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Drowning Down Under by AussieLottie
Chapter 23 : Chapter 23: Used?
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A/N: Guess who is back? :P Okay.. You can hate me : But only for a little while!! I have Summer Holidays coming up and that means free time that needs to be spent. I have a plan of what needs to happen and I have just finished writing Chapter 26. (Yes, I am aware this is Chapter 23.) I am finally done with the grading side of things.. Report grade deadline is nearly here... Anyway.. Here is the long awaited Chapter 23. Enjoy it :) All rights go to J.K. Rowling, I only own my own OC's and the plot. Beta'd by my friend and fellow Dramione writer, anythingbutmuggle. That is enough from me. READ!!


I was in such a depressed mood, Draco had told me it was over.. At least I had Ron, he was leaving today, but at least I could tell him, that I chose him, he was right for me, the safe choice, he would never hurt me, he would be reliable Ron. The guy I had loved since forever.. It was right too.. The Golden trio, Hermione Granger marries Ron Weasley and Harry Potter marries Ron Weasley’s sister.. It was so perfect.. At least I had him.. I muttered Gillyweed and entered the common room, ready to confess my love to Ron, It was meant to be. My eyes scanned the room and I felt myself go entirely numb.. How? What? I wasn’t registering what Ron was doing, he was in the Gryffindor common room, with Lavender on his lap, making out with her, with the rest of the house looking on at them in disgust. I felt a gasp escape my lips, Ron looked up and saw my look of hurt and stood abruptly, causing Lavender to fall off him onto the floor at his feet, she grumbled in irritation but followed his gaze to me, her eyes went wide as she stood up and pushed Ron forwards, towards me. I turned and fled. I got as far as the corner after the Fat Lady before Ron reached me grabbing my forearm and stopping me, he spun me around to face him. Desperation in his eyes.


“Hermione.. it’s not what it looks like!” He lied lamely.


“NO! Hermione.. I.. I.. You were sucking face with Malfoy I heard. How is that any better!?” He shot back.


“I didn’t use you.. okay, maybe I did but.. I only did it to break you and him up..”

“ONLY DID IT!? You messed with my life? You screwed with my emotions.. YOU LIED TO ME! For what? To break me and Draco up? Why do you care?!”

“He is a SLYTHERIN! His Aunt tried to kill Ginny, she tortured you and his whole family were DEATHEATERS.. AND THEY ALL ARE STUCK UP PUREBLOODS! Why the hell are you even with him?!”


“IT BLOODY WELL DOES! You are like a sister to me.. I am looking out for you.”


“I CARE ABOUT YOU ‘MIONE! Like a sister.. Like Ginny.. What do you even think you are playing at.. Running around with Malfoy.. He is the enemy..”

“Right now.. You are the only enemy Ronald.. How could you? I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR YOU! ALWAYS! And this is how you repay me? With LIES! And DECEIT! I thought you were better then that! That you would never do that to me.. That you would never lie to me.. I thought you were my friend… FRIENDS DON’T DO THINGS LIKE THIS TO EACH OTHER! THEY DON’T! And here I was.. Stupid enough to believe that you were my friend” I shook my head angrily, “You played me RONALD WEASLEY! You used my emotions against me.. YOU KNEW I HAD FEELINGS FOR YOU! YOU USED ME!! I was so happy with Draco, Ron… I loved him.. I was happy with him..-”

“-How could you be happy with that Ferret? How could you expect me to be happy for you when-“

“-FRIENDS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPY FOR EACH OTHER! NO MATTER WHAT! They’re not supposed to lie to their friends to make them break up with their boyfriends! YOU JERK! I HATE YOU! I was so happy with him?!! You ruined everything! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” I screeched, anger and resentment staining my every word. I calmed as a realization hit me, “I never want to see you again.” I said finally, “EVER.”

A look of incredibility shot across Ron’s face. “Hermione.. You don’t mean that.. You are one of my best friends.. I have helped you, you can’t see that now, because you’re jealous… I have helped you, Calm down, you don’t mean it..” He said surely.

“I have never been more serious in my entire life. Get out of here. You do not go to this school. I am a head girl, I use the Authority I hold, to ask you to GET OUT! Leave these premises! LEAVE!” I yelled, tears flowing gently out of my eyes. Ron looked downwards, finally accepting that I hated him, that he had over stepped the mark.

“I’ll see you ‘Mione.” He said.

“It is Granger, Weasley.” I said venomously.


His shoulders stiffened at this and I watched his retreating back until he was out of sight, before running back into the common room, into my bedroom, onto my bed. Where I cried unceremoniously. Happy for once, to be alone.


It was not for long, the person I hated the most at that very moment entered.. Lavender.Brown. She came in squaking with Parvarti in tow. Upon seeing me she stopped. She knew I’d seen her, “Won Won” and her told each other everything. She knew his plan, she nudged Parvarti and they both retreated form the room, leaving me to mope gloomily. Draco, had left me. How could he forgive me after what I had done? Ronald, had used me, he hadn’t meant a word of what he’d said, he had used my love for him against me, to cause me to break up with Draco, he had succeeded. I was alone now. Ron had ruined my life.  He had ruined everything.


A/N: What did y'all think?? Was it good, bad, ehh.. Leave a review and let me know. Reviews make me happy :)  So.. R/R!! 

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