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Blue by CooperTowne
Chapter 4 : Broomball
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Image by the ever incredible Magic_Pheonix :)



“Good news,” Scrap said coming into the kitchen. I grunted into my cereal as a response. “You’re not a morning person are you?”

“Why are you even here?” I asked. “Don’t you work like all the time?”

“No,” he looked at me sourly. “Just most of the time. I’ll have you know that it’s my day off. Well today and tomorrow and then the next day. When you work 36 hours shifts for two weeks straight you get nice long days off.” Scrap sat across from me at the table and began flipping through the Prophet.

“Lucky,” I said.

“Why am I lucky? You don’t even have a job. You just sit around here all day rearranging the furniture,” he said smirking over the top of the newspaper.

“Shut up,” I said. “What’s the good news anyways?”

“Oh yea,” he said realizing he hadn’t told me yet. “Riley, Julia, Bella, and Kole are coming over tomorrow night.”

“Who?” I asked as I stood up to clean out my cereal bowl.

“Our other dorm mates from Hogwarts,” Scrap said matter-of-factly.

“The ones from the tattoo?” I said remembering the conversation with Al the previous night.

“You know about that?” I nodded. “Well then it’s about time that you met them.”

“I suppose so,” I said.

“They already know about you plenty so all you have to do is impress them and you’ll pass the best mates test,” Scrap said.

“Doesn’t that only apply if I’m dating one of you?”

“Also applies if you’re a random American girl who has a severe case of amnesia and we picked up off the street,” he said raising one eyebrow at me. It was silent for a couple seconds while I glared at him.

“Shut up,” I said making a face at him. “By the way,” I said suddenly remembering how angrily he was eating last night, “what was up with you last night?”

“Gioni’s a prick. He accused me of switching solution for a patient that caused their condition to actually worsen. I didn’t by the way. I got the one he prescribed and he’s just too afraid to admit it didn’t work right,” he said.

“Ah,” I said flicking my wand making the bowl race back to it's hiding place.

“Will you make me food?” he asked.

“No,” I said standing up and walking across the kitchen to put my dishes away.

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t want to?” I said. “Honestly Scrap, I thought you were smart.”

“Says the girl who doesn’t know my name,” he mumbled.

“I don’t even know my own name so be quiet,” I said throwing a bread roll at him. It hit the back of his head and he looked down at it. “Eat up,” I smirked.

He scowled at me, but picked up the roll and took a bite out of it.

“What time are they getting here?” I asked sitting back down at the table.

“Ten,” he said with his mouth full. What do people say? Say it don’t spray it. I asked for the news, not the weather. Etc. etc.

“Ten? At night?” He nodded. “Why so late?”

“You’ll see,” He said smirking at me. I hate when they smirk at me. It usually means something bad is going to happen.

A few days ago, Louis ran into the kitchen literally screaming not to use the bathroom.

Like the curious beaver I am, I asked why. He smirked and said, “Oh Blue, so naive. Darling, just don’t.” Then he poked me on the nose and apparated.

I was curious. So sue me. I went to the bathroom, opened the door, and what do you think I find? Nothing normal I can assure you. The bathroom was a disaster. Bottles everywhere. Towels thrown haphazardly on the sink, tub rim, curtain railing, and floor.

But my eyes landed immediately on the creature in the room. It looked like a giant slug. Wearing a—what was it?—a bikini top and clutching a teddy bear with it’s slimy hands. It turned to me and stared at me for a second before bursting into tears. From what I heard, it sobs like a forty year old man who stubbed his toe.

I passed out soon after.

Smirks are evil. I never trust them. Not after Daniel the sobbing slug.


“They’re here! They’re here!” Louis squealed when there was a knock on the door. He ran out of the kitchen to the door.

“He’s very excited,” I said amused.

“He’s excited to see Riley,” Scrap said. “They had a thing back at Hogwarts, but they decided they’re better as friends.”

“But,” Al said sliding in the chair next to me, “they really aren’t and are hopelessly stupid around each other.”

