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What is love? by megthechef43
Chapter 14 : Seth
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Hermione grabbed Draco’s hand and led him back to the dining room where she ordered some regular pancakes and they continued to enjoy their breakfast. Hermione noticed that Draco’s mood had changed dramatically and he was happy instead of the somber individual he normally was. Draco spoke of going to the beach house for a weekend to visit his mother before it became too cold. Hermione nodded her head and smiled at the correct times but her head was not in the conversation. Hermione keep thinking about the fact that she had kissed Draco. It was true that she liked him but she wasn’t sure of what that meant. Did she like him as a friend, brother, or lover? She was pretty sure she had made her intentions clear that she was looking for romance at the moment but she didn’t know how Draco felt about that. She continued to listen to Draco talk until Sprinkles came in and announced that Master Malfoy had a visitor waiting in the “receiving sitting room”. Hermione cocked an eyebrow at Draco but he merely shrugged.



                “I’ll be right back.” He stated as he left the room. Hermione sat there for a few minutes thinking it was odd to have visitors on a Sunday morning during breakfast. She wondered if Draco had been expecting someone or if he planned to ask whoever was visiting to please stop by at a better time. Hermione finished her pancakes and she sipped on her orange juice slowly waiting for Draco to return. She finished her orange a moved on to the cup of tea that had cooled too much so she quickly warmed the cup back up with a quick tap of her wand. By now it had been 15 minutes since Draco had left so she left a message with Sprinkles and headed towards her room to get ready for the day. Hermione didn’t mind spending the whole day in her t-shirt and pajama pants but she figured she would take a walk around the gardens later in the day and didn’t think it was inappropriate amble about the grounds dressed that way. As Hermione was walking through the main corridor towards the stairs Hermione heard a shouting match ensuing in one of the rooms. Her curiosity got the best of her so she located the door to the correct room and cracked the door open which lead to a sitting room that she assumed Sprinkles had been referring to when she retrieve Draco from breakfast. Hermione’s eyes scanned the room and took in the normal grandeur that encompassed the Manor. It was decorated in green and silver and black but was surprising light and didn’t hold the gloom that some of the rooms in the Manor held. As her eyes swept the room she felt an instant flame of angry light up within her as she saw the man that had cause Draco great amounts of pain throughout his life.



                “Leave her be, Seth! I’m warning you! She is not some toy for you to mess with her head and trash the first moment that comes along!” Draco hollered that the dark haired man standing opposite of him. Hermione feel a small amount of gratitude towards Draco for trying to keep Seth away from her.



                “I’m the one to decide that.” Seth parried back. Hermione could see what was happening. Seth was trying to get under Draco’s skin and it was unfortunately working.



                “She is my wife! She is nothing like those bimbo’s I used to date.” Draco seethed.



                “She seemed like one last night.” Seth laughed. Hermione’s blood began to boil at his remarks.



                “You cornered her while she was drunk. What kind of man does that make you?” Draco questioned and Hermione thought about the first time Draco had proposed to her. He had done the same thing but at least he was gentleman and wasn’t trying to get in her knickers.



                 “Ha! Like you have never used that technique before.” Seth was worm his way deeper and deeper under Draco’s skin.



                “Seth, I’m not joking around this time. Leave my wife alone.” Draco tone had dropped to one that was menacing sounding. Hermione got the chills from it.



                “Why so you can get grandfather’s entire fortune to yourself? I know about the little arrangement that granddad put you up to. I come here and you actually married a pathetic mudblood. Well, I promise to dirty myself only once and that is to steal her from you and claim my fortune.” Seth stated haughtily and Hermione wished to step out from her hiding spot and jinx him into the next century but before she could do anything Draco had begun to speak again.



