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Actually... by starkidpottergal16
Chapter 2 : The Patronus
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Lily Evans bolted out of the history of magic classroom. She had been waiting for this day all week. Ever since Maylea had it before her. She was rushing to the DADA classroom because today, they were learning Patronuses.

Maylea told her all about it. You have to think of a happy thought and then your Patronus is an animal. Lily couldn’t wait to see what hers would be.


“Leave me alone Potter.” Lily said without turning around.

James Potter stepped in front of her.

“Want me to carry your books for you?” he said with a smile.

“No.”  she said pushing past him.

“Can I walk with you to DADA?” he said stepping in front of her once more.

“No.” she said walking faster.

“Dammit Sirius…..” she heard James mutter.

Lily skipped into the DADA classroom. She took her seat and sat as ready as possible…

Until James sat next to her.

“Potter, that’s where Maggie is sitting.”

“Thomas is over there,” he pointed to Remus and Maggie with a smirk.

“Sev is going to sit there.” Lily retorted sharply.

“Have you looked to your right lately?”

Lily could feel her face burning.

She tried to listen as best she could with James breathing down her neck and Severus staring at her. She managed to get enough information out of the lecture to try it.

Everyone stood up and from all different sides of the room you could hear ” Expecto patronum!”

Lily pointed her wand at the nearest wall and thought of the time she went flower picking with Petunia.

“Expecto patronum!” she shouted.

Nothing happened.

She didn’t understand. That was her happiest thought. Why wasn’t it working?

 “Expecto patronum!” Lily heard Sirius Black say across the room.

Suddenly a beautiful ghost-image of a dog came shooting out of Sirius’ wand. The entire class stared in awe at the dog prancing around the room. Sirius stopped smiling and the dog disappeared.

“Well done Mr. Black!  15 to Gryffindor!”

Lily’s face turned red. Black did it before her. Not Possible.

” Expecto patronum!!” she shouted again.

Still nothing happened.

“You know it doesn’t have to be a memory,” Came someone’s voice behind Lily.

“It can be a fantasy if you want.” Lily turned around. Sirius was standing there watching her fail with a smug look on his face.

“I’m gonna think of you, Evans” James whispered.

Lily gagged on the outside, but inside she doubted she felt that way.

” Expecto patronum!” shouted James.

A beautiful, ghost image of stag shot out of James’ wand. As it pranced gracefully around the room, Lily’s heart lifted.

“I caused that.” she whispered to no one.

Next she tried something she thought would never work in a million years. She thought of her and James. Just sitting together under a tree. She took a deep breath.

” Expecto patronum!”

The whole class went quiet. Lily wondered why. Almost everyone had seen their Patronus. What was special about hers?

She looked over at James who still had his Patronus going, but his mouth hung wide open.

Lily looked up. There, prancing around the room alongside James’ stag. Was a doe.

Lily dropped her wand and the doe disappeared. Everyone in the room stood and stared at her and James silently.

Lily felt as if the walls were moving closer, almost all out to crush her. Her face burned. She couldn’t believe that actually had happened. Out of the corner of her eye she saw James. She expected him to beaming with pride but he looked as scared as Lily felt.


Every single head in the room turned to Sirius Black. He smiled and held up his hands,

“Who said that?” he said stifling a laugh, “Must be that infamous Hogwarts Jaguar…”

Lily saw James run out of the room. She wanted to follow him more than anything. But instead she went back to her seat and watched Severus.

Everyone resumed practicing, but Lily could hear the Slytherins’ whispers.

“What does that mean?”

“It means they’re ‘soul mates’”

“Maybe Lily doesn’t hate Potter.”

“What if they’re dating and not acting like it?”

“I bet she saw him naked.”

Lily’s head hit the desk with a thud. What had she done?

” Expecto patronum!” she heard Severus say.

Lily looked up and had to take a double take.

Severus’ Patronus was a doe too.

He dropped his wand before anyone else saw. Lily had no clue what was going on.  She ran out of the class. Totally aware of everyone looking at her. She heard Maggie behind her shout,

“Remus! Let go! She’s my best friend!!”

“Just leave her alone, Mags.” Remus said.

Lily ran as fast as her legs would carry her. She was beyond confused and needed some time alone.

When she arrived in the common room, she saw James sitting quietly on the couch. She sat down next to him, and didn’t say anything.

She quietly watched him, his hazel eyes stayed fixated on the fireplace in front of him. Lily decided to break the silence. 

“What were you thinking of?” she asked James.

James looked up and smiled, “Just you and me. Cuddling on this couch…. What about you?”

“You and me, sitting under that tree by the Black Lake,” Lily said embarrassed, “Did that have anything to do with-“

“No… If you were listening; the Patronus is a reflection of your soul… So actually… we’re kind of….”

“meant-to-be.” Lily finished for him.

“yeah.” said James half-heartedly.

Without thinking, Lily scooted over on the couch and cuddled into James’ arms. It was weird because she seemed to fit perfectly. She loved it.

“Now it’s not a fantasy.” she whispered.

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Actually...: The Patronus


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