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Narcissa's Dinner by Beautiful Soul
Chapter 1 : Cooking A Dinner
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“Happy Birthday Mummy!” 5 year old Draco Malfoy bounced into Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy’s room.

 “Ugh!” Lucius turned around and raised his head, he stared bleary eyed at little Draco as he bounced on his Mum.

“Good morning, Draco.” Narcissa smiled warmly at her son.

“Here, I got you a present.” The little boy shoved a box into her hands.


Narcissa opened it. Inside was a butterfly inside a globe, it fluttered about, at first glance, one would think that it was an ordinary butterfly, but looking closer you would see that in flashing red letters the words ‘Happy Birthday Mummy!’ were on its larger than normal wings.

“Oh, Draco! Thank-you!” Narcissa hugged him.

“What have you got Mummy, Daddy?” Draco turned around and asked.

“Well, Draco, I have got your Mother-” He paused, what had he got Narcissa?


“Lucius! Don’t tell me yet!” Narcissa exclaimed, playfully batting his arm. Saved! “But you should get the present out now, as I am going to have a girly day out with Andromeda, don’t tell Bella that we’ve been in touch!” Lucius nodded, ever since Andromeda had married Ted Tonks, Bellatrix hadn’t spoken to her. But where was Narcissa’s present?

 “Umm, err, your present is...” Lucius stuttered

“What’s for dinner, daddy?” Draco piped up.

A thought struck Lucius. “I am cooking you a romantic dinner when you get home!”

“Wonderful! But I thought that you couldn’t cook?” Narcissa raised a thin, blonde eyebrow.

“Are you joking? Of course I can cook!”

 “Well good, I’m going to go now.” Narcissa leapt cat-like out of the bed and picked up her wand, muttered something and her clothes appeared on her instead of her pyjamas. “I’m getting breakfast at Andromeda’s. See you later!” She pecked Draco on the cheek and Lucius on the lips. “I can’t wait for my dinner!” She smiled and disappeared with a POP!

 “What are you going to cook Mummy, Daddy?” Draco asked.

What was he going to cook her?

“Daddy, I’m hungry.” Draco moaned. Ever since Lucius picked up the stupid thing called a ‘saucepan’ the child had been complaining non-stop. I’m sure you fellow Muggles are thinking ‘What the heck? Why doesn’t he simply use magic?’ But it isn’t that simple. Narcissa wanted her dinner made the Muggle way, said it was more romantic, plus, it tasted nicer. Lucius was forced to make the Unbreakable Vow, not the vow whenever you die if you break it, but Narcissa’s very own, if Lucius broke the vow, he would be bright purple until Narcissa got the antidote.

“I’m hungry!” That was it.


Lucius turned and said to Draco. “I am getting Mr. Sev; I’ll be back in a sec.” And with that he turned on the spot and disappeared.



“Severus! You’ve got to help me!” Lucius exclaimed. His greasy haired, hook-nosed friend sighed.

“If I have to.” He sighed. “Come on!” He Apparated to Malfoy Manor along with Lucius, who was quite surprised that Severus had given in so easily. It was probably because Lucius was his best friend ever. Not to be boasting, or anything.


“Mr. Sev! Mr. Sev!” Little Draco barrelled at 100 mph at them. “Is it food time now?”


“No!” Lucius grizzled, exasperated and annoyed. “But it will be soon. Right, Severus?”


“Emm, right...” Severus trailed off and began to take out his wand.

“No, no, no!” Lucius cried. “Narcissa wants it made the Muggle way.”


Severus nodded curtly and began to inspect the ‘saucepan’. That was what Lucius liked about his friend. He never asked unneeded or embarrassing questions, he just took the information that he was given and got on with it.

 “Lily taught me how to cook.” He heard Severus mumble. “If only I could remember what she told me, but then I’d remember everything about her...” Lucius pretended that he didn’t hear, he turned his back on his friend and busied himself in trying to pry the saucepan handle out of Draco’s mouth.

Finally Severus came out of his daydream and scanned the room, looking for the handle that had now disappeared from the saucepan. Lucius knew were it was, of course. In Draco’s mouth.

 Severus strolled over as Lucius grunted; the saucepan handle once again slipping from his grasp and into Draco’s chomping jaws.


