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Queen of Gorgeousness by Zyii
Chapter 16 : Chapter Sixteen – What happens when the mystery man of people’s nightmares becomes real?
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Chapter Sixteen – What happens when the mystery man of people’s nightmares becomes real?

Strong Language

In the shadows that housed the darkest of scum walked a man who neither showed nor hid his repulsive nature. He rarely left the comfort of his great castle but there was always room for change. The powers that be were working against him and a meddlesome little witch sought to destroy what he’d sought to hide. Perhaps it was his mistake to become a recluse. He always pitied Voldemort, his arrogance and boastful attitude had been his downfall. One could learn much from Voldemort’s failings and really there was nothing more pathetic than a greedy half-blood intent on revenge against those who’d born him.

Marcus had achieved many great things in life, one of which was hidden deep within his castle. He always prided himself on his torture techniques. He enjoyed hearing the pitiful whimpers of his victims – it bought him great pleasure. Marcus was a quiet man, who sought a quiet life. He didn’t need to be known and feared by everyone to feel powerful. He knew he was powerful, he could have been the power behind the Ministry had he been so inclined but he preferred to be tucked away working on his projects and inventions.

He’d hoped never to have returned to this godforsaken place. It had been droll and tiring when he’d worked his summers here in Hogsmead but he’d had to remain close while his dark side was still incomplete. The only reason he set foot in the dingy bookshop at the dead of night was to make sure the old codger hadn’t left any of his secrets of information lying around. Marcus already knew he’d breeched the curse, the bookshop owner was dead after all, but it had taken Marcus a while to work out who the old codger had told his secrets to.

The smell was disgusting like someone had died here – oh wait they had, he chuckled to himself. Being back on the scene of many a childhood vision allowed his memory to drift to the past and a place long forgotten, it wasn’t something he usually did.

I’d always longed to go to Hogwarts my parents boasted about all the happy times and adventures they’d had. Each getting soppy and admitting that Hogwarts had found them both their true love. However soppy that was it was always slightly sickening to hear about your parent’s love life after all these years. My parents didn’t have any expectations for me nor did they demand I be put in a certain house, they were those sorts of free and easy people.

I remember looking around Hogwarts in awe. I knew what to expect unlike those of muggle parentage but it was still a breathtaking sight to see the castle appear from behind the mountain as they road forth in their small boats. Imagine my surprise as I was sorted into Hufflepuff! Surprise turned to annoyance and anger when I realized that most Hufflepuff’s were pathetic while the rest amounted to nothing impressionable. Well some people always broke the mold, perhaps he’d be the one to do that for Hufflepuff.

My first few years passed without incident or any memorable event. I first noticed her during my fourth year. I suppose you could blame my sudden fascination with her on teenage hormones but what started out as a fleeting fancy quickly turning into more. She was a goddess, a sun kissed angel in my eyes. Once I’d set my sights on her everyone else paled into comparison. Her long hair hung in delicious coils down to her waist; she had the perfect figure, her tantalizing curves sending sparks of magic through every part of me. Her name was Katherine and by Gods I wanted her. I wasn’t the only one wanting her attention, there were many that sought to court her. That was until he arrived. He who made my blood boil, the man who had everything but still wasn’t happy until he snatched from me the one thing I held dear: Katherine.

I was never one to give up easily, to others the mere presence of Andre Zabini was enough to seek another witch out for attention but I refused to lose out to Andre. My fellow classmates couldn’t understand my infatuation with her; they couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just admit defeat and move on. They didn’t understand what I felt like when she was near, her smile sent warm shivers down my spine. She was so nice to everyone, I deluded myself that she must feel something for me also, and she must feel the same way!

My perusal of her continued yet everything I attempted sent her further into the arms of Andre. I was getting desperate, my arms ached from emptiness, I longed to wrap her in my warm embrace. She was everything to me, if only she’d see a thing passed Andre, she’d only see how much I cared.

The answer to my prayer came in the form of a book, a big black book hidden within the depths of the restricted section. At this point I’d heard a lot about dark magic but I had yet to become actively involved in it. The book must have heard my desperate pleas for Katherine because before I knew it I found myself chanting along to an unknown spell, I only realized the consequences of my actions when I smelt the putrid smell of my own burning flesh. I knew now that this was the final condition of the spell I’d chanted and I hoped to all things above that life was about to get very good for me. 

