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Evans and Potter by LilyLunaPotter17
Chapter 3 : The Biggest Secret Of Courtney's Life
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I didn’t go downstairs afterwards. Well, would you? I kept hearing someone knocking on my dormitory door and a soft voice whispering to me, but I ignored it, pressing my pillow over my ears and pulling the duvet right over my head. At around one o’ clock in the morning, a violent storm started blowing around Hogwarts. Rain drummed hard on the windows, which woke me up and refused to let me go back to sleep. So I got out of bed and tiptoed down the steps to the common room. The fire had gone out, leaving nothing but a pile of burnt-out logs and ash. A couple of still-glowing embers blew to the front of the pile, waved at me, then winked out. I sat in the dark for a while, shivering a bit in my pyjamas.

  I was just thinking about going back to bed when a loud noise, audible over the crashing of the storm outside, came from the kitchen. I grabbed a poker from next to the fireplace and edged towards the kitchen door. Suddenly, it burst open to reveal James Potter with his mouth stuffed with toast.


  ‘Oh, Merlin’s beard!’ I yelled in frustration, pointing the poker at his face.


 ‘What?’ Potter said in a muffled voice. With effort, he swallowed his toast and nervously eyed the poker in my hand.


  ‘You! Again!’


  ‘Yes, well, I kind of live here, Lilykins. I am allowed in my own kitchen.’ Potter said, raising an eyebrow behind his glasses.

  ‘What, at one in the morning? Who does that? What are you doing, having an early breakfast?’ I sneered, letting the poker droop.


  ‘Yes, actually,’ Potter said, still eyeing the poker. ‘And why are you up, may I ask?’


  ‘I couldn’t sleep,’ I said, jerking my head to the window, which displayed the window-shaking storm perfectly. ‘Which is more sensible than getting up to have a feast!’


  ‘Aww, poor Lily can’t sleep. Would you like to come to my room?’ he asked teasingly.


  ‘No! You dirty-minded troll!’ I cried, lifting the poker again and actually jabbing him in the chest with it.


  ‘Ow.’ Potter said, rubbing his chest. ‘Fine. Go back to sleep, little baby. Don’t grow up.’


  ‘What in the name of Merlin was that about?’ I snapped. ‘No, wait, don’t tell me. I’m going to bed. Don’t bother me, Potter.’




The week went quickly and very soon it was Saturday. I woke up at ten o’ clock and went down to the Hall for breakfast instead of using the Head’s kitchen. Courtney, Lisa, Mary and Ella were having breakfast when I slid onto the bench to join them.


  ‘You look awful,’ Lisa commented as she buttered her toast, which I winced at the sight of. ‘What’s up?’


  ‘Storm. One o’ clock. Toast. Potter.’ I groaned. At the last word, Courtney, whose head was on the table, jerked up and looked at me.


  ‘What about Potter?’ she asked, looking active and alert.


  ‘Why do you want to know?’ Ella asked, looking at her suspiciously.


  ‘I don’t,’ Courtney said quickly, ‘it’s just, those sounded like random words. So, Lily, explain, please.’


  So I recounted everything that happened last night, including what Potter had said to me about beds.


  ‘Did I hear my name?’ an annoying voice approached us. Courtney looked round instantly.


  ‘Oh, hey, James,’ she said, looking at him with dreamy eyes.


  ‘Um. Hi.’ Potter said uncertainly. Sirius Black snorted. Courtney glared at him.


  ‘So, Lily, what’s gone down with you and Prongs?’ Black asked me, sitting opposite me.


  ‘Nothing. What’s it to you?’ I growled.

  Black laughed like the dog he was. ‘Well, I deserve to know what’s happened with my best friend and the girl of my – I mean, his – dreams.’

  ‘Your dreams?’ Mary said.


  ‘His dreams,’ Black said, glaring at Mary with hard, cold eyes. ‘Didn’t you hear me correct myself, dimwit?’


  ‘Hey, lay off her,’ I spat. ‘What’s she done to you?’


  ‘Nothing … nothing …’ Black said, going red in the face.


  ‘Lily,’ Courtney whispered in my ear, ‘will you come with me for a second, please?’


  ‘OK,’ I said. I gazed longingly at the choices for breakfast, now wishing I had had some in the kitchen, but followed Courtney out of the Great Hall.


  ‘Right, well, I’ve got to –’ She broke off when a gaggle of nosy fourth year Hufflepuffs wandered past. ‘Can we go to your dorm?’ she asked.


  ‘If you like,’ I said, starting to lead her up the stairs.




‘So, what have you got to tell me?’ I asked. Courtney looked at her feet. ‘Is it a secret?’ I said. She nodded. ‘You can’t tell anyone, Lily. I mean it.’


  ‘OK, but what is it?’


  Brushing her golden hair out of her face, she looked me in the eyes and said,


  ‘I like someone.’                                                                                  


  And guess who it was?


  ‘James Potter.’  

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Evans and Potter: The Biggest Secret Of Courtney's Life


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