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A Rollercoaster Called Life by missclaire17
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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Remember when I said I was a Muggleborn? Which means my entire family are Muggles?

There is just one deviant to that rule.

My cousin, Ethan Hart, received his Hogwarts letter at age eleven as well. He was a year above me and in Gryffindor as well.

"Bella!" He said enthusiastically as he strolled towards me at the Gryffindor table with his friends right beside him. "I have missed you!"

"Right, of course you have, considering I saw you only yesterday," I said snappishly to him as he sat down with his three best friends, James Potter, Louis Weasley, and Samuel Wood.

Ethan looked a whole lot like Charlie. He was as tall as Charlie now and had the same blue eyes as the both of us. The only difference was that Ethan's hair was much lighter and blonder. Add it to the same last name and people often mistaken us as siblings, though granted, it was practically the same thing. Ethan was also like Charlie, who played football, regarding athletic abilities. Ethan was a Beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

His friends were as good looking and perhaps even more so than Ethan was.

Sam Wood had light brown hair with hazel eyes that swirled in colour. His father was Oliver Wood, previous Keeper for Puddlemere United and now its coach, having led the team to numerous League championships. Sam played Keeper on the Quidditch team himself. Sam usually was more quiet out of the four of them, the one who grounds all of the boys when they got too rowdy.

Louis Weasley was Merlin's gift to us lesser mortal beings. With a father said to be the most handsomest man before being attacked by a werewolf and a part Veela mother, Louis was beyond good looking. He had the perfect light strawberry blonde hair and the same Weasley blue eyes as Rose and Lucy. Louis was Ethan's fellow Beater. Louis also happened to be the biggest womanizer in the history of the planet, even more so than Sirius Black.

James Potter was the opposite sort of attractive than Louis. Whereas Louis had the whole blonde hair blue eyes going for him, James had messy jet black hair with warm chocolate brown eyes. Minus the eyes, James and Albus looked eerily alike. James was the Captain of the Quidditch team, played Chaser, very intelligent, and very mischievous.

As the eldest son of Harry Potter, James had a lot of pressure on him but he took it into his stride, something that Al secretly told me once that he admired, as Al confessed that he wouldn't have handled the pressure half as well as James had if Al was the first born.

Ethan, Sam, Louis, and James were literally four parts to the same person. James and Al's dad had one made the joke that they were the next generation's Marauders, a name that certainly fit the four of them well, although I could not imagine any one of them betraying another one.

Because they were the same parts of the same person, James, Louis, and Sam all had identical amused expressions as they regarded my attitude towards Ethan.

"Someone's not in a good mood," Albus smirked at me. I just stuck my tongue out. Why he was one of my closest friends, I will never know. With an attitude like that, Al fit right into his brother and his group of friends.  

Lucy snorted at my childishness but said venomously to Ethan, "You know, I hope you realize how much of a prat you are, Hart. Why year after year I expect you to have matured is completely beyond me."

Rose muttered next to me, "Five galleons Lucy will be yelling at him before the Sorting even starts."

"You're on," I grinned to Rose who turned back to watch the scene unfold. I spotted Scorpius in the corner of my eyes at the Slytherin table looking over with interest as well. His light blonde hair made him so easily spotted in the throng of people.

Lucy and Ethan were famous for their spats to the point where people were rooting for them to be the next James Potter I and Lily Evans.

The problem was that Lucy always hexed whoever told her this and she really didn't seem like she was going to be falling for Ethan any time soon, nor did Ethan ever ask Lucy out, though he certainly did compliment her a lot.

I secretly think that Ethan did fancy Lucy and Rose completely agrees with me.

"Now why would you say that, my love?" Ethan asked Lucy, being his normal irritating self.

Remember when I said Ethan looked a lot like Charlie? He certainly acted a lot like Charlie as well. The two of them were so scarily alike that I couldn't help but glare at Ethan, channeling my frustration with Charlie into Ethan, albeit Ethan was a lot better than Charlie and a right sight more protective as well.

"Because you're a good for nothing bastard who laughed at his cousin after she had been humiliated in front of six fit Muggle blokes," Lucy snapped.

Albus frowned and leaned towards me and Rose. "I don't remember her being this angry earlier."

"That's because Ethan wasn't anywhere near Lucy earlier," Rose reminded him, not taking her eyes off Ethan who was looking warily at Lucy.

"Lucy, Charlie said nothing happened and Bella's fine. Don't overreact," Ethan told her, trying his best to placate her because she seemed like she was going to start yelling.

I mentally willed her not to start yelling because I didn't feel like losing five galleons.

