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Here without you by kjp
Chapter 9 : Are you thinking about me to?
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beautiiul CI by AzureSeas@TDA 

“Sometimes I stay awake at night and think about you, wondering if your thinking about me to”- again by me 

4th October

“Get to the headmasters office now, I’ll meet you there” He said calmly but with a force in his voice that I’ve never quite heard before.

I transfixed my eyes on him and slowly nodded scared of the outcome. What the bloody hell have I done?

He slowly walked back down to the teachers table and left me standing there not sure where to go from there, do I go to the headmasters office now or wait?

I decided to go now, at least it will stop everyone’s horrified looks from the room. It was dead quite and if you listened very carefully you could hear people breathing slowly fearing what will happen next. The problem wasn’t that everyone was watching me, it was that I was aware of them watching, and that made the situation ten times worse.

Carefully I made my way up the hall, wouldn’t it be just my luck that I fell over in front of the whole school?

I wanted to run, get away from the school, I didn’t want to go to the headmaster, what would he do? Snapes a coward and a fraud  and I don’t want to see his face in my site telling me off for yelling at a respected teacher. I don’t care anyway.

The bell rang and I heard the everyone in the hall start to descend. All probably trying to catch up with me asking. And I certainly don’t want that.

Its either Snape or the whole population of the school ratterling me, no contest, I’m choosing Snape.

I ran the rest of the way, my bag swinging painfully at me but I didn’t stop I could hear everyone behind me chatting in loud whispers to each other. Talking about the recent event that had just occurred right before their eyes.

Bloody hell, I’m going to expelled! Or if not I’ll be killed or at the very least tortured and put in a year of detention. I’m not to sure if I’ll be able to survive that, didn’t I say to myself I wouldn’t get into any trouble, what the hell have I bloody done.

I expect Luna and Neville are trying to find me, hear all the details and such.

I arrived at the old gargoyle statue. The statue was truly beautiful, I’ve never really taken in its beauty until now.

I’ve never wanted to cry so much in my life. It was like being forced to walk to my death.

The funny thing was I didn’t even know the password. And the weird thing is I feel like I’m asking for a password for my own death, cause you know there is no way I’m going to manage to wriggle out of this, there is no excuse for shouting at a teacher, especially one who is a death eater.


I have no idea how long I was standing there for. I know first period has gone by because of the bell that went of not to long ago and the fact that a mass of students came piling down the corridor not moments before.

It was only after I had just about given up that when Alecto came down the corridor, his eyes wide and his usual moody face on. When he caught site of me his face instantly turned smug and a smirk played onto his face.

“I thought you would have left” He eyes me cautiously “Its emerald eyes”

Huh? What’s he on about emerald eyes?

I took a moment to look at him confused for a minute when he nodded towards the gargoyle impatiently with a glare proudly on his face.

“Emerald eyes” I say to the gargoyle, I just know it’s a funny trick that he is playing with me. I mean come on! Who has a password like that its completely random and –

It sprung to life and I only had seconds to jump onto it before it descended up with Carrow who was still waiting behind me puffing madly at me, he was getting impatient.

“Your just like the rest of you family, Lazy and stupid and thinks that they can get away with everything, even your good-for nothing brother Percy is a annoyance to the ministry. But no more, no more” He snarled, testing my ability to stay calm, which I did even though my blood was boiling more than before. I may hate Percy but he’s still my family and nothing will ever change that.

I lost myself in a daydream remembering Percy as a kid, he was such a fun person back then, he often reminded me of Fred and George but then on his first year of school he changed and no longer was he fun and carefree.

Before I knew it I was standing in front of Snape a curious look upon his face looking at me. I couldn’t look at his traitorous face and found myself looking around the room at anything impaticular.

There was portrait, lots of them. Most were sleeping except one that was Albus Dumbledore, I’m surprised they kept it up to be honest. He too was looking down at me with curiosity but his face showed more kindness that snape and I could actually look at his portrait without feeling a sense of betrayal.

“This Weasley here decided that she was better than everyone else Severus” Carrow looked outraged for a moment and his eyes bulged open. It was all a act, he wanted to seem more exaggerate than he actually was “She took it upon herself to embarrass me in public” again he said with a bitterness in his voice that was icy and cold and I knew it was towards me.