“Oh joy,” I said sarcastically as four new people walked loudly into the room.

There were three women and one very tall guy. The women were all very pretty, but looked different from one another.

One looked to be about my height. She had dark hair and very pale skin without a single blemish on it. Not even a freckle.

Another was a petite brunette. She was cute with a slight spring in her step. She was smiling when she walked into the room, like she didn’t have a care in the world. She had the palest blue eyes and hair that barely reached her shoulders.

The last woman was taller than the first. She had tan skin and her dark brown hair was thrown messily into a bun. She more relaxed in her dress. She was wearing sweatpants and a ratted Hogwarts shirt.

The guy was tall. Very tall. His head was practically hitting the ceiling and he towered over Al by at least 6 inches if I were to guess. He had olive skin and dark eyes with dark hair. His presence would be menacing if it weren’t for the relaxed smile he had on his face.

“I still think that he should have gotten suspended,” said the pale dark haired woman.

“Are you mental?” countered the petite brunette.

“No thank you very much,” said the same dark haired girl.

The tanned one immediately walked over the fridge and pulled out the milk and took a drink straight from the carton. “I think,” she said in a thick Australian accent and replacing the milk, “that he disobeyed orders and went on the mission by himself. He’s lucky he wasn’t killed! He should be grateful for them suspending his auror license.”

“Do we get ‘hellos’ or are you going to keep ignoring us?” Scrap said.

“Hi Scorp,” the dark haired girl said with an amused smile. “Happy?”

“Extremely,” Scrap said standing up and hugging the dark haired girl. Louis returned and stood close to the petite brunette. The brunette glanced over to Louis for a second, their eyes met and they both quickly looked the opposite direction, blushing profusely.

10 galleons says that that is Riley.

“Ok, so now that we’re all here,” Al said standing up.

“Minus Rose,” Scrap pointed out.

“Well she’s either here or at her flat, and since I was just there, she’s here. Go get her,” the tanned one said. Scrap grumbled and left the room.

“Quick before he gets back!” the petite one, possibly Riley, said.

“Right. Everyone this is Blue,” he said pointing to me as I began to find my nail super interesting. “Blue,” Al whispered harshly, “pay attention.” My head snapped up and I glared at him.

“I’ll pay attention when you stop singing old muggle pop songs in the shower at three in the morning,” I snapped. They started laughing.

“You still do that?” the guy asked.

“Shut up,” Al mumbled. “Blue, this is Kole,” he said gesturing to the guy.

“Pleasure,” Kole said sticking his hand out to me. I shook it and was not surprised by how tight his grip is. He let go after a couple seconds after he successfully broke my hand in half.

“Bella,” Al said pointing to the dark haired one.

“Hi,” I said.

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” Bella said smiling.


“Good things don’t worry,” she said quickly. “Julia and I live with Rose, so we’ve heard her talk about you.”

“Oh right, cool,” I said awkwardly.

“This is Julia as you know now,” Al said gesturing to the tanned one.

She gave me a wave. “Why don’t you shake her hand?” Bella asked.

“She’s so far away!” Julia complained.

“Get over it,” Louis said shoving her in the shoulder. Julia crossed her arms and stayed put.

She seems very, how do I put this? Stubborn. Child-like. Basically me in another human body.

“You’re like Blue,” Al commented with a smug smile. “Lazy. Stubborn,” Al said counting off on his fingers.

“Hey! I am not lazy! I just have no motivation,” I defended.

Julia smiled triumphantly. “She gets me,” she said pointing at me. “Those of us with different accents,” she said to me pointing to herself and to me, “we got to stick together, ya know?”

“Oh definitely,” I said smiling. “Especially when the Brits try to train us to talk like them.”

“Are they already doing that? Merlin,” Julia said shaking her head in mock disappointment.

“Is Julia mad at us?” Scrap said returning to the kitchen. His hair was a little messed up and his lips red and slightly puffy.

“Merlin, Scrap couldn’t you not touch your girlfriend for five minutes,” I said.