“What seems to be the pro- blem?” Severus stared at Lucius in shock. “What did you do to him?”

 “Nothing!” Lucius threw his hands into the air. “Now, be a good friend and help me from stopping my dear son from eating the sauceypan or whatever you call its handle!”

 Severus helped Lucius to force Draco’s jaw open and together they forced the handle of his mouth.

“Thank goodness for that!” Severus gasped for air.

“I seriously thought that he was going to swallow it!” Lucius cried.

Draco grinned at the two men. “Still hungry.”



“So you put it on this coooo-kerrrrrrr thingy and, voila, I think that that’s it.” Severus gestured to the strange contraption that he had sneaked out from Lily and James Potter’s house. He beat up James while he was at it and obliveated his mind so he wouldn’t remember that Severus had been there. Yes, he was still jealous of Potter. 

“Umm, OK.” Lucius popped the steak in and shut the door. Sealing it in.

“And then you put the garlic bread stuff in the toooooooasterrrrrrr.” Severus gestured to another strange Muggle contraption that Lily Evans had once given him as a Christmas present. Seriously, the man was obsessed.


“O-K.” Lucius stuffed the garlic bread into the ‘toaster’ thing.

“And lastly, you put the rice in the sauceypan and set it on top of the coooo-kerrrrrrr thingy.”

 “Right.” Lucius set it on. Turned up the heat and followed Severus into the dining room to set the table.

“Severus, no! Narcissa is allergic to those!” Lucius cried, grabbing the flowers out of the vase that Severus was about to set on the table.


“Oh. Sorry!” Severus smiled sheepishly. “They were Lily’s favourite.”

Lucius sighed inwardly. Severus then conjured white roses into the vase.

“No!” Lucius cried. “I’m all- ATISHOO!” The plates, knives, forks, spoons and table cloth flew off the table. Also taking the vase with them, it shattered into pieces along with the plates. “Allergic.” Lucius found it only right to finish his sentence.


Finally, the table was set again, along with a new vase with snowdrops in them. Narcissa loved those. Plus, neither of them was allergic to snowdrops.





Came from the kitchen. Lucius and Severus rushed in as fast as they could, Draco just took his time, he’d let the adults fix it.

Smoke rose from the toaster, Severus quickly popped the garlic bread up and grimaced.

“I forgot that it wasn’t meant to go into the toooooooasterrrrrrr but it was meant to go into the coooo-kerrrrrrr.”


But worst of all, fire danced in bright, eager flames on the coooo-kerrrrrrr, straining to become more. Lucius and Severus both yelped at the same time.

Water burst from their wands and drowned the fire. Lucius almost felt sorry for the fire, but it had destroyed his romantic dinner, any sympathy for the flames disappeared as the water put out the fire.

“Get Draco!” Lucius hissed as Draco finally made his presence known as he came bounding into the room, his serious face showed no emotion, but suddenly a grin broke through.

“Daddy and Mr. Sev are fire killers!” He grinned and Lucius looked at him.

“Draco, get Yonks to clean up this mess.”


“Why not?”


“Say please, Daddy, like Mummy tells me to.”



 A few minutes later Draco appeared with his favourite house elf by his side, the two of them began to clean.

Lucius and Severus began to cook, all over again.

“Finished!” Lucius pronounced and gave Severus a huge hug. It was very un-manly of him but he was overwhelmed with happiness.

Draco and Yonks had long since finished and the kitchen was sparkling.

“Lucius? Lucius, I’m home!” Narcissa strode into the kitchen and smiled warmly at Draco, and then at Lucius and Yonks.


“Yonks will go now.” Yonks said and skipped off, Draco ran after him.

“Severus, what are you doing here?” She asked.

“I was looking after Draco; he was becoming quite a handful.”

“OK.” Narcissa smiled.

“Narcissa loved the dinner!” Lucius grinned at Severus.

“That’s good.” Severus smiled.

Lucius stopped grinning. “But she wants me to do it again next year.”

Severus smiled at Lucius. “I’ll always be there to help.”

“What are friends for?” Lucius grinned.

A/N: Woop, woop! It's finished. Well, what do you guys think? Please, oh, please, review. Look at the poor box's mournful puppy-dog eyes. It needs FOOD, people, it needs food.

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