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Give and Take by clumsydolphin
Chapter 4 : Some outdoor torture!
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AN: I am officially insane! I am writing two stories at once, glutton for punishment, lol. Not too bad though because The Other Trio will only be 11 chapters, one for each month of the school year and an epilogue. Please check that story out also when it’s posted , but it’s not a Dramione, or even romance. It’s more of an adventure. Now, on to why you’re really here! Chapter 4 of Give and Take brought to you by Reece’s Fastbreak, oh what a happy sugar rush! Clumsy!



Draco was awakened by a blood curdling scream! He jumped out of bed and grabbed his wand instinctually, and ran to the source of the noise. The continuing scream was coming from Hermione’s room, so he threw the door open, but she wasn’t there. He ran to the bathroom and broke in and was stopped dead in his tracks. She was standing there dripping water all over the floor wearing nothing but a small bath towel.

“Get it!” she screamed again and pointed into the shower.

He walked cautiously to the shower, and it’s good he did, because there on the floor tiles was a humongous scorpion. He raised his wand to it, but she grabbed his fore arm.

“Wait! What are you going to do to it?” She asked him.

“I had planned on stunning it, then relocating it to a proper environment, unless you’d rather I kill it?” He questioned with a raise eyebrow, already knowing her answer.

“No, no stun it, I don’t want it killed, just out of here!” she approved.

“Stupefy!” He said and the scorpion was knocked out cold.

Once the danger was over, both of them looked at each other. She was in a towel and blushing because she was pleasantly checking him out in nothing but a pair of boxers! He looked very, very good in them. He hadn’t taken the time to pull on pants when he heard her scream, he just rolled and ran. Not that she minded, but she was very upset with herself for wanting to touch him, this was MALFOY, for goodness sake!

Draco hurriedly gathered up the scorpion and rushed out of the room before she could see the affect she was having on him, especially while she was studying his body. He was only in boxers, so it would be quite evident. He didn’t even like Hermione Granger, or was she growing on him without his knowing it? Whatever the reason, he thought it best to vamoose before they were both embarrassed.


One hour later they were all gathered in the main lounge for today’s meeting with Rich. Hermione was covertly watching Malfoy out of the corner of her eye. Or so she thought.

“Alright,” Harry said to both of them jokingly. “Who saw who naked?”  His smile slipped however when both Draco and Hermione both blushed furiously. Drawing his wand out, Harry pointed it at him. “What the hell! Malfoy, I swear I will hex you into a slug again!”

A cough behind them made them all turn around. “Sorry to interrupt guys, but we have work to do.” Rich said with a raised eyebrow.

“Alright, today we’re going to do something that will be uncomfortable for all of you, but hopefully you will learn much from it. I would like you all to return to your bungalows and retrieve a change of clothes. I would suggest you also bring along something warm as you won’t be returning tonight.” He informed them. They all looked at each other confused, but shrugged and left to do as requested of them.


Within twenty minutes they had all returned and were again following Rich. Hermione brought her music and a book along as well, so that she had something to fill the time while they were gone, just in case. Draco only brought what he was told, a change of clothes, both cool and warm. Later on tonight though, he would be grateful that Hermione had thought ahead. They were brought to a halt in a very wild looking forest area, Hermione shivered with nerves. Draco put his hand on the small of her back to comfort her before thinking about it. She felt it, but decided not to comment on it, and told herself it was part of the show for their plan.

“You will each be assigned an area of this magically enhanced forest. There are wards set up so that no matter how far you travel you will not bump into the other teams. They can be an inch from your face and you will walk by without seeing them, and vice versa.” He explained to them. “Also, you’re allowed your wands during your time here, but only certain charms and spells will work. You’re allowed any defensive spell, although you certainly should not need them. You can make fire to cook with; however you cannot use the wand to cook for you. You also may not hunt with it; you will have to make weapons for hunting if that is your wish, or you may physically gather fruit, vegetables, roots etc. You must find or build your own shelter by hand, but may set defensive spells if that makes you more comfortable in the shelter.” He looked at each person to assess how they were taking these instructions. For the most part they looked like they hadn’t heard correctly, this always made him laugh.

“You are supplied with two blankets, one for each person. You may lie directly on the ground and use it for cover, or share the blankets and lay on one and cover with the other.  The area is temperature controlled by magic for a purpose, to get you to work together for survival. The evenings will be cool, so keep that in mind.” As soon as he finished the sentence Miss Granger’s hand shot into the air. “Yes?”

“Did I just hear you say evenings, as in more than one?” She asked seemingly shocked.

“I did forget to mention that didn’t I?” he responded. “Yes, you and your partner will be out here alone, with only each other to depend on for five days and nights. If you have a life threatening medical emergency, just shoot red sparks in the air, and help with apparate to your location. Any other questions?”

He started delivering them to their separate parts of the forest after that. Harry and Jennifer were dropped off first, next was Chloe and Shawn. Draco and Hermione were the third team left in a part of the forest that looked ominous and frightening. When they were left alone, both just stood taking it all in, somewhat dazed.

Hermione was the first to speak. “Maybe we should discuss what kind of shelter we want. I was thinking we could find a cave, but if you’d rather we can build a shelter. I’m sure it can’t be too difficult.”

“No, I think you’re right, let’s go with a cave. It’s easier to defend if the need arises.” He agreed with her. Then they set off walking to find their shelter.