“Oi!” he said.

“Did she just call him Scrap?” the brunette said.

“She can’t know his name!” Louis said loudly. “I mean she don’t want to know his name. Wait no,” Louis stammered helplessly running his hand through his hair. He looked back and forth between Scrap and I while trying to make sense of his words. “She does know his name. She just has a hard time remembering it,” he finally managed to get out. After he finished he looked quite pleased with himself.

It was silent in the room as everyone looked at Louis either in horror, confusion, or amusement. I would be the confused one. The brunette was the one in horror. And everyone else looked highly amused.

“And that would be Riley,” Al said awkwardly after a long silence nodding at the brunette.

I was right. Brunette one is Riley. And Louis wants her, and I can see he wants her bad. Not a ‘get in bed with me’ want, but a ‘stay with me, I’ll never let you go’ want.

The sly glances and shuffling of his feet. It’s different than how he usually is around girls. After the event with Clarrice, we went out to a pub. Louis was around the place hitting on the girls, talking to them confidently.

He spent a fair amount of the night talking to this blonde boob bombshell. Chrissy or Cookie or Candy was her name. But he used all the right moves. Buying her a drink. Telling her jokes. Whispering sweet nothings into her ear and making her giggle. He was on a roll.

But he didn’t want her. I mean he didn’t want her the same way he wants Riley.

After several hours of talking, drinking, and dancing with ChrissyCookieCandy, he kissed her on the cheek, thanked her for the night, and then we apparated home together.

He smiles differently at Riley than he does his friends or girls he wants to sleep with. With friends is a teasing smile that’s all happiness and sometimes a smirk when he’s right and he knows it. With girls he wants to sleep with, it’s seductive. It’ll make them melt. Trust me, I experienced it the day I woke up here. It can be hard to resist. But with Riley, the smile is sweet, loving even. The smile is confident and embarrassed at the same time. It makes your heart flutter even though you’re not the one receiving the smile.

It’s a smile that I feel like I have always craved, but never gotten.

“Hi,” I said smiling.

“Now that introductions are done, time to introduce Blue to the game,” Louis said clapping his hands together.

I looked at all of them. They were smirking at me and I felt panic surge through my body. I had to ask. “What game?” I asked nervously. Evil grins spread across each of their faces. I shook my head.

“Let’s get started already,” Julia complained slumping more on the wall if that was possible. “I need to get out of these clothes.”

“What?” I shrieked. They looked at me and then ignored me. These people are very rude.

“It’s uneven now,” Kole said. “It used to be me, Bella, Riley, and Scorp against Rose, Louis, Al, and Julia.”

“Hmm—” Al thought.

“I don’t have to play!” I cried desperately. All their heads snap towards me.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Riley said in her sweet voice that made my heart smile. “You have to play. Please,” Riley said pouting. “For me?”

I looked away. Must resist. She’s just so adorable. Dammit!

“Shit!” I said under my breath. “Fine,” I said to Riley who was smiling triumphantly. “But don’t do that to me again.”

“No promises,” she squeaked happily before skipping into the next room. She’s making it hard to dislike her mind control powers when she’s so freaking adorable.

The rest of us followed Riley into the next room. I was surprised to see her lounging calmly on the couch with a magazine open in her hands. I would have thought she would be setting up the game or convincing someone to set it up. What’s confusing me anymore is how everyone else is taking a seat around the room.

Rose and Scrap were sitting comfortably together on the couch, Scrap drawing light circles into Rose’s shoulder blade with his finger while Rose read the Prophet. Al and Kole picked up a deck of cards, which Kole was now shuffling. Julia sat in an extra chair and poked Kole whenever he slipped up, which was often because she was poking him so dramatically. He screwed up again and slapped Julia’s hand away; she smiled and stuck her tongue out at him. As for Bella and Louis, they were sitting on the floor crossed legged across from each other. They were in deep discussion about something I didn’t bother listening in to.

After a few minutes of me standing awkwardly in the doorway, I said, “What?” They all looked at me startled.

