovely girl.’ And it’s her wedding so…”

“Ugh, fine, I’ll ask my dad. Happy?” I grumbled.

Rose literally jumped on her bed. “Yes! Aaah, we’re going to a wedding!”


How did you like that chapter? Bit of a filler maybe and you got introduced to Seth Davies!

Also, some more Lena/James scenes as promised, and there will be more coming. I hoped you also like Al/Ari – hope they’re not too cute or something ahah!

Please review! -Vanillaberries

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