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Sixteen Candles by Analesh7
Chapter 3 : The Note Part two
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~~~James P.O.V~~~ (Before Potions)



"Isn't that right James?" 


"Ah what?" I turn towards Sirius and my other two best friends, Remus and Peter.


"Were you not paying attention to me again? I'm offended."


I shake my head. "I'm sorry; I just have some stuff on my mind"


"Or a certain someone" Peter interjects. My loser of friends laugh.


"Make that a certain person and their certain somethings" Sirius adds on. He stops right in front of me and cups his chest. "Caroline and her ta-tas"


I roll my eyes and smack his arm. This has to be the billionth time he's imitated Caroline and her boobs. Sure they were generally large but that wasn't all I was interested in. She had a nice butt too.


Ha ha funny James. But in all seriousness Caroline had a nice smile and a never stopping bubbly personality. Sure she liked to party and be reckless rather than stay sober on a date and sure she has a reputation with most of the guys in Hogwarts, she's fun to be around. A bit too fun actually.


"Oh James," He continues "Touch me!" he rubs his shoulder against mine.


I laugh and start walking quickly away from him. "Oh Jamesyy! Wait for meeee" Sirius calls out.


"You're going to need to have to a better hold on James, Padfoot." I hear Remus joke.


"Don't worry Moony, my love for James a is a strong enough hold. And if that doesn't work I have chains in my room."


I start laughing even harder and stop for them to catch up. Sirius stopped cupping his chest but is now walking with in a girly way. He walks past me, chin in the air and his hips moving with more of a sway.


Moony slaps my back and nods to his direction "He's a keeper."


"I hope you boys aren't staring at my assets," Sirius turns around, hands on his hips. "You might have to spit out a knut to view more."


"Selling yourself cheap huh? I thought you'd at least ask for galleon." Remus comments.


"You're so sweet Moony! You guys think I'm worth a couple of galleons?"


"On the contrary, I think you're over pricing your customers." I say. Moony and Peter burst out laughing as Sirius crosses his arms.


I grin happily, satisfied that I lowered Sirius ego a couple notches today.


"That isn't funny James."


"They think it is." I shrug.


Padfoot readjusts the strap of his bag and coldly turns his back against me. I give Remus and Peter a look to stop laughing. I jog to catch up with Sirius and throw my arm over him.


"Come on mate, you know you're worth millions of galleons."


"You think you so?" he asks indignantly


"I know so mate." I say firmly. He grins and puts his arm around me.


"Now boys, we have business to take care of." Sirius announces.


"What kind of business?" Remus, who's now walking along side of me, asks skeptically. Everyone should know by now that when Sirius has 'business to do’ 99.99 percent of the time this 'business' makes us regret ever befriending him.




"Our beginning-of-spring-break party" Sirius says as if it was the most obvious thing. "W have to find the place, the beer, and let the people know, no Slytherins of course, they'll ruin everything."


"When did we ever decide we were having a party" I ask.


"Since I said soooo....." he removes his arm around me and looks at his watch, "Now."


I roll my eyes.


"Don't roll your eyes at me Prongs, you love my parties. You weren't complaining when you were crowd surfing during the party we had for the Quidditch match victory, which I planned."


He's got me there. The people were so wild and I was overfilled with the energy from wining the match, that was I was high with their excitement.


"Not to mention, you were the first one to open up the keg of fire whiskey, which I smuggled."


Yes I admit it, I was the started the drinking. Yes I was turned upside down or the first drink of the night.


"And you weren't complaining when those Hufflepuffs were giving you a lap dance. After all I was the one who personally invited Caroline, so the reason you guys are together is because of me"


Okay okay, he's right about that too. Sirius sees the defeat on my face and smirks. 


"Like I was saying, we're going to need to start planning, so I'm thinking that we'll just spread the word to a few and it'll reach the rest of Hogwarts. We'll use the room of requirement as our space and I'm counting on you Prongs, to sneak into Hogsmeade to get the whiskey and some treats." 


I shake my head. "No way mate. We'll get caught even more quicker because there’s always extra patrolling the day before break. And even if we succeed, I really don't want to have a hangover on the train going home." 


"O'come on James, these are the best times of being young! You should be happy to wake up with a blistering headache. That means you were doing it right." He pats my back and then turns to Moony and Wormtail. "Now pucker up guys, it’s our last day till break!" 


"I think I liked him better as a girl," Peter mumbles. 


Sirius scowls at him. "You only had to ask." He brings back the charade and begins to swig his hips back and forth. "Wow, I actually move like Caroline when I do this." 


"You know Caroline doesn't walk like that" I interject


"Oh I'm sorry; I just don't have the same bounce she has in her upper area." Sirius rolls his eyes. I smack his arm and tug him forward to class. "Come on Sirius class is about to start."


"Like he's ever cared about getting to class on time." Remus mutters.


"Time shtime, I dont mind. Slughorn loves me anyway."