“What?” Bella said snapping her gum. This group is very nonchalant about everything. It’s annoying as fuck, especially when you don’t know what’s going on.

“Game? When?” I said very eloquently. Actually I sounded more like a caveman grunting than the beautiful goddess of verbally purity. I’m a caveman that can rock a pair of jeans.

“Oh yea,” Al said picking up the cards that Kole dealt him. He moved his cards away from Julia’s prying eyes and looked back at me. “That doesn’t start until midnight.”

“What?” I said my eyes bugging out. “Why so late? Don’t you people have work or something tomorrow.”

Louis rolled his eyes at me like I had no sense whatsoever. Yes, Louis. I’m the one with no sense. “Because we’re less likely to be caught at midnight,” he said like it was obvious.

I slapped my face with one of my hands and pretended to be embarrassed. “How silly of me!” I said sarcastically. “Everything makes total sense now.”

Scrap threw a pillow at me. “Just sit down and sleep for a couple hours before we head out.” I crossed my arms and sank to the floor with a scowl on my face. “Good girl,” Scrap said smiling. I glared at him.


This is going to turn out to be a very interesting night.

“Do you get it?” Al asked standing in the middle of a deserted concrete parking lot in a ghost town. A large ball of light made by Rose floated above us, lighting up the entire place. We had apparated there 15 minutes ago, and since then I have tried to grasp the concept of strip broomball.

It doesn’t sound as bad as I think it’s going to be. It’s very simple actually. There are two teams with four players on each. Every player wears the exact same amount of clothing. Someone scores a goal, and that person gets to pick one person on the opposite team to remove one article of clothing. First team to be in their underwear loses. Simple enough.

Except that I don’t really want to strip off my clothing. They keep assuring me that they always keep knickers, or something like that, on. Like that’s supposed to make me feel better.

“Shoes and socks count as one,” Louis explained. “So everyone is wearing four articles of clothing, yea?” Everyone nodded. I quickly counted. Shoes, socks, shirt, undershirt, pants. Yep, 4. “Ok who is ref?”

“Me!” Riley shouted throwing her arm into the air.

“Ok,” Louis said trying and failing to not sound disappointed. Bella whispered something into Riley ear, which made her blush and shove Bella in the shoulder. Kole waved his wand and a large container appeared. Eight brooms stuck straight into the air and slowly they each disappeared as people grabbed them. I walked slowly towards it like it was an angry hippogriff, and took the last one.

I joined the side with Kole, Bella, and Scrap, and faced our opponents. Al was across from me; we made eye contact and he winked before Riley began to talk.

“Alright,” she said clapping her hands. She smiled at all of us. “Rules are simple. First team in their underpants loses. There are no points only clothing.”

“Riley! Start the game!” Louis whined impatiently. She shot him a glare and dropped the ball onto the ground, sprinting to the sidelines, she yelled, “Go!”

Suddenly everyone began to move. My teammates seemed to know exactly what to do. Scrap and Al fought for the ball until Scrap overtook him and sprinted down the concrete. He took a shot only to be blocked by Julia. He scowled at her and she smiled brightly before taking off with the ball.

Why are there no goalies? What kind of game has no goalies?


Kole was standing on guard ready to take the ball from Julia. She smiled evilly at him. His eyes widened as Julia came closer and closer and then slid under his legs. I gaped at her. Did she really just do that?

“Damn Kole! How tall are you?” I yelled waving my stick in the air. He smiled weakly and shrugged. Julia advanced down the field, hit the ball, and scored.

“Team Red Solo Cup scores!” Riley shouted before waving her wand and grabbing the ball out of the air. “Julia?”

Julia stood thinking for a second. “Blue,” she said finally.

“What?” I said panicking. She raised an eyebrow at me.

“It’s your initiation,” she said smirking. Again with the evil smirk. I cursed under my breath and took off my shoes and socks. Julia wolf whistled. “Cute feet.”

“Cuter than yours I’m sure,” I said smiling.

She narrowed her eyes in a challenging yet playful way. “We’ll see about that.”

