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One Big Colorful Mess by ilovegeorgeweasly101
Chapter 2 : Mess #2: Rita Skeeter and the Article of doom
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After a long and fitful night, we found Ron and the others early next morning and had a somewhat tearful reunion. The tears were mostly Ginny's. She and Ron are freturnal twins and even though they deny it, they go crazy when the other isn't safe. After we had reunited properly, we found Mr. Weasley and headed out. 



We had just taken a portkey back to the Burrow and I was leaving for home any minute. Mr. Weasley was transfiguring an empty can while I finished packing.




“Bloody death eaters. You were supposed to be here for three more days!” Ginny said folding my quidditch robes.




“Yeah I know I’m bummed too.” I said, grabbing my nimbus 2003.




“But hey, only four more days until Hogwarts.” I said smiling. Ginny sighed as she put the last t-shirt back in my trunk.




“I suppose. I can’t wait for quidditch this year. They finally need a new chaser!” She said excitedly. I smiled.




I have been chaser for the Gryffindor team since second year, when Angelica Starship quit. Last year was Alicia Spinnet’s last year with us, so this year Ginny could try out (And definitely make it. Girl has serious skils).




“I can’t wait to finally have you by my side. You me and Katie!” I said. She laughed and shut my trunk.




“Knock knock. Dad says the portkey is ready.” Fred said, entering Ginny’s room.




“Best be off then. My mum’s probably freaked out.” I said. Fred grabbed my trunk and started lugging it downstairs.




“Bloody hell woman, did George stow away in your trunk or something?” Fred said, carrying my suitcase down the stairs. I laughed.




“I’m right here tosser.” George said, swatting his brother before picking up the other end of the suitcase.




“Just checking dear brother.” Fred said. We arrived in the living room and everyone was gathered to say goodbye to me.




“Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.” I said, turning to hug my second set of parents.




“Of course dear. I’m just so glad you all made it out safely” Mrs. Weasley said patting my cheek. I smiled.




“See you in a few days Gwen.” Harry said tugging one of my curls. I smiled and gave him a hug.




“Krum is a pisher.” Ron said enveloping me in a bear hug. I laughed as Mrs. Weasley squawked at his language.




Hermione surprised me yet again by bringing me into a warm hug. I hugged her back.




“Well Skip, you go and calm down your mummy, while Georgie and I here prank the pants off of Percy.” Fred said. I slapped his head and gave him a kiss on the cheek.




“Yeah and I’ll go and play quidditch with the third team in the world.” I said sticking out my tongue at him.


“Take me with you!” Fred said pouting. What a weirdo.


“See you in a few days, my dearest loose cannon.” George whispered into my ear as he hugged me. I laughed into his chest and hit him.




“Don’t think I didn’t notice you almost wet your pants.” I whispered and pulled away, giving him a kiss on the cheek as it blushed. I turned to Ginny while pulled the magic away from my head before I ended up looking like a Weasley.




“I’ll be back before you know it!” I said to Ginny, throwing my arms around my best friend.




“And then we’ll take Hogwarts by storm!” Ginny said laughing.




“Look out world. Gwen and Ginny are fourth years.” I said with a wink.




I sat on my trunk (Better landing this way) and gave my favorite gingers (Plus harry and Hermione) a final wink before I touched the rusted can.






I landed, rather ungracefully, at the front gate of my house.




A word about my, ahem, home before I head inside.




After my mother gained her fortune, she decided she didn’t want to move into a big house in a good neighborhood with other rich wizards. She decided to stay in our remote home, in the middle of the English countryside, and just make it bigger. It was where she and Dad had moved to after Hogwarts, and she didn’t want to leave.




So she left the little cottage alone, except she added a whole back addition where the rest of the team goes in and out. There’s a grand staircase… and a curly slide.




Be Jealous.




It’s also the only place I don’t have to hide. I change freely here, without worry of people judging or hunting me down.




I opened the gate and started dragging my trunk up the stone walk.




Then the door burst open.
















“EVERYONE MOVE OVER AND LET MY DAUGHTER GET INSIDE THE HOUSE!” My mother shouted above her team’s voices.




All six of them backed up and made my mother visible in the doorway. I looked at all their faces, so damn relieved to be home. I ran into my mothers hug, and she laughed her musical laugh.




“Honey, I know you’ve had a rough couple days, but there is something you need to see.” Mom said, pulling back to look me in the face. I frowned.




“Mom you’re scaring me.” I said.




“Just go into the squad room and I’ll meet your there. I have to grab something.” My mom said. She had a crease in her forehead, which obviously meant she was worried.




