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Who Is She? by Alice4177
Chapter 10 : Class
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I was bored. The truth is I have never been so bored at a party. Unfortunately I just can’t seem to get in the party mood and therefore am sitting on my favourite arm chair by the fireplace trying to ignore the drunken party which is happening behind me. I am obviously failing as I can hear Helen and Kirsty doing a drunken rendition of Only Girl in the World…

“Make Me feel like I’m the only GIRRRL in the WOOORLDDD” they sang in the background. The truth is not even that could take me out of my foul mood.

Not even the fact we won the match could make me happy. The truth was that Al hadn’t turned up. The problem is that Al is all I can think off. Al and his stupid sexiness, the way he rolls up his shirt sleeves so you can see his muscly forearms and the way he manages to raise his eyebrows into all sorts of sexy positions. Life just hates me. At this moment the only thing that I want is to see Al. It’s ridiculous I am an independent woman and I should be able to cope just fine without Al and his sexy body for one night. I don’t even know why I want to see him so badly tonight. I am truly pathetic.

“Hey” I heard a voice from above me say. Oh why can people not leave me to my misery in peace? As I turned to look up I saw the undeniably attractive face of none other than Albus Potter.

“Ummm” Why is it that when the only thing I want to happen happens I cannot think of a single thing to say! This is so infuriating! I blame him… Yes I have decided it is his entire fault.

“You don’t look like you’re enjoying the party much.” He said whilst looking down at his feet. Maybe he takes my view on feet; you know that they don’t ask difficult questions. Or maybe he just has a foot fetish… Merlin, I hope not! That would be majorly weird because feet are just a bit weird and not at all sexy. Err, I’m blabbering. Mind shut up!

“Just not in the mood” I replied whilst looking at his feet. Which are obviously perfect… not that I actually can see them as he is wearing shoes but I’ve seen them before and I know they’re perfect. God I sound tragic.

“Wanna ditch?” Okay, did he actually just ask me to ditch a party with him? I’m there!

“Definitely!” I said possibly a little too keenly. Although then I realised that ditching may not be as easy as I originally thought. Al seemed to notice the change of expression on my face and smiled.

“Don’t worry I have a plan” he said rather cheekily as he pulled a cloak out of his bag. Then I remembered, of course Al had an invisibility cloak! He’s not only super gorgeous he is also mega clever. That’s my man!

I stood up and moved closer to him so he could throw the cloak over the both of us. Luckily we both fit under although it was a bit of a squeeze. I didn’t mind this too much, for obvious reasons. We managed to get out of the common room and make our way to the portrait hole but almost got caught by Helen who was currently blindfolded and spinning round in circles for some reason. My friends really are crazy! Al seemed to be thinking the same thing as I’m positive I heard him mutter

“Merlin you have crazy friends”

We kept walking in our somewhat awkward manner for quite a while until I realised where we were heading.

“Not being funny or anything but don’t you think it’s a bit late to be sending a letter?” I asked

“I’m not going to be sending a letter” he chuckled “I just like it there”

“Well I think that’s weird” I said before noticing the worried expression on his face “But don’t worry I think Rose is weirder, it must be something to do with the Weasley blood” I giggled. Did I actually just giggle? Look what he’s doing to me, ten minutes in his company and I’m already bloody fan’girlin all over the place!

“Maybe” he sighed as we entered into the owlery and he removed the invisibility cloak. I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed. Being that close to Al just felt nice. It was also making me feel like I could jump him at any second. And No, no one has the right to judge me for this because they haven’t just spent a ten minute walk pushed up against him. Let’s just say it gave me a chance to feel a lot… I meant his six pack by the way, just wanted to clear that up… although… I have such a naughty smirk on my face. Unfortunately the boy in question noticed this rather naughty expression on my face … or he’s a legilimens, but I doubt that, even he’s not that clever!

“What?” he said as a smirk which was ten times sexier than anything I could ever pull off came onto his face.


“What were you thinking right then?” he asked and then when I didn’t reply he continued “You were definitely thinking something. I could see it in that stupid smirk you had on your face”

“Oh well you’d know all about stupid smirks wouldn’t you … Potter” I replied whilst looking at him from under my eyelashes. God knows where this conversation is going. He’s still smirking. If I didn’t love him so much I would totally want to wipe that smirk off his face. Mind you, it’s better than the sulking face he was displaying earlier on.

“Potter? Really though… Parker… what does go on in that crazy little mind of yours?” I couldn’t help but notice the sarcastic way he said my last name. Nor could I help to notice how sexy he made it sound. Damn him and his sexy voice!

I wanted to say that my mind normally only thought about him and his glorious perfection but I thought this might be a bit to bold, even for a Gryffindor. So I opted to try and perform the subtle art of flirting… like I said before there is definitely a reason the hat didn’t give Ravenclaw a second thought… although I also tried to change the subject. You never know when you might just blurt out your undying love for someone so best to try and avoid anything which may lead the conversation that way!

“Little? Crazy? Whatever are you trying to imply … Potter…?” I said with a fake shocked tone whilst thinking that I was perhaps doing a good job of succeeding at changing the topic of our conversation.

“You’re avoiding the question… I don’t understand you sometime Anya” Albus murmured as he started to walk towards me. Looks like I totally failed at changing the topic.