“Come on,” Rose whined. “Can we play or are we going to talk about feet?”

“Play duh,” I said. Riley threw the ball back into the concrete playing field and the game continued.

I was more into the game this time. Instead of standing there like a jackass and watching things happen, I made them happen. Al used his stupid chaser abilities to steal the ball whenever he could. Although he it seems he is unable to make a goal using the broom. Puddlemere must be so proud.

Slowly more clothes came off. Everyone on both team were barefoot, Louis had taken off his top shirt and was standing in a very tight undershirt, and Kole had magically become shirtless.

Kole had the ball and was running down the field. He passed it to Bella who wove her way through the four opposite players, she shot, and was blocked by Louis.

Louis passed it, and, with the grace of a million ballerinas, I managed to intercept it.

“Yea Blue!” Scrap cheered. I smiled before running towards the goal. Julia and Rose were there blocking the goal. I took a chance and swung hard. The ball sailed right into between their heads. My team erupted into cheers.

“Team Plush Bunnies scores!” Riley cheered from down the field. “Blue? It’s your pick.”

Oh shit. I didn’t think about that.

“Come on Blue,” Al complained. “We haven’t got all night.” I shot him a glare. He smiled as he leaned on his stick.

“Fine,” I said. I scratched my chin. “Louis.” Louis groaned and took off his second shirt. I smiled triumphantly.

“I hate you,” he grumbled as we walked back up the field.

“Woo! Woo! Lookin’ good Lou!” Riley called smiling broadly and—is she blushing? She totally is.

Louis looked at Riley with a pale face and a look of desperate hopelessness. “I take back what I said,” he said slowly, his voice slightly higher than before. “I love you.”

I laughed and ruffled his hair. “I knew you would.”

I joined my teammates on our side, and we began our battle of the little purple ball again.

Over the next hour, Kole was in his boxers, as was Louis and Scrap, Juila was in her sports bra and her striped underwear, Rose’s lacy bra was on full display, Al was without a shirt, and Bella and I were still fully dressed.

That translates to:

Team Red Solo Cup: 10

Team Plush Bunnies: 14

Basically my team was dominating.

“Come on Al!” Rose yelled.

Al and I were in lockdown. We were glaring at each other and holding the ball between our brooms. “You know what?” I said.


“I’m gonna let you go,” I said before straightening up. During his moment of hesitation, I hit the ball and took off sprinting with it.

“Shit!” Al yelled. “Come back you cheating bint!”

I laughed. Julia was running next to me, and tried to get the ball out of possession. I took a shot and scored.

I turned triumphantly. Kole came barreling at me, he then picked me up and cheered while I laughed over his shoulder.

“Team Plush Bunnies scores again!” Riley yelled. “Blue?”

“Not fair!” Al said. “She cheated!”

“Outsmarted,” I said smiling as Kole put me down.




“Out. Smart. Ed.”

“Chee. Ted.”

“I made my decision,” I said spreading my arms out like one of those television preachers. I glanced at Al. He paled.

“No,” he said crossing his arms.

“You have no choice,” I said. “Pants off Potter.” He grumbled and pulled off his pants.

“You’re going down Blue,” he said in a warning tone pointing his finger in my face. I slapped it away.

“Bring it.” I walked away from Al and the rest of his team. They immediately got into a huddle. This is worries me. Oh boy does it worry me.

Al’s team lined up again across from us. Al had a new look of determination that was aim straight at me. “Look like I unleashed the beast within,” I said to Scrap.

“Yep,” he said snapping the waistband of his boxers. “Good luck with that. He looks ready to kill.”

“Yay,” I said sarcastically.

The game began. Rose took the ball and ran down the field with it. We chased after her and managed to block her attempt at a goal. Bella took the ball and passed it to Scrap. Scrap, who is controlled by his hormones, lost the ball after tripping when Rose blew a kiss at him.

A kiss. Really?

Louis got the ball and Kole stole it away before passing it to me. Al was in front of me in no time. He swiped his stick trying to get it away. I kept away as long as I can before he got it and ran away.