“Do you have anything to say Weasley?” Snape turned to me determined to get me to look at him, his eyes searching me hungrily and I knew I couldn’t resist any longer.

I turned towards him but looked behind him to make it seem like I was looking. I’m not sure I can look at him, it would make me remember everything that has happened and realise that this is the man that killed the world, if it wasn’t for him then Dumbledore would still be here, as would Harry… with me.

I wanted to say something, tell him what I wanted to say make him pay for what he did, but something made me keep quite, perhaps it was the look that Albus Dumbledore was giving me from his portrait but I just couldn’t speak, my mouth was closed shut.

I had to give a slow nod because I couldn’t speak, it was the best I could do.

“good” He said icily his eyes transfixed on me, he narrowed his eyes as though trying to find something out but I closed my mind of anything, wouldn’t want him finding out about the D.A. would I?

Its harder than it seems clearing your mind of everything you know?

He stayed for a moment longer like that and I found my eyes once again looking around the room. It was still as grand as usual with the golden staircase and the many books and portraits around the room, but now the prized ornaments Dumbledore kept were gone and I felt a odd sense of coldness around the room that gave me a-

Hang on? Is that the sword of Gryffindor?

Yes I’m sure it is, the fine blade was unmissable I can’t believe It wasn’t the first thing I noticed when coming in. The fine rubies at the end was clear as gold and thought back of the chamber of secrets came back to me. This was the sword Harry saved my life with.

Wait! Isn’t this the sword Harry was given in his will but never received. Bloody hell it is.

I probably looks stupid staring at the wall, I know I did because the two people next to me (I refuse to call them teachers) turned to me suspiciously.

I noticed that out of the corner of my eye the picture of Dumbledore nod just a fraction of a bit and I knew my thoughts were correct, this was the sword that Harry was given and clearly needs to fight this war, why else would he give it to him?

“I will let you off with a warning Weasley, and trust me this is a one off” Snape signed impatiently clearly bored of my company and Alecto’s “If I find out you are up to anything you will be out of this school before you can say Hogwarts”

I turned to leave, my legs were shaking and I was about to pass out. I just felt so dizzy being in this room again, it brought back everything.

But the thought of the sword was still in my mind and I knew I just had to get to Neville and Luna to tell them everything, about everything.

“Wait! What about Potter, she knows where he is” Whispered Alecto in a growling whisper that I could hear dead easy.

“Let her go” Snape said simply not even looking up from the form he was writing. I hope his hands start to hurt from all the writing!




I couldn’t sleep. My head was hurting badly and I felt like it was about to explode. No matter what way I turned I couldn’t sleep, every angle was uncomftable.

Not only that Harry kept popping into my mind and I wasn’t sure what to do about it, I kept thinking of the D.A. or something but it still reminded me of him. I couldn’t even think about Quiddittch without them image of him looming somewhere in the background.

I sometimes wonder if he’s thinking about me too, does he care I’m here at Hogwarts again left behind. Probably not he’s too busy, as usual.
Darn it Ginny can’t you at least me grateful for once, I’m so selfish, I should just be thankful that I got a few months with him, that I at least got to kiss the great famous Harry Potter.
I don’t see him as the boy who lived now though (perhaps when I was little) now I just see him as Harry, just Harry.

Sometimes in my mind I see him lying dead. Most the times I wake up screaming with sweat rolling down me.

I don’t think I would be able to cope letting him go once and for all. I wonder if perhaps he regrets breaking up with me somehow?

Sometimes I wish I could help him with his what ever he is up to, even if I’m not there with him, even though he didn’t want me there with him….

Then suddenly a thought occurred to me, it was like a light bulb had been switched on inside of my head and I knew instantly this was how I can help… I need to find Luna and Neville immediately, I don’t care what the time is


A/N only a small chapter, I didn’t have time to update fast, pleas review it would mean a lot to hear some feedback. I've also just finished the last chapter on this, i wanted to do it first before I actually write the story, it helps to give me guidlines and I hope you all find it to be a powerful piece of writing

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Here without you: Are you thinking about me to?


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