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Through His Eyes by angel_speaks
Chapter 1 : Lucius Malfoy
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the original characters from the HP series. They are all from the brilliant mind of J.K. Rowling. However, the "newcomers" as well as the plot of this story was something I came up with and wanted to share it through here ^_^


Chapter 1


Cold rain fell upon the windows of the Hogwarts Express as it made its journey to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The gloomy clouds continued to scatter and showed no signs of dissipating anytime soon. The sounds of the booming thunder and the sudden flashes of lightening added to the commotion happening within the compartments of the train. In one of them, sat fifth year Lucius Malfoy with a book on hand. However, for the past hour he had been enticed by the storm brewing just on the other side of the window that he had been sitting next to since the train had left the station. His fellow classmates, who also belong to the same house as he does, Slytherin, surrounded him, but unlike him, they had been engaged in a conversation that involved pranks and jokes on the newer students.


“C’mon Lucius, what’s your opinion on this fellow right here?” The boy who had had him a question threw a look at a first year boy who had been sitting on the table next to them. The boy was dark- haired, scrawny, and like the other first years like him, frightened.  


“I think that he’s a waste of time,” Lucius replied, emotionless. He continued to look out of the window beside him as he answered the question, “don’t you all have anything better to do?”


Silence fell upon the crowd. Then, unexpectedly, a hand fell upon his shoulder. Lucius peeled his eyes from the gloomy sight to the person who had laid a hand upon him. Narcissa Black.


“Are you alright Lucius?” She asked him, concerned. Narcissa Black was the youngest of the infamous Black sisters, but unlike her sister, Bellatrix, she seemed like the lesser of cruel. However, there is no comparison between their personalities. Like her older sister, Narcissa was mischievous, yet devilishly charming, which, from time to time, she uses to her advantage. She can be highly manipulative and overall, heartless. Her looks can come off pretty strong to anyone who meets the Black sisters. Her pale skin and strong blue eyes complemented her perfectly shaped nose, her high cheekbones and thin lips. She stood at about the same height as Lucius and has a very slender build, which she also uses to her advantage.


“I’m perfectly fine,” Lucius replied, then he returned to the gloomy weather outside the window.



There was a strong light shining from a crack door at the end of the hall that Lucius Malfoy couldn’t bare to ignore. He begun to feel exhausted as he headed towards the door, like as if his very feet became heavier with each step he took. As he reached the end of hall, he grabbed hold of the doorknob. It was freezing underneath his palm, but he managed to pull himself together, and pushed the door open.

He arrived at a brightly lit room. He recognized it as his parent’s room at the Malfoy Manor. All of a sudden there was a drop in temperature. The windows along with the door leading to the balcony of his parent’s room were open, allowing the fall air to enter the room. The thin curtains flew as the afternoon sunlight and wind gracefully entered. There were sobs at one corner of the room. Lucius entered the room and his eyes fell upon his mourning father, as he sat on the side of the bed. With each step he took towards his father, he then recognized that, in his father’s hands, held the hands of his mother. Lucius recognized that the woman lying upon the bed that his father was sitting beside was his mother. She looked gravely pale, like death was upon her.


“Abraxas,” she began to whisper.


“Yes my dear.”


“Take care of him,” she whispered, almost breathless, “take care of our only son.”


His father’s sobs intensified with the passing of his wife’s last breath. Lucius called for his mother, he begged his father to do something, but the scene continued without any response to him. It was like he wasn’t in the room. Lucius had finally broken down, in pain, with an overwhelming feeling loneliness overshadowing his very being.


The death of his mother had distanced his father even more than when she was alive. Since her death he had only seen him seven times, maybe even less before he had left for the train station with his assistant.


As the rain continued, it had reminded him so much of the despair within him. His mother’s passing that had just happened over the summer break had made the return trip to Hogwarts even more difficult for Lucius. He did whatever it took to get his mind off of her death, but lately, just like today, he had been particularly unsuccessful.


A sea of students swarmed the dimly lit hallways of the school and each student had made their way to their appropriate house tables, except for the first year students. The headmaster of school commenced the ceremony with a welcome remark and a few stern words, and then the sorting of the houses began. The first student called up to be sorted was the scrawny, dark- haired boy whom was the proposed target of Lucius’s cohorts.


“James Potter.”


Just as the hat was placed upon his scruffy dark locks, the hat made his announcement, “GRYFFINDOR!” Students of the Gryffindor house stood and clapped as they welcomed the newest member of their house. This unpretentious process continued until all first years had been sorted into a house. Soon after, the first feast of the school year had begun with the presentation of various dishes ranging from appetizers, to the main dish and finally, to the desserts. Every empty stomach that had arrived for the evening had been satisfied with the delicacies only available to the wizarding world.


Moments after the feast had ended, the prefects acknowledged for each house had been instructed to lead the first years as well as the rest of the students assigned to that particular house, to their dormitories. Aimlessly, Lucius stood from where he sat and instructed all of the Slytherin students to follow him to the Slytherin dormitories located at the dungeons. Once again, disorder had ensued as each student scrambled to follow one another to their dormitories, in addition to the many conversations of excitement, anxiety and the many feelings that came along with being reunited with a good friend. During moments such as these, he felt grateful for his tall and slender build that gave him an advantage over the shorter batch of first years. It made it him easier as prefect to keep an eye on each of them as he led them towards the Slytherin house.


As they had arrived at the Slytherin house common room, Lucius briefly explained the rules and regulations of the house then pointed each gender towards the direction of their dormitories. In a matter of seconds, the common room was empty.


“Lucius,” a hoarse voice called out to him, “you forgot this.”


He already had an idea of who had called out for him; he was just hesitant whether facing that person would be worth any of his time. Nevertheless, he turned as faced Narcissa, who had successfully entered the room without breaking the silence. She stood by the door, holding out the book that he had been reading on the train.


Without acknowledging her “kind” gesture, he grabbed the book out of her grasp and headed towards the prefect dormitory. Throughout the onerous journey from his house to the prefect dormitory, Lucius longed to be left in silence, to remain alone in his thoughts. As he arrived in the prefect chambers, he opened his baggage and arranged its contents around the room as he pleased. Finally, he had settled into bed, slowly closing his eyes, preparing to drift to a familiar place he had once called home. 


A/N: So what do you guys think? I'd like to know how I did on the characters, plot, flow, grammar and spelling ^_^ If there's anything you guys can share on how I can improve, please share it with me below! Thank you for reading! 

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