“Stop him!” I yelled.

But alas. No one heeded my warning and Al scored.

“Blue,” he said immediately not waiting for Riley to even ask. I rolled my eyes at him and took off my shirt. “Oh come on, an undershirt too?”

“Everyone was wearing an undershirt,” Kole said.

Al waved a hand at him. “Let’s just continue playing,” he grumbled.

“Wow Al you’re really desperate to get Blue in her bra,” Rose said. He glared at her and she held her hands up in mock surrender.

Our team only needed one more goal to win. But with Al’s determination to not let us through, it was proving a tad bit more difficult than before.

“What do we do?” Bella said. “The prick we call a best mate is singlehandedly blocking our chances.”

It was quiet while we all thought. I snapped my fingers. They all looked at me. “I got it!” I said.

“What?” Scrap said.

“Let him score. Twice.”

“What?” Bella said. “No. That’ll mean that they would only be one piece of clothing ahead of us.”

“Exactly,” I said. They looked at me bemused. “Al is trying to get back at me. He gets back at me then he would stop being crazy. At least I think he will.”

Kole rubbed his face. “So you’re willing to get half naked so we can win?”

Thanks for putting it like that, Kole. Really. We all needed to hear it.

I nodded. Kole smiled at me and slapped my arm. “Team player!” he said happily. “Ok let’s go!”

The next two goals made by Al came quickly. Just as we expected. Both times he called me out.

“Come one Blue, shirt off,” Al said smirking at me the first time he scored.

I bowed deeply to him. “As you wish master of everything good and pure,” I said as a straightened out of the bow. I took off my shirt and threw it at his face. “A present,” I said, “for the almighty god of cool.”

He scowled at me and threw my shirt to his side. I turned away, but not before I saw Al’s eyes travel down to my chest. I smirked.

“Let’s play!” I said.

The second goal came soon after. Team Plush Bunnies wasn’t putting in much effort to actually stop Al at the moment. Hopefully I’m right about him losing his crazy.

“Ok Blue,” he said. “Join the rest of us in the land of the half naked.”

I rolled my eyes. I seem to do that a lot around these people. I took off my jeans and kicked them to the side. Rose whistled at me. Al wouldn’t stop staring.

“Like what you see Potter?” I asked.

“Alright,” Kole said pushing me back to our side. “Let’s just finish off this game. Rose we’re coming for you.”

“I don’t know. Bella looks so nervous,” Rose said.

“In your dreams,” Bella said. She took the ball and ran with it. Rose gaped at her for a second before running after her calling her very colorful names. Scrap and I exchanged amused looks and ran after them.

Rose was right behind Bella right before the goal. Rose launched herself at Bella knocking her to the ground screaming a war cry all the while. Bella shrieked as Rose tackled her, and they fell into a heap on the ground. But the ball continued on.

“Someone get it!” Rose cried.

“I got it!” Louis said sprinting past the two girls. He got the ball right before it went into the goal.

“I always knew you were my favorite cousin,” Rose said standing as he passed. “Come on Louis! Shoot the ball!”

Oh no you don’t. Team Plush Bunnies has another idea. Kole and Scrap ran on either side of Louis. Louis look back and forth between them with a panicked look on his face. He didn’t notice when I snuck the ball out from under his nose.

“Louis!” Julia cried. “The ball!”

“I have it!” he cried as Scrap and Kole pulled away smiling at Louis. Louis looked down, swore loudly, and ran after me. I laughed at his confused and angry face.

“Go Blue!” Riley cried. Riley probably wants Team Plush Bunnies to win as much as I do considering that I did take her place on the team. I looked at Riley as I passed and saw her surrounded by clothing. She gathered our clothes up. She’s so nice. Oh look they’re folded too.

I should have her come and clean my sad excuse for a room. I don’t have a dresser or a closet so there’s clothes everywhere.

I looked ahead and saw Rose and Al standing ready to get me. I saw Kole running next to me. I caught his eye and passed the ball over to him.