“Okay” I said frowning.




 The squad room is interesting. For one thing, it’s where the giant curly slide drops off. It has normal stuff like bookshelves and couches but it also has lockers and the blackboard, which has all the plays and notes. It’s basically the living room, but it’s also team headquarters.




I plopped myself on a couch and watched as the rest of the team filed in. They all smiled fondly at me, but they looked worried. What on earth was going on?




My mom’s team is like family to me, as I’ve known them all since I was little.




There’s Mia Havinsdale, our seeker extraordinaire. She’s a tall, lean wonderful machine, though she’s still on crutches (I HATE VIKTOR KRUM). She has beautiful brown red hair, dark brown eyes, delicate features and a sly grin that’s always plastered to her face. She gives great advice, and is one of the easy-going people I know. She’s also dating Carter Manning, Chaser for the Tornadoes (funniest guy alive. Besides Fred and George.).




Then there’s Fira Punjab, one of our beaters, and despite her job title, she wouldn’t hurt a fly off the pitch. She is possibly the sweetest person in the entire world. She cares about everyone, and won’t say a word against people except death eaters. She’s tall, with black hair as thick as a tree trunk, and creamy Arabian skin. She’s the only one besides Mia who is dating. She’s been seeing Logan Riker for YEARS, and she’s who I turn to for guy problems.




Next there’s Lizzie Brooks, our second beater, and the girliest person to ever grace the planet. Off the field, the girl wears heels and skirts, loves make up and shopping, and goes through men like tissues. She’s super tall with curly blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. However, she loves quidditch and is a ferocious player. She’s always trying to get me into more fashionable clothes and shoes, but she still appreciates that I have my own style.




One of three amazing chasers, Ariadne Ziagos is a greek goddess. Super talented, really funny and perpetually tan, a lot of other girls hate her. It’s actually really funny. She’s not as tall, curvy, with tan skin and dark hair with sun streaks and blue green eyes. She doesn’t like to date though, says it distracts her from her work, though I think she’s still hurt from her rather public breakup from Alex Wingham last year. Disgusting bastard cheated on her. While she’s still pretty guarded, she hasn’t lost her sense of humor and always knows the right joke to say.


Marnie Abbott. The most sarcastic person you will ever meet. With her fiery red hair, leather clothes and fiendish temper, she’s infamous for breaking the Presses cameras. She’s kind of a wild child, but she cares deeply for her team and for me, even though she never says it out loud. She’s the second chaser, dubbed as the risk taker, as she pulls off THE MOST DANGEROUS PLAYS. Mom almost killed her last game when she leapt off her broom to score, hanging from the hoop.




Raven Clawskeep has been best friends with my mother since they were eleven years old. She was there when my mother fell in love with my father, when she got pregnant, when I was born (she’s my godmother) and when my father died. She’s level headed and calm, and her mere presence is comforting. She has jet-black hair that curls like fire, bright blue eyes and pale skin. She’s incredibly beautiful, and she’s also really smart. The only thing that kept her out of ravenclaw was her knack for trouble. She’s our kick arse keeper, and barely ever lets anything in.




And Finally my mother Gwenog Jones, captain and chaser. I’m always told we look alike but I never see it. She’s tall and graceful, with dark brown hair, pale skin and a smile that never reaches her forest green eyes. True I’m tall and slender, and I have green eyes, but mine have flecks of gold in them (and they also change a lot. Downside to being a metamorph; nothing is permanent) and of course my hair is bright purple. She’s the best mom in the world. She encourages me, loves me and tried to keep my life as normal as possible. Dad’s death haunts her though, and sometimes I catch her looking at my hair with tears in her eyes. She’s a wicked chaser, and the team loves and respects her.




I snapped out of my internal monologue as my mother came into the squad room. She had her coach face on; whatever she had to say, it couldn’t be good.




“Honey, I need you to tell us, from the beginning, what happened last night.” My mother said, coming to rest in front of me.




I knew it would be hopeless to ask why; she’d tell me when she was ready. So I told them everything: Getting separated from Ginny and Fred, finding the little boy, and telling George about my change.




When I finished, they all had the same look on their faces; like they’d been busted.




“Guys; what the hell is going on?” I asked. They were seriously starting to freak me out.




“Just give her the paper.” Marnie said. No smirk, not even a trace of a joke in her eyes.




Without a word, my mother took something from behind her back and handed it to me.




It was the prophet, and gracing the front cover was a color picture of George and I last night, him holding my shoulders. We looked like we had just finished snogging or something.




But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part? I was still super nova Gwen. My hair was white and shot with colors, but my skin wasn’t glowing thank god.