“If you didn’t understand me then how would you know I was avoiding the question?” I asked as he finally came to a stop about a foot in front of me. It was like I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his. It just felt impossible to do so. I tried to look anywhere else but I just couldn’t and all I could think about was how stunningly gorgeous he was. I could see how his green eyes had some specks of hazel and how the sun had lightened the tips of his hair. I could feel his breath on my face he was so close now. I took the final step towards him so that our bodies were touching; it felt like some sort of enchantment that I just couldn’t break. His hand touched my face tenderly forcing it upwards until

“ALBIE!! I LOVE YOU LIL BROO” slurred James from the Owlery door as me and Albus jumped apart in shock.

“Merlin James, how long have you been here?” Albus asked as he avoided looking at me.

“Thazz no wayy too speak to your elder brother who loves you so very muchly” said James whilst walking towards Albus in his extremely drunken manner. Yeah, if you haven’t guessed by now James is completely pissed.

“Maybe we should take him back to the Gryffindor common room?” I said from my corner of the room, whilst trying to avoid Al and the awkwardness which was currently engulfing this whole situation.

“ANYAA! ANYAA! You know you’re my favourite” said James in a really rubbish whisper, whilst tripping over his own feet as he started to walk towards me instead of, what was it he called him, oh yeah, Albie!

“Thank you James, although I have no idea what you’re talking about” I said as I walked towards him and grabbed his arm “Why don’t we go back to the common room and you can tell me all about it there”

“Umm, I cannot tell yoo, he’s said he break my broom if I tell yoo” He said whilst giggling. Great I now have a giggling James Potter clinging to me.

“Come on James, let’s get you back” Said Albus and for some reason James seemed to take notice of what he was saying.

“If I go back will you promise not to break the broom?” He asked looking very serious… which was somewhat ridiculous because of how drunk he was and the fact he was currently clinging to me in order to stand up.

“He promises not to break the broom” I said although I didn’t really have a clue as to why James thought Albus would break his broom. That boy says some ridiculous things when he’s had to many firewhiskey shots.

James seemed quite pleased with this promise but still kept giving Al frightened looks as we walked back towards to Gryffindor common room. It ended up being a complete nightmare to get James back if I’m being honest. The main reason was that every time we went pass a door or a secret passage James wanted to go and explore. We literally had to drag him away from the wall where you would find the room of requirement. Eventually we got him back to Gryffindor common room where he went over to the sofa and passed out. He looked a mess; to be honest it was hard not to laugh. The Great James Potter with all his swag was currently passed out drunk on the sofa… I so wish I had a camera so I could capture this moment forever!

After ditching James on the sofa I noticed that Al had disappeared. Well, that’s just great; leave me to deal with your drunkard of a brother. I had a sneaking suspicion that Albus had actually snuck out under the invisibility cloak as I’m sure I would have seen him leave if not. I hate that Bastard sometimes although I couldn’t deny that I was grateful that the awkwardness no longer surrounded me. I suppose it’s better to be with the drunken Potter rather than the Awkward Potter. Eventually after about half an hours’ worth of begging and eventually resorting to bribing with the promise of some Pumpkin Pie I convinced James to leave the sofa behind and head to his dormitory.

Unfortunately without the distraction of a drunk James I was left with my thoughts of what almost happened in the Owlery, because I swear that if James had of come into the Owlery only thirty seconds later he would have come across me … getting off with his brother…

On a plus side, I was currently in the middle of one of those super awesome parties which go on until the early hours of the next day. Therefore I decided to do something which I don’t normally do. I, Anya Parker, decided to follow the crowd. In other words I grabbed a bottle of fire whiskey from the side and decided to practise drinking myself into oblivion. An hour later I was standing on a coffee table with Rose singing. Although I have to admit we were pretty shit at it.

It went like this…

“You cast a spell on me, spell on me” Rose sang whilst doing some pretty dodgy movements with he wand, I’m surprised she hasn’t accidently hexed anyone actually.
When we got to the main bit we decided to all join in.

“Can you spend a little time, time is slipping away, Away from us so stay, stay with me I can make, MAKE YOU GLAD YOU CAME!” We sang in the early hours of the morning. To be honest it did make me forget the troubles that had been on my mind. Plus it was rather fun to have to rest of Gryffindor cheering us on as we sang. Although this just proved that they were just as drunk as we were because trust me when I say the singing was in fact bloody awful and that we had just destroyed a decent song…

Eventually after singing a few more songs, playing a pretty hilarious game of pin the tail on the hippogriff and doing some of Merlin’s worst dance moves, along with the not so glamorous task of holding various girls hair back whilst they vomited, we retired back to our dormitory. Did I mention it was 6 in the morning by the time this happened? If there’s one thing Gryffindor’s know how to do, its party! So yeah we literally passed out… Classy…

A/N (NOT PART OF THE STORY! JUST A NOTE FROM ME!) – by the way no copyright infringement or whatever it is to Rihanna or The Wanted… I stole some of their lyrics (Only Girl and Glad You Came – ah, so many memories). I would tell you why but then I would be revealing my own drunken escapades and I doubt that you really want to know… Anyway I decided to throw in a bit of the girls at the end, I feel like I’ve been neglecting them. Thank you for reading : )


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