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Brightest Star for the Brightest Smile by sophie_elle_malfoy
Chapter 28 : Summer Time
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 Time to go back home for summer.


This would be the first time for me and my family to have summer without Ani. My stomach twisted into a knot. No more Ani. God, that felt really weird to say. I was always used to have my perfect sister around, fussing about everything in everyone’s life. What would I do without my sister guiding me? I needed my sister.


“Lina, you okay?” Sirius said. I blinked my eyes and smiled.


“I’m fine,” I lied. My boyfriend apparently realised it.


“Lina, you’re a terrible liar. Please, tell me what’s wrong. We’ll go through this together.”


I sighed. “It’s just...I’m sad that Ani’s not with me anymore.”


Sirius kissed my forehead, cupping my face in his big hands. “Don’t worry, love. You have me. I’ll be right by your side every time you need.”


“Thanks a lot, Sirius.”


He leaned on me as he planted his lips on mine. I instantly felt like melting into him. I grabbed his collar firmly and dragged him closer. I wanted to stay with him like this, forever. I didn’t want to go home. I didn’t want to be away from him. I needed him.


“Run away with me,” Sirius muttered against my lips. “Let’s leave everything behind and run away with me, Lina.”


I smiled. “As much as tempting that offer is, I don’t think we should run away. Not right now.”


“Well then, don’t go. Stay with me.”


“Stay where?”


“I have a house in Cornwall, my uncle bought it for me. Stay with me.”


“I will, but I’ve to stay for at least a few days with my parents.”




He kissed me again and I nearly yield.


God, the things this guy could do with his mouth...


“Napralina!” I heard a voice called me.


Only one person that always called me like that.


My mother.


“Napralina Isilee!” my mother called again. I sighed into Sirius’ mouth and broke the kiss.


“I should go,” I said. “My parents are waiting for me.”


Sirius looked a disappointed but smiled at nevertheless. “Alright then. I won’t keep your parents waiting if I want to have your hand in marriage.” He winked at me and I couldn’t help but to laugh.


“Napralina,” my mother said when she was already beside me. She glanced at Sirius and smiled. “Who’s this charming young lad, Lina?”


“Mum,” I muttered, ashamed. I dared not to glance at Sirius, feared that he might laugh at my parents antics. My parents really were unique, in a weird kind of way.


“My name Sirius Black, Ma’am,” Sirius said. “I’m Lina’s boyfriend.”


“Wow, you sure you can choose a good-looking chap, Lina,” my father commented. I scowled sourly at him.


“Oh, thank you very much, Dad. I’m flattered,” I said sarcastically. Dad just grinned sheepishly.


“Well, I leave Lina to you,” Sirius said, with his infamous charming smile. “I’ve got to go. Nice to meet you, Mr and Mrs Isilee.” He gave me a light peck on the cheek and hugged me. “Till next time, love.”


“Nice to meet you, too, Sirius,” Mum said, smiling.


“Bye, Sirius. Promise me you’ll tell me everything about your summer, okay?” I said. He nodded.


“Alright, Ma’am,” Sirius joked.


I got back home with my parents. They seemed a bit more cheerful than I though they’d be. We avoided anything about Ani, even until we were at home. I excused myself instantly after dinner, intending to write to Sirius about my day. I really couldn’t be away from him. I needed him to be by my side always. Around midnight, I had a surprise. Lily Flooed right into my living room, scarring the shit out of my parents. She said that she wanted to talk to me about her chat with Sirius. My parents were kind enough to leave us alone to talk.


“Okay, spit it out,” I said. “I want to know everything. Both you and Sirius haven’t told me anything.”


“Yes, I know. So, we decided to be friends, seeing that you and Potter are friends,” she said, sort of spitting out James surname like it was something tasted so bitter in her mouth.


“Really? You’re friends with Sirius?”


“Yeah. I told him to call me Lily and he told me to call him Sirius. He’s not really that bad after all, if he wasn’t being a prat.” I had to giggle at her words.


“Then, what did you talk about?”


“He said that Potter has liked me since the first time we met and fell in love with me in our third year. I said that it’s impossible. Then, Sirius said something about Potter is broken-hearted because he felt that I chose Sev- I mean Snape, over him.”


“And? I think you’re not done yet.”


“And then, he lectured me about not hoping for anything from the world. I said that I wanted to be like him and he joked that I would never want to be like him if I knew the truth about his life.”


“Wow, you two become friends pretty fast,” I commented. “The next thing I’d find out is you and Sirius being closer than twins.”


Lily chuckled. “When that day comes, it would be an international holiday.”


“Oh, I dare bet it is.”


Suddenly, the green fire of Floo Network lit up in my fireplace and James Potter jumped out of my fireplace. He was really pale and panic-looking, with blood all over his shirt. He didn’t acknowleged Lily’s presence at all, and if he was, he seemed like he didn’t care at all.


“James, you’re hu -“


“It’s not mine,” he said, stopping my words. “It’s Sirius’ blood.”


The world felt like collapsing around us.


“What? Sirius’ blood? What do you mean?” He shook his head.


“I’ll tel you later. Come with me right now, Lina. Sirius is in my home, badly injured. Talk to your parents that you’re going to stay with me for summer. I’ll wait you back in my house.”


“But, James!” I said before he stepped inside the fireplace. “My parents would gone mad if they knew I’m staying with you. They know I’m Sirius’ girlfriend and they-“


“I’m coming with you,” Lily said. “Your parents won’t mind.” James and Lily looked at each other for a few seconds before Lily broke off the contact first. “I’m going to pack things up.”


I still felt hesitant when Lily was already gone. But, James’ words changed my mind.


“Hurry up, Lina,” James said. “He needs you.”


And I had no doubts no more.

A/N: Oooo... What happened to Sirius? Can anyone guess it?

And wait! Don't go first! I've something to tell you, my dear beloved readers.

Someone just protested about how bad my English was in the first few chapters. Well, she's not the first person who said so. Let me clear things up. When I wrote the first chapter, I was in a dilemma about whether I should in present tense or not. So, I kind of list my focus there. Second, English really is not my first language. And actually, I'm not a bilingual, too. I learn some other languages, too.

Well, now that I've cleared things up, I guess that's all I've got to say. Thanks for reading and reviewing. This story has reached 10500 readers! Thanks to all of you amazing people.

Love you always,


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