Gwendolyn Jones: Quiditich legacy, hot head, METAMORPHMAGUS?




You heard it right my lovelies. Gwendolyn Jones, daughter of Captain Gwenog Jones and the late Henry Jones is indeed a metamorphmagus. For reasons unknown to this reporter, The Jones family has been hiding this fact for many years. According to an inside source, Gwen was trained to keep her magic controlled, so the shift didn’t happen.




“It’s just a shame what that rotten woman did, making her daughter keep her magic bottled up!” says Mihilda Reqium, author of Metamorphmagi: The bipolars of the wizarding world.




“What’s especially interesting about Gwen is that judging from this picture, her powers seem twice as strong as the normal Metamorph. I cant imagine how powerful she’d have to be to contain her change.” Continues Ms. Reqium.




It is rather peculiar how strong Gwen’s powers are. Her father, Henry Jones, was also a Metamorphmagus, and was said to be helping the auror office with the capture of You-know-who’s death eaters. He helped put a number of them away before his murder, when Gwen was only one year old.




We also asked Nymphadora Tonks, formerly the most powerful Metamorphmagus in Europe, to shed some light on this subject, but she declined comment (and made a very rude gesture at me).




And the final thing you all are no doubt wondering; Who is the young man in the picture? According to an inside source, the young man is one George Weasley, son of Ministry employee Arthur Weasley. Gwen and George are rumored to be the best of friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry, where Gwen is a fourth year and Mr. Weasley is a sixth year. Could romance have sparked for these two young lovers?


“Oh. My. Merlin” I said. I felt the color drain out of me, as I looked at the picture and the paragraph about my father’s death. Murder  my mind whispered.




Could romance have sparked for these young lovers? Oh you have GOT to be kidding me.




“Mum, how did this happen?” I asked, on the verge of hyperventilating.




“I don’t know. I guess she stumbled on you and George last night and figured she would like to bust you.” My mum said wryly.




“I say we go over there and pound her face in.” Mia said, looking angry.




“That’s what I’m talking about! Bloody cow deserves it!” Marnie said, fiddling with her pocketknife.




“I do think we should fight Skeeter on this. This article is not only completely inappropriate, but it puts Gwen’s saftey at risk!” Fira said indignantly.




“Relax guys, we’re not going to take this lying down.” Raven said. She was leaning against the door frame, her gray eyes unnervingly dark.




“We’ve got law suits out on Rita, and she’s already starting to take heat for this. As for Gwen’s safety, she’ll be fine at Hogwarts, and the Death eaters are pretty quiet. There stunt last night was nothing but show. They wont hurt her.”




Death Eaters? Hurt me? I felt like I was going to vomit.




“Gwen, how are you feeling?” Lizzie asked, resting a hand on my knee.




Bad timing. I let my hands burst into flames and incinerate that piece of crap.




“I’m with Marnie; Lets make the bitch pay.” I said, letting my flames go out with difficulty.




Marnie grinned, but seeing the glance my mother threw her it vanished.




“Other than that understandable violent urge, anything else?” My mother said, smirking a little. She really isn’t one to lecture me on violent urges; she gave them to me.




“How dare she! Not only does she blow my secret to smitherins but she mentioned DAD. And she CALLLED ME AND GEORGE YOUNG LOVERS! AND THAT PICTURE-“ I trailed off into a shriek. My hair rippled and turned red, and I could feel thesteam rising off of my palms.




“Honey, careful with the fire. I know this is bloody unbelievable, and believe me, we will nail this cow; But can you see how we may need to do some damage control? Would you be willing to write a press statement? It shows everyone that you’re not ashamed of your powers and that you wont let this scum phase you.” My mom said, grabbing my hands despite the hot temperature.




I took a breath and collapsed back on to the couch.




“Yeah I guess. I just wish we didn’t have to put up with this nonsense.” I said.




My mom let out a laugh.




“Sorry about that slugger, should’ve thought about that before I became a quidditch star.” I laughed as she punched me in the arm.




“Alright, now that that’s over, lets fix some lunch, write a press statement and then throw flaming darts at pictures of Skeeter, eh?” Ariadne said with a wicked grin.




We let out a few cheers and ran for the kitchen.




“I still say that it would have been perfectly acceptable to call Skeeter a daft bint in the press release.” Marnie said, throwing her dart with perfect accuracy at Rita’s picture. We were all in the rec room, taking turns throwing darts at the hag. I was sitting on a stool with my feet on the counter, eating crisps and sipping a butterbeer.




“Yeah well coming from a woman who breaks 13 camera’s when they caught you making out with Alex Hoffman, I’m not surprised.” Ariadne said laughing.