For a moment I was angry with myself but then I felt the immediate flush of power course through my veins. My magic was more powerful; my want trembled in my hand. My mind was full of possibilities, each more daring and dangerous than I ever thought I could think up before. I wondered what the consequences would be; it was foolish to believe that magic didn’t come with a price. I’d read enough to know I’d given something away for the price of this new found power but I was foolish enough to believe my burn would be my only suffering.

With my newfound power I quickly excelled in classes and collected a force of followers. I hadn’t asked for the followers but it was a nice change to be a dark role model for others. I became an unstoppable force, younger years were terrified of my presence but I was capable of avoiding the attention of the teachers. I continued to woo Katherine but she was uninterested, she soon found me disgusting and creepy, she formally rejected me and that rejection stayed with me for years to come.

I realized my current tactics weren’t working. I’d thought I’d get a chance to shine but fate must not have liked me. I got a job in the same bookshop I’m currently standing in. Something within me was telling me to stay close to Hogwarts and in doing so my power increased tenfold. Finally I had the power to eliminate those who sought to beat me down. I knew all about Voldemort, God knows he tried to recruit me but he was more talk than power. I wanted to get my hands on Andre, I wanted to tear him limb from limb, to watch him bleed on the floor; take from him everything he held dear. Without Andre, Katherine would be free game; I could take her without complaint.

Fate it seemed wasn’t supporting my plans, Hogwarts ended, everyone graduated and Andre whisked Katherine away before my powers had fully manifested. No matter, I would prevail in the end. I removed my parents from the picture and inherited the dark castle. It was perfect for my dark experiments and party revels. The weekly treat of torturing a victim always brings a smile to my face the more screams the better.

Everything had been going perfectly well in the last decade. I watched the rise and fall of Voldemort and I laughed, he was a foolish idiot, he wasted his power on frivolous ideas of revenge. If he had just refrained from his boastfulness and spent more time honing his arts than he did perusing Harry Potter he might have survived and not died at the hands of the young Potter. Well his death is my gain, it means I now become the darkest of all Wizards. My secrecy and hidden dark deeds make me a cut above the rest, I’d done things others only dream about in their darkest fantasies.

Urgh! But then this meddlesome Witch came along and stuck her nose in. What was her intention? Why was she looking into matters that didn’t concern her? My followers are that of a lower breed of class, they can’t even identify her by name. I sent that Werewolf to the Parkinson’s on a whim that this Witch would be there. It was a plan that backfired on me, the Werewolf didn’t kill any of its targets and ended up getting killed himself. Idiot! Never send a cub into do a man’s job.

Well it was inconsequential regardless, I have an inkling of what the Witch is looking for but she would never find it, in the chance that he did meet this annoying Witch, her life would make for a quick exit.

He laughed to himself mechanically as he stepped from the useless old bookshop and disappeared into the night.

Eighteen Years Ago – Katherine’s Memoirs

Katherine looked around her new home with a sense of awe and happiness. As was the way with Pureblood families they’d gotten married straight after Hogwarts graduation. They were one of the luckier couples they’d actually fallen in love. Others weren’t so lucky especially when it came to arranged marriages. Andre and Katherine were so perfectly matched, each bringing out the best in each other. Their relationship melded together with ease, their friendship was an art form only getting better with time.

Katherine had been a Princess girl, she’d always wanted to meet her Prince Charming and live happily together beyond the glistering sunset. It seemed an age ago to Katherine when she’d been stalked and pursed by Marcus Boyle. At first she’d felt sorry for him, she was already enamored with Andre when Marcus made his intentions towards her known. But with each increased seduction he sent her way she got more and more concerned by his action and behavior.

His perusal of her had gotten her so frightened and unnerved that she feared travelling would Hogwarts alone. She wasn’t completely convinced she’d gain help from the teacher’s should she ask for it. They all saw a different side to Marcus, a Hufflepuff innocence if you will. Well it didn’t really matter now, since Graduation, their Wedding and then the Honeymoon, Marcus Boyle seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet. Katherine wasted no further time thinking of Marcus when she had her new life to start.