"You think he loves you"


"Love is love, whether or not you fake it. The same emotion is implied"


We stay quiet.


"Woah. That has to be the deepest thing I have ever heard Sirius say." Remus says stunned. 


"It won't last though" I retort.


We walk into the dungeon for potions and right when I walk in, I see her. Her, her. Lily, her. She doesn't notice me walk in at first. She’s talking to a brunette right next to her and suddenly she looks up to meet my gaze. And this happens like in one of those muggle movies mum makes me watch with her on vacation. Lily eyes trail up, her hair is in her face but as she brings her head up, it falls back against her shoulder. 


Woah. Beautiful. 


I smile as cooly as I can as I walk to my desk but I can't help but feel nervous. Which is weird. I'm never nervous around girls, especially the pretty ones. I sit down with the rest of my mates and watch her from two desks down. She's laughing with her friend about something and her laugh is just hypnotizing. I can't help but wonder what shes thinking about, talking about. 


Mr. Slughorn walks in a few minutes after and I continue to steal glances at Lily. Padfoot continues to talk about the party, that we will definitely not have, as the rest of the boys pretend to listen to him.


"Oi mate!" 


I turn my head to Padfoot and ohff! He hits me with a paper ball.


"Open it," he mouths.


I do what he says and I throw my head back laughing. He drew a stick figure with a pair of huge breasts labeled Rachel and he then of course drew me as a dog slobbering after her. It's offending but he can't even draw to save his life. I show the picture to Moony and he starts laughing.


"Quite the resemblance Padfoot" I remark as I throw him the piece of parchment back at him.


"You know it," Sirius whispers back. I smile and steal another glance at Lily. At Lily who is looking at me.




As soon as I meet her glance she turns abruptly but I can still her ivory skin turning crimson.


I secretly smile to myself. I feel Remus nudge me and I look up to see him with one raised eyebrow. I shake my head in response and busy myself taking out parchment from my bag. 


The whole time Mr.Slughorn is lecturing about some type of weed, my gaze keeps focusing on Lily. At some point the brunette next to her slides her a note and she begins to fidget as she reads through it. 


I'm so intrigued by the note that's in her hand. She keeps peeking around so that no one can see what's she’s writing, super mysterious. I see her back tense at one moment and hides the note under a book as Mr.Slughorn passes by. He walks past my row and I turn my head back to my parchment. I scribble some words that he says as he scans through the desks. I keep my head down but once he's out of view I look up and see Lily's head turning slightly turning my way and then back to the front of the classroom. 


I see her fingers trace the desk; the note under her hand.


"Ms. Evans?" Mr. Slughorn questions.


Lily flinches from his voice and I see the folded piece of paper fall from her hand. It falls just a desk away from my mine and I'm determined to get it. Never have I ever been so fascinated by something like a piece of paper or a girl. A girl that I met just this morning after spilling juice on her. 


I have to see what’s written on that note. It could be the simplest thing telling her friend shes not going to a class, nail polish or whatever girls talk about these days. I JUST NEED TO KNOW!


"Sorry to have frighten you Ms. Evans, but I was hoping you did last night’s reading and can enlighten the class about the essence of seaweed and it's rivalry role with gillyweed." Mr. Slughorn says smiling at her.  


"Teachers pet" Sirius mumbles too loudly and the girls a row over giggle. 


At that comment something inside me fires up. I don't know her but I want to defend her even if it's from Padfoot. I reach back and smack the back of Padfoot's head.


"What was that for?" 


"For being a prick, that’s why."


"Sorry for stating the obvious."


I flash him my good old friend, middle finger and he blows me a kiss back. That douche. 


"Yes professor. According to Michael Goldenspurt, writer of the Aquarium Plants and creatures of the Twentieth First Century-” Lily begins to recite but the bell for the next class breaks her off. 


"Hold that thought Ms. Evans, we will continue this after break. Remember I want one foot long essay about the differences between the potions. Have a nice break!" Mr. Slughorn shouts over the disappearing students.


I watch Lily as she collects her all her stuff with one hand and then runs out of class. Without noticing that the note is lying on the floor. 


I have to make my move before anyone else sees it. I get up and start putting my textbook away but it doesn't fall perfectly in my bag. My notes from today fly perfectly to the note's direction and I go over and pick it up. I walk over to the desk and cram the paper in my bag.


"Ready to go boys?" I ask.


"Yea let's go" Sirius says stretching.


I trail behind the boys until we reach the room for our next class. 


"Guys I'll be right back, I have to take a leak."


"Alright mate, be back quick, we need to plan a party remember," Sirius shouts as I leave quickly from them. I turn two corridors and search through my bag for the note. I open it and read the heading.




To all girls answering this, remember this is confidential therefore do not put your name on it. Answer freely and truthfully as possible, no one is going to know who you are. All answers go to our statistics.


What the fuck?