"Don't overreact? Don't overreact? They all had a right sight of Bella's arse and boobs and you're telling me not to overreact?!" Lucy shrieked loudly.

I groaned and began hitting my forehead on the table. I could see Rose grinning triumphantly at me, knowing that I owed her five galleons now.

There were several people who turned their heads towards us now after Lucy's loud outburst. Now I was five galleons short and without a dignity.


James, who seemed surprisingly very bothered by this comment, frowned and turned to Ethan. "Mate, you didn't tell us that."

Ethan's expression darkened considerably as well. "Well, Charlie didn't tell me that either."

I lifted my head off the forehead and glared at him, "I told you that but did you listen? No. As usual, you were being a prat and taking Charlie's side of things."

"Hey you only told me that you felt violated! Not that they were all staring at you that way. Besides, what on Earth could you possibly be wearing that would allow that?" Ethan said defensively at me.

I growled and I could hear Albus snorting with amusement.

How lucky he was, to be getting along with all of his family, no matter how many ungodly amount of family members he had.

Ethan was luckily spared this time as the doors to the Great Hall opened and the first years walked in behind Professor Longbottom.


When the feast was over, Albus and Rose had rushed off to do prefect duties to the first years, none of whom really stood out to me except a very frightened girl with blonde braided pigtails.

"How come you're not shepherding the first years?" I frowned as I asked Louis who was casually strolling back to the Common Room with the rest of us.

He grinned at me, a smile that sent nearby swooning girls into a quivering mess, and said easily, "I'm Head Boy, love. I can do whatever I want."

"What a git," Lucy muttered next to me.

For some unknown reason, Lucy was remarkably angry with James and Louis. I had found this out on the train when she kicked them out of our compartment the moment they came in to say hi.

Albus knew but wouldn't tell me. Deciding that it was most likely a family business/issue that I didn't have a right to butt into, I dropped it.

She hurried off and I shot all of the boys an apologetic smile before rushing off after her.

"Hey are you okay?" I asked, concerned. She may not need to tell me the reason but she was still my best friend. It was my duty to make sure she was okay.

Lucy nodded almost stiffly and stayed silent. Deciding to give her moments to collect her thoughts, I stayed silent as well and neither of us talked for a short while.

She broke the silence by surprising me with her subsequent words.

"I walked in on Louis, James, Sam, and Hart at Shell Cottage talking about how they all had to get girlfriends this year," Lucy started to say. "I flooed over because Molly was helping Dom move Dom's things from Shell Cottage to the flat that Molly and Dom were sharing. I wanted to help them actually and on my way to Dom's room, I passed by Louis's room."

Not entirely sure how this had to do with why she was mad at her older cousins, I stayed silent and let Lucy continue talking.

"They weren't really saying anything important until I heard Sam say that he's already got Olivia," Lucy said.

I had to interrupt her this time as my confusion skyrocketed. "Wait, what do you mean Sam's got Olivia?"

"Remember how last year we found out that Sam  had a girlfriend but he didn't tell us who it was so we just stopped interrogating him?

I nodded. My shock last year when I found out Sam had a secret girlfriend was memorable, to say the least.

"Well it's Olivia Davies. You know how her dad used to play for the Montrose Magpies? From the gist of what I heard, apparently Sam's dad hates Olivia's dad because the Magpies beat Puddlemere United in the League finals the first year Sam's dad was the new head coach. Sam apparently didn't want to make things tense in his family so Sam's waiting until it becomes serious to introduce Olivia to his family," Lucy explained.

Once again, I nodded. This made sense, although I was no Quidditch expert. Oliver Wood sounded like the type of bloke who took things such as Quidditch League Finals very seriously.

"What does that have to do with the others?" I asked Lucy cautiously, trying to get her back to her story rather than give me a run down on Sam's love life, as interesting as it sounds.

Lucy nodded and went back to her story as I hoped. "Well so I heard that and couldn't resist because you know he didn't tell any of us who it was. Sam was saying how if he and Olivia are still together by Christmas break, then he'll bring her home to introduce to his parents. He was saying how his mum, Katie, would probably keep his dad in check if she knew he was serious about Olivia. Then Hart…"

She winced slightly, raising my curiosity by the mile.

"Hart was saying how he was proud of Sam and that he was sure the two of them will work out when Louis and James started accusing Hart of being a complete sap," Lucy said with an annoyed expression.

I almost snorted. Despite Ethan's very jerk like tendencies, one thing that I couldn't deny was that Ethan really could become a sap if he wanted to, though that is usually only around Charlie when he didn’t think I was around to make fun of him.

"I didn't think much of it because I remember you told me that one time how you walked in on Hart and your brother having a heart to heart but then James said that he became like this ever since..." Lucy trailed off as we reached the portrait of the Fat Lady.