Katherine hadn’t talked to Andre much about having children. They were more content with seeing where life took them. Being married took a lot of pressure off their back from their parents. Children were a natural progression from marriage, so neither party was afraid of the pitter patter of tiny feet not happening. As it was, the news that Katherine was pregnant (and with twins no less) came sooner rather than later. It was a troubling time, Voldemort was gaining power for the first time, families were disappearing, and others were being recruited for both sides. It was a time of uncertainty, Katherine and Andre did well in staying under Voldemort’s radar, surely if he had known the type of power they both held or the mere fact that Katherine was pregnant with twins, he would have made an effort to recruit them to his cause.

As it was, they were lucky, they watched on from the safety of their home as Voldemort rised in power and fell at the hands of the Potter’s little son. Time passed and Katherine gave birth to two beautiful babies, a boy Blaise and a girl Evvie. Nothing could have prepared her for the joys of Motherhood, in the first few months of life those babies were spoilt rotten! The power of their magic visible from three months onwards, little Evvie especially showed great potential (would you expect anything less?).

As the twins grew older things began to get less comfortable and more suspicious, as the twins reached the eighteen month mark, Katherine started to notice the odd behavior of her husband Andre. At first a million theories entered her head, each more farfetched than the last, from thinking he was having an affair to thinking they had money troubles. She quickly resolved to push all theories from her mind till she knew the complete truth. It was a truth she was never to truly learn.

Andre had heard talk, whispers really that had travelled on the wind about a new threat of danger. At first glance Andre hadn’t paid much attention, if this were to be the start of another supremists tyrant then he and his family would stay well away. But when he heard the mention of Marcus Boyle’s name something in the way the shiver that ran up his spine told him it wasn’t good.

There were a group of them from Hogwarts that had always had suspicions about Marcus. Something just wasn’t right when it came to him. This wasn’t a petty jealousy thing on Andre’s behalf in response to Marcus’s continuing obsession on his now wife Katherine. It ran deeper than that to the whispers of corridors and the untold stories from house elves. There was something dark and sinister festering within Marcus, something that had the power to rip things apart if only Marcus’s mind was focused.

Andre had other reasons to be suspicious. The sudden disappearance of Marcus didn’t sit well with Andre. Especially since Andre was aware that Marcus vowed never to give up on Katherine. You wouldn’t just disappear after announcing something of that degree unless you were using your disappearance to plan something bigger.

An old seer once told Andre that any daughter born to him would have the power to keep the world a peace for 1,000 years, through a deep powerful magic, an intelligence that could hold a cap to no other and a heat that was pure and open. Whatever Marcus’s plan was Andre couldn’t risk him getting his filthy hands on his beloved daughter. Andre formed a group of fellow graduates for Hogwarts, those who feared what Marcus might do or feared for the safely of their family against the one they once wronged. They came together to seek out once and for all the information that would tell them whether he was dead or better yet the information that would lead them to him so they could kill him themselves.

Herein started the beginning of the raids, they started small and escalated to a number of places’ taking several days to search. Everytime Andre returned from a failed raid he could see the concern and confusion reflected in his wife’s eyes. Yet he couldn’t bring himself to tell her, he loathed to hear her forbid him from continuing – even if it was just to keep him safe. So he let her suffer in silence feeling sadness and betrayal, arguing with himself that it would be better in the long run. As the raids continued in force so did the anger of those left out of the loop finding Marcus was becoming a new obsession, Andre was neglecting his family in perusal of someone who may or may not be dead. Katherine loved her husband dearly but was getting fed up of having to reassure her children that their Daddy’s absence didn’t mean that he didn’t love them.

They were foolish to believe they could single out Marcus and destroy him. They didn’t know of Marcus’s ties to the dark arts nor those he commanded under his power. Marcus was ready for them before they knew it. Each home of the raiding members was attacked, the families scared and people killed. Marcus let some of his best men, Werewolves and Giants handle Andre and his family. The fact that Andre and Katherine’s daughter went missing during the attack was purely coincidental but was a glorious turn of events that send Andre raging after Marcus in a fit of absolute madness.

The fact remains that whatever happened to Andre as he set off after Marcus after his daughter’s disappearance is a mystery as are the questions to why he never came back and where he is now.  

Back from Ibiza this morning, so knackered. I had a short nap, then instead of sleeping longer, I came on here to post this chapter :) Queen of Gorgeousness is almost coming to an end but never fear a new story shall be appearing shortly after ~ Zyii


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