This is what girls do now a day? Statistics? We bloke's have the bathroom stalls to write down the names of the girls we've kissed or in Sirius' case, shagged.


I shake my head and scan through the page.


"Have you ever been kissed?"




I frown. The defensive feeling returns and it confuses the hell out of me. I don't why hearing about her kissing someone is making me feel so on guard. 


"Have you ever touched it?" 




Woah! She better not be talking about touching it, it. 


"Have you ever done it?"


"I don't think so"


Done it it? Better not.




You just met her. You can't just think that she's a saint after talking to her for five minutes. Well I can always hope. 


"If you answered 'I don't think so' , would you if you could?"




Yep they're taking about it, it.


"With who? (Be honest, your name is not on this, so it's okay)"


"James Potter  <3"




She wants to do it, it with me. ME!




I like it. 


"Does he know you like him?"


"No way!"


Well now I do.....


She likes me. Lily Evans, the girl I split juice on likes me. Lily Evans, the girl with most beautiful eyes likes me, Lily Evans the girl I know for just a whole morning likes me. Something grows warm inside me and I can't name what it is but I like it. 


And I want to know her. 


Why she would like a guy like me? A guy who's dumb enough to not know her existence. Why? I fold the note and put it in my bag.


I walk to class with a new found look of the day. I come into class late but one smile at my teacher and a nod back, I know I'm excused.


I seat down next to the lads and... Caroline. 




I forgot about her. 


"Hey babe, why were you late?"


"I was just-"


"Because you were supposed to pick me up and you didn't."




"Really James? How can you be so insensitive?"


"I -"


"It's not all about you, you know? But anyways I forgive you," and she leans over to kiss me on the cheek.


"So yesterday Marsha told me that my hair needed new highlights, what the hell? She shouldn't be talking! She's had the same hair cut for a month now and ugh, whatever." She waves her hand dismissing the thought and pushes her hair back. I look over at. Sirius who is looking at me with wide eyes. I see him mouth "what the fuck" and I shake my head. "I don't even know" I mouth back.


"So what do you think?" Caroline asks me.


"Ahh what again?"


"Oh James will you ever be able to keep up?" she laughs slapping my arm. "Well I'll tell you again, I'm thinking of going to my cousin’s spring fling over the break but I don't what dress to pick. Or what color either. I was thinking yellow, you know for spring but thought it would clash with my hair, and I don't even wanna think about orange! Blue may work but I think green will look way better to match my eyes. Which color do you think is best?"


What the hell? I know zip about fashion and what will match a girl with blonde hair.


"Any color will look great on you Cay. No need to stress things out" I assure her.


Remus looks over and gives me a thumbs up. Good save I guess. 


"Aw Jamesyyyy! You have to be the sweetest guy ever!" she says. And suddenly I feel her hand on my knee moving upwards. She leans in closer into my ear and whispers "And sweet guys get sweet rewards." 


Oh my.


"Omg! I forget to tell you that..." she takes off her hand and continues to babble on. 


This girl is going to drive me crazy. My hormones are off the roof when shes not talking. But the minute she opens her mouth to talk about what another girl was wearing or what dress she's going to buy, I just want to end things.


Throughout the whole period, Caroline continues to talk while the professor continues speaking, while also sending dirty looks towards the chatter in the back of the room. I can't concentrate on my own thoughts. What am I going to do about Caroline AND Lily?




The thought of her makes me feel warm.


Argh hormones!!! 


The second the bell rings, I'm the first out of the seats. I pack all my stuff away, ready to get some advice from Remus, the only rational one of my friends. When suddenly I hear Caroline. 


"Jamsey! I hope you didn't forget that you have to walk me to class! Do you know how embarrassing it is to walk down the corridor without your boyfriend? So embarrassing." 


I roll my eyes and wait for her to get her stuff away. Once in the hallway, she gives me her stuff to hold and takes my hand. Her next class is just down the hall but it takes forever because she's determined to say hello to the whole population of Hogwarts. I'm about to leave her at the door when she grabs my chin and pushes my face down to reach her lips. I kiss her swiftly and lean away. She opens her eyes and I remember she has green eyes. 


They're green but not the same green as Lily. They're nothing compared to Lily's. Hers are dull and basic, full of want. 


"What?" she asks.


I shake my head. "Nothing, I thought I saw something on your nose"


She smiles. "I have to go, you better be here when I come out!"


I nod and run off to meet up with my friends. I'm going to hate what I'm going to do, but if I want to get to know Lily I have to do this. It may cost me so much but it's worth it. 


"Hey Padfoot!"


Sirius turns around, "What’s up?"


"Let’s do that party tonight."


A huge grin grows on Sirius's face. "I knew you'd get use to the idea." he pats me on the back.


"We have a lot to do but we'll get it done." he begins.


I smirk. "No worries mate, I'll help with the invites."


I know exactly who should come. 




Is it just me or do we all have a Caroline type in our lives? Urgh



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