He hit the ball, and suddenly, the game was over.

“Take it off Rose!” Kole yelled holding his broom over his head. Rose stuck her tongue out at him and took her pants off and threw them angrily on the ground. “Team Plush Bunnies win!” Kole yelled picking me up for the second time that game. Bella and Scrap ran over to us and we all cheered and exchanged high-fives.

“Don’t look so sour,” Bella said to the other team who were acting very much like the 24 year olds they were. By that I mean they were sitting crossed legged on the ground pouting. When they didn’t get up, she shrugged and jumped on Kole’s back.

“Ok! Ok! Congratulations you lot!” Riley said coming up to us holing a camera in her right hand. “Picture time for the champs!”

Bella smiled while staying on Kole’s back. She put her arms around his neck and put her chin on his head. He looked up briefly and smiled brightly. Scrap wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I smiled and ruffled his hair as the camera’s flash went off.


“I’m going to bed,” I said yawning after we apparated back. It was half past 3 in the morning and I was beat.

“Yea us too,” said Julia gesturing to Rose and Bella, both of them smiled tiredly. There was a massive exchange of hugs and kisses.

“Bye Blue,” Bella said attacking me with a hug. “It was really nice meeting you!”

“Likewise,” I said smiling.

Julia came up and gave me less fierce of a hug. “Don’t let these boys keep you up,” she said.

I laughed and shook my head. I’m like their mama. I make them go to sleep. It’s exhausting having to drag Louis to bed while he whines about Hannah Montana. I don’t even know who that is, but at 4 am I could care less.

“I should go to,” Riley perked up. She was less tired than the rest of us because she didn’t play, but still look like she needed to sleep off the late night. She gave me a hug, and said, “It was such a pleasure Blue, really.” She patted my cheek and I couldn’t help but smile.

They apparated away a second later, leaving me with the boys. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. I turned to them. “Night,” I said.

“Blue,” Kole said giving me a one armed hug. “Nice meeting you.”

“You too,” I said smiling.

“Next time you’re on our team for broomball,” Louis said crossing his arms and pouting again. Not doubt he's remembering Team Plush Bunnies success.

I smiled and sighed at Louis. “Oh Louis. So adorable.”

“What?” he said incredulously. “Not adorable.”

I laughed. “I can see why Riley likes you so much,” I said leaning on the doorframe.

He looked at me wide eyed. “She likes me? Really?” He had paled slightly and was gripping the smooth table surface like it was the only thing keeping him from being sucked into a tornado.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Louis shook his head while the other three shrugged. They can tell.

“A girl’s sixth sense I swear,” Al said shaking his head.

“Well night,” I said leaving the room followed by a chorus of ‘night’s. But I didn’t leave. I was interested in hearing what the thought was.

“Well?” Al said hopefully.

“Mate,” Kole said, “she’s cool.” I smiled happily. Score! “Where did you find her?”

“Wandering,” Louis said.

“I want one,” Kole said. No really, make me feel like a pet. Actually Kole, you can go to your closest pet store and pick up your very own American amnesiac.

The guys laughed. “So, you’re able to stand her?” Scrap asked.

“She has the humor of Julia and the sex appeal of Bella,” Kole said. Is that a good thing?

“And we all know how much you lust after Bella,” Al said.

“Shut up,” Kole muttered. You can actually hear the blush on his face.

So I’ve been approved of. The best mate nod has been given. I aced this test. I’m in. My world is slowly expanding here and I like it. It makes me wonder about my past life less.


A/N: So did you like it? Do like their friends? Kole, Julia, Bella, and Riley?

I like this chapter. I'm actually very happy with it. Sorry it took me a while. To be honest it took me forever to come up with a game for them to play. But I used to play broomball like a boss when I was younger so I figured they should play it too. I usually played it on ice, and not wearing skates, so it was always very fun.

Umm thanks to two of my friends for providing the names for Julia and Bella! hehe love them <3

Please review!!

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Blue: Broomball


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