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The One That Went Good by Downtherabbithole
Chapter 1 : Malfoy Manor, revisited
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 Violet wandered the corridors of Malfoy Manor, searching for a place to sit and read in peace. Back for the summer holidays from Hogwarts, Scorpius had been even more ruthless than usual, and so she had taken to finding more secluded locations in which to study her school books in order to avoid his merciless teasing. Tucking “The standard book of spells; grade one” under her arm, she climbed the stairs to the third floor of the manor. Behind a curtain which covered a painting of a farmhouse, desolate ever since it’s owners left in favour of the more comfortable castle on the first floor, she found solace in the book. She became so immersed in it that she failed to notice the sound of softly trodden footsteps coming nearer and nearer. Seconds later, the curtain was pulled back, and Scorpius was on her, pointing his wand at her book.


The spell book flew out of her hands, as she grappled helplessly with thin air. It landed in a broken heap at the other end of the corridor. Scorpius chuckled, then leaned towards her menancingly.

“And if you tell,”

he whispered threateningly

“I’ll get you.”

His work done, her brother strode purposefully back down the corridor.

“Squib” She muttered, retrieving the book by hand.

The family house elf, Ira, shuffled up the stairs, his bat like ears drooping downwards.

“Mistress must go to the dining hall please. Dinner is ready.”

“Thank you, Ira.”

 Unlike her family, she made a point of speaking to the elf, who knew little kindness.

She ran down to the first floor, slowing her pace only when she reached the hall, leading to the dining area.



“So you’re sending Scorpius back to that infernal school next week?” Her grandfather asked.

Draco nodded.

“I still strongly believe you should enrol him at Durmstrang. A school like that teaches its students morals as well as independence. Hogwarts has gone to the dogs.”

Narcissa laid a hand on her husband’s arm

“I’m sure Astoria has no wish for Scorpius to be so far from home, I certainly didn't when Draco was that age.”

Lucius snorted derisively.

“It does a child no harm to be independent. The boys old enough.”

His eyes strayed to Violet, who ducked her head shyly.

“And what about Violet?”

“She’s going into her first year next week.”

Draco replied

“Is that so?” Lucius never once took his grey eyes off her as spoke

“Are you… excited?” The word sounded strange coming from his mouth. Violet doubted that he had been excited in his life. Emotion did not come naturally to Lucius Malfoy.

“I- I suppose”

He nodded and then turned back to her father

“I trust you’ll be guiding Violet in the right direction? We don’t want her going to Hogwarts and sullying the Malfoy name do we; making friends with mudbloods and such.”

Violet blushed and bit her lip as Scorpius kicked her again

The rest of the meal was mercifully uneventful. Her grandfather complained loudly about the new minister for magic, the daily prophet, and the quality of the items in Borgin and Burkes- “Gone downhill ever since Borgin was arrested, the fool.”


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The One That Went Good: Malfoy Manor, revisited


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