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Birthday Wishes by Shannon Elizabeth
Chapter 3 : Diagon Alley and Muggle London
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They Apparated to Diagon Alley, Lily apparently saw an old friend from school.

"Alice!" she exclaimed.

"Lily!" the woman exclaimed, embracing her friend.

"How are you? I hear your son's going to Hogwarts this year, where is he?" Lily asked, smiling.

"I'm good, and yes, Neville's going to Hogwarts. He's with his Dad right now, they're having some father-son bonding time and giving me a long earned break! Verity's at her grandmother's right now!" she said, "Now, I'm presuming this is your son Harry!"

"Oh yes, you can see how much he resembles James!" Lily laughed.

James and Harry were standing there awkwardly.

"Umm..." Harry began, planning on asking to head into Ollivander's, but he was stopped by Alice going up to him.

"Yeah, he really does resemble James!" she exclaimed.

There was a loud crack from behind and Remus, Peter, Camille and Yvette showed up, then Sirius and Vivianne. Harry was beginning to see that Sirius and Vivianne were extremely close.

"Well, Harry needs to get his school supplies, and maybe a pet -" James began.

"Oh, of course! Well, you'd better get going! Bye!" Alice exclaimed, cutting James off.

"Can I get an owl?" Harry asked, thinking of Hedwig. This time around, she wouldn't die. He would make sure of it.

"Oh yeah, sure! We can go now!" James exclaimed.

James took Harry to Eeylops Owl Emporium, and Harry looked for the familiar bright green eyes and white feathers. He managed to locate her, he smiled as he picked the cage containing Hedwig up.

"That one?" James asked, skeptically.

"Yeah!" Harry exclaimed.

"Alright then, let's get it." James said, then asked, "Any ideas for a name?"

"Yeah, Hedwig." Harry said.

"Hedwig? What makes you think of that?" James asked, surprised.

"Oh, um, I think it fits." Harry said, dodging the question.

James smiled. "Alright, Hedwig it is then. So, let's go to Flourish and Blott's, we'll meet up with everyone at Fortescue's Ice Cream Emporium when we're done getting your stuff."

Harry was quite happy with the new arrangements of his family being alive, but then he thought of Hagrid and Dumbledore. Would he still be close with them?

Chances are, he thought, no. But at least I have my family.

They grabbed his textbooks, they got his robes without incident and without Malfoy, they got his Potions ingredients and cauldron, and finally, his wand.

He tried out tons of wands before it came down to 11 inches, holly with phoenix feather core. He picked it up and felt the familiar warmth of it. He immediately knew that this was it.

Ollivander seemed surprised, telling him about the twin core in Voldemort's wand, but then he said something that was a surprise to Harry.

"Those weren't the only two feathers that Phoenix gave. There is one other, I still have yet to sell it." he said.

Harry was confused for a second, then realized that there was probably a reason for it and decided not to question it.

After they left Ollivander's, they walked over to Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour. They all got a sundae and chatted for a while.

"How about we head into muggle London for a walk?" Lily suggested.

"Sounds like fun, Lily." James said, smiling.

After everyone agreed and finished their sundaes, they all left Diagon Alley. They walked for a while, pointing at the sights and even going on the London Eye.

When they began walking back to Diagon Alley, Harry spotted a woman and a young girl, both with dark, curly hair, heavy lids, high cheekbones and a cocky gait, both with sharp features. There was also two men, both with dark hair and blunter features.

Harry reacted instinctively. He grabbed Vivianne and Camille's shoulders, pulling them down, the Killing Curse missing Vivianne's head by a centimetre and barely missed Lily as she jumped to the side.

"RUN!" Harry yelled, and they group tore down a side street.

James pulled Harry over to the side. "Take Vivianne and Camille and run to the Leaky Cauldron. Don't stop until you get there. They're your responsibility."

Harry nodded, then grabbed Vivianne and Camille's arms, dragging them along.

"Ow! Harry! You're hurting me!" Vivianne exclaimed.

Harry stopped for a second and bent down. "Get on my back!" he exclaimed.

Vivianne hopped on, Camille looked at him. "What about me?"

"Vivianne, hold on tight!" Harry said, picking Camille up and running. He saw some figures enter the side street and the other end and he turned down an alley, seeing some hooded figures at the end, Harry turned around and there were the figures he had seen that caused him to go down this street.

Camille let out a shriek, Vivianne's scream rivalled a banshee's. Harry dropped the two of them, pulled his wand out and sent a Stunner towards some of the Death Eaters.

"Hold onto me! Now!" Harry exclaimed. Vivianne and Camille grabbed his arms and he concentrated on the Leaky Cauldron, spun on the spot and Apparated. They landed on the front step of the Leaky Cauldron.

"Holy crow, Harry! You Apparated!" Camille exclaimed.

Vivianne was looking shocked, Harry looked at her and she wasn't splinched. He let out a sigh of relief, he was sure he would be skinned alive if Vivianne was hurt.

Several minutes later, Lily and Yvette stumbled into the Leaky Cauldron.

"Mum!" Vivianne exclaimed, running up to Lily and hugging her tightly.

"Hello Viv, how'd you get here so fast?" Lily asked.

"Um..." Vivianne began trying to think up an excuse for how they got there so fast.

"Harry Apparated us here when we were surrounded by Death Eaters, right after he shot a spell at them, knocking several unconscious." Camille reported.

Lily looked at Harry disbelievingly.

"Yeah..." Vivianne said.

"Did you really?" Lily asked.

"Errr..." Harry began.

"Harry James Potter, did you?" Lily asked, giving him a glare that could make Snape consider shampoo if that was what she was demanding.

"Yeah!" Harry squeaked. He could face death by Voldemort head on, but he began shaking in his boots when his mother glared at him. What an Auror he was!

"Good job, don't do that again unless it's life and death. Good? Good." Lily said.

Harry was nearly shocked. "So, I'm not in trouble?"

"Do you want to be? You were surrounded by Death Eaters. I would like to know how you learned that though." she said.

"Long story." Harry said.

Lily looked at him. "Did your Father teach you?"


"So, where's Dad, Uncle Peter, Uncle Remus and Uncle Sirius?" Vivianne asked, changing the subject.

"They're going to meet us at home. They got held up." Yvette said.

Just then, the door swung open and Remus and Peter walked in, Remus with several bruises and Peter with a black eye.

"Where's James and Sirius?" Lily asked.

"Let's just get home first. We'll tell you there." Remus said, looking grim.

"Tom, can we use some Floo powder?" Lily asked, beginning to look worried.

Tom nodded, holding out a bowl of emerald green powder.

Harry took the first handful, clearly stating "Potter residence" before the flames flared and he was spinning quickly, making him nauseous. He landed in the fireplace at home, followed by Vivianne, Camille, Lily, Yvette, Remus and then Peter.

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