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A Little Game Called Pretend by Dark_Angel123
Chapter 13 : Betrayed
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Chapter 13: “Betrayed”


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


Astoria marvelled at how true that phrase really was. Fury was just one of the emotions she was feeling at that moment. Mostly, she was feeling revengeful.


She walked briskly over to the Apparation point and turned on the spot. A harsh cold wind greeted her when she apparated in front of tall wrought-iron gates. Tugging her robes tightly around her, Astoria walked up the pathway towards the luxurious manor, the door of which was opened by a small house-elf. It showed her into the dining-room, where two blonde-haired individuals were in the middle of lunch.


“Why, Miss Greengrass, we weren’t expecting your company at this hour.”


Astoria gave a polite smile to Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy. “I’m terribly sorry for the intrusion, but I came to invite you to spend the weekend with us on Paradise Island.”


“Intrusion? Nonsense, dear. This is your home too,” said Narcissa, smiling at her.


Lucius frowned. “Is there a reason why you personally came to invite us instead of sending a letter?” he asked Astoria.


Her smile seemed to widen. “Why, yes, Mr Malfoy. It is a very special occasion,” said Astoria.


Without offering any further explanations, she curtsied slightly and briskly walked away, holding her head high with a smirk playing on her lips.


Hell hath no fury indeed. There was a reason why the Sorting Hat had placed her in Slytherin.



Everything was going according to plan.  The board was set. All Daphne had to do now was wait for the pieces to arrive and let the events unfold by themselves. She didn’t even have to do anything. Just a little push here, a few words said there, and voila - instant chaos! Someone should give her the “Smartest Witch of the Year” award.


“Did you invite your parents, Daphne?” Pansy asked, interrupting Daphne’s musings.


“Of course,” Daphne replied with a smirk. She walked to her trunk and picked out a slinky, green dress that would hug her figure nicely. “And my sister invited the Malfoys,” she added, her smirk widening.


Daphne was a bit surprised when Astoria had barged into her room a few minutes ago and told her to get ready for the evening. When she asked her sister why, all Astoria had said was that she had invited the Malfoys to spend the weekend with them. Daphne had a feeling her sister would tell the Malfoys all about the charade she and Draco had been putting up with all this time. She had immediately invited her parents too when her sister left, not wanting to miss the opportunity to see the look on their faces when they find out that their beloved younger daughter was involved in such a scandal.


“So, everything’s going according to plan,” said Pansy, trying to smirk as evilly as Daphne though it only made her look more pug-faced.


Daphne nodded. She thought it would take a bit more persuading to make her younger sister do it, but all it really took was to invoke a little jealousy and betrayal.


Someone knocked at the door and Pansy opened it to find Blaise.


“I hear we’re having a party?” asked the dark-skinned man with a smooth voice as he walked inside.


He was taken aback when Daphne burst into maniacal laughter. “Indeed we are,” she replied. “Get ready, Blaise. You’re going to enjoy this show.”



Draco was utterly confused about Astoria’s behaviour.


She was missing throughout the afternoon and when he finally found her and asked her where she was, she snapped with, “It’s none of your business, Malfoy.”


Malfoy. She was calling him by his last name again. Draco frowned at her. “What’s got your knickers in a twist?” he asked her.


Astoria’s eyes momentarily flashed in anger but then her face settled into a strange smile. “Oh, nothing really. I’m just annoyed with Daphne and...Pansy.” She peered at Draco closely when she said the last name, trying to see if he had any reaction to it.


Draco sighed. “Yeah, I guess I understand. Dealing with those two takes out all our energy.”


He doesn’t feel guilty at all, Astoria observed. Well, then neither will I.


That was what she telling herself over and over again: I will not feel guilty. But deep inside, she knew she did. Some logical part of her mind wanted her to clear things out with Draco and ask him why he had been snogging Pansy, but she pushed all logic aside. She didn’t trust him anymore. Who knew what lies he’d cook up just to keep her playing his little game?


The first night he was drunk and almost kissed her... “Your eyes… They’re so…warm…”

The rare times he showed concern for her... “Yeah, but you never know what kind of people you might meet. What if the bloke you’re on a date with is some cauldron smuggling prick?”

That night he had kissed her with such passion... “I’ll show you who’s a bad kisser.”

And then, just last night, when Astoria was sure there was something hidden behind Draco’s words...

“If I have a son... I’ll name him Scorpius.”

“What makes you think your wife’s going to agree with that?”

“Would you agree to it?”


Lies. All were lies that Astoria had believed so gullibly. Everything was a lie. He didn’t care about her at all. He was just using her until the danger of marrying a Mudblood had passed, and then he was going to toss her aside and run off with pug-faced-Pansy.


“Do you think he actually likes you? Do you think he really wants to get married to you? We both know that this thing is going to end as soon as he gets what he wants.”


She hated to admit it, but Daphne was right.


And Astoria Greengrass would not be tossed aside.


“Are you going to tell me what’s the surprise or not?” Draco asked loudly.


“Nope. You’ll see,” Astoria’s voice drifted through the bathroom door.


Draco grumbled under his breath as he combed through his hair. “Doesn’t that woman surprise me enough already? What more could she possibly...”


His mouth went dry when Astoria came out of the bathroom. She was clad in a silver-coloured, long, silky dress with her golden hair spilling over her bare shoulders. Her lips were of a dark red hue and her eyelids were shaded silver.


“Ready?” she asked him.


Draco reluctantly pulled his eyes away from her curves. “Er...yeah...”


To his surprise, Astoria took his arm and led him outside. He didn’t even notice where she was taking him. He couldn’t take his eyes away from her face, especially her lips. What he wouldn’t give to kiss those lips right then...


All those thoughts went out the window when a familiar voice drawled in front of them.


“You’re late.”


Draco whipped his head to the front to find his father sitting at a table with his mother. A bit further away were Astoria’s parents and in front of them were sitting Daphne, Pansy and Blaise.


“What – what are you all doing here?” Draco spluttered.


“Why, Astoria invited us, Draco. Come, take a seat,” his mother said, smiling sweetly at him and indicating to two empty seats in front of her.


“She invited you, did she?” Draco muttered.


This time, when Draco looked towards Astoria, it wasn’t with admiration.


It was with eyes full of betrayal.  

A/N: Surprised? Not surprised? Do you think Astoria's going to spill the secret? Let me know! =D Thank you so much for sticking with this story and reviewing! I love you guys!

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