“Maybe we should gather food as we walk, in case we don’t find any close to where we make camp. He didn’t say we can’t transfigure, so we could make a bag and put food in it.” Draco suggested. He was trying to keep his head on straight, because he knew they would be watched to make sure they were working together and not fighting, which he reminded her.

After an hour of walking, Hermione needed to stop and rest. They sat and started eating some of the food they had gathered on their hike through the trees. She put her music in her ears and tried to relax for a few minutes. Draco tapped her shoulder to get her attention.

“Who are you listening too?” He asked conversationally.

“A bit of everything, I have a very eclectic collection. Right now Over You by Daughtry is on, Daughtry is my favorite. Eminem is my second favorite so there is a lot of his work. I really have a bit of everything except classical because it gives me a headache. If you’d like, I could share with you,” offering one of her ear buds to him with a smile.

He smiled back and put the ear bud in his left ear, while she put the other in her right and started the music again. They sat that way for about an hour, comfortably until the sun started falling lower in the sky and the shadows of the forest thickened. An hour later they came across a cave that they both agreed would be perfect, so they went to gather what supplies they could find. Hermione went to gather twigs and sticks that could be used to keep the fire going, and Draco was gathering fire wood. They both would gather anything edible that they could find and bring it back to the shelter with them.

Draco was almost back with the things he had gathered when his foot fell into a hole in the ground he couldn’t see because his hands were so full. He yelled out as he fell, his foot twisting and he heard the crack right before he hit the ground. He kept yelling for Hermione, because when he fell his wand went flying and he didn’t know where to. She came running with her wand drawn, war instincts still intact, and looked around for a cause of his panic. Seeing nothing endangering them, she then knelt by his side to find out what was wrong, because obviously something was.

“My ankle, broken.” He grunted. “Fell over hole.” He knew his sentences were disjointed, but he couldn’t help it, he was hurting fiercely.

“Well I don’t think they would consider this an emergency, so I can fix the break for you or I can send up sparks and we can see if they would send help. Which would you prefer?” She asked after looking at his very broken ankle.

“I never thought I would say this, but I trust you, please it hurts.” He chose and it was true, he did trust her a great deal. Maybe not completely, but he knew she wouldn’t walk away without helping him, and she wouldn’t hurt him further.

“Ok, well we had to mend many broken bones during our year on the run, so we developed a system that we found worked. When I fix it, you will feel the exact pain you felt when it broke, it isn’t pleasant at all. My right hand is my wand hand, so hold my left while I mend it, and you can squeeze it if you need to, okay?” she said, offering him her hand which he gratefully held onto.

“One….two….three, Episky” she said. He yelled out his pain, and she automatically reached out to rub his face comfortingly. He raised his eyes to hers, and her hand froze. She also was unable to break the eye contact as his hand reached up and covered her hand on his cheek.

Clearing her throat and finally looking away, she said, “Alright, let’s get you back to the cave, and settled, and then I will come get the stuff you’ve gathered.

She helped him get to his feet, and she pulled his arm over her shoulder to help him shuffle back to their cave. Just because she can mend the break doesn’t mean it’s healed, it still takes a few days to get back to normal. They entered the cave and walked over to where they had set out their blankets. As she tried to lower him to the ground, she lost her footing and they bumped heads. That was it for Draco, he started to laugh, he laughed so hard tears formed in his eyes, and soon she was caught up in the laughter as well.

“What an experience. I think we should all get together, and kidnap the Minister ourselves and make him do this exercise for five days!” Draco said lightheartedly making her giggle all over again.

“I volunteer to help!” she gasped through her chuckles. “I am going to get the stuff we need before dark settles in, I will only be a little while, so stay there and don’t get up on that foot okay?” She said when the laughter had died out.

“My wand is out there, if it’s not too much trouble could you bring that back with you?” he asked.

Knowing what it feels like to not have your wand, almost worse than being naked, she raised her wand, “Accio Draco’s wand.” It flew into her hand a minute later and he thanked her before she walked out to gather the things he had dropped.


Later they were sitting close to the fire, and she had scooted right next to him so that they could read her book together to pass the time. When one of them was ready to turn the page they patiently waited for the other to catch up. They had been doing this for about a half an hour when he cleared his throat.

“You said Draco.” He stated evenly. She looked up at him with a confused look on her face and her head tilted slightly to the side.

“When you summoned my wand, you said Draco, not Malfoy.”

“Oh! Ummm..” she stammered.

“No, don’t worry. It’s just that, I have never heard you say that before, and I liked it, Hermione.” He said, the name feeling strange as he said her name for the first time also.

“Wow, it is strange isn’t it? I’m used to Mudblood or Granger from you. I guess I can get used to it.” She smiled somewhat shyly, confused about what she was feeling right now.

When the fire was dying down, they each laid on one side of it facing each other. They kept catching the other one staring, and then they would look away in confusion. Neither one was prepared yet to admit to what was happening, that they were each attracted to the other. Both fell asleep close to the same time, but Hermione woke up shivering. It was freezing, and her muscles were tense, that was why she woke up. Draco experienced the same, and it was making his muscles even sorer because of the fall. Hermione grabbed her blanket and crawled over to his side.

“Body heat?” she offered, and he opened his arms. She slowly lay down and covered them with her own blanket before laying her head down on the pillow she had transfigured from a rock and stared at him. He scooted each of them closer, and then they both fell asleep a lot warmer than they had been moments earlier, and much more comfortable with the other than they ever thought possible.



AN: Hope you enjoyed!

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Give and Take: Some outdoor torture!


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