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Paradox by GirlOnTheSidelines
Chapter 13 : Epilogue
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2nd September 2040



Diagon Alley was bustling with people; although there were considerably less than there had been a few days before when parents and children were buying last minute Hogwarts supplies. Next to the impressive Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, there was a slightly smaller shop front with an assortment of tasty looking cakes and rolls in the window. The sign above the door read simply: Malfoy Bakery. There were several younger children peering in the window and begging their mothers to go inside so they could buy some of the delicious treats.



The woman behind the counter was untying a letter from the out-stretched foot of an owl. She fed the owl a treat from the pot on the counter before breaking the seal, unfolding the parchment and beginning to read.



Dear Mum, the letter began. Hogwarts is amazing, even better than you or dad described it. I sat with Runa, Sirius and Jake on the train and we played Exploding Snaps the whole way. Anyway… I suppose you want to know where I was sorted. Well, don’t be cross or jealous but I’m in Slytherin! The woman snorted, not at all surprised, before reading on. Dad will be so happy! Runa is with me of course but the boys ended up in Gryffindor, don’t worry, I’m sure Miram will go there as well and then you and dad can have a daughter in both your Houses.



Professor Zabini is just as scary as you said but I recon he is just misunderstood. The Slytherin common room is amazing… but dad will know all about that. Our dorm is nice too, there is me and Runa and then a girl called Adrianna Laybrooke, who is Jake’s cousin apparently, the woman laughed, remembering Adrianna’s parents at school – her father had been on the Slytherin Quidditch team and her mother had been a Gryffindor commentator which lead to some interesting Quidditch games – a girl called Ophelia Grey, who is a little bit weird and dreamy, and a girl called Morgan Davis who seems okay.



Everything is so different here and I cannot wait to explore, I’m afraid I will not be able to write to you as much as I thought I would but I promise I will write whenever I can. Send my love to dad and Miram and I will see you soon. With love, Rana Astoria Malfoy.



The woman chucked at the way her daughter signed with her full name as if she felt grown up now. Of course, Roxanne was not at all surprised that Rana was in Slytherin – and her second cousin, Runa Potter, with her – they were almost as mischievous as Runa’s older brothers Finn and Guy but they went about their troublemaking in a much subtler and cunning way – obvious Slytherin traits. In truth, people often mistook Runa and Rana for twins because they were almost as identical as Finn and Guy despite their different genetics. Roxanne had discovered that something in the Malfoy blood was stronger than her black heritage and her two daughters had inherited their father’s pale complexion.



The bell at the door tinkled and Roxanne looked up from Rana’s scrawled yet elegant handwriting to see her old school friend walking in.



“Nina,” she smiled. “How are you?”



“I’m fine thanks,” Nina replied, making her way to the counter with an excited look on her face.The Bakery looks amazing! Jake just sent me this-” she waved her own sheet of parchment, “-he got into Gryffindor! Max and I are so proud!” she squealed.



“I will be in Gryffindor,” muttered a little girl coming into the main shop from the kitchen. Roxanne picked her nine year old daughter up with ease and plopped her on the counter.



“So I heard,” Roxanne returned her attention to Nina. “Rana and Run got into Slytherin but Siri is in Gryffindor with Jake.”



“Damn, that means I owe Max a free massage,” she chuckled. “Hello Miram,” she grinned.



“Hello Mrs Jordan,” Miram muttered politely, pushing her thick auburn hair from her face. “Good to see you haven’t brought him with you,” she smiled angelically as her mother and Godmother burst into giggles. Roxanne’s youngest daughter had developed a strong dislike for Nina’s son, Jake Jordan, which was rather unfortunate as he was one of Rana’s best friends. The dislike was mutual and had resulted in many tussles over the years. Their parents of course, found it hilarious.



“Oh dear,” Nina sighed, catching her breath. “Maybe one day the Jordan boy will get his girl,” she winked at Roxanne. It was common knowledge that Max Jordan – Nina’s husband – had fancied Roxanne at school and that his father, Lee Jordan, had fancied Roxanne’s mother.



“Not likely… at least not Miram,” Roxanne snorted. “He will have to settle for Rana.”



“A Gryffindor and a Slytherin?” Nina teased.



 “You forget who you are talking to…” Roxanne laughed.



“Well I am definitely not going anywhere near him… Rana can marry him but don’t expect me to visit them!” Miram stated, interrupting their laughter once again. Nina ruffled her Goddaughter’s hair before pinching a taster slice from the counter.



“Well, I had better be off,” she kissed Miram on the cheek and waved over her shoulder as she nudged the door open and greeted the man coming in.



“Hey Miram, look what I’ve got for you,” the man grinned, holding out a bag that looked to Roxanne suspiciously like one from her brother’s shop next door. He handed the bag to the excited nine year old, who immediately started sorting through its content, before running a hand through his white-blonde hair and coming over to his wife. “Hello Rox,” he smiled, planting a brief kiss on her lips.



“Hello Scorp,” she replied with another brief kiss. “Guess what?”






“Rana got into Slytherin…” Roxanne muttered and he grinned.



“That’ll be ten galleons please,” he smirked. “Or maybe another kiss will suffice.” Scorpius’ lips were familiar against Roxanne’s and they both began to lose themselves in each other’s embrace… It would never ceased to amazing Roxanne that his kisses could– even after all this time – still set her on fire.



“Scorp,” she murmured against his lips. He hummed in response. “I have another surprise for you.”



“Oh really, and what is that?” Scorpius pulled away just enough to look into his wife’s eyes as she took his hand and guide it to her still flat stomach. His eyes widened. “You’re not- Oh Merlin you are!” he whispered. Roxanne just nodded. “I hope it’s a boy,” he grinned before returning his lips to hers again and enveloping her in another kiss.



“Urgh… that is gross,” Miram said in disgust, looking at her parents. Roxanne could feel Scorpius grin against hers lips and she knew that all was well.








Massive thank you to all of you who stayed with me until the end of this story, I hope you enjoyed it and please check out my other ones to see how their stories end. Of course, anything you recognised belonged to JKR the amazing creator of amazing books. Thanks again, reviews would be lovely now that it's all over,



With Love, GirlOnTheSidelines

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Paradox: Epilogue


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