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fight back by pottermaster97
Chapter 10 : 10. torture
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A few hours later Draco watched as the limp body of Hermione floated into the room. He gasped as he saw how weak she looked. How could I have let this happen? This is all my fault!                   “Hermione?” he called she didn’t respond god I just wish I could get over there somehow. He didn’t bother trying he knew he couldn’t move.  After about five more minutes Hermione began to stir.  “Hermione! Thank god you’re ok!” again she didn’t reply but even in the darkness Draco could see her eyes moving looking around 

“Hermione please speak to me so I know you’re ok!” he begged, he watched as her eyes moved to look at him when she looked at him her eyes filled with betrayal and pain. “How c…could you?”

“What?” he said confused

“I t…trusted y…you” then Draco remember what Lucius had told her.

“No Hermione, don’t listen to him he’s lying I didn’t plan this I promise I’d never hurt you”

“Y…you already have Hu…hurt me the day you called m…me a mud…mudblood!”

“You will never know how much I regret that I was mad and jealous please just believe me I wouldn’t hurt you, I couldn’t hurt you. You’re everything I ever wanted to be… well except a girl but you get my gist you’re kind, caring, honest , brave, loyal, and determined. You gave me a second chance when no one else would even though I don’t deserve it, even though in the past I hurt you in every way possible. You came here today just to save me because you are the best friend anyone could wish for. It hurts me more than anything to see you in pain after all the good have done, you lost everything you ever loved all in one day yet you still fight back you still don’t give up, not a day goes by when I don’t wish I was more like you. So why would I want to hurt you?” he watched as a silent tear fell down her cheek.

“I believe you” was all she said. Lucius stepped out of the shadows with a smirk on his face.

“How touching she forgives you Draco, now since that’s cleared up I need word with you. Draco didn’t respond he just kept looking at Hermione’s face wishing he could help her.

“Come on boy get up!”

“I can’t get up you know that as well as I do”
 “oh I had completely forgotten well we’ll just have to have our little chat here then won’t we in front of the mudblood” Draco scowled at his father.

“Don’t call her that!” he growled.  Lucius laughed an evil laugh.
“Crucio” Draco writhed in pain. he felt weak, helpless as the pain surged through his body. Soon it stopped as soon as it did he looked towards Hermione; tears were streaming down her face her eyes wide with fear. “Do you still not want me to call her a mudblood?” Lucius asked in fake sweetness.

“Y…yes I d…do you’re a c…coward who ha…has to torture k…kids” he breathed scathingly.

“How dare you! Sectemsempra” Draco began choking for air as slits appeared across his chest. Lucius quickly followed with another spell that Draco couldn’t make out he felt burning and screamed as the flames began to scorch his skin, there was only one thing this could be, fiend fire. As Draco began losing consciousness while the fire began burning his bloody chest he heard a scream. “NO PLEASE STOP! YOU’LL KILL HIM PLEEASE” then darkness engulfed him.


Draco gasped in pain as he opened his eyes. The room was dark too dark to see anything. His chest was throbbing and his arms were burning he tried to move before remembering he couldn’t. Where was Hermione? He tried to call out to her but found his throat was dry and no sound came out. Why was it so dark? His mind was quickly full of questions. He had so many questions his head began to hurt.

He watched as light flooded into the room as the door opened. He closed his eyes. He heard voices “it wasn’t too difficult to give me the information I wanted now was it?” he heard Lucius’ silky voice whisper. “I didn’t have a choice it was the only way you would heal him” Hermione growled.

“We’ll have another little chat tomorrow”

“Can’t I have some food now?”

“No!” with that Lucius slammed the door shut.  Draco felt Hermione coming closer but the room was still too dark to see her. When she was right in front of him he could just about make out her silhouette. “Draco?” she whispered quietly

“Yes” he breathed

“Thank god you’re ok! I was so afraid you’d die! You lost so much blood!”

“WH…what I…information d…did he w…want?”

“Oh he wanted information on harry”

“You g…gave it to h…him?”

“Of course not I’m just a good liar” she chuckled “stop trying to talk for a bit until you’re stronger ok?” Draco nodded hoping Hermione could see him. Hermione sat down holding his hand; thankfully she couldn’t see the blush creeping up his cheeks. They stayed like this until they both fell asleep.


Narcissa re-read the letter again

Mrs Malfoy,

Are you ok? I was glad to meet you the other night I think we should do it again soon.

Lovely weather we’re having here it’s so beautiful and rather surprising considering it’s winter

Feel better soon, if you are feeling unwell let me know in a note really soon will you,

Otherwise I’ll just have to come and check on you for myself also I really wanted to thank

You for all that you have done for me over the past few months you’re like mother to

Me now, I really don’t know how I could have gotten through this without you, thanks.

Anyway Hogwarts is busy as usual, especially with the heads duties thankfully it is

Nearly the Christmas holidays, I was supposed to be spending them with Draco but

Of course I was planning on meeting with you as well maybe I can get Draco to come along.

Right I won’t bore you any longer with this so hopefully I’ll hear from you soon thanks for the

HELP.  Yours truly


It didn’t make sense. There had to be a secret message, but what was it? The letter had arrived the day before (Sunday) since then narcissa had read the letter a lot of times. The thing she found odd was that Hermione had written Mrs Malfoy but why? She set the letter down and kept looking at it. She knew Hermione was in trouble as she had written help in capitals.

She noticed that not all of the lines were finished. She looked again. The latters at the start! If course! She took out her quill and paper and noted the letters down. MALFOY MANOR HELP. Oh my god! I’ve got to get there quickly, but I can’t apparate straight there I’ll have to go to the village outside the manor. I knew I shouldn’t have come straight back to France!

She quickly grabbed her wand and apparated.

****** Earlier the same day

Draco woke early. Hermione was already awake. “Hermione?” he whispered


“What day is it?”

“Uh well I left on Friday morning then it was Friday night when you went unconscious, you were out for two days. So it must be Monday morning.”

“Oh so I’ve been here for a week?”

“I s’pose so”

“Do you think anyone noticed we’re gone?”

“Most defiantly! McGonagall will figure out where we are I’m sure”

“Ok then, let’s hope she figures out where to find us and fast”

“Yeh I’m sure someone will find us soon” she said brightly hoping someone really would come.



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fight back: 10. torture


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