                “Do you even do who that is? That is Hermione Malfoy nee Granger. THE Hermione Granger that helped the famous Harry Potter defeat the dark lord. She is anything but pathetic. She is twice the magical being you will ever be. As for the fact that I married a woman from muggle heritage, I would have done it with out granddad’s money because she is an amazing woman. Hermione would never stoop to your level. I can promise you that.” As Draco finished Hermione felt her heart surge with happiness that Draco had looked past her blood status. She wondered if he had done said those things just because Seth was pushing his buttons or if he really meant them. Seth sneered at Draco.



                “That is for her to decide.” Draco’s jaw clenched at his statement. Hermione had had enough of this conversation. She opened the door to study and step into the room and walked up to stand beside Draco.



                “I made my decision four months ago when took his name.” Hermione responded to Seth’s statement. Both men had shocked faces when she walked into the room. Hermione’s steely glare never left Seth face but she saw out of the corner of her eye that Draco was actually smiling at Hermione as he put an arm around her waist. Hermione leaned in closer to Draco. Seth face contorted into anger as he realized what had just happened. Hermione smiled sweetly and told him.



                “I’d hate for you to have to dirty yourself, even if it is just once.” As Hermione finished her last statement Seth turned to leave but, he spoke over his shoulder.             



                “This isn’t the end of this.” Seth snapped the door to the study shut behind him. Draco snapped his fingers and Sprinkles appeared.



                “Sprinkles, please make sure Seth has left the Manor and its surrounding grounds.



                “Yes, Master Malfoy.” She bowed and a loud CRACK resonated throughout the study. Hermione let out a breath that she didn’t realize she was holding in. She left Draco’s side and made her way to a green armchair in the room. She sat down and Draco followed and sat in on a matching sofa that sat opposite to the armchair she had sat in. Draco looked a little apprehensively at Hermione.



                “So how much did you hear?” He asked her.



                “I came in after the shouting match had started. You were warning him to stay away from me.”



                “So you hear most of the conversation? There wasn’t much before that beside him asking me about our mutual ex’s.”



                “Oh” Hermione simply stating as she turned her gaze to the carpet. It was green and silver. Surprise, surprise she thought to herself. Draco sat in silence studying her face and was trying to get a reading on how she felt about the situation.



                “Are you upset?” Draco finally asked as he realized she was going to be giving up any information from her facial expressions. Hermione’s honey eyes snapped upward and met his silver eyes. She had confusion written all over her face.



                “Of course not. Why would I be?” She asked.



                “Well, I said some things and Seth said some hurtful things.” He explained simply.



                “I really don’t care what that shameful bastard said about me. I learned a long time ago to ignore the pureblood supremacy. It really has nothing to do with one’s magical ability or there character. I don’t mind if he thinks he is better than me. I know the truth.” She told him. She took a deep breath and continued, “I have nothing to be upset over what you said. You didn’t say anything hateful or mean. But, you did say something’s that surprised me.” She gave him a question look. Draco quickly thought over the conversation he had recently had with his barbaric cousin wondering what would have surprised her. Realization quickly stuck him and he knew she wanted an explanation.



                “I meant everything I said to him.” He hoped that would suffice as an answer but knowing Hermione he knew she would push it further.



                “Everything? You aren’t mad you had to marry a “mudblood”?’ Hermione’s face drew into a scowl as she spat the word out.



                “Hermione, I am mad about plenty of things but that is not one of them.” Draco told her reassuringly. Hermione looked a little hopeful.



                “What about the part where you said you would have married me regardless?” Hermione asked in a dropped tone almost as if she were embarrassed to ask him the question. Draco let out a short laugh.



                “I wouldn’t have married you so fast but in time I think you could make the cut.” Draco finished with a wink as he teased her. Hermione cheeks tinged pink. Hermione knew that she definitely had feelings for the man sitting in front of her and they grew at every encounter she had with the blond man.



A/N: Sorry it has taken so long to update. I started many times but couldn't get the right words to come together. Anyway even though it is short I hope you like this chapter.

I would love to hear what you think of my story so please review.


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