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James Potter Phobia by unusually_loquacious
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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A/N: Hello people, let me present to you *drumroll* James Potter Phobia...

This is my first attempt at writing a fanfic so pleasepleaseplease let me know how you like it. Oh, and ignore the grammar mistakes if you see any. 







Chapter 1




A C A C I A . K I M B E R L Y . S M I T H

You know that story  where the parents come to know that their child, no wait, their only child is some freak of nature and instead of accepting their child they disown their child? Yeah, well, when my parents found out that I was a witch on my 11th birthday, instead of accepting me the way I was, they just over-reacted a bit and disowned me. I mean, what kind of parents do that to their own child? My parents.



I was supposed to be the heir of a multi-million or a multi-billion or a something trillion-ish company. I was supposed to have an amazing life with loads of love and everything I'd ever wanted. My perfect life was crashing all around me with a BAM CRASH BOOM.

At the time I came to know I was a witch, I didn't know what a huge thing it was. At that time it seemed like someone was playing a joke on me and you know, the fates? Yeah, I bet they were laughing their arses off back in the Underworld with Hades. It meant nothing to me at the time because I didn't know that I was about to enter a whole new world. A whole new world of magic, of things that only existed in fairytales for me.

So when my parents disowned me, my 11 year old mind just went "What the fuck?" Only, not fuck obviously, I mean I was a kid, though it didn't take me long to come out of my innocent phase and become the troublemaker. 4 months, that's all it took.


Anyways, when I was disowned I had nowhere to go. You must be wondering, "Oh sweet child, why didn't you go to your relatives?" I had none. It was a bit of a freakish thing, growing up without your grandparents pampering you, uncles and aunts fussing over you and cousins playing with you. My parents had cut off their ties from their families when they married or more like "ran away from home and then married" because their families were against the marriage. Overdramatic much? Hell yes. So, there were no relatives I had that I was aware of.

I had all my stuff and I was sitting in the rain, crying my eyes out in a lonely park and then you know who just "happened" to pass me by? An amazingly sexy 18 year old with turquoise hair. No kidding, turquoise hair.

He took one look at me and knew something was wrong. Well, duh. I mean, how many times do you see an 11 year old girl alone with a load of luggage crying her eyes out in the rain? Once in a million times, that is. And how many times does a really good-looking 18 year old pass her by? Once in a billion times. And how many times does that turquoise haired guy actually turn out to be a real good guy and not some kind of kidnapper or rapist? Once in a trillion times. So call me bloody lucky if you want to. 


"Hey, what's wrong?" he asked me as he sat down on the bench besides me. 


I sniffled a bit. "Well, you wouldn't believe me if I told you but I'll tell you anyways cuz you've got coloured hair."


He chuckled a bit and then, I was telling him everything. How my parents kicked me out, how I was a witch etc etc etc. And surprisingly, it wasn't surprising when he told me he was from the wizarding world to. I asked him to prove it to me and you know what he did? He turned his hair from turquoise to bubble gum pink.


"I always loved keeping my hair a bubble gum pink and later when I told my godfather about it, he told me it was my mum's favourite too but when I started Hogwarts, turquoise hair became my signature look because all the kids over there teased me on being "girly". Besides my godfather, Harry, you're the only person who knows this now," he told me.


I just stared at him with my mouth open.


"," I said.


"I'm Teddy, by the way. Teddy Lupin. My parents died saving the Wizarding World in 1998 during the Second Wizarding World," he said.

"Acacia Kimberly Smith," I said. What kind of person tells their own story first and then tells their name? A person like me, that is. Oi! It's not only me, brain. He did the same thing too.


"Well, come on then, I'll take you to the Burrow. Hold my hand tightly, the journey's gonna get bumpy," he said.


I grabbed his hand tightly.


"But what are you gonna do?" I asked.

And with that I felt something pull at my navel and there was this real sick feeling it was all hazy around me and then BAM I fell on hard ground. I looked up at Teddy who offered me a hand. 

"You just side-along-apparated," he said as I dusted myself.

"What the hell is that?" I asked him incrediously.


He just smiled.

I looked at the house we were currently standing in front of. It was a bit too weird looking to be real, I don't even know what support it had or how was it even standing?

"What supports this house?" I asked as we walked towards the house.

"Magic," he replied and we stepped inside the warm and cheerful looking living room. I looked around me and I was fascinated by the things that were happening. There was a clock with the name of some people which was currently showing where they were. The hand with Teddy's name moved to the option named "home". Dishes were washing themselves in the kitchen and vegetables were being cut. It seemed so unreal, almost like a dream.


"I love magic," I whispered. 

"Oho! Hello, Teddy, dear. I see you've brought a guest. Who is this young lady?" a cheerful lady with white hair came and pulled Teddy into a bone-crushing hug. The lady was way shorter than Teddy, she was plump and had a warm round face. I instantly liked this woman.

"This is Acacia, and Acacia, this is Nana Molly," Teddy introduced.


"Hello, honey. You look wet and hungry and have you been crying, dear? What happened?" Nana Molly asked me. 


And I was reciting my whole story again and I was in tears by the end of it.

"Oh, dear, come here," she pulled me into her warm hugs.

"Nana can she stay with me please?" Teddy asked as his hair changed their colour to red, you know that kind a ginger would have.

"Of course she can, she can stay here with Arthur and I and...and Percy," Nana Molly said.

"PERCY? No, no, no. I don't want her lecturing me on how we should not be playing Quidditch. And there is nothing wrong with playing Quidditch! Plus I want her to love Quidditch!" Teddy protested.


What the hell is QUIDDITCH?!

"Now, now Teddy, you just got a job yourself, how will you support the two of you?" Nana asked him.

"Harry and Ginny will help me plus half the days I'm down there only, she'll enjoy having Al, Lils and Jimmy as company and then grandmum 'Meda can help me!" he said.

"Okay, I'll talk to Harry and Andromeda. Harry's coming down for dinner as it is," Nana Molly said.

Dinner was the bestest thing ever. I met their whole family, though it did take quite some time and it was decided that I was gonna live with Teddy. Yay. These people were the most amazing people ever and what's more? Dominique, Fred, James and Molly were all my age so we were gonna start Hogwarts together that year. They were all the most amazing people ever. They told me all about the Wizarding World and everything else and oh, what fun it was! All the fascinating stories and everything was so amazing. 

And at that moment all I wanted to do was stand up on my chair and yell "TAKE THAT, FATES! AND YOU TOO, HADES!" on the top of my lungs.


I know, you worry for my sanity already but it isn't everyday that you get told you're a witch, get disowned and find a family who are like you and are even better than your family, so let's just make it worthwhile. 


 A/N: How's it? Did you like it? Should I write more? Please review and tell me? 

*makes cutest puppy dog face possible* 

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