Marnie blushed and flipped her off.




“I think what we sent in was perfect.” Raven said, sending her dart right through Rita’s forehead. She high fived Lizzie then came and ruffled my hair affectionately.




“Yeah. Gwennie read it out loud again.” My mom called as she took aim.




I hopped off my bar stool and grabbed the parchment my statement was on. It took us two pizza’s, one tub of ice cream and one really good movie to finish it off but we nailed it.




It’s a really good thing we play quidditch and have rigorous work outs six times a week, other wise we’d be SO BLOODY FAT it wouldn’t even be funny.




“’In response to Ms. Skeeter’s uninformed article that was released yesterday morning, yes I am a metamorphmagus. I love being a metamorph and have enjoyed learning to control the powers it gives me. I was not hiding my powers from the press or anyone else, I merely wished to have some privacy. In addition, Ms. Skeeter had no right to pry into my personal life, nor to include my friends in her tawdry article. Please direct your questions at the Jones family and no one else. Thank you.’ Yeah, throwing tawdry in there is really going to make her quake in her boots.” I said taking a swig of my butterbeer. That earned me a few laughs.




“Well we did learn one thing from this whole mess.” Fira said with a spark in her eyes. I raised an eyebrow at her.




“Apparently Gwennie has a booooooooyfrieeeeeeeeend” Fira said laughing. I threw a crisp at her.




“Yeah, Gwen, spill before we make you.” Lizzie said stealing a swig off my butterbeer.




“There is NOTHING going on between George and I, you guys know that!” I said laughing, wondering why that felt like a lie.




“Oh sure, that’s what you think.” Ariadne said flicking my ear, I shoved her and rolled my eyes.




“Come on its GEORGE. We’re just friends.” I said, and watched them smirk at me. But they all just smiled and went back to the dart board.


Honestly, George and I were… changing. Being around him felt different all of a sudden. But a good different.




I just wasn’t ready to acknowledge it. To ANYONE.


I looked at my mom, who was sitting in an armchair, looking at me sadly. I dwondered if she was thinking about dad.




‘Gwen, come here for a sec.” My mom said suddenly. I slipped off my seat and went over.




My mom stood up and took my hand.




“There’s something I want to give you.” My mom said, her smile returning. I looked at her questioningly.




“Relax I’m not about to give you a bomb or anything.” She said. I laughed, and went up the stairs after her. She led me up all four flights and up to the attic.




“Mom what are we doing up here?” I asked after I stumbled up the stairs.




Don’t judge, I trip easily.




“Well, as you know, I keep all of your dads old stuff up here. I just don’t like too many reminders.” She said as she rearranged the boxes, looking for the black trunk that held all my dads stuff.




“This whole predicament reminded me of something Henry left you.” She said, turning to smile sadly at me. She opened the trunk with the key around her neck, grabbed a small box and closed it.


“He gave this to you on your first birthday, and he said you could have it when you could wear it properly. I forgot about it until now.” She said apologeticly. I waved a hand dismissing her forgetfulness. I was too excited to care if it was a little late.




She handed me the box, and I looked at it. It was a little white jewelry box, and it said ‘to Gwennie from Dad’ in his handwriting. I took a deep breathe and opened the box.




Inside was a gold heart necklace, with a Gryffindor lion on the front. Both Mum and Dad had been Gryffindors and so was I. I took it out of the box and stared at it.




“Mum it’s beautiful.” I said. I then noticed the hinge.




“Open it.” She said smiling.




I opened the locket to find two pictures: One of my mum and dad at Hogwarts, by the black lake. They were laughing and they both looked so happy. My dad’s hair was a dark blue, and you could see his light brown eyes, almost gold. My mom’s Dark Hair shined in the sunlight and her Green eyes danced in happiness, in a way that I had never seen.




The second picture was of my mum and Dad again, But I was there too. It must have been when I was a few months old. Dad was holding me in his arms and singing while my mother laughed and made faces at baby me. I was laughing too.




I felt tears sting in my eyes as I looked at my mum. She took the locket from my hands and put it around my neck.




“The picture of your dad and I, when we were teens? I expect you to replace that someday. Take it out, restore it and put it in a frame if you want to keep it, but someday when you have a boy of your own that you love, put him in there. That way everyone you love will be close to your heart.” Mum said, kissing my head.


I laughed and nodded my consent.




“I think it’ll be in there for awhile.” I said wryly. She laughed and swatted my arm.




“Not according to the prophet.” She said smirking. I stared at her in shock as she laughed.




“Too soon?”

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