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I Never Knew by Ade W Malfoy
Chapter 4 : Dumbledore's Act
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 A/N This chapter is written by CUT_DMalfoy, enjoy! And don’t forget to review!


Ade W Malfoy


Chapter 4 - Dumbledore’s Act


Hermione felt the green fire swallow her up and send her whizzing to her parent’s fireplace. They were gobsmacked to see an anonymous woman standing before them. Hermione had to stop her mom from screaming ‘Burglar!’ and stop her dad from spraying pepper spray into her eyes. Hermione was annoyed, but was impressed at their security skills, not that she was going to mention it.


Hermione finally had to shout, ‘I am Hermione Granger!’ to her parents to make them stop in their interrogations and attacks.


Hermione’s parents stared at Hermione for a long time, before her dad asked suspiciously, ‘How do you know that you’re not lying?’


Hermione was going to say that she could prove it and go into a long lecture about her secrets and things that only she and her family would know, but thankfully, Albus Dumbledore showed up at exactly that moment and saved Hermione from a lot of words.


Albus smiled warmly at the couple and told them what happened. Thankfully, both parents took it without any dramatics, and afterwards, they looked at Hermione with curious expressions.


Knowing that they would keep on pestering her for the details, as Professor Dumbledore had only told them about the basics, she elaborated on the subject, ‘In the hospital wing, Harry handed me a mirror; and then, as my reflection and Harry’s face were side by side. I thought that the two faces looked very alike, but I never realized that it was my reflection. It’s an afterthought, Professor, but would it by any chance that I am… related to Harry?’


Mulling over Hermione’s words, Albus frowned, then gradually, his features turned into a smile, ‘Miss Granger, I wouldn’t say that is impossible, as Harry’s family tree isn’t actually well defined. It could be that Harry’s cousin by chance.’


Hermione’s parents looked sad then, ‘Hermione, whoever’s child you are, we will always love you, remember that, dear.’


Hermione looked at them both, nodded and smiled faintly with tears in her eyes, ‘Mom, dad… are those references still okay with you two?’ when her parent’s both nodded, she continued, ‘Even though I am someone else’s child, I still love you. You will still be in my heart.’


After that, the three burst into tears, rejoicing the love of their ‘family’ and mourning the loss of one another. The Granger’s didn’t notice that Albus had snuck away from this scene, not wanting to intrude their moment.


~ ~ ~


For Draco, there was a bigger problem for him in store, ‘What! Are you kidding me?’


Professor Dumbledore shook his head gravely and repeated his orders, ‘You are to protect Miss Granger from any further harm. Now that her real identity is uncovered, Miss Granger may be in danger.


Draco sighed. Even though he didn’t hate the mudblood, and he most certainly didn’t her killed. But that didn’t mean that he was going to agree to put himself in danger to protect her. What would his father think; or worse, the Dark Lord? This is my own problem, Draco decided, Besides, I can’t say no to old Dumble anyway, so why bother the argument?


Draco thought back with now a more negative light when he performed the Unbreakable Vow with Dumbledore; over past years, he figured that not everything his father said was right. Actually, not right was an understatement. It was more like all the views that Lucius Malfoy taught Draco were either prejudiced in a way that normal people wouldn’t approve of, or that they were just plain evil. Draco was one of the sharpest knives in the bunch, and soon figured this out. He wanted out. Draco then went seeking the other side. The good side. Where there wasn’t a sadistic murderer waiting for the day you would join his gang or a highly abusive father that was going to beat you whether you did things right or wrong.


But now, looking at the whole ordeal, he knew that he was now Dumbledore’s puppet, nothing more, nothing less.


Professor Dumbledore looked at him with an amused twinkle in his eyes, ‘Why, Mr Malfoy, you don’t even have a choice.’


Draco snarled.


Dumbledore stood up, closing the distance between Draco and himself, ‘Let’s not play anymore games, Malfoy. We know that I’m a man destroyed by sin. I just hide it well. In the real world, there are no good and bad. You are under my control, and you can do nothing to stop it.’


Draco looked up at him and saw something that terrified him. The insane glint in his eyes made him unconsciously tread backward, hastily, at that, knocking half of the objects on Dumbledore’s desk onto the floor.


Dumbledore straightened up then, and said, ‘I’ll be seeing you then, Draco. Friday. With Hermione.’


Dumbledore then ushered him out, remnants of the lunacy in his eyes gone. Draco couldn’t even imagine the evil look on him, even after he saw it with his own eyes. Draco strode away until he reached a secluded corridor and checking that no one was going to find him, cast a Silencing Spell and started punching the wall with all his might. Damn Dumbledore for being able to act so well.


A/N: CUT_DMalfoy doesn’t really enjoy doing authors notes, says that she sucks. But who cares, we’re pretty close friends so I don’t mind doing it for her! Review! Also, feel free to read other stories by me and CUT_DMalfoy. (Personally, I think she writes better than me)

Ade W Malfoy

I do not write better than you -,-


You do, you got better grades in the English writing assessment....

Ade W Malfoy

I'm quite sure that the readers don't want to hear us bickering. :P Well, readers, we promise to update soon! We are gonna uncover the reason behind Dumble's MADNESS :D


We'll stop bothering you and wasting your time now! But please review before you leave!

Ade W Malfoy

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