"Fanged Geranium," I said confidently to the Fat Lady who seemed to be drinking with her friend Violet.

The Fat Lady swung open, revealing the warm and cozy Gryffindor Common Room that I called my second home.

I jerked my head up towards the staircase to the girls' dormitories and Lucy nodded.

The thing about dormitories is that while you were usually divided up into your year and gender, there were typically multiple dormitories for all of the people in one year.

For example, there could be two dorms for seventh year Gryffindor girls, three dorms for sixth year Gryffindor boys, etc.

You usually only interacted with people in your own dorm, though everyone knew each other because while Hogwarts was a fairly large school, it still wasn't nearly as large of a school where you wouldn't know people's names, especially if they were in your year or above.

Rose, Lucy, and I shared a dorm with one other girl, a very nice but quiet ginger half blood girl whose name was Grace Dunbar.

When I first saw her, I thought she was yet another relation to Rose and Lucy but turned out she wasn't. I was only after a while later that I noticed her hair was slightly lighter than the flaming red like Rose's.

When we had made our way up there, neither Grace nor Rose were back yet, Rose most likely still with the first years and Grace with her Hufflepuff friend that I didn't really like but never said to Grace.

Since Grace usually hung out with her, we rarely see her unless it's at night or in the morning.

I sat down opposite of Lucy on her bed and looked at her expectantly. Lucy started finishing her story.

"So I heard James say that Hart has become even more of a sap after last year when, and I quote James's exact words, 'you fell in love with Lucy', in which Louis then added, and I quote again, 'our cousin who happens to be the most self righteous and pompous girl I've ever met'," Lucy sighed. She covered her face with her hands miserably.

I gaped at her but my insides were squirming and dancing with joy.

James Potter and Lily Evans' love story reincarnated, here we come.

But first things first, it was understandable why she was upset, even if it was a bit hypocritical and a slight overreaction.

I gently tugged Lucy's hands away from her face and said to her, "Hey Lucy, come on now. You know they don't mean it in a bad way."

"But you didn't hear them, Bella! I had to listen to Hart defend me against my own cousins!" Lucy protested, looking at me miserably. I don't doubt that she had to.

I sighed again and said to her, "Lucy, think about it this way. How many times do you and Rose say that Louis is a womanizing git that you would both love to castrate? How many times do you and Rose say that James needs to stop be an arrogant prat? How many times do you and Rose hear me saying how Ethan and Charlie are right sods who I cannot believe I am related to?"

"A million times a day?" Lucy answered weakly, though her lips were slowly curving into a smile.

I gave her my own big smile and said, "Don't worry about what James and Louis say. If anything, it just means that you're confident, something that can be said about all your family members. So it's hypocritical to call you self righteous."

"But they called me pompous as well! Am I pompous? I don't think I'm pompous! Dad is pompous, Mum is sometimes pompous when she argues with Dad and Molly might get pompous when she's all going on about her Ministry job, but I don't think I'm pompous!" Lucy argued heatedly.

I raised my eyebrows at her. Quite frankly, all of these fancy adjectives were getting my head confused but if she say her dad's pompous, then I know one thing for sure.

"If your father is the definition of pompous, then I can assure you and you have my solemn word as one of your best friends that you are not pompous," I said sternly.

If Lucy can give me a no nonsense talk about how we'll always be best friends, then I can give her a no nonsense talk about how she is not pompous.

Lucy sighed and nodded, giving me a smile. "You're right. I'm sorry. I should have told you earlier. After I heard that, I got so angry and I immediately flooed to find Rose and I told her. I think all of our family might have known because I was ranting to her and Hugo heard who told Lily and you know how Lily blabbers about everything to everyone."

I shook my head at her. I understood now why Al didn't say anything to me at first. Lucy's best friend I may be, but this was indeed a family issue.

"Don't worry about it. I'm glad you told me. Now, what are we going to do about Ethan?" I waggled my eyebrows.

Lucy groaned loudly and I collapsed onto her bed in a fit of giggles.

I was just collecting myself when Rose burst through the door. She took a look at us and said, "Are you two okay?"

I nodded, unable to speak because I was afraid I'd start laughing again but Lucy answered, "Yeah, thanks Rosie. We just talked about happened with Louis and James."

"Oh… but then why is Bella looking like she's trying her best not to laugh?" Rose frowned, obviously having the wrong impression.

"Because afterwards, I asked her what she's going to do about Ethan," I said, a couple of giggles escaping me.

"Oh, of course! Right, so what are you going to do now that you know you have Ethan Hart's heart?" Rose grinned mischievously as she took a seat on Lucy's bed as well.

All attempts at trying to suppress my giggles failed as I erupted into another round of laughter, doubling over onto Rose's lap as she started laughing herself at the horror on Lucy's face.

In an ominous tone, Lucy said, "Rose, I cannot believe you just said that! Ethan Hart's heart? Really?"

"I thought it sounded nice," I giggled even more. Actually, it sounded pathetic but the way that Rose said it was just too epic.

"Right well next time you find yourself a boyfriend, I'm going to skip up to him and say, 'Congratulations on catching Bella Hart's heart!'" Lucy said sarcastically.

This immediately sobered me up as I stared at Lucy with a solemn expression.

I nodded obediently and said, "You're right. It sounds pathetic."

Rose snorted with laughter but became serious as well. "Seriously though, Luce. What are you going to do now? If they were serious about getting girlfriends this year, then I wouldn't be surprised if Ethan asks you out to Hogsmeade. After all, Louis's Head Boy right? He and the Head Girl plans the dates."

"Who's Head Girl, by the way? I didn't hear," I asked Rose curiously. I already feel bad for the poor girl who will have to do all the work by herself.  

"Ellie Summers, a Hufflepuff," Rose promptly said.

"Isn't she the one that is really quiet with a dedication towards school work that could rival Aunt Hermione's?" Lucy frowned, probably racking through her brain to figure out who she was.

Rose rolled her eyes at the expression but nodded all the same. "Yeah; you should have seen her reaction when she found out Louis was the Head Boy."

"That sounds like James Potter and Lily Evans to me," I giggled, though I had no idea what Lily Evans' reaction was when she found out that James Potter, a Marauder and trouble maker extraordinaire, was the Head Boy. I heard from James and Al one time, however, that their grandparents did start going out in their seventh year.

But seriously, all of us had a right shock when Louis received his Hogwarts letter. I hadn't been over when it happened but Lucy and Rose had simultaneously owled me.

Louis had been a prefect, much to the surprise of all of us back when Louis was a fifth year. All of us assumed that Sam would be the one to get the prefect's badge but it turned out that it was Louis. Louis's dad was proud but none of us seemed to be able to figure out why he got the badge.

Besides James and Ethan, Louis was the biggest troublemaker out there. Though granted, Louis's rule breaking often involved snogging girls in some way, shape, or form.

Rose grinned and said, "We certainly have a whole lot of cases like that this year, don't we?"

I ignored Lucy's affronted look and replied enthusiastically, "Yeah! Maybe Louis and Ellie can go out too! It'd be perfect then!"

"Oh they'd be a cute couple though," Lucy added, deciding to be angry with us another time.

I nodded happily and imagined the two of them together.

Ellie with her golden blonde hair and light green eyes with Louis. They'd have the world's cutest babies, in my opinion because Ellie was really pretty, if only she would try a little bit in the mornings.

"I think Aunt Fleur would approve of Ellie too," Rose added after a pause. "Ellie's one of those girls that you can't help but feel attracted to because she's just so nice like that."

"Well, you know what they say about Hufflepuffs. Always the nicest of the bunch," I shrugged, stretching out on Lucy's big dorm bed.

Lucy whacked my legs when one of my feet had touched her legs and said, "I'm not sure she'd be Louis's type though. Isn't he into the whole leggy slag type?"

"Well yeah but maybe Ellie can change him around," I suggested hopefully. "She's certainly grounded enough to not fall into his traps and give herself up for a quick shag."

"You know, it still surprises me that Louis has not gotten a girl pregnant yet or has he yet contracted a disease," Rose said, slightly disgusted.

Lucy snorted. "I bet you anything that the first spell that Louis learned when he stepped foot into Hogwarts isn't Wingardium Leviosa but the Contraception spell, instead."

"What is the spell for that anyways?" I asked again curiously. I have always heard of the existence of the Contraceptive spell but never actually learned how to cast it

"What, planning on giving up your V card now?" Rose waggled her eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes at her but Lucy answered helpfully, "It's Abortivum Praeverto with the wand movement similar to swish and flick. Don't ask me how I know, I just do."

"Oh, you know now?" I raised my eyebrows mischievously. "Are you having secret shags with Ethan in the broom cupboard that I don't know about?"

Rose roared with laughter as I immediately leapt off of Lucy's bed and quickly starting running around the dorm to prevent being hit by Lucy with her pillow, all the while laughing loudly.

It was going to be a very eventful year, as I could already tell. 





The second chapter! i'm sorry not much is happening, but thats why im updating these two chapters quickly because they're for getting the feel of the story, characters, and whats going to happen, essentially. 

please leave a review if you have